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Jessica Alba: GQ Cover Girl

Jessica Alba: GQ Cover Girl

Jessica Alba storms onto the June 2007 cover of GQ magazine. With her six movies coming out this year, it’s not wonder Hollywood’s “It” Girl is garnering so much attention.

But will all of this work help movie execs, as Alba wryly puts it, in “getting past my hotness?”

  • On men and their relentless eyeballing: “When you see the camera right here, you’re like, ‘Uh, that’s my crotch… I’m going to stand over here.’ You know? Cameramen are just horny sometimes.”
  • On her self-proclaimed hotness closing a few doors: “Right now, I’m just exploring what my contribution to this business is—other than wearing a bikini and getting caught by the paparazzi.”
  • On being clumsy: “I fell so many times on The Eye, the crew there would get embarrassed for me. When I first met [co-star] Alessandro [Nivola], I fell down the stairs. And then on Fantastic Four, I would always twist my ankle and fall down completely. It’s just frustrating, always hurting yourself. For Dark Angel, Jim Cameron actually made me do gymnastics and dance training so I could be more coordinated.”

More outtakes here. Sexy behind-the-scenes video footage from the photoshoot here. Full article here.

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51 Responses to “Jessica Alba: GQ Cover Girl”

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  1. 1
    Mycah Says:

    I still think she is rather to slim, esp. in some shots here, she looked so much sexier back a few years ago in 2005 (Sin City) but I really like these photos she looks cute and hot, thanks for the pics!

  2. 2
    memo Says:

    these look like american apparel ads.

  3. 3
    becca Says:

    …she really needs to sort her eyebrows out. just sayin’.

    i do love her though.

  4. 4
    Mmmmm Says:

    She is drop dead gorgous .. everything over fire crotch!

  5. 5
    Souhila Says:

    Yeah memo , you’re right , American Apparel style ! She’s stunning!

  6. 6
    black Says:

    Ewww……… cheap.


    I just have one word for it————******.

  7. 7
    Sondie Says:

    Love her and her body….Perfect!

  8. 8
    Mmmmm Says:

    I agree she could use some wgt but her smile is perfect ..

  9. 9
    PJ Says:

    The one where she’s eating the rose? That just looks stupid. lol

  10. 10
    so true Says:

    Coming to her senses


    Jessica Alba – dressing demurely, making comments last week about not showing off her ass and her tits, trying to go the classy route to avoid the mishaps of her peers…all part of a delusional attempt to become a serious actress. Said it before and I’ll say it again – yet another tv girl wanting more. Yet another body disguised as talent.

    But when it’s on the line, when there’s a movie to promote, Jessica Alba is always good to go back to her best. And here she is lighting it up in GQ – provocative, sexy, suggestive, an amazing physique, an incredible ass: this is what she is, this is ALL she is.

    I’m particularly fond of the one where water is dribbling out of her mouth. Pardon the crass but that’s a photo taken for the express purpose of jerking off.

    And don’t forget – The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer comes out on June 15th. The Alba ***** wants you to know…

    Click here for the full series. She’s so horny looking, it’s wonderful.

  11. 11
    Souhila Says:

    If I had the same body as her , I would not be ashamed to show it !

  12. 12
    Erin Says:

    Yea Jessica, way to make people want to take you more seriously. *eye roll*

    Really, these pictures of her in a bikini, wet with water dribbling out of her mouth just scream “take me seriously” don’t they? God, she’s a pretty girl, but she goes about things all wrong.

  13. 13
    [Fug Face [You]] Says:

    wow 5-10 more pounds and she would be perfect.

  14. 14
    Anon Says:

    I dont like these pictures of her. She’s SO much prettier with no makeup on and casual…
    she looks wierd w/ makeup on. I guess that’s a good thing, tho.
    and what’s up with her eyebrows?

  15. 15
    Ariana Says:

    Why is “so true” posting Lainey’s blog comments?

  16. 16
    eightandahalf Says:

    i’m done with lainey.. so sad but true.

  17. 17
    matrioska Says:

    excuse me, but the photo where she dons a bubble gum flat on her face, and the one with water running down her chin while she stares like a deer caught in headlights…is that workin for a symbol as…**** ON JESSICA ALBA’S PRETTY FACE?? i mean hot girl photos suck.unless u really are into the whole *** on her face though…

  18. 18
    ya ya Says:

    === She’s self-deprecating and snobbish at the same time. Weird. She’s still ugly. Too top heavy, too lanky, and too lollipop headed. but of course this is all for publicity.

  19. 19
    walker Says:

    She bi*ches and moans that she doesn’t get taken seriously as an actress ( you’re not an actress though.) then she goes and shows us her excuse for an a*s and curves! I don’t think you are ever going to get the serious roles while showing yo skinny A*s all over men’s mags. Dummy.

  20. 20
    cook Says:

    I don’t mind that she can’t act….’cause this here isn’t a movie. FIYAH!

  21. 21
    b*tch slap Says:

    check out her rib cage. This is not sexy. Eat already! Damn upper body is big, square, and gross.

  22. 22
    pfft Says:

    “Right now, I’m just exploring what my contribution to this business is—other than wearing a bikini and getting caught by the paparazzi.”

    She could have fooled me.

  23. 23
    Hey Now! Says:

    She looks like a 12 yr old little girl. Why is it these grown WOMEN feel the need to look like little girls. You are supposed to have curves, you are supposed to have hips, you are supposed to have boobs. You are not supposed to look like a flat chested, rib showing 12 yr old GIRL. It’s sad she is so skinny. Put some weight on girl and stop wh*ring yourself out! I agree she needs to fix those brows.

  24. 24
    kae Says:

    Gorgeous face, pre-teen body. Like someone else said, with 10 lbs on her, she would look incredible.

    And she says that she wants to be taken seriously? Hmmm….yeah right.

  25. 25
    dat_dOod Says:


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