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Sarah Silverman: Sexy Maxim Girl

Sarah Silverman: Sexy Maxim Girl

Sarah Silverman is one sexy beast in the latest issue of Maxim, hitting newsstands May 22nd.

Maxim says, “It’s a jungle out there, but comedy’s funniest bombshell has finally made it to the top of the Hollywood spire with The Sarah Silverman Program.”

What do you think of Silverman‘s sexy new look?

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  • selwyse

    Why can’t Silverman’s show die a quick death, instead of a slow one? Cancel it already! I’m tired of catching even a second of it when I’m channel flipping. I tried to give it a chance and watched two episodes but, after laughing a grand total of once, Comedy Central just needs to put Sarah Silverman (and me) out of our respective misery. Give Margaret Cho a comedy central show!! (“American Girl” was revolting and doesn’t count)

  • Daisy

    The Sarah Silverman show is hilarious. She basically dares people to not laugh at her ridiculous views. She is great.

    selwyse- do you only have two channels to look at? If you see it is on, don’t change to it you stupid idiot.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    she’s hilarious and fcuking hot.

  • Shmoo

    The photoshoot is silly, not sexy but I guess that’s the point with her, isn’t it?

  • jane

    She is repulsive. Jared, I’m not sure why you’re promoting her. She makes tasteless anti-Asian jokes.

  • Fresh Raggedy Anne

    She makes tasteless Anti- Everyone jokes…lightenup “Jane”

    She’s awesome. I loved her speech to Paris Hilton at the awards show. She was going off on how fat she was for the whole three minutes. So random! Love it!


  • Yeah

    “She makes tasteless anti-Asian jokes.”

    She makes all sorts of tasteless jokes, including tasteless jew jokes and she happens to be jewish you dolt. Lighten the fuck up. Do you get pissy about Margaret Cho making tasteless anti-asian jokes too? It’s called humor. Most people have a sense of one, but you obviously got passed over when they handed them out.

    I think she’s funny as shit and hot as hell.

  • Yeah

    p.s. Censoring swear words is stupid, what are we, 10?

  • GOB

    Sarah’s been HOT for some time now ’bout time it was noticed.
    Next HOT thing on the circuit, her show was disappointingly bland though but understand CC had to tame it down for the uninformed/unintelligent masses-they couldn’t handle it. Oh well at least I have her uncensored (adult humor-not for the weak) on DVD.
    She’s definitely for the alpha 1%ers.

  • WTF

    she’s not funny. Chelsea Chandler is hot & funny as hell.

  • magnus

    Anti Asian jokes?


    Burn her in the name of free speech!

    Jane has teeth in her sideways vag!na.

  • xxLolitaxx

    i dont like her show but she does hilarious stand-up comedy shows.

    her photos are average. not sexy but she manages to look decent, somewhat pretty. NEEDS MAKEUP!!!!

  • Ariel

    Yeah – let’s hear it for the hot, hilarious Jews!

  • Leah

    She’s obnoxious, that’s it. Maybe I’d find her more appealing if she handled those eyebrows..

  • ali

    Jane, your a retard. She makes fun of everyone and she does a FANTASTIC job at it. I freaking LOVE her. She’s the only funny female comedian out there.

  • Neil

    Yeah, she’s pretty much sans humor. The only reason she gets any play is her looks, and that’s slowly beginning to not be enough, hence her relative lack of success.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Sarah’s the funniest female Jew I’ve ever seen.

    I see a lot of lames w/ sticks rammed up their asses. people need to loosen up.

  • mariootsa

    i think it’s unfortunate she feels the need to whore herself up for maxim. i just lost a lot of respect for her.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    she who~re’d herself up – How? Lol

  • Dan

    ‘She makes tasteless Asian jokes’? As opposed to the ‘tasteful Asian jokes’ that are OH-SO-FUNNY? Anyone that says ‘tasteless Asian jokes’ should just stick to watching movies on the Lifetime network and King of Queens.

  • Neil

    I know this will sound cliche but if your not finding her funny your not hearing her. I think she plays the Jewess-princess to a hilariously, subversive degree. And it helps that she is one hot lady.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    If sarah could read these comments she would probably `laugh-out-loud` @ some of you. I’m sure she loves the fact she pisses people off.

    The people here saying all the dumb ish about her are probably the ones who watch her the most.

  • Sam Stone

    I love Jewish girls I lost my virginity to one and would be more then happy to pee on this one.

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    Boooooooooo, oh ya and sarah is the funniest female comic working, hands down- no contest. margaret chou-pleezzzzzzz. oh yes and she is built like a brick shit house-minus the 1 sheet of toilet paper!

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    I said sh it, roflmao

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    also sheryl crow gets one cloth diaper that she has to clean in a stream with a rock.

  • Andrea

    I find it interesting the media are hyping up this raciat Sarah Silverman. Silverman always says that because she’s “Jewish” its okay for her to make racist comments about Blacks, Asians, and gays. I got to disagree. Margaret Cho is a much better comedian then Silverman can dream of. Yet you don’t see Margaret getting the press and the hype Silvernan does. Silverman is not funny she’s just a racist.

  • HottieTottie

    UGH. She is so oogly. What brain trust decided she should be on the cover? They should be fired.

  • http://justjared love me say J

    She looks like her armpits smell like ass.. Why would you put her on the cover.. I would only do her, if I could put a paper bag over that ugly face..

  • Ashley

    Sonds like a case of ‘don’t look at, or watch it if you don’t like it’!!!!!! She is rock-my-world awesome!!! :D Can’t wait to see her host the MTV award show!

  • Grimdim

    She is hot in a kind of cute average-girl-way who is obviously filthy.

    She is incredibly bad comedian though. She has one schtick that isn’t funny, oooh I am a cute girl I am saying something sweet, now I am going to say cu*t.

  • cpt obvious

    low-brow humor doesn’t make up for lack of talent, and photoshop can’t make up for the honkered fug face.

    but i’d dump on that.

  • CaliDUDE

    After looking at the pics, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

  • selwyse

    DAISY, ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOT? Do you not know what the concept of “flipping channels” is? It means you Flip. Through. Every. Channel! You don’t fucking flip through most channels and then fucking avoid one channel, you damn idiot (maybe that’s how you flip channels in your little ass backwards world). So I flip channels, so fucking what? And I regret every fucking second that I see of Sarah Silverman or Carlos Mencia during channel flipping. Comendy Central needs to revamp their programming. Damn, bring back Chapelle!! Give the man anything he demands! Please!

    Grimdim is spot on: Silverman only gets attention because she’s a mediocre comedian who happens to be slightly pretty (though she still looks like a plain jane to me). Lisa Lampanelli is ugly as hell but 1000x funnier and raunchier than Silverman

  • hahahahahah

    I think she’s pretty…she just needs 2 ttweeze the brows.

    She’s in really good shape

    Isn’t she with Jimmy kimmel?

    Lucky Bastard

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    at last ashley-at least some people get it. in this world of political correctness-sarah is a shining star, pointing out the stupidity of racism-instead of doing stereotypes of her own ethnicity like the witless margaret chou. lmao

  • savesilverman

    I can’t belive people actually go to cyber sites to talk about their likes and dislikes… I totally found this site by accident. That is so lame. WOW

  • silvermanSUCKS

    savesilverman, you know what’s lame? That you “can’t belive people actually go to cyber sites to talk about their likes and dislikes…” but STILL took the time out of your life to write a comment on it and post it.

    I can’t believe people actually go to cyber sites to express their disbelief at other people liking/not liking stuff. To quote you, “That is so lame. WOW”

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    Boooooooooooo roflmao-lighten-up peeps life is too short. Entertainment is take your mind off problems. that,s why we pay over pay these clowns and why i write for em. laughing all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!

  • 1_in_9

    It’s obvious that intellect isn’t a prerequisite for posting here. Sarah is HOT both in body and mind. The body only works if the mind is interesting. She is outside the box enough and honest with it to the point to make her a very sexy WOMAN. Ya’ll need to grow up and get a little experience so you know the difference betweem A** and sweet Pu**y.

  • myxlplyx

    I doubt an intelligent person would reduce the worth of women by categorizing them into either “A**” or “sweet Pu**y”. Way to go, neanderthal. You prove your own point that intellect isn’t a prerequisite for posting here.

  • ghost of lenny bruce

    true comedy is to get you to think with your big head-1 in 9. now get started! booooooo

  • dabido

    sarah is hot, hot, hot. her jokes and comments rule. luv ms cho too but only because i come in heat over asian ladies. if you cant laugh at sarah you gotta be a limp-dic*er.

  • sam in sb nj

    dude yur gay

  • sam in sb nj


  • me

    being completely insensitive and cruel is not humor.

    she makes me sad. something has to be very wrong with you if you can speak that way about others. and the Paris thing? i’m no Hilton fan, but still. it’s a total lack of compassion and kindness. and then posing for this magazine? even if it is a joke….she’s still taking slutty photos. she’s a very pretty girl, but she’s mean. and i think that’s very unattractive.

  • me

    they bleeped s.L u ++ y ?

  • Adam

    I’d fuck her. Even better knowing shes a bed wetter. Thats hot. I’d treat her like a baby.

  • the cat

    I watched a few of her stand-ups. They weren’t funny. And I’m not saying that in the “I’m offended, that’s not funny because it hurt my feelings!” way. I just mean the jokes weren’t funny. The concept behind her jokes may have had some potential but she just sucks at putting it all together. Maybe if the idea behind her jokes was given to someone else they could have done something to save the concept of the joke and get a giggle out of me, but jeez, she is just boring. I watch a lot of stand up and I’m a fan of several of the people who are her contractual “friends”, but I can’t make it through an entire performance of hers. It’s like watching the grass grow.

  • Kenneth

    I would bet that the only ones who post that they think she’s hot are Jewish. No non-Jew would think this chick is anything but dog-ugly. And that’s not really fair to dogs.

    I really don’t think it’s a matter of opinion. She is not attractive. In the least. There are hot female comedians – this girl is NOT one of them. Period. Anyone can shock you. It takes real talent to be funny without being raunchy. I think some people (and by that I mean Jews) think she’s funny only BECAUSE she’s raunchy. I challenge her to come up with something original to make fun of. The “let’s shock the world with our tasteless humor” bit is worn out.

    Am I the only one who thinks she has a man face?