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Reese Witherspoon: Pissed at Paparazzi

Reese Witherspoon: Pissed at Paparazzi

Reese Witherspoon is pissed!!!!

The 31-year-old mother-of-two lashed out at paparazzi while out kids shoe shopping at Brentwood’s Ruby Slippers with her two children on Saturday.

Ava, 7, is getting good at playing the paparazzi game, covering her mug from prying paps. Deacon, 3, looks visibly frightened/upset as Mama Reese rages against photographers following her family.

On the other side of town, ex-hubby-to-be Ryan Phillippe was spotted shopping with friends and smoking a cancer stick in his Lexus.

Do you think paparazzi pestered Reese about her “relationship” with Jake Gyllenhaal? What would you do if you were in her situation?

15+ pictures inside of Ryan, Reese and the kids…

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01 reese witherspoon pissed
02 reese witherspoon pissed
03 reese witherspoon pissed
04 reese witherspoon pissed
05 reese witherspoon pissed
06 ryan phillippe lexus car
07 ryan phillippe lexus car
08 ryan phillippe lexus car
09 ryan phillippe lexus car
10 ryan phillippe lexus car
reese witherspoon pissed 01
reese witherspoon pissed 02
reese witherspoon pissed 03
reese witherspoon pissed 04
reese witherspoon pissed 05
reese witherspoon pissed 06
reese witherspoon pissed 07
reese witherspoon pissed 08
reese witherspoon pissed 09

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Mat/Zfi
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  • [Fug Face [You]]

    she should be pissed at god for giving her that big lumpy forehead.

  • Lucie

    poor boy he looks really upset and scared

  • Vanessa

    #1 You’re such a bitter person. I don’t think I’ve ever read a comment of yours where you actually had something nice to say.

    Poor little Deacon. He really does look upset. I wish these photographers knew when to draw the line.

  • Liss

    I think something legally really needs to be done especially regarding the paparazzi and children. Adults are one thing, but what are these poor children going to grow up thinking? It’s gotten totally out of hand, and someone needs to do something about it!!!!

  • tanique33

    a damn shame that that little girl has to walk in the street covering her face. i hate seeing pics like this. shoot the parents, but damn have a little respect for the kids.

  • Kelsey

    I didn’t think I’ve ever seen Reese looking so upset with the papparazzi’s as she does in these pictures. And I don’t think that I’ve ever seen her children look as scared and upset as they do in these pictures. Reese is an adult and can hadle stupid comments from idiotic paparazzi, but there is no reason to torment children like that, especially when they are just out buying shoes with their mom.

  • carolina

    My bet is they started asking her if she was having an “affair” with Jake or something like that.They say that she has tried to shield Ava and Deacon from this type of stuff. The paps will do anything to get a “story” or a pic…They need to respect the children.Just sad to me…The children do look visibly upset this time.

  • carolina

    I’m sure that they started asking her about her “affair” with Jake.They will do anything to get a pic of them looking upset-then write some dumb ass comment to go along with it. I’ve read where Reese has tried to shield Ava and Deacon from the press and paps. Deacon was upset when he was with his Dad the day before and the paps were stalking them then too….The paps need to respect some boundaries- adults -yes-children-no!!!

  • Amy

    they’re probably asking inapporiate questions to Reese in front of the children just to piss her off and get the photos they want :(

  • Sawyer

    When a celebrity’s child starts shielding his or her face, it’s time to stop and walk away. Just walk the fuck away and leave them alone. This isn’t even the first time Ava’s hid her face from the paparazzi. And if they did ask about Jake in front of her kids, I would have thrown that drink in the paparazzi’s faces and started kicking balls regardless of whether or not it was true. This makes me sick to my stomach. Do the paparazzi have no regard for anything?

  • Susan

    Maybe JustJared should start the movement of not featuring celebs’ kids faces. It’s just not cool to show the kids.

  • WTF

    Damn Ryan is hot!

    Please Reese and the kids have been photographed for years they should be used to it by now.

  • sophia

    what a bunch of d*cks she made it pretty clear she doesnt want her & her kids photos taken leave her alone! have some respect for people.

  • passing by

    These photos were taken by Splash news, who like x17 usually takes a video to go along with the photos. My guess is there was a video but the company is NOT letting that be seen because they must have said some horrible things to her & I’m sure they mentioned Gyllenhaal. Back & April either them or x17 was asking her about Jake being in love with her while she was putting Deacon in her car.

    Kids need to be off limits…….

  • Samatha

    Yeah, x17 is so rude!

  • RG

    The paps are in a feeding frenzy now, and won’t relent until something definative is produced about the “relationship.” 360 Management needs to take care of this reprehensible problem post haste.

  • Anon.

    The paprazzi have been hounding Reese for a long time. I remember when they actually ran her off the road in her car. I remember her suing the tabloids. It’s not about Jake. It was happening to Reese before Jake.It’s about her kids. They did something to upset those kids and she went wild, as I would have. These aren’t the first shots of her with the kids. They were shooting pictures of Reese and Ryan and the kids out at the beach over a year ago when she and Ryan were still together. That’s when they were saying she might be pregnant and she sued them. The point is, the paps always shout at people to get a reaction. If Reese went after them it’s probably bcz they said something inappropriate in front of her kids. Sadly, they love to get that kind of reaction. I think they should strengthen the laws. First, absolutely no pictures of minor children without parents’ permission. Second, the paps would have to maintain a specific distance at all times. Third, the paps would not be permitted to speak to or shout things at people. Fourth, anyone who presented themselves as a “photojournalist/paparazzo would have to take a class and get a license and I would make sure it was a very expensive license. Like restaurant workers and cab drivers, etc. And if they were working without the proper orientation and licensing, they would be fined and ticketed. I would even confiscate their equipment. I mean, the police tow people’s cars for less! This isn’t a free speech issue. It’s about harrassment and really, assault, because it sure isn’t journalism.

  • mE

    You guys should remove this pics. they are awful! You’re showing kids suffering…

  • jj

    As hard as it is she should try not to react. The more upset she is the more upset they will get. I will never understand why she goes everywhere with those kids and absolutely no security. She shouldn’t have to hire security and the paparazzi should be stopped but the fact is they are unavoidable especially when she shops in Brentwood and Beverly Hills and if she had some muscle to block her and make the kids feel safer she would be alot better off.

  • ryann

    They have no right to take pictures of the children. I agree gossip sites should not post celebs children pictures unless Ok’d by the parents. It’s one think if they are part of an arranged photo shoot, but it’s so wrong to take pictures of children without permission from the parents.

  • Shoes4life

    The problem with the paprazzi will never be solved until the magazine companies that pay the big dollars to own the photos, stop paying the high price tag for personal photos of celebrities and their families. It did not use to be this bad a few years ago I remember the only time you saw photos of a celebrity was when there was a movie or charity event and occasional wedding photos. Papso’s didn’t start getting relentless until there was a demand for the pic’s from the big mag’s like People (which us to be a news magazine now turned gossip magazine for profits), US mag, and a host of others started giving big paychecks for private and any invasive photos the photogs can provide. These people don’t care about the respect of privacy of these celebs who are people just like us they just happen to have a pretty nice paying career which entertains people, but that do not give papso’s, magazine and us the public the right to over step the boundaries of the celeb’s private lives. There is a difference between needing the exposure to promote a movie, event or album and not wanting it in your everyday life.

    All these folks involved care about is the money making shot! I think it is disgusting to see people hanging in trees, jumping security gates, sneaking into private places to get a photo of someone’s baby, child, passports, sonograms, mug shots, trauma’s and so much more. As long as there is a public obssession with celebrities it will continue and as we can see it is only getting worse and more invasive.

  • sara

    Jared doesn’t have pictures here but in other pics, Deacon was giving the middle finger to the paparazzis which surprised me because I thought that’s something Reese would discipline her kids about.

  • heyman

    She needs to move back to her hometown of Nashville, TN and raise the kids.
    I mean Nicole Kidman likes it there and isn’t hounded too much by photographers.
    Reese would be closer to her family there. She can still make movies. Or she should use whatever degree she got from college and maybe get out of the movie making business.

  • mickey

    The paparazzi thing is tricky. I don’t think they should involve children because the children can’t choose who they are born to. However, as someone else said we are all to blame because the reason the paps get so much money for certain shots is because it helps sell magazine to readers. Supply and demand. These pictures are everywhere and who is looking at them? So until the people stop looking at and taking interest in these types of photos, it will continue because it means someone will make money.

    It would be nice to solve the paparazzi problem, but it would also to solve a lot of other social roblems that affect other large groups of people and not just celebrities. Even with paps, they are still living better than most people.

  • KrungKrung

    lovin her sunglasses hehe, want it so badddddddddddd

  • Michael

    Good for her! I’ve seen the photogs spewing some vile hate towards celebrities just to get a reaction (every curse word and slur imaginable). I’m guessing Reese got pissed they were talking smack right in front of her children. They must’ve said something truly awful for her to have reacted that way (she’s usually so calm).

  • joey

    iam sorry but i cant stand reese witherspoon… so annoying and not talented at all, i don’t know why she won that fucking oscar!

  • Julia

    Oh, I’m not alone! I hate Reese. Why everybody likes her so bad like that? She’s just annoying.

  • claudia

    Reece is worth millions of dollars. She and other celebs sold their souls and freedom for money. If celebs want peace, they should leave LA and move elsewhere, may I suggest Kansas, or better yet, Siberia.

    Or maybe they just can’t stand not to be the center of attraction???????

  • Goodness

    What makes me feel bad is the fact that yes she is with her chidren but the fact that paps can’t just take the pics and shut the Frack up. She was with her son a couple weeks ago right when the rumors started about jake. The paps were asking if she was in love with jake in front of her son. As if having them go through a divorce and then having his mother being asked about a supposed boyfriend isn’t enough. It is sickening that they have to be invasive about it. They act as if they can’t get the same pics being 20 ft away. or even better just sitting in their car with a high zoom lens. I agree there needs to be some kind of law stating how far away they should be from celebs and their chidren. This is probably why some celebs wait to have kids because it is understandable why some would not want to raise them in these kinds of conditions. It should never be a normal thing to constantly be photographed and to have your chidren get used to that.

    Some of you are saying why don’t they move to someplace else. It’s not about moving, it;s not about adjusting and having it go with the job. No one should have to adjust thier life for stupid paps and the bounty on thier heads. It is all about humiliating them and i don’t like that. celebs are paid to do work , show up and be on time. They are not paid to have thier pictures taken by paps, they are not paid to have to run red lights to lose the paps, they are not paid to have to keep thier children inside because they can’t go to the park without enjoying thier precious time with thier chidren and ruining it for other parents and thier children. Bottom line it is sickening how intrusive the paps are and how some of us sit back and actually enjoy it. None of us would want to be in thier position(well maybe the money, yes but fame not so much).

  • Raichill

    Both kids look upset, most likely because their mother is angry and shouting. Where is Ryan when you need him? He should be there protecting his family.

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    These pictures are so upsetting. It is the creeped out, smarmy way they invade the space of people they do not know, asking dumb-a88 questions they will never get answers to. No real person who is just doing his job yells out the stuff you hear on the videos. Most of the time I will turn down the volume to avoid hearing the nerdy voices of these non-men….don’t know what they are, but they are not normal guys… They know they are wrong, know they are pushing buttons and intruding, but they urge one another on, thinking as a pack they cannot be stopped. . The worst part is when they say insulting, sneering things when –SURPRISE!–they get no response to the personal questions they ask… Ick. So sorry for these children….Jared, I agree the photos of the upset kids and Reese should be removed.

  • angelah

    there really should be a boundary!! Ain’t the razzis a class act? smh :roll:..

  • KrungKrung

    it don’t matter if Reese will move 2 Siberia or Sumatra as soon as the papzers will know it, by God they will go there just 2 take pics of Reese n the kidz, wanna bet?

  • Sophie

    The boy, Deacon, looks scared. I think that the paparazzi should keep their distance. That is what the zoom lenses are for. It’s a win win situation because they will get pics of a normal looking family. I can’t believe that some taboids are going to buy these pics of a pissed mommy. I mean who will enjoy looking at that?

  • Lisa

    I love Just Jared for my celeb fix, but would have had more respect for the site if it DIDN’T publish these pics.

    Jared, you have to draw the line. BE that guy! You’re posting more and more celeb kids pics. You’re encouraging these weasels!

    Kids on their own without celeb parents (Isabella Cruise recently) and pics like this where the kids are with parents, but visibly upset…. shouldn’t be published.

    How about you post an entry about it, but say you are refusing to post the pictures with it as a mark of respect / in protest. Huh? Huh?

  • greta

    fug face::I agree with Vanessa. what happened to you that you are so mentally disturbed? And not only fug face but fug personality. Get some professional help……if anybody can help you. Sad……

  • LJ

    Nro 21; agree with you, this happen because mags pay those paparazzies lots of money from pics of celebs and their kids… I understand that people wants to see pics of celebs and their kids but why they can’t take those pics from further away?? And then leave them alone.

  • Jane

    I agree with “It’s not about Jake. It was happening to Reese before Jake. … The point is, the paps always shout at people to get a reaction.”

    Sunday LA Times article about X17 : “… they are teaching their videographers to ask celebrities the kinds of meaningful questions that can become stories.”

    Paparazzi will take any chance to take photos and make money. More interesting photos = more money.

  • ljc

    These pictures are just too sad – I feel bad just looking at them. Jared, you shouldn’t encourage the paps by given coverage to these types of photos. The children don’t deserve this.

  • wpw

    Jake is so fake. He is lame pretentious version of Tobey Maguire. Trying to look at Aniston’s tits, and hugging her at the GLAAD award for an extra long time to prove he is heterosexual, just shows how insecure with his sexual identity he is. Glyen-whatever a fucking creep.

  • Violet

    Poor Reese!!!

  • slumming

    I am relieved that most of the posts here are written by people equally disturbed as I am. I felt disgusting even looking at the pictures. I completely agree with some of the ideas mentioned here (especially ANON) about regulations. Reese is usually able to keep her cool but nobody would be able to all the time. If I were her I would have had a really hard time not physically attacking those morons up in her face scaring her babies. I thought it would ridiculous that Hugh Grant was up on assault charges for throwing those beans at the paparazzi- they totally deserved it I am sure and a little bean throwing should be considered self defense. Reese and her children were being assaulted in these pictures and it should be illegal!

  • 1006


    Your a stupid bitch.

  • Mediterranean

    Why do these innocent kids have to suffer because they happen to be a kid of the celebrity?

    These kids end up being spoiled, drug addicted, alcoholic, useless, famous with a reason adults. They frankly it’s us don’t give a peace since the day they are born.

    If paparazzi is sneaking around the school of these kids, if they are making a hole into fence to take a photo while their parent give them a bath. It is us to sit and think about.

    If a famous parent is trying to protect her/his child, we should respect and walk away. They might be famous but they are humanbeings and parent to those innocent kids. These innocent kids don’t have any other choice, including their own parent.

  • SkinniPuppi

    x17 makes 10 millions dollars per year, read the LA times article! And Reese move out of Los Angeles back to the midwest.

  • Anon.

    It’s not about whether you “like Reese” or you “hate Reese” or how rich she is, etc. It’s about the paps shouting and the frightened kids. Period. And I agree with those who say they ought to have laws against this crap!

  • Mediterranean

    I meant FAMOUS WITHOUT A REASON, pardon!

  • LJ

    It’s weird how those paparazzies can be waiting with their cameras around in those kids schools and so on…Usually those people are called pedophiles… and they can waiting celebs almost in their yeards, usually those are called stalkers, so why those paparazzies are right to do that?? Only because we want to see pics of celebs?? That is sick.

  • Anon.

    I’m really impressed, Jared. This is a good discussion. Out of what? 50 posts, there are only about 3 or 4 that are jerks. I agree with anon. about there should be rules for paps. You might not be able to get people to stop buying the magazines, but there can certainly be laws to regulate the paps. According to the L.A. Times article on Sunday, any creep with a camera can go out there and take pictures. They are all looking for a payday and since there are so many of them now, they are really competitive! There’s a “pack mentality.” All the shouting, the heckling of the celebs in front of their kids (how humiliating!), the car chases, trespassing on private property – the paps are there, feeding off each other. They are real agressive and real brave bcz there are a pack of them. I think they need to be regulated. I saw some pictures of Britney Spears (I know) and she was actually being followed by a caravan of at least 20 cars full of paps! They camp outside her house and follow her 24/7. No wonder she thinks the rules don’t apply to her. No wonder she does drugs and she is all crazy. Yes, some of it is her fault, but the paps are helping to make her very crazy and dangerous.
    This is a very sick situation. Very sick. I am sorry for Reese and her kids. Especially her kids. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I definitely see her point. I think they need to change the laws.