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Bad Dreamz for Yau-Man

Bad Dreamz for Yau-Man

In one of the greatest moments in Survivor history, Dreamz kept the immunity necklace for himself, opting out of the car-for-necklace agreement with Yau-Man. An instant-suicide-by-jury move.

Sucks for Yau-Man, but he played a heckuva game!

For the Survivor: Fiji winner, CLICK HERE!

By an unanimous 9-0 vote…

Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole! Earl Cole!

Suck it Dreamz, go back to your cheerleading squad!!!

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  • Just Jared

    And how did Cassandra make it top 3? She can’t even swim!!!

  • littlebit

    I was so ticked when Dreamz did that! I’m glad that Earl won though! yay for Earl!

  • char

    i sobbed for like five minutes after dreamz reneged. dayum. but yauman was truly a class act till the end, and i’m glad earl ended up w/ all the votes. what a season!

  • KrungKrung

    was hoping Yauman would win but Earl is my 2nd bet. Dreamz, what can i say, he’s not a man of his words hehe, Yau have a very good heart, he rocks….

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    wow.. I didnt even know this show was still on tv.

  • AG

    Damn Dreamz!!
    I never liked him from the start… and that move made him the spawn.
    Yauman should demand the car back!!

  • dreamz sucks

    what? he still gets to keep the truck? no way, he reneged doesn’t that mean he doesn’t get the truck? what a stupid move that was, he ended up with sh*t for his greediness.

  • cal girl

    I think Karma is going to get Dreamz, and it somehow turn this experience into a positive for Yau-man. Good things should come his way. Yau-Man played a classy, intelligent game, didn’t screw anyone and truly deserved to win! Dreamz showed himself to be not only a backstabbing rat but truly an idiot for believing that he had a chance to win after going back on his deal. Earl was the next best choice and he seems like a really good guy.

  • angelah

    I wanted Y-Man to win but I smelt that he was going to get played the minute he made that offer. I applaud @ YM!

    Just Jared Says:
    I know huh! she was just lucky

  • selwyse

    Poor Yau-man. He really deserved it. But I’m happy for Earl, though! Does anyone else think he kinda looked like Tyson Beckford at the reunion special? =) They have the same eyes! And I’m so glad Dreamz didn’t walk away with the $1 mill. Did he think he had a chance with the jury after a stunt like that?

    Congrats to Earl and his unanimous win!!

  • Aviv

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dre is so lame!!!
    i wanted y-man to win :( but earl is better then dre and cassandra…
    what a great season!!!! my favorite one!!!!

  • alecj

    come on— how could you expect someone to give up immunity when they knew they were going to be voted out—- not ONE of you…..or i would have done anything differently— its Survivor man— you dont give away the million bucks and thats what Dreamz would have been doing— think about it— if you are honest with yourself you know that none of you would have given up immunity knowing you were going to be voted out— that would have been STUPID— i give Dreamz props for having the guts to play the game when, all the sudden, people tried to act like it was wrong for him to try and win— give the guy a break— its Survivor, not the friend show— he had more of a right to be there than cassandra— she was worthless and almost won– judging him for playing the game well is just dumb……

  • Cat

    For me it’s not so much he reneged on the deal, which didn’t really surprise me seeing as how he stabbed the three other guys in the back before that. But it was a really stupid move on his part. He had NO chance of winning after that. How would he ever expect he’d get any votes from the jury? But if he had no plans on keeping his word, then why not just say to YauMan, “No, I can’t promise to give you immunity” and suck it up that he wasn’t going to get the truck. I mean…be honest at least to the guy’s face, don’t lie, take the truck AND then stab him in the back. How he expects anyone to treat him with any respect after that stunt is beyond me. He’s a shit heel.

  • creativegirl

    Yau Man was totally robbed. If anyone ever deserved to win in the game of Survivor it was him. He made this an awesome season. I wish they’d bring him back to try again like they did with Stefanie.

    I hate when they make it come down to three people because ultimately the third person is just someone who rode coattails. I love how Cassandra actually thought she somehow deserved to even be considered for the million. Its just a joke.

    Logically, I understand why Earl turned on Yau, but you know it sucks. He could have voted for Cassandra and let her and Yau do a tie-breaking challenge and let the chips fall where they may.

    There are people who have played this game with integrity. Remember Colby in Australia. He gave up a million dollars when he took Tina with him to the final two instead of Keith. But you know what, he gave his word to Tina and he made a decision that he knew he could live with. In another season, that Dolphin trainer dude Ian, he was so upset with himself that he was going behind fireman Tom’s back that he bowed out of the final three so that Tom would go to the final two.

    Dreamz is a selfish bastard, who is going to get what he deserves. YauMan has a lot of class and he is amazing!!!!! I pray good things come out of this. Or lets get another Survivor all-stars going where America can vote on who we want to win the million like they did with Rupert, let us give Yau what he deserved!!!!!

  • creativegirl

    alecj Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 5:10 am – flag comment
    come on— how could you expect someone to give up immunity when they knew they were going to be voted out—- not ONE of you…..or i would have done anything differently— its Survivor man— you dont give away the million bucks and thats what Dreamz would have been doing—

    The reality is alecj that Dreamz would have had a better shot of winning if he wouldn’t have accepted the truck from Yau and just said, “Thank you Yau, I just can’t make that promise to you, so you keep the truck.” The fact that he took the truck knowing full well that he wasn’t going to keep that promise in the end, was just shady and really sealed his fate.

    I know it changed things when it came down to the end and they said that three of them would be vying for the million dollars. Maybe if it was only going to come down to two it would have been easier for Dreamz to give Yau the necklace and take his chances in another go round. But I doubt it, I really had hope for Dreamz that he was going to do the right thing, but he didn’t in the end and now he’s got to come back to the real world where his decision may come back to bite him in the ass. If he’s homeless how is he even going to be able to afford to pay the taxes and insurance on that truck to begin with?

  • Winnie-the-Pooh

    Hold up, so Dreamz gets to keep the truck after he lied? I thought they had a [verbal] agreement, so since he didn’t keep his promise then Yau-Man should have gotten the truck!! wth. Please tell me, I must have missed this part.

    Congrats to Earl and that other contestant was a joke. I liked the season but disliked how it ended :-( .

  • Steady

    So who came in 2nd and 3rd? Who gets the 2nd place money? Why is Survivor doing this now with three at the end. I didn’t like that before and didn’t like that this time especially. Did Dreams really think anyone would vote for him after that, what a jerk. And no, he can’t afford that truck unless he wont the moeny for coming in 2nd. Why don’t they say who was second????

  • Jackie

    Dreamz was a nightmare. He can’t even drive so the truck is probably sold already or else it will be his new home. If he gets any money I hope he takes language lessons.

  • littlebit

    alecj Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 5:10 am – flag comment
    come on— how could you expect someone to give up immunity when they knew they were going to be voted out—- not ONE of you…..or i would have done anything differently— its Survivor man— you dont give away the million bucks and thats what Dreamz would have been doing—

    I can honestly say that i would give up immunity, since there would be no way in **** that any jury member would vote for a person that turns on a promise, “I swear to God”. He already had no chance to win, he should have known that….and him saying he was going to do that all along then pulling that crying baby bull**** at tribal was so stupid, he already had the truck, and the tradition goes….whoever wins, or receives the vehicle in Survivor NEVER wins…not in all these seasons, I’d be glad just to win the vehicle! Not too happy it was a Ford, but still, great resale, I’m sure.

  • HottieTottie

    Dreamz is a despicable human being.

  • HottieTottie

    Dreamz (selfishliar) is a despicable human being.

  • Salaa

    Dreamz kept saying that it was a game and not like real life…. pity he missed the moral of the story. It is as with any and every other game… it is what you bring to the game…. character or lack of it. He sold his integrity, honor and human dignity for money. NOT COOL. Richard (1st survivor winner had no integrity and ended up in jail) just goes to show… the game is about life and what you bring to it. Dreamz will never enjoy that truck as he will always be reminded of how he acquired it. Yauman is the consumate human being and I am very proud that he remained a symbol of integrity to the very end, He made not have won the million but in mine and many peoples’ minds…. Yauman is the ultimate Survivor.

  • hawaii girl

    to comment #22 -Salaa,

    I second that! You took the exact words out of my mouth!!! I hope CBS will do the right thing and bring YM back for an all star game or let the public vote on who they think deserved to win $1 mil. like they did for Rupert (few seasons ago).

  • Jim

    To Steady:

    There were no 2nd or 3rd place in this season, because it was a shut-out. A first for Survivor. Neither Cassandra nor that SOB got a single vote.

    If that SOB would only use 0.001% of the part of his brain that does the thinking, he’d know that he’d be giving away one million dollars to Earl if he doesn’t keep his word with Yau.

    I hope he can pay the bills and tax an insurance that comes along with the car.

  • Randy MacDonald

    I don’t think Dreamz has a legal right to the car. Does anyone have a legal opinion? I hope Yau-Man didn’t foolishly sign it over. I hope the _Survivor_ crew did not illegally award it to Dreamz.

  • Dewayne

    Survivor is a game to outwit and outplay the other players. As for Dreamz it is one thing to lie to another to outplay them, which is part of the game, but it is another thing to take something of value from someone by telling a lie. Thats just like stealing.

  • Alan W

    this season of survivor started off bad (the haves vs have-nots) then started to improve (Moto losing their comforts, much more fairer ball game) but then ended on a disappointing and (to me) not surprising note. yau man was my 1 pick to win the million. too bad about Dreamz and his lying, greed and selfishness.

  • Alan W

    sorry i meant “fair ball game”.

  • Barb H

    It was an different Survivor all around, but one thing was steady all the way, and that was Yauman was a decent guy, and Dreamz was a sleazy, low life, lying, cheating ass. When he made the deal for the truck, he had every intention of giving the immunity to Yau… for his son, for his honor, blahblahblah… Then at the last minute he got greedy, thinking that he could actually win.

    How could he think that with all the people he stabbed in the back? He could have handed over the immunity and gone home a hero with a $60,000 truck. Instead, he will be a social outcast like Johnny Fairplay who gets his ass kicked everywhere he goes. I hope Karma catches Dreamz real soon. He and his truck deserve a dead end street. Smarmy microbe snakes underbelly piece of crap….

  • melissa

    I will not watch Survivor again. Funny how race was’nt mentioned. Was probably edited out. I’m sure it was discussed between them that if all 3 of them went to the final then one of “them” were sure to win it. Another prime example of how people will say anything to get instant gratification but wants to be exempt from any accountability and want it, expect it almost for nothing. Karma will no doubt come back and bite Dreamz in the ass. In the meantime, they can find another sucker to watch this crap. I will not watch again. ( Okay, only if Candice comes back ).

  • http://survivorusa Agness

    Please bring Yau Man back. Good hearted man! GOD BLESS!

    Congrats EARL, I believed in YOU during the game! Smart guy!

    Agness, Scandinavia.

  • Beebex

    Yau-man wanted dreamz 2 give him the immunity 4 protection & had 2 buy his way 2 that level ahead of time with his truck but he later planned 2 vote Dreamz out the moment he gets the immunity necklace & that move by Yau man killed his rep b4 me coz it would be better 2 vote someone else out if he’s claiming 2 be a god guy than 2 plan the assassination of someone who’s willing 2 save ur life there4 Dreamz did the right thing & only low level thinkers or those who didnt watch the whole game will make out-of-line comments!!!

  • Beebex

    @AG: Yauman is some trick ass dude coz he was plotting 2 vote dreamz out immediately he gets the immunity necklace so who do u really think is evil?Is it Dreamz who moved by instinct 2 know giving out the necklace might cause him 2 lose his chance of a million bucks or Yauman setting a trap by openly trading a truck out as a gift just 2 make it 2 top 4 & later plotting 2 vote Dreamz out ?Coz it’s the same thing as killing someone who saved ur life?