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Christina Aguilera - "Mother" Lyrics

Christina Aguilera -

It’s mommy-daughter day for Christina Aguilera, as she celebrates Mother’s Day with her mom Shelly Kearns at the ever-so-popular lunch spot The Ivy on Robertson Blvd on Sunday.

And appropriately enough, the 26-year-old songbird recorded a John Lennon cover called Mother for Amnesty International’s “Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur.”

The two-CD set of “Instant Karma” will be released by on June 12 and includes other artists such as Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, R.E.M., Corinne Bailey, Postal Service, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz and Jack Johnson.

Lyrics below!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!!

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  • ew

    ew when did she get so fat??

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    aww.. How nice of the original-orange-oompa.

  • J3$$@H

    Fine, I’ll be the first to say something nice– I think they both look cute.

  • Kendra

    The audio is taken from, please credit her.

  • Goodness

    wow that profile picture is scary. She needs to stop bleaching her hair, and never use extentions anymore. Her hair is not recovering!

  • KrungKrung

    that’s xtina’s momma? she looks so different i mean xtina don’t look like her at all, maybe she’s adopted? is she?

  • Anna

    Some of you sound stupid hating on Christina like that. She looks great! Yea she has an orange tan but who cares. At least she aint wearing some stupid cowboy boots or wearing some trashy outfit like some other celebrities usually do just to get attention. Christina is beautiful and she’s a great singer. That’s all that matters. And yea that’s Christina’s biological mom Krung…

  • candy man

    she sound great & it’s amazing sound…
    i salute christina for luving her mother & caring…..what a great daughter!!!!

  • Shiksababy

    OK obviously she’s going BALD! Why do these people abuse their hair like that? Scar tissue can develop and make it impossible for that hair to grow back. I agree with who said the profile picture is SCARY! I’d shave my head and start over if I were her!

  • Tyler

    “Mother” is not a song written by Christina !

    It’s a song from John Lennon !!!!

  • Val

    She just redid John Lennon’s song who sang about his mother abandoning him at 4 and dying soon after… His father abandonned him when he was a baby.

    It’s not her story. How original.

  • Kellie

    Of course she’s not adopted. Look at their faces – they have the same features.
    Well I think she’s lovely – leave her alone.

  • sundayrose

    Do you hear the sound of the soil shifting as John rolls over in his grave?

  • !

    Christina has always had very thin hair, people should care less about the hair and more about her talent…

  • Ike

    Christina likes to milk that whole story for whatever sympathy she can get. It wouldn’t surprise me it’s a rip off. Everything from her vocal styling to her 1/2 ton makeup says rip off.

    Before Xtina had her nose and boobs done, she looked much more like her mom.

  • Jess


    You guys are so freaking negative, you’re terrible! I think they look ADORABLE!! Christina looks amazing and you can tell she and her mom are really close!

    Thanks Jared!!

  • beth

    christina looks really good! i love how casual she dresses and stills looks fantastic… its so cute how christina and her mom are holding hands.. shes gonna make a good mom herself one day.

  • boohoo

    Christina is a publicity whore. People just don’t realize it. Taking your mother to THE IVY on Mother’s Day? Come on. It’s like “please come take my picture”. Though her mother looks cute. It’s nice she spent the day with her I suppose. I guess she just wanted everyone to know she did.

  • boohoo

    At least she aint wearing some stupid cowboy boots or wearing some trashy outfit like some other celebrities usually do just to get attention.


    lol no she just goes to THE IVY to get attention. The “other celeb” you speak of wears clothes and that gets her attention? whatever. Christina has to go to pap central to get her picture taken it seems.

  • dotmusic

    I just love her. And I hate when everybody talk about her so negative. Boohoo, how can you say that she is publicity *****? I think you just don’t like her. If you don’t have to say anything good, just don’t say anything. She looks great and her song is adorable. Can’t stop listening. :)))

  • KarenA

    That’s so sweet. The best pic is the one with Christina holding her mom’s hand, leading her down the steps. Aw. I spent the day with my mom too. Yay, moms! Thanks, Jared.

  • boohoo

    It’s not HER song. It’s John Lennon. No, I don’t think she’s a PR whore more than anyone else is. But Christina never gets called on it even though she takes her mother to THE IVY for mother’s day.

  • jess

    A publicity whore?!? LMAO thats the crziest thing I’ve ever heard!!! Christina is rarely ever photographed out.. she almost never does anything for attention *cough cough paris, lindsey, britney cough* OMG shes holding hands with her mom at the Ivy– The shock, the terror!! Maybe her mom likes it there, ever think of that, no you guys just have to be negative to the person who least deserves it!

  • Dumdums

    Mommies are love.. and adorable. She’s proud to be with her mom..

  • Mmmmm

    She has a great voice and I think handled the fame thing better then other pop stars that have grew up with her.

  • Cynthia

    Like Britney, I wish she would go the hell away, and don’t forget Justin!

  • jess

    Mmmmm Says:
    May 14th, 2007 at 12:10 pm – flag comment

    She has a great voice and I think handled the fame thing better then other pop stars that have grew up with her.

    I so agree with you!

  • jam

    ewwwwwwwww her hair in that profile pic’s terrible, she needs to get sum beyonce wigs

  • Ashley

    She looks great and WOW! can she sing! Her voice is amazing. I lurve her. They’re cute together! I really don’t understand people’s negative comments, she’s out with her mom on Mother’s Day for god’s sake.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Hey I would go to the IVY anyday! Their Spring Sald? Amazing!

    Seriously, she and her mother overcame incredible odds, so my hats off to both of them. They are wonderful people.

  • gonzzzzzzz

    xtina its amazinggg¡¡
    and the britney fans FUCK¡¡¡¡ BITCHSSSSSSSSSS


  • gonzzzzzzz


  • Sondie

    She is bald….WOW

  • X

    they look like each other if christina takes of her glasses. christinas so pritty and skinny and has the best voice in the world. i love the mother song its fit.. hope she re releases the album with mother on it.

  • dude

    she sucks! no body likes her, she can’t sing, and she needs a freakin fake tan for no reson at all!
    what is it with you people and christina aguilara?
    i mean sure shes hot & “in” right now, but why does that matter if could’t sing or not?

  • da bezt

    oi! be quite about my gf!
    shes a great singer man!

  • Courtney ♥

    Shes soo beautiful!
    and this song is amazing
    good cover Christina
    love ya, keep up the good work :)

  • Renee

    y dont u negative ppl go and pick on britney and lindsay who actually hav problems, christina is beautiful inside and out, and not once hav i seen her tryin 4 attention lik lindsay and britney do….
    get ur facts straight guys….

  • Dina marie

    Good people
    This time,people come on now
    That`s how you get tired right!!

    By Christina Milian xxxxx

  • Dina marie

    Good people
    This time,people come on now
    That`s how you get tired right!!
    That`s all you people better rock off!!

  • deendah

    what? no, christina looks just fine. i’m wondering why she made this song called ”mother”?????????? i’m speechless, for the reason that dont really know.

  • deendah

    aaaaaaaaahh. now i know. of course, it can’t be her story. ahh when i was 10 i believed i was adopted in my family and that i was actually her little sister. now that i’m older, i understand that it’s so super impossible. my face is so Sanjaya (last name). but still…….. maybe i could marry little brother michael or something.

  • Vitani

    Omg I love christina aguilera
    she looks so great in this pic and even though that song was origanaly by someone else, she still sings great in it- even better than the original
    i hate that people keep hating on her