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Hayden & Rachel's Lovefest Continues

Hayden & Rachel's Lovefest Continues

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson continue their love-ride with another cute couple moment shopping together at Los Angeles pet store “C&C Pet Food” on Thursday.

Hayden walked out of the store with Rachel‘s dog Thurmen Murmen on a leash. A few moments later, Rachel walked out new a brand new dog deluxe carrier for her pet pooch.

Rachel wore a pair of cut-off denim shorts while Hayden wore a pair of 3/4-length cut-offs of his own. The former O.C. actress also toted around her recent fave Zac Posen Hobo Bag.

Does Bilson have bed bugs? Looks like three critters took a bite of her juicy leg…

15+ pictures inside of Hayden and Rachel getting their shopping on…

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hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 01
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 02
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 03
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 04
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 05
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 06
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 07
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 08
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 09
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 10
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 11
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 12
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 13
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 14
hayden christensen rachel bilson pet store 15

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Zfi
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  • [Fug Face [You]]

    what a mut rachel is.

  • Jinz

    When will they ever stop this MEDIA WHORING… It just looks NAUSEOUS now!!!

  • suelin

    RB’s really a fugling midget; Shouldnt waste some time for her!

  • kae

    Because they’re out and about, they’re media whoring? What are they going to do, stay in their homes for the rest of their lives? At least she’s not showing us her labia, we’ll leave that up to the real media whores like Hilton, Lohan and Spears…

  • Haley

    Thank you Jared soo much for the new Hayden pics!!!!! Love him

  • just_me

    And you believe that their!@#$%^& thing was really for real?! Geeeeezzzzz!!!!

  • Drew

    Hayden still got this “freaking” taste in women… from a slutty one and now to a plain trolly?! Whew!

  • hans

    I’m confused. Are the ppl who are bashing Rachel and Hayden her OC fans who wanted her to stay with Adam? Or are these Hayden fans who don’t like Rachel?

  • Eizann

    LOVE her red shoes!! She’s really cute.

  • Eve

    I like seeing them together. I think they make a great couple!!

  • rachel

    hehe hayden’s pits are all sweaty in that pic of him handing the leash to her. :P well it is hot…

  • believe_me

    Actually Hayden’s previous hookup is a “whore” in everything that she does. And does he think now that he upgraded his awful taste?! Naaah!

  • beats_me

    Are the ppl who are bashing Rachel and Hayden her OC fans who wanted her to stay with Adam? Or are these Hayden fans who don’t like Rachel?

    Its more on against RB coz she’s really a plain-looking midget!

  • Jade

    Isn’t it that you always says CUTE to someone who’s a HOBBIT in size?!

  • nesa

    wow! cute pics! I like them!! I update in the afertnoon this pics on my page!

  • linx

    Hayden got “no” credibility when it comes to commitment issues as you never get to see him with the “same” girl far longer than 3 months. Just dunno how short-live will it last maybe depending on the “gullibility” of the media.

  • Jenn

    I just realized lately that Hayden is a “”big flirt” as he now always ends up hooking up with every co-star he’s been with. His fugtory girl co-star is really rubbing him off..

  • celi

    Both of them like to date costar after costar. Well that’s normal in Hollywood.
    This romance will likely last til their movie comes out.

  • richen

    If Hayden’s a big FLIRT, Rachel is the biggest FUGGING miniature in Hollywood!!!

  • not_clueless

    As far as I know “both” of them desperately needed this media stunt as Factory Girl and the OC have both suck and already put on its grave. Soo genius!

  • GiGi

    Sorry, I still don’t get a couple vibe from them. Good friends perhaps, but not a couple.

  • bling bling

    Agree much! There’s NOTHING romantic going on there coz whatever their so-called thing was all “phoney” as you always seem them what?! Shopping! soo girly!

  • GiGi

    It’s just too casual, I mean where’s the closeness, the holding hands, he doesn’t even touch her. Wait screw all that, where’s the “look” that you have when you’re totally smitten with someone, It’s all missing. They need to be a little more convincing if they want people to believe it, because a lot of us are not buying it. Hell he had more chemistry with Sienna than her

  • kleigh

    Bilson’s pint-size could easily overlook w/ that towering Hayden and should just hook w/ another Jumper co-star, Jaimie Bell coz both of them does have the same regular features. But then he’s not in the lead role, so RB scrapped that idea…

  • Jinn

    Dunno who’s really trying too hard for it to be or look real; the so-called staged couple or the ones who writes about them. But on another note, though I hate to even think about it, I tend to believe more on Hayden’s hook-up thing w/ his Factory Girl co-star no matter how filthy/sleazy it looks like!!!

  • Cole

    Hayden doesn’t fondly “looking” at Rachel coz miniscule people wasnt really his type – remember linking him w/ Natalie Portman w/c went out of nowhere too . He was force by his/her agents to get close to her coz simply becoz they have a movie together…

  • tessa

    I love Rachel

  • Jessica

    She’s so perfect!

  • Jil

    HAHAHAHA! These comments crack me up! I don’t know who is more pathetic – the hardcore Rachel and Adam fans or the jealous Hayden fangirls…

    Suck it up, they have been seen together for the past two months. And if walking to a car, visiting your brother or going shopping is media whoring, you sure live in a parallel universe where Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton,…. do not exist!

    And keep up your conspiracy theories! Must hard to explain away that these two have been inseparable for the past weeks.

  • dudley


  • from

    Rachel is beautiful!!!

  • non

    She’s amazing!!!

  • Selma

    Rachel rocks!!!!!

  • Dale

    Yuck! Just look at the last pic where they are standing in front of the hood of the car Bilson really looks soo teeny-weeny next to Hayden. Its really soo hard to be in a microscopic-size!!!

  • Hope

    Why is it that RB always showing off her soo shortly legs? Nothing’s really “hot looking” in there…

  • Breen

    Eventually they’re going to have a STIFF NECK everytime they’ll looked at eah other (if they really are), and that would lead them to trash out their media stunt. lol!

  • Roxy

    Their constant togetherness just seems soo awfully weird as I can’t seem get a real vibe in it no matter what they do. Well give me 2 years but dunno if they’re still on it in 6 months…

  • Jerry

    RB just looks like a rat standing besides that towering Hayden. She havent even reach up his shoulder blades. Tsk… she shouldnt give up drinking tons/gallons of milk yet. lol!

  • Me

    Are they still filming Jumper? I heard Hayden can’t do Bullrun this year because of work. This seems to take ages.

    And I LOVE Rachel’s shoes.

  • Missy Queen

    Yeah, she’s short … and she still gets to be with Hayden (unlike you bashers). Maybe that’s because body size and brain size are not related.

    And of course they are totally “media whoring” because a pet shop is THE in spot for celeb couples to hang out. And don’t forget the gas station where Hayden was photographed recently, top celeb hang out!

  • Maritt

    Any celeb/s who’s constantly suffering from a “dating-their-co-stars” syndrome are just apt for lot of bashings & mockings coz they’re just degrading themselves to go on w/ these Hollywood crap!!!

  • Aleck

    Bilson should always just sitting around when some paps would take some shots of her so that many people wont be able to recognized just how pint-size she is!

  • Mickey

    Well she’s not only short but also a plain-face. Just not soo hot! Anyhow she should be grateful for the likes of Jared who always post her to keep her nowhere radar in Hollywood…

  • Milla

    Rachel looks so cute and beautiful! I love her!

  • marlou

    Yeah yeah yeah Rachel’s cute as a button mushroom coz she really looks like a miniature object all ready to squeezed it in & trash it out!

  • Rodrigo

    I can totally understand Hayden for falling in love with Rachel, she is so gorgeous!!

  • :D

    Jil, it’s not hard to explain. Not a Rachel fan or a Hayden fan. He’s gay. She’s getting publicity after her show got canned. Win-win.

  • Peter

    Rachel is beautiful

  • AllURRetards

    Hayden’s cool and Rachel’s not a media whore like all the rest of the skanks out there. Btw, what’s with the height difference fetish, Eva Longoria is a midget next to Tony Parker, big frickin’ deal! All you Hayden lovers who are jealous and Rachel haters because she’s not with that goof Brody are pathetic.

  • jen

    She will always belong with Adam Brody to me.