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Hugh Jackman: Shirtless in Sydney

Hugh Jackman: Shirtless in Sydney

Hunkalicious Hugh Jackman spends the day soaking in the Sydney sun at Bondi Beach on Saturday with wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their two children Oscar, who turns 7 on Tuesday, and Ava, who turns 2 in July.

Ray Ban, send Hugh a new pair of sunglasses. PLEASE. These crooked ones are. not. cutting it!

Hugh and co-star Nicole Kidman (not pictured) have been in town filming Baz Luhrmann‘s forthcoming big-budget outback epic Australia.

15+ pictures inside of shirtless Hugh Jackman and the kids…

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hugh jackman shirtless 01
hugh jackman shirtless 02
hugh jackman shirtless 03
hugh jackman shirtless 04
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/David G. Morgan
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  • Leona

    i want him to f**k me OMG so damn sexy

  • yara

    this man is so hot

  • Janeway

    Thanks again Jared ! What a gorgeous, sexy man! And what a great Dad, he really gives his attention to those kids! I sure hope there are some shirtless scenes in “Australia”.

  • MollyE

    Jared, relax about the specs, already! They probably are prescription; Hugh is extremely nearsighted. And also notoriously unhandy at repairing things, by his own account. Just hasn’t had time to visit the optometrist, I guess. Thanks for the wonderful pics!

  • angelinammm

    nice family

  • http://- violin princess

    Hugh is a wonderful dad,his children are very beautiful!!
    But that lady is not his wife,is not deborra…look

  • tiger

    OMG that little girl is completely adorable. I think she outshines him in those pictures. She is topless too and look at the way she is holding her arms,just like her dad. Adorable!

  • applause

    Looking forward to seeing Hugh in the announced remake of the movie musical CAROUSEL – these pictures evoke the lyrics of SOLILOQUY about ” my little girl” and “my boy, Bill” – and I’m sure Hugh will be inspired when he sings the song.

    Happy Birthday to Oscar ( May 15)!

  • candy man

    he’s so sexy!

  • m07

    thanks Jared! … we love more hugh 4 this pics: what a lovely dad! OMG! and soo sexy man!. Oscar is so BIG and Ava more beatiful and charming everyday!
    Btw, the kid behind hugh and ava (2nd photo) looks like Jackman , he must be his nephew

  • Davilyn

    I don’t think that’s Deb either. When Deb is in flats, her head barely reaches Hugh’s shoulder. This woman’s taller. And her calves are more slender than this woman’s. Hair seems a little darker too. She could be a friend, a nanny or one of his sisters. Also, Deb seems to be a little self conscious of her rounded tummy and almost always wears loose fitting clothes to hide it. I know. I do the same thing. Funny thing is, it only makes us look bigger than we actually are. I’m always being encouraged to wear more form fitting clothes as it makes you look better when you hug the curves, rather than trying to hide them. And I never do. I keep telling myself, “just 20 more pounds and then you can wear whatever you want.” Like that’s gonna happen? Not with an In-N-Out Burger two minutes down the road. LOL!

  • Daniela

    Great pictures :)

    @Andrea: What do you mean by “And the way the two kids are adopted”? Just because he adopted kids he’s gay? How ridicolous and stuopid is that?!

  • J

    He adopted the two children after Deb had two miscarriages. I don’t think he is gay.

  • Eve

    His legs are not proportional to his torso.

  • lauren

    He looks pretty damned proportional to me…YUM!!

  • Rob

    Andrea, Hugh is the youngest of five children, plus he has a half-sister, and Deb is an only child. So they always intended to have children after they married. This couple adopted after 2 miscarriages and trying in vitro, which failed. Deb herself has spoken about this time in their marriage publicly. They always intended to adopt even if they had been able to have children biologically, again something they’ve spoken about publicly since they were first married. By the way, the “gay” question has been asked of Hugh directly, and answered, which he didn’t have to do, because frankly no one’s sexual orientation is anyone’s business except for the parties involved. The man can’t win; if he says he’s straight, he’s a liar to some people no matter all evidence to the contrary. It’s so ridiculous that this matters to people. If Hugh is gay, I guess he and Deb bothered living together for a year before marrying 11 years ago back before Hugh even had worked outside of Australia because they had a crystal ball that told them that one day Hugh would become fairly well known and would have to pretend to be straight in order to get work. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And Deb, a well-respected and well-established actress at that time in her own right, went along with marrying a gay man when she didn’t have to because she saw aaaaaaaaaall of this coming. Come ON, folks. None of the gay rumors have been proven to be true in all these years, but this is just typical of how people think. Ever since Hugh played a bisexual man on Broadway, this rumor began. Think about this: isn’t it funny that actors can play child molesters, serial killers, murderers, rapists, alcoholics, and drug addicts and the public doesn’t believe the actor is really any of those things in real life? But let an actor play one gay/bisexual character, and suddenly that actor HAS to be gay. I’m remembering how vehemently Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger had to refute the gay rumors when they were shooting Brokeback Mountain, and that was sad that they felt this was necessary, just to satisfy the public’s appetite for something that is none of their business to begin with. I’m not really sure I like what that says about us as a society…

    And Eve, Hugh is VERY proportional leg-wise. Anyone who has seen those gams can tell ya that!

  • Eve

    Alright, alright, you guys got me here. I downloaded the 9th picture and yes, it looks proportional.

  • Eve

    By it I mean everything…But I do think he is not gay and he seems to be a very down to earth/simple guy. I like that.

  • Davilyn

    I agree with everything you said Rob. In fact, I’ve been saying it myself around here. And here’s another thing, does anyone remember the cover story that Hugh did for The Advocate (the leading gay and lesbian publication in this country) on the eve of his Broadway debut in The Boy From OZ in September of 2003? It was the most honest, candid interview I’ve ever read from a hetero male star on his sexuality.

    He talked about his time in drama school and how he realized so many of his friends there were gay. He hung out with them and even went to some of their parties and made the discovery, that since he wasn’t homophobic, he was okay
    -comfortable even- in their world. That guys would hit on him and he’d say…”sorry mate, I’m straight” and that was that. No problem. But then he said that he had to ask himself the question, ‘why are you comfortable in this world? What would you do if you found yourself attracted to another man?’ He said he had to think about that and came to the conclusion, that it would be okay. If that happened, he would accept that about himself. He gave himself the permission for it to be okay. And then…it never happened.

    That bowled me over. I just couldn’t remember when I’d heard of a straight man
    -movie star or not- being that honest with himself about this subject and then not
    being afraid to share that with the world. Most men in this world wouldn’t admit with a loaded gun to their heads, that they had even contemplated the question.

    I just believe that this man is to “open a book” to be able to keep something as basic as his sexuality, a big, deep, dark secret. Our sexuality is the essence of who we are. If he were a closed off, very private person, then yes, he could keep it hidden. But he is not. He once said…”to share something about myself, is not to violate me.” For a public figure, I thought that was an amazing statement. I have to laugh at him sometimes. He’ll open his mouth and say the stupidest things about something he’s done and he just laughs about it. Like the time he drank too much water and peed his pants on stage during Beauty And The Beast in Australia. He has said that it was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life and yet, he tells the story on himself all the time. And he asked…”what does that tell you about me?” It tell me you’re a headcase, Hugh. LOL! Actually, it tells me that he just doesn’t take himself too seriously.

    I’m telling you, if Hugh Jackman were a gay man, he wouldn’t have gone near The Advocate with a ten foot pole. Hell, he wouldn’t have taken on Peter Allen for an entire year on Broadway. If you’re gay in Hollywood and trying to build a career as a leading man, his handlers (agents, managers, publicists, studio execs) would have put their foot down about letting him take on that role. No sir. It would have brought too much unwanted attention on a subject that they would be trying to bury and if the “truth” got out, there would go his leading man career and his earning potential, which is food off of their tables. No way.

    And one more time, I’ll ask this question…why on God’s green earth would Deborrah Lee Furness marry -and provide cover for- an unknown, gay actor without a penny to his name? In 1995-96 when they met and married, what would have been in it for her to have entered into such an arrangement? It’s not like she knew then, that within a few short years, he’d be an international movie star worth millions.

    I’ve been around this business my whole life and the Jackmans are the real deal and in this age of suspicion and cynicism, some just do not know what to make of that. So they judge it. The mock it. They don’t trust it. With all the trash out there parading around, pop culture should be celebrating these two. But, trash sells and a sweet, decent family…does not.

    How terribly sad.

  • Davilyn

    Oh and Andrea,

    When people say…”I hear” or “they say” when repeating something they’ve heard about someone, I always wonder, ‘where did you “hear” and who are the “they” you are referring to.’ To the best of my knowledge, none of this gay talk started about Hugh Jackman until he played a bi-sexual man on Broadway. There has NEVER been one ounce of proof that Hugh is anything other than what he has claimed to be; a straight, happily married man. Not an incriminating photo, not a salacious story, not a “confession” from a former lover. NOTHING. This is all just internet bullsh*t that gets passed around and recycled and yada, yada, yada.

    You might also want to keep in mind, that this man has two young children who will one day be surfing this internet themselves. You might want to think twice about re-printing unsubstantiated rumours about their father. Just a thought. And another one…

    I’m adopted too and my parents were straight. It’s pretty narrow minded to assume that because you cannot biologically reproduce, that you are then…gay. And btw, I can’t have a baby either and while I can certainly appreciate the beauty of other women, I’ve never had the desire to sleep with one. Even though they at times drive me ca-ray-zee, I’m just hooked on boys.

    Anyway…I know were all entitled to our opinions and we might think that we cause no harm by coming to the internet and sharing them. But that isn’t true. Even though were hiding in anominity, we’re still communicating with millions of people all over the world and what we say, does matter; especially if it’s untruthful and hurtful things were rehashing and spreading around. By doing so, were just sending more negative energy out into the world and how can that be a good thing?

    Just something to think about.

  • Davilyn

    One last comment and then I promise, I’ll be quiet.

    Eve, you’re not wrong about Hugh’s legs not being in proportion to his torso. They’re not. His legs are certainly long, but his torso is even longer. If his legs matched his upper body, he would probably stand about 6’6″. And I think he’s just a shade under 6’3″. In some photos, his legs appear exceptionally long (the camera angle helps alot). In others, his legs can actually look short (again, the camera angle).

    But overall, the man is an adonis. I’ve read on two different boards that some think his body is better than Michelanglo’s David. I would have to agree with that. And he has by far, the best male body in Hollywood. Well…maybe he and Will Smith. Although I’ve seen shots of Will and he sometimes lets himself go a bit between films. Hugh never does. He stays in shape whether he’s in front of a camera or not. And Hugh’s body is not just about the muscles. He’s got the height, the arms, the chest, the narrow waist and hips and yes, the beautiful legs that are just his natural physique. He does stay in shape, but he doesn’t run around with that very pumped up Wolverine body unless the Wolverine is before the cameras. What were seeing in these photos is his natural body with some decent workout, but certainly not hours and hours everyday…like MM.

  • Anne Hedley

    Quite simply Hugh Jackman is an extremely gorgous looking guy with a body like a Greek God with a devilish smile. He is very sexy, with charisma, charm, personality and a tremendous sense of humour, If that is not enough for you he
    is one of the most talented actors I have seen, his has wonderful timing in comedy, can thrill you in modern action or as Wolverine [and still looks damn good]
    his acting talents, singing voice [Oh what a joy that is to hear live in the theatre]
    and so light of foot when dances.

    I am really looking forward to ‘Australia’ wish they would let him wear black leather as a drover……..thud

    I am sure the he and Nicole Kidman will prove to be a superb partnership in this film supported by great talent of David Wenham and Bryan Brown

  • http://justjared linda

    stoooooop,all the gay rumor,hope Hugh and Deb are happy,together and they love Oscar and Ava,and that`s all about. (I LOVE HUGH JACKMAN)ciao from Denmark in Europe

  • http://justjared Husky

    will allways love him.the best actor,singer in this World,and the best looking man in this world too.just love him

  • http://justjared Joey

    The problem here,is that we are so damn afraid.We always believe in how to see people,and we are so afraid,when he realy will say(yes im gay)that the illusion of a perfect,sexy,good looking man,husband,father and idol,will be destroyed.?NO NEVER.We love Hugh,no matter what,he do/say.We have no right to make a judgement at him,Hugh have a very sweet family,and I realy hope the gay rumors will stop.(God, I love him so much)And think,one day Oscar and Ava go to see all the gay talk about there dad(don`t believe the rumors,Oscar and Ava ,believe your dad)I don`t think It`s fun to be famous,you sell your soul to the devil(no private life)Have Hugh ever make scandal.?(have he ?)NO.(Huge say once:I have a wife and a son but the gay rumors have started,I guess it`s a sign that I`m moving up the ledder.)PS(We are not live in a perfect world,but we will like to see it that way,is all that,an illusion?happy we just can see day to day(G´day)

  • I love Hugh

    Stop calling him gay………..

  • johny

    hi, im from roumania. that is not my real name. i love uery hugh

  • johny

    i don’t think that hugh is gay, cause he have a wife, im gay, and i love very much hugh. bye

  • johny

    i hope that hugh will be happy forever with his family

  • http://facebook kats

    This man can eat crackers in my bed any day!!!

  • MINA

    gay or no gay, Huge is still beautiful inside and outside. I love him! Will support him no matter what.

    PS…nothing wrong with being gay, just like nothing wrong with being straight. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It’s your personal preference.

  • losing belly fat

    Hugh Jackam, what a machine, I wish I was strong like he is