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Nicole & Hugh: Back on 'Australia' Set

Nicole & Hugh: Back on 'Australia' Set

Hollywood heavyweight Nicole Kidman, in period costume, shoots scenes for the $100-million dollar outback drama Australia on Monday in Bowen, Australia.

Nicole was joined by country music singer hubby Keith Urban on set, who was very attentive towards his wife as they held hands, sitting in the shade between takes.

Co-star Hugh Jackman also joined Nicole on set to shoots scenes under the leadership of Australia director Baz Luhrmann. The Aussie A-listers were dressed to the nines with Nicole looking prim and proper as an English aristocrat and Hugh looking handsomely rugged as a cattle driver.

25+ HQ pictures inside of Nicole, Keith and Hugh

Check out this one pictures of Hugh and Nicole horseback riding through town together here; more pictures from the set of Australia here. And even more candids here of Nicole protecting herself from the sun and holding a parasol.

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01 nicole kidman keith urban australia set
02 nicole kidman keith urban australia set
03 nicole kidman keith urban australia set
04 nicole kidman keith urban australia set
05 nicole kidman keith urban australia set
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nicole kidman keith urban australia set 01
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nicole kidman keith urban australia set 14

Photos: Costas
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  • JadeS

    What’s Keith holding in his hand???

  • Lori

    Wow!! They are awesome together. I am so happy for them. I love Keith Urban!!!!!!

  • brenda

    It looks a bottle of water but i am not sure.They are just too cute together.

  • RA

    Thanks for the GREAT Hugh photos, Jared. He’s to die for. :-)

  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared! Great photos! Love all three of them! (Jackman, Kidman, Urban).

  • black

    SomeoneĀ“s been bitten by the green bee….

  • lizzie

    Hugh Jackman is so freaking handsome, even more so cause he clearly loves children. Thanks Jared for giving me my Hugh fix.

  • Erik

    Wow gorgeous outfit! Go Nicole!

  • Love

    Thanks, great photos.

    My God, NIC is wonderful…..
    I love Nic and Keith, adorable couple

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Hahaha.. Keith Unknown has a bottle of get-right in his hand. Lol I knew he still took swigs here and there.

  • lamb

    Hope they use a hand double in the movie

  • Jane

    Beautiful dress on Nicole, it looks custom designed. Do we see an Oscar for Best Costumes in the works?

    Keith is looking good, it looked like he had gained a little weight in rehab, but it seems gone now.

  • Ali

    hello..nicole kidman is a very very good star… i love she

  • Ginger girl

    she is great in those photos.Very beautiful and Hugh is a so sexy!!!!!

  • Hugh

    I’m a huge fan of Baz and Nicole.I hope he make another Moulin Rouge type film.
    i don’t know why but doesn’t this film already sounds OSCARS????

  • Josh the GREAT!

    i love Nic’s outffit, her beauty is even more in those photos.She is definetly a classic beauty!love her and Keith!

  • Caroline

    I love Nicole’s smile.I never saw it clearly as in these photos.She is incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful in Hollywood in my opinion…

  • Gensy boy

    I adore Nicole.She is the best actress of her generation as Hugh who is becoming a very talented one.Baz is a genius so i’m hoping a lot of this AUSTRALIA!!!!

  • em

    nicole and keith are just the cutest wee things ever! he is so hot. cannot wait to see him live this year!

  • Dani

    Love Nicole and her beauty is unique, i think she is a real Lady and a great actress.
    Keith and her are so sweet together, love the way they show their love.

  • Rose

    Hugh Jackman is so dam hot!!!!!!and he will make a terrific couple with Nicole!
    can’t wait to see the film!

  • Sasha

    This movie is going to sink at the box office. Australia should stay in australia.
    Nic sucks her past movies have not make the 30 million cut yet she is the highest paid actress right now.

    she must be giving her Aussie *** but some reallydump guy in Hollywood.

  • Rachel

    so adorable. I wish Keith and Nicole the best, i’m hoping for some nicole and keith babies one day.

    can’t wait to see this film, also hoping that it will be like Moulin Rouge, which Nicole starred in and Baz Luhrmann directed. Also waiting for Margot at the Wedding, The Golden Compass and The Invasion.

    they’re SO adorable. Thanks for the photos jared! Nicole looks gorgeous =) Gosh, Hugh is so handsome.

  • Ariana

    Nicole looks like she’s mad of wax. She’s seriously scary looking. Why does she still get hired? She gives the same breathy-voiced, stone-faced performance in film after film. She’s boring, ineffective. Too bad she botoxed her face ’til kingdom come- she used to be very pretty.

    Gorgeous duds though. Hugh Jackman is also yummy.

  • R&G

    What a great group and they look so happy. Love Keith Urban and think is bottle is his ever present Fiji water. I think they are Hollywoods most fun and beautiful couple. Nice people

  • Blanchett_Fan

    Nicole is stunning!!
    Yes maybe the lips are a little strande but she’s beautiful the same!!
    She’s incredibly classy and sofisticated!! A real lady!!!

    Love her!!!

    Australia will be a great movie!! Baz is a very talented directori and the couple Kidman + Jackman is going to be explosive!!!

    For Ariana:
    I think you’re only gelouse..Try to stay calm and relaxed..
    peace girl!

  • ju

    I love Keith and Nicole, they are so sweet together

  • Louise

    those people who say Kidman is not beautiful or she is a wax figure, they ahve jealous of her perfection!Grow up girls!!!

  • Raichill

    Ewww, take a look at her bony, veiny hands and arms. Nasty! And, I don’t care what anyone says, on top of all the botox she is addicted to, she has also had some collagen in her lower face area. She looks fuller around the jowls.

  • ben

    people who come here to talk about Nicole supposed botox and children or her marriage with Keith, are just trying to stay away from the true fact that she is The Greatest Actress of her generation and a wonderful person!

  • ISA


    Wonderful pictures, Nic is so beautiful and elegant.

    I love this couple…..

  • Mary

    My God!!!

    I love Nic, I love Keith.

    So beautiful.

  • Jasmine

    I’m a huge fan of Keith and of course of Nicole.Leave this couple alone and live your lives worms!

  • Janeway

    Way to go Jared!! Thanks for the awesome Hugh pics. He is soooo hot and I love the cowboy look! This movie is going to be great!

  • justine

    She looks so pretty in costume, Hugh is wonderful too.

    Nic and Keith are adorable.

  • maxine

    OMG. My fav. gossip blog turned into Nic’s fanclub thanks to posting at Nicole’s official site. All entries sound exactly the same.
    BTW, Hugh looks gorgeous, he’s a great guy. Nicole’s costumes are nice but her face is made of wax. The weird part is that all this PS and botox made her look older, as if frozen in time.

  • jappeno

    DAMN woman, get out of the way. I wanna see that gorgeous hunk standing behind you.

    So THAT is the infamous Keith Urban? The one who’s supposed to be the dumpy, fat, greasy haired – drugged out NZ she entered into a marriage contract with to boost her image? SURE.

    Remind me to not believe everything I read.

    Please tell me they are going to give him a part in this movie. It might be worth watching.

  • vacationbarbie

    Maxine…you kill me. Why are YOU chastising people who ARE fans? What are you doing here reading if your not a fan?

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    Jappeno….yeah…pretty hard to ‘believe’ all the ‘gossip’ when you see them in the flesh, h’mmm?

    He’s just yummy and Hugh ain’t too bad either.

    They all look gorgeous…I love the blue dress and matching parasol and I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    Wow, super hat kidman….

  • m3lI55a

    OMG! I can’t wait 4 this movie: it looks like Oscar Material (both Hugh and Nic are fantastic actors)…she is gorgeous as always and Hugh mmm… what a hunk! (with the hat and that crazy beard, looks like a young version of Clint Eastwood (in the bad, ugly, good)….Thanks Jared ;)

  • katieee


    she looks beautiful!! and hugh is SUCH a hunk!


    this is gonna be an oscar contender i can feel it!!

    thanks jared!!

    Nicole is soo beautiful and you can see you she still enjoys her work.


  • Lara

    Nicole was stunning 10 years ago…she now looks fake and plastic. She seems obsessed with looking young and so, has overdone the botox and lip injections. It’s wierd looking. She looks so much older than her 39 yr. I think she’s a good actress but not the greatest of her generation. How can you even begin to compare her to the likes of Julia Roberts or Cate Banchette? Her voice is always that breathy tone and I find her unbelieveable in so many roles. She just doesn’t have the versatility of so many of her peers. This is my opinion, mind you, and I’m sure I will be attacked quite aggressively.

    Hugh, on the other hand, may actually pull this off. If it was based on Nicole alone, the movie would be a flop for sure. Hugh is capable of bringing in a huge crowd and making this epic a success.

    No comment on Keith…he’s totally p-whipped. Very sad … he was a man whose private life used to be private. Now we even know that he made out with his pasty wife in Brisbane at some “make out” point. I liked the old Keith who didn’t discuss his private life and just played the heck out of his guitar!

  • Davilyn

    Well here’s a newsflash ya all…Nicole Kidman is going to be 40 years old next month. She is no longer a merely pretty, young girl. She is no longer a starlet or an ingenue. She is a now a beautiful woman. And when the Keiras and the Scarletts and the Beyonces and the Natalies hit their forties, then they too will transform from very pretty “girls” into very beautiful “women” as well. The Europeans have known since forever that a woman doesn’t truly come into her REAL beauty until she’s at least 40. But here in the youth obsessed good ol’ U. S. of A., we only see “young” as beautiful AND WE ARE WRONG!!!

    And is she the greatest actress of her generation? That is arguable. I believe she is very much the superior actress to some others in her age group; Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catharine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellwegger, and none of them are slouches.

    I think Nicole Kidman is a throwback to the days of Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. And Hugh Jackman is Gary Cooper, Gregory Peck and Clint Eastwood all rolled into one (and throw a little Gene Kelly into the mix too). They are both throwbacks to another era and Lurhmann has said he wants to make this film in the tradition of Gone With The Wind (1939), Casablanca (1943), The African Queen (1951) and Giant (1956).

    If he can pull it off, the chorus just might be singing…”ah, so that’s what movies used to be like.”

  • molly_jane

    Australia really agrees with Keith. He’s lost weight and looks great. I wonder if Nicole is jealous that her husband has better hair, sun kissed smooth skin and younger looking hands than hers.

  • katieee

    Like she would be jealous? HE is HER husband!

    thats just sick.

  • Davilyn

    Well Molly,

    I suppose if he truly loves her, then whatever physical imperfections she may have, do not bother him.

    If however, on the other hand he is a shallow pig who is only capbable of loving a woman because of what she looks like rather than for who she is, then I’m guessing that in the divorce papers, he’s going to cite…

    “Your honor, my hair is better. My sun kissed smooth skin is better. My hands look younger. I cannot live like this your honor. Please free me from this hell.”

    Molly, are there any people that you love, with physical imperfections? Some grandparents perhaps with grey hair and weathered skin? If Christopher Reeve had been your husband, would you have walked away because he couldn’t anymore? Molly, are you without physical imperfections? A crooked tooth maybe? Perhaps a scar or two from a childhood mishap? What about something serious like a deformed limb? I’m sure you must have some little “something” that you would like to change (we all do) and do you wish to be loved in spite of them? Would your heart be shattered if a man you loved, left you because his skin was a little nicer than yours. Or how would you feel if your husband refused to make love to you any more because you just couldn’t lose that last 20lbs. you gained while giving him a child (that happened to a friend of mine and he left her over it).

    Think before you type dear. You may be hiding in the shadows, but your words are traveling all over this planet. They matter.

  • katieee

    Aww thats sweet Davilyn

    AND VERY TRUE *nods*

  • http://justjared Shaye

    Her jowls are falling it comes with age. She is weird looking. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Still don’t think this relationship will last.

  • molly_jane

    WHOA! Lighten up girls, I was just kidding. Maybe I should have included one of those ridiculous looking smiley faces with my post so you would have known my intention.

    If it makes you feel better, let me be the first to say that Keith has better hair, better skin and younger looking hands than I do and I’m in my early thirties. The point of my post if that he’s a gorgeous looking human being, IMO. I (like Nicole) do not tan at all and I would love to get out in the sun and get that healthy looking glow, but all I would do is sunburn or freckle. My hair is naturally curly (like Nicole’s) and I envy people straight, bouncing-behaving hair (superficial, I know, but I can’t help it). Maybe “jealous” was too strong of a word. My husband has the most beautiful blue eyes (something Keith has, too) and long eyelashes and I tell him all the time, I am “jealous” of him. He doesn’t go all ballistic on me.

    Of course, I love someone physical imperfections and all. For the record, I don’t see many physical imperfections on Nicole Kidman, she is a gorgeous woman, but I bet she (like me) wishes she could tan and had straight hair.

    Peace out.