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Lindsay Lohan: Georgia Didn't Rule at the Box Office

Lindsay Lohan: Georgia Didn't Rule at the Box Office

Lindsay Lohan, in a ruffled high-collared jacket and short shorts, is all smiles out and about in New York City on Monday afternoon even though her estrogen-infused flick flopped at the box office this weekend.

Georgia Rule pulled in a measly $5.9 million and limped into the No. 3 spot. Spider-Man 3 took the top spot once again, netting another $60 million.

To the left, Lindsay texts away on her Blackberry right outside Da Silvano restaurant on Sunday night. The young actress wore her support for English heavy metal band Iron Maiden on vintage t-shirt.

More pictures inside of Lindsay in NYC…

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lindsay lohan blackberry 01
lindsay lohan blackberry 02
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 01
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 02
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 03
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 04
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 05
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 06
lindsay lohan ruffled jacket 07

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  • Hey Now!

    She gave the whole plot away, what do you expect. Not to many ppl are gonna wanna see a whiny lohan and arguments back and forth of whether her character is telling the truth about being sexually abused or not. She isn’t as bankable as she used to be. I’ll probably wait til it comes out on dvd if I’m still the least bit curious and I emphasize “least bit curious”

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Georgia might have bombed.. but she still looks good.

    at least she had a movie out to bomb, all the other young “it” girls that get posted on this site have nothing.

  • Hik

    Did anyone actually think that people were going to run out and see this movie when they heard it had Lohan in it? She is like a movies heart attack right now, she signs on and it is pretty much guarenteed DEAD.
    On a side note: Look how NOT CLEAR her water is in these pics. It looks just like Vodka does when you look through it (and yes I know what vodka looks like before I get the comments).

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    I am so over her and there is not one thing that is appealing about her.

  • Hey Now!

    ha hik you are so right. First time I didn’t bother looking at the pics but now that you mentioned it it definitely is something other then water. She’s a mess it’s a shame ppl actually give 2 sh*ts about her and she can walk about with alcohol and drugs nocholantly. Why is she glorified? Why does she get the amount she gets for average acting? I just don’t get it. Why do sl*ts and wh*res, Immoral ppl get all the attention and fame? She is the same character just different story. She is boring as an actress. Like jennifer aniston- same acting different story. I realized in my first post I put ” I’ll probably wait til it comes out on dvd” I mean I will wait til it comes out. No way will I see it in the theatres and waste 20 bucks.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    awww Look at all this L.o.v.e for Lindsay.

  • Courtney

    It didnt bomb that bad….I mean cmon what the hell do people expect when you got the biggest movie ever out only for its 2nd week (spiderman), not too many people can see/ afford 2 movies a weekend.

    I saw Georgia Rule on Sat. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOOD! I loved it! Its so funny and yet has a lot of sad parts that many people of all ages can relate to and Lindsay looks amazing in the movie by the way.

  • Debbi

    Why would anyone bother to see any of her movies? Seriously, she has mediocre talent as an actress and singer and is there any movie she’s done that didn’t tank? Oh, okay, I saw Freaky Friday, but she was pretty much any other kid out there even if she does think she’s worthy of her divaness. Thankfully, now the studios will pay attention and stop bothering with her!

  • Ruth

    I haven’t seen the film yet but it really isn’t fair to compare a family drama like Georgia Rule to a film like Spiderman which is specifically made to be a box-office draw and aimed at the lowest common denominator. Again I don’t know if the Lohan movie is good but even if it is superb, it could not compete box-office wise with a film like Spiderman. Lindsay needs to mature and grow up – newspaper photos of her snorting coke aren’t going to get her acting work for very much longer.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    I don’t recall any photos of Lindsay actually “snorting” coke. Kate Moss – Yes.

    If the studio wanted Georgia Rule to do better numbers they shouldn’t have released it so close to Spiderman. Hell her movie wasn’t the only one to bomb this weekend

    28 weeks later – bombed
    Delta Farce – bombed
    The Ex – bombed Horribly

  • candy man

    ya…it’s not fait to compare a movie like Spiderman or Pirate cause Georgia Rules is just a chick flick…
    may be she is a stupid one hollywood bad girl….but Linsay know how to act since child….& she’s good at acting period.

  • Anon.

    Georgia Rule came in 3rd. Which is very respectable. It pulled in more than $6M. Everyone is saying the acting was very, very good. Lindsay in particular was singled out for good acting. The movie itself didn’t get raves. For a non-special effects serious movie, it did well enough. Why is it, when Lindsay actually does something constructive it’s a no win. She showed up on time for her promo interviews on talk shows and acquitted her sell very well. She did a good job with the movie and it was NOT a disaster, and yet all the headlines keep saying flop…at least the gossip blogs on the internet are. Think about it. In the last two months there are some comparable movies that did FAR worse!!!!!

  • kimkim


  • tabloids kill careers

    audiences lose interest in actors whose personal lives become tabloid sitcoms

  • WTF

    Who didn’t know this movie would bomb?? Wouldn’t have mattered what weekend it was released.

  • tabloids kill careers

    what is missing is that a lot of movies have very little marketing, like this one, theatre attendance is declining at a rate of about 12% per year, studios rely more and more on DVD business. Even Bay’s The Island , which had a huge budget, was hardly marketed.

  • Andrea

    I am not going to put Lindsay down like some people here. All I will say is that Lindsay is obviously one young actor that CANNOT HANDLE FAME and ATTENTION. Natalie Portman well she is 26 so she’s a bit older now she can handle fame. The press don’t really bother Natalie because she makes damn sure she’s not hanging out at celebrity hangouts. Anyone that goes to the Ivy in LA is asking for media attention because the press are always there. Lindsay’s career is eroding real fast she is now a tabloid queen. The problem for Lindsay is that the public perception of her is negative and that translates to negative box office. Maybe its not fair that the public judge her on her private life. And in all honesty what 20 year old never tried coke, or weed or drank, or didn’t party all night before? Yeah I know some people on this board will say they never did. But Lindsay is at the age of discovery still. And I think the girl is a bit immature and naive. She needs to decide if she wants to be a serious actress or not. Maybe less time at the clubs and more time acting can turn around her career?

  • Mmmmm

    Fire Crotch … she needs to go to jail with her friend for being a waste