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Brad & Angelina Pick Up Maddox

Brad & Angelina Pick Up Maddox

Proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie pick up their superstar son Maddox, 5, from the Lycée Français de Prague School on Monday in the Czech Republic. Video here with dozen of photographers and onlookers.

Angelina‘s most loyal bodyguard Mickey Brett watched over the family while sporting a cut-off tee, showing off some of his killer tattoos.

Just last Friday, Angelina and big bro James Haven had school pick-up duties. A solo Brad dropped Maddox off at school this morning.

For a little after-school treat, Brad and Angelina took the little tyke for some afternoon fun — go-Kart racing!

Maddox and his parents drove laps around together at the “Kart Centrum” Racing Track.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
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  • ohmy

    brad drops off maddox! brad picks up maddox! brad goes to the potty!

    Slow news day huh? Seriously, do you have to post every single thing he does?

  • luvmebabe

    :o) love them!


    FIRST for the FIRST time?!

  • black

    Wow….Angie almost reminds me of her 2003 self…..which is quite cool.

    And Brad looks good as well.

  • GM

    I am so glad that Brad left his hat at home!

  • Belle

    LOL! Agreed with ohmy! They’re as sickening as Bennifer was, or even more.

  • Kristi

    I dont understand how this kid goes to school there then somewhere else, what kind of schooling is that, do they enroll him for a week then take him out or what?

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    Yes he does. Hummy….Brad….

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    I meant “Yummy…”

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Cool. Thanks a bunch Jared. :)

  • Vee

    Does Mickey have a new serpant on his arm?

  • missouri girl

    Brad looks good.not mickey, ewwwwwwwwww.

  • Access_Denied

    Umm, isn’t there any entertainment news other than the fact that Brad & Angelina drop off and pick up their kids? *YAWN*

  • http://htt// eee
    I love them ,and I hope they stay together forever.

  • NEiCY

    yes!!!! i loveeeeeee seein them together !

  • Insider of Prague

    Thanks Jared, nice!
    Here are some pics from here of the house, Sunday, sure you have seen it but just so what.
    Pic #1: Side with the garage

    Pic #2: Paparazzi were so bored they were playing soccer all over the place

    Pic #3: Front with the gate

    Im not replying,sorry, bad experience on here, just wanted to do some sightseeing for you guys.

  • http://htt// b

    They are same hair color .That’s lovely


    Somebody posted that Shiloh looks like her dad..I HOPE not.

    Brad may look handsome as a man…but as a girl!

    Another thing: someone else posted about Shiloh left w/Brad when Angie
    had to go to Africa for her UN work. The moment she left,

    the baby’s face was ALL SUNBURNED!
    Maybe this is why she took her child w/her to NY.

  • jolierocks

    Alright! :) love the new pictures…Angie’s hair ROCKS!

  • jolierocks

    Loving the new “bag” Angie is sporting….ok I’m bored!

  • Dancer

    #7 Kristi–it seems like Maddox is learning French. Could be wrong, but several of the schools have a french theme to them. He could also be enrolled in a few ‘courses.’ I traveled extensively for work when my son was young and took him with me whenever I could and would always try and enroll him at a local school so he could make friends and learn something about the country we were in. Worked out fine for him as he is now a very self-confident, worldly wise young man. Seems like it is working out well for Maddox.

  • Mmmmm

    Funny how ppl are not outraged at the paps violating Mad’s space but went crazy nuts on Reese’s thread. Why do you think that is? Ok we get it, B&A are in Prague and this is where their kids go to school, why do the fans need more then that??


    #18, that was no sunburn, it was supposedly a teething rash. I tend to think that’s so, as it very quickly went away. You didn’t see it in subsequent pics taken a few days later.

  • gorgeous

    I just love this family.

    Haters, you guys are so funny. You jump right here on the new Brad and Angie thread before the fans. Just admit it, you are fascinated with them as much as we are :-)

  • Ylevol

    LOVELY Says:
    May 14th, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    #1. You’re an idiot.
    #2. She wasn’t sunburned.
    #3. Shiloh wasn’t with Angelina in NY.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Wow for the haters to b*tch about B&A threads about nothing they sure do response to the nothing news. What kind of sense does that make…..none but haters are not known for having much sense either.

  • black

    Brad is pulling her to the good side…..and introducing her to the color white!

  • pp

    I love them! I can’t wait to see them at cannies.

  • pp

    I love them! I can’t wait to see them at cannies.

  • piper, with a low

    isitreallythatserious? Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 2:29 pm – flag comment

    And the fact that they were here on a non-story thread, with a quickness, says even more.


    black Says:

    May 14th, 2007 at 2:29 pm – flag comment

    Your statement is very ironic, considering your name is ‘black’.

  • http://htt// b

    Brad and Angie suitable each other .They got the looks, brains, personalities ect….

  • thanks

    Insider of Prague – thanks for the photos of the house.


    Excuse me! I never called you an idiot! It was reported that the baby and
    her mom were in NY together. But, that would make sense anyways. I bet
    you don’t have ANY proofs they weren’t together.
    I hope you at least agree w/me that the baby looks like her stunning mom
    as a child (very blonde hair and all).

    Thank you, Cliniqua, for the polite answer. I guess we don’t know that for

  • FREE


  • spain

    Quiero másssssssssssssssssssssss fotos,a los niños de la cabezona hay que protegerlos(lease Reese o como se llame W) y a los de Angie que les den,que ella es muy mala y los niños se merecen esto…

    Los trolls no tienen remedio..por cierto no es por dar malas noticias but Maniston is in PRAGUE with their dogs…world exclusive of lyfe&style and intouch on Wednesday



  • piper, with a low

    Is it just me or is she channeling her inner Marcheline with her long, lovely hair, parted down the middle like that?


    No problem 33! :-) ..and #25, Shi was in NYC with Angelina.

  • Dalia

    I wonder how does Pax get his schooling? Are they home-schooling him?


    I like that piper, her “inner marcheline,’ sweet – Marcheline seemed like such a beautiful person, that’s a great way to put it. :-)

  • Lynn Campbell

    Brad and Angelina both look good here. I saw this picture on pitt impressions, it looks like Brad has a new tatoo on his arm or else someone drew a picture on it lol!

  • Tyler

    did you notice that Brad has a new tattoo on his lower left arm ???

    more pics at

  • Arora

    TO: 1 ohmy
    Shut up and get lost.

  • saraicita

    Spain: Yo se que a ti no te gusta Jennifer, pero hubo una epoca en la que a mí me caía bien, tenía el dvd de Friends, de Along Came Polly, y compré Dicen por ahí, ahora me arrepiento de haber gastado mi dinero en esa idiota. Al final se los di a una amiga, y después de eso, ella y yo dejamos de ser amigas. Si yo hubiera vivido dos semanas con Brad, que digo dos semanas, dos dias, creo que habria sido suficiente para reproducirme con él. Yo no entiendo como es posible que esta mujer no le hubiese sacado cría en siete años. Mejor porque si no Shiloh hubiese sido muy fea, como su mamá.
    De hecho, con cualquiera de las mujeres de mi Brad, hubiese sido fea. Para muestra Apple, será bonita para Chris y Gwyneth porque para nadie más lo es.

  • pls vote for Angie

    Angie’s vote dropped to 35%, JG is 34%, pls voteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!,,20038084,00.html

  • Frenchy

    They look like a cool couple. They look good. At this point in time, “school” for Maddox is jut a social but still educational experience. He must know by now that school means a place where there are other children to play and draw with, learn little things and to listen to a teacher. It does not matter at this point that he go everyday. Next year? Maybe.

    The Lycees are more about just interacting in French. It’s a totally different teaching curriculum. When I was a child I went to a Montessori school because at the time, their educational methods were progressive and a little more advanced than other pre-school (at least that’s what my mother told me.)

  • Thank You

    Thanks Jared for all the photos. And yes, I’m one of those who feels guilty about looking at photos where obviously the paps are invading their children’s privacy. But, I can’t help being drawn to following this family. They are just so wonderfully different than the typical celebrities we see. I have to admit I was never interested in following Brad or Angie during their past relationships, but as a couple they just rock. They bring out the best in each other and it’s great fun to follow along for the ride. Like today…they pick up Mad from school and then the three of them enjoy go-Kart racing. Love it! :-)

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Thanks, Jared….
    Now, can you post the pics from the racing track. We would appreciate it.
    I just love this family…more power to them and they seem to compliment each, love, love

  • spain

    saraicita:a mi esta señora jamás me gusto,de hecho era el personaje que peor me caia de la serie de televisión,aunque hubiera estado casada con Tom Hanks(mi actor favorito)me hubiese caido igual de mal.Yo soy fan de Angie,y ahora con más razón no soporto a los idiotas de sus fans,que realmente no entiendo como puede tenerlos¡¡.Nunca sera una estrella de cine,y esa es la mejor venganza contra tanto odio..

    Bueno guapa,encantada que me voy a cenar,a ver CSI las vegas y a la cama..que madrugo mucho


  • pls vote for Angie

    Angie’s votes dropped to 35%, JG 34%, pls vote for Angie!!!!,,20038084,00.html