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Momgelina Picks Maddox Up From School

Momgelina Picks Maddox Up From School

It’s mommy’s turn!

Angelina Jolie and big brother James Haven pick up her 5-year-old son Maddox from school on Friday in Prague, where Ange is currently shooting scenes for her new action thriller Wanted.

Just yesterday, good dad Brad shared school duties for the kids, picking up Maddox and Zahara from school.

Angelina, 31, and James, 33, were last spotted laughing together at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC late last month.

P.S. Did Maddox change shoes from this morning when Brad dropped him off? Or is this Pax?

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james haven angelina jolie prague 01
james haven angelina jolie prague 02
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Photos:, Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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    omg first

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thanks Jared. Wow, mom’s turn to pick up the big guy. Love this family. God Bless them always.


    I know I’m a loser for doing that but I’m never first.

  • lovelyone

    she is so cute, her family is cute too. Bless her heart.

  • hanna

    Jared thank you, Angelina is busy with her work,then have a time for her boy, that’s amazing, come on guys, just a few weeks, almost Cannes, Shiloh birthday, premiers, what an agenda……

  • neicy

    aww how cutee


    She is sooo pregnant. JMHO

  • Tabitha

    I don’t think that is Maddox. Isn’t that Zahara. There are photos from today of Brad picking up Maddox.

  • kyky

    Loving the hair

  • angie

    Angelina = Angel

  • LLM

    Hi great pix

  • lovelyone

    Jared, these are the people you should post about, not beavis and butthead (Heidi and Spencer). People who are actually news worthy.

  • hanna

    i like to see the pics of Brangelina and family, when they are travelling, and the bunch of people ( nannies, bodyguard, family member) also in the picture, now we see james came along with Brangelina, i smell the Pitts family will also joint with them in Cannes remember two films when Brad and Angelina made in Cannes, i like this relationship, Brad and Angelina makes the people work with threat them like a family, and look at their kids, so close with the bodyguard, the bodyguard allow to carry their kids, this is remaind me when they were in Namibia, the whole family together, what a family…, back to vote Brad…

  • TiaBia

    It’s actually frightening how much Angelina and her brother look a like. Find Brangelina and their family to be absolutely adorable!!!!

  • Just Tooting

    ABSOLUTELY love them. Fan of the Jolie-Pitts for ever.

  • kmillz

    Loving the hair….that looks like it could be pax

  • SoHappyForSalma
  • coco

    Thanks for the pics, though poor family being photographed all the time. They must feel as if they were monkeys in the zoo.

    Wonderful siblings: caring and protecting each other. This shows that siblings’ bond is strong as the bond between Marcheline and her children! They must have been growing in wonderful love for each other. That’s good base.

  • mmm

    How much you wanna bet this picture will be on every hate blog on cyberspace? Complete with all the hateful comments known to mankind.

    Momgelina really looks good here.

  • Frenchy

    mmm Says:

    Momgelina really looks good here.


    Momgelina, cute…….

    Papitt is cute too

    Where’s James girlfriend? Just thought I’d bring that in so that no one else has to ask.

  • indiesr

    LISTENUP Says:

    May 11th, 2007 at 11:20 am – flag comment
    She is sooo pregnant. JMHO
    I thought the same thing, especially in the last photo…I hope she is :)

  • jq

    I bet we’ll be seeing the senior Pitts next, they seem to be a tightly-knit family, beside little Shiloh will be celebrating her 1st b-day 2 weeks after, I’m sure the grandparents will be there.

  • Alicia

    she looks healthier, like she put on a little weight *thumbs up*

  • happy trap

    thanks no.17
    and jared for new pics. it looks to me like she is carrying a little bump.

  • Alicia

    or, according to some ppl, pregnant *2 thumbs way up!!!* :D

  • jessica

    I bet we’ll be seeing the snior Pitts next, they seem to be a tightly-knit family.

  • briseis

    I have to agree, she does look like she is sporting a bump. Oh my, oh my, we have to duck, the fanistons’ heads will completely explode!!!

  • Alicia

    *crosses fingers for twin boys* :)

  • um

    James must be very tall. He looks good here too.

  • jq

    She’s pregnant ? but she’s shooting an action film .

  • kmillz

    Not even kidding I thought she was pregnant too…that or bloated but in those other pics her stomache definitley looks big


    indiesr Says:

    She soo is.
    Look at the first photo from 17#.
    Thanks btw they are great.

  • Ace Tomato

    TiaBia – I agree on AJ and her brother looking alike. I’m always amused people claim she had plastic surgery. Their faces are obviously from their genes =)

    Nice picture. Interesting speculation on AJ being pregnant. Now we’ll all be on bump watch lol.

  • cb

    Really cool how Maddox (or is it Pax) is so comfortable in Uncle Jaime’s arms. I love it when my niece or nephew clings like that me – it just melts me.

  • jenna

    What a great family!!

    Thanks Jared,your site is the best!! A+

  • kena

    angelina looks freaking amazing no matter what she wears.

  • Francophile

    She is gorgeous !

  • jq

    Hmmmm, her boob seems bigger just like when she was in her early pregancy attending a gala with her Brother in NYC on 2005. but I’ll wait till Cannes before giving a conclusion.

  • lurker

    Im just happy that shes looking healthy and also looks like she has gain a little weight.

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    Great bonding moments for Angie and Mad. And it’s nice to see James, too.

  • bait


    Someone may be pushing ideas or “stories starter” to the tabloids by STIRRING UP A DISCUSSION.

  • faye

    Angelina is so beautiful. Thanks Jared.

    Good day BAMPZS fans.

  • Sasha

    I think it is Pax. This baby is a little skinny.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Thanks Jared! You’re the Best!

    Love the pix, she’s just so gorgeous. Perhaps now we can put to rest the question about hair extensions – that’s definitely all hers, every beautiful lock.

  • Frenchy

    I’m usually on the wedding tip not on the pregnancy one. I have to say tough that she does look like she has a belly. And she’s wearing black. It could be the angle of the pciture or she’s eating a lot more than usual.

  • BCBG

    Dragonfly -

    It’s always nice reading your posts.

  • so wrong

    it is definately extensions, you can see where her hair stops and it is not a big deal, it’s called getting into costume for a movie!

  • anon

    bait Says:

    May 11th, 2007 at 11:50 am – flag comment

    Good, I’m all for the pregnancy stories.

  • susie

    very nice, I think it’s maddox, so long and lean.

  • anon

    Why would Momgelina need extensions for an action film?

    Happy Mother’s Day Angelina.