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Fashion Faceoff: Roberto Cavalli Dress

Fashion Faceoff: Roberto Cavalli Dress

Jessica Simpson poses for a nautical-themed photo shoot Wednesday at NYC’s Coney Island donning a stunning Roberto Cavalli Fall 2007 gown.

To the right, Russian model Vlada Roslyakova.


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  • redredred


  • tra

    jessica i have to say but her boobs look really artificial!

  • N


  • angelah


  • PinkRose

    Model…Jessica looks like she was stuffed into that dress.

  • Ruth

    The Model.

  • helen

    Jessica by far – that dress needs someone with curves, boobs and a fab figure and jessica has that

  • YY

    model, hands down.

  • Scottie


  • ilovehugh


  • Movielover

    Vlada by far. A very pretty model, Jessica just looks awful

    Is it me or did she have have some work done?

  • Madeleine

    JESSICA!! Shes got the bod for it!

  • Francophile

    Model ! this dress is made for taller and slender frame. Jessica looks thicker than she is because of her petite rounder frame. It’s not flattering at all.

  • james

    model…jessica looks terrible

  • cb

    model – and I don’t think the model is all that either.

    What is it with the orange skin? yuk.

    The boobs are also too too much for the shape, not just the cut, of the gown.

  • Anthony

    Both wear it differently and make it work for them,2 gorgeous women

  • kokopuff

    Are you kidding? Jessica almost looks like Rita Hayworth in this pic. Sure, a more zaftig version of Hayworth, but still–you can’t go wrong resembling one of the greatest pinup girls of all time.

    The model? Pretty, girlish face, yeah–but the rest of her could just as well be a boy. Why waste a bombshell d├ęcolletage on such a boyish body?

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    The model! and the model Doesnt look good.

    Jess loses cause her eyes, nose, oompa loompa tan, hair, lips, and t*ts are Fabulously-Fug.

  • WTF

    Model: Jessucka makes everything she wears looks cheap and tacky.

  • A Person

    Jessica, the model just looks like a stick figure.

    But either way, the dress is quite ugly.

  • mr.Fisherman

    they both look awful, actually. but as much as i dislike jessica, i can’t deny that she looks in that dress better.

    the dress is NOT ugly. just imagine what it’d be like if it was worn by fabulous Dita von Teese.

  • angelinammm

    this dress was definetely made for women with curves – 50′s style icon all had big boobs
    Jessica wears it better
    you all know it
    but you know nothing about fashion

  • graciegray

    model,jessica’s boobs look weird

  • ZzaRaZza

    Jessika looks better in that dress from the waist up, but the bottom part is somewhat puffy

  • mickey

    Neither. Jessica looks dumpy and the model has no shape–she’s like a beanpole.

  • Chris

    Jessica looks hot

  • Jacquie

    Jessica for sure – the dress needs curves and Jessica has them. I just started a shopping blog. It’s really new so I’d love you to check it out at

  • Sharon

    Model looks the best Jessica looks like a stuffed pig.

  • lizzie

    #17 Kokopuff nails it. Jessica fills that dress. The model is pretty, but the dress wears her.

  • lizzie

    #17 Kokopuff nails it. Jessica fills that dress – the model is pretty but the dress wears her.

  • Jon

    Hands down model they should not let Jessica wear any of their dress unless she lose weight, Jessica looks like a man.

  • MissBhav

    Jessica by far.

    The model has no curves.

  • Tess

    Model, Jessica’s she too fat

  • Nicole


  • Jac

    Jessica doesn’t have curves, she has breasts. There is a difference. Curves can include but are notlimited to hips butt and chest. Jessica has an average body save for her breasts, but she doesnt have hips or a butt. Here’s my problem with her: On anyone else, with Jessica’s body, I’d say FLAUNT IT GIRL! But this girl is only famous forher fabulous figure and the fact that she photographed wellandapplied makeup and hair extensions like a pro about 4 years ago. The world shouldn’t look up to a big breasted bimbo and she is the LEADER. I’m glad to see she’s lost her figure and has started to looklike a tranny. The talented beauties remain, the bimbos rise and fall. Also, it takes a lot more will power and workto be skinny, people shouldnt automatically knock skinny girls if they arent positive get that way through safe alternatives (i.e self control, not anorexia).

  • Joey

    That model is hot

  • Cynthia

    The model. Jessica go away, please!

  • popsgirl


    jessica is too fat

  • Celene

    i love vlada, but the dress looks horrible on both of them, roberto cavalli = trashy/tacky.

  • kbcan

    Both look pretty good. But Jessica, we know you have boobs. We got the message loud and clear. You dont have to display them quite so prominently. Sometimes less is more

  • cb

    Jessica is NOT FAT!!!! The dress makes her look more curvaceous than she actually is. Jessica has boobs – lots of them, but as a previous poster wrote, she does not have hips not booty.

    Finally, her oompa loompa tan makes her looks strange, which I think is translating as “fat”.

    That said – the model (who is NOT attractive, imo) wears the dress better.

  • Mediterranean


  • ashley

    neither – it’s a great dress but it needs to be worn by someone in-between – not hugely buxom, but not stick-thin either. someone like halle berry, dita von teese, or jessica alba would look much better than both these women in it.

  • ljc

    For once I have to say that Jessica wears it better. The dress suits a woman’s body.

  • 1006

    Jessica is too short waisted for this dress. Makes her look thick. The boobs have gotten way too full and make her look heavy not sexy.

  • creativegirl

    i think she had her boobs done, in this picture it just seems like she really did.

  • Mariana


  • Tim


  • Dumdums

    And the only thing nautical about Jess is you want a tidal wave to hit her and sweep her away.

  • Thom

    Model Model Model Model Model 100 times better!