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Nicole to Hugh: Give Me Back My Bra!

Nicole to Hugh: Give Me Back My Bra!

Here’s your daily Baz buzz…

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman continue filming scenes for director Baz Luhrmann‘s forthcoming big-budget outback epic Australia.

In this scene filmed in Bowen, Australia on Tuesday, Lady Sarah Ashley (Kidman) leaves her hotel where a man was seen mishandling her luggage.

The cattle drover character (super sweaty Jackman) rushes to the rescue and kindly returns Lady Ashley’s luggage back to her… including her bra! Always a gentleman…

15+ pictures inside from the set of Australia

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01 hugh jackman nicole kidman bra
02 hugh jackman nicole kidman bra
03 nicole kidman australia set
australia set baz luhrmann 01
australia set baz luhrmann 02
australia set baz luhrmann 03
australia set baz luhrmann 04
australia set baz luhrmann 05
australia set baz luhrmann 06
australia set baz luhrmann 07
australia set baz luhrmann 08
australia set baz luhrmann 09
australia set baz luhrmann 10
australia set baz luhrmann 11
australia set baz luhrmann 12
australia set baz luhrmann 13
australia set baz luhrmann 14
australia set baz luhrmann 15

Photos: PictureMedia/, Costas
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  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared. Love Nicole. Love Hugh. And Love Baz!

  • Jude

    Carmen, please go somewhere else to spew your shit. It’s getting annoying.

  • MollyE

    Boy, Carmen–or whatever moniker you’re going by today–I’m getting bored with the same snide comment(s) about Nicole Kidman posted for *every* entry on ‘Australia.’ This one is almost word for word a match for another I saw a day or so ago on another thread. I’m a Hugh Jackman fan, can take or leave Nicole Kidman, but I’m astonished at the idiots who apparently spend a lot of time on the Web with the sole purpose of cutting this woman down. What’s she done that’s so horrible? Seems like a nice enough gal to me. Certainly has lots of people in her personal life (friends and family, I mean, not the alleged–and unsubstantiated–legion of lovers) who like her a lot. Has some talent, or directors wouldn’t hire her to do challenging roles. I really would be interested if one of you trolls could–without rancor–articulate (but that’s probably a contradiction-in-terms for trolls) why you think this character assassination is worthwhile. Get a life, folks!

  • Martha

    I’m watching and reading about this film project unfolding .. and so far, it’s one trite, cliche’d incident after another… bar room fight, going through a window.. luggage being dropped with hero picking it up, complete with unmentionable… rough guy meets and will come to assist snobbish “fish out of water” aristocrat who will succomb to his dubious charms…

    I’m sure the film will look good, Baz Luhrman projects always do. I hope the story isn’t as derivative as it seems so far.

  • MollyE

    Yeah, I gotta say, so far it seems very like the very first major ‘Western’ novel, Owen Wister’s ‘The Virginian,’ down to the unnamed protagonist (no name but ‘The Drover’ for Hugh’s character, at least so far). Maybe the fight the Drover gets into is in defense of the as-yet-unintroduced lady–as with the Virginian outside the dance, when he tells bad-guy Trampas to ‘Rise up, you polecat, and tell them you’re a liar’?

  • Janeway

    I can’t wait for this movie to come out, because I am going to reserve judgement about something I haven’t seen. If it gives Hugh the chance to play the rough, tough cowboy turned hero, I am all for it. I wouldn’t mind being scooped up in those big strong sweaty arms. Thanks Jared, keep posting these great pics of Hugh.

  • Me

    Great pictures, I love nic and Hugh is divine.

    Thank you JJ.

  • Vanessa

    Nic is a lady, so beautiful, Hugh is incredible, strong.

  • ISA

    I agree, Molly.
    Nic is a great actress, a lady and so beautiful.
    These people are pathetic and envious.
    I believe that, they are fans of Tom Cruise

    I love Nic.

  • Nick&Hugh great actors

    LUV NICK just wished she hadnt messed with her face,I actually use to think Nick reminded me of Elizabeth Montgomery even before she did the movie ‘Bewitched’..Loved her in Dead Calm,Eyes Wide Shut..she just doesnt look like herself..but ID still go and see her in the movies..Hugh is also one om favorites.Ill go see the movie.

  • SE

    I want Hugh Jackman to fuck me. I’m serious.

  • pepper

    Are we going to get a set update every freaking day of this thing???

  • Dancer

    #13 Pepper–

    Well, Pepper, we certainly hope Jared is going to keep updating us every day!!!

  • RA

    Agreed, Dancer. Every day would be GREAT. Can never have too much Hugh.

    And pepper, if you don’t like it, there’s nothing that says you HAVE to look. Just scroll on past and look at the gzillionth photos of Brad and Angie.

  • Davilyn

    Wow! Some of you guys are pretty harsh. Were talking about a couple of scenes that have been filmed and you’re already writing it off? How do you know that any of these scenes are even going to make the editor’s final cut? We know nothing. Let these people do their work and when they’re ready to present their finished product to the world…then you can rip it to shreds. Sheesh!

    And if any of you recall, Baz has said that he wants to make a film in the tradition of Giant, African Queen and Casablanca; an old fashioned, sweeping, historical, epic love story. He’s even said he wants it to have the “look” of those earlier classics. So maybe there will be parts of it that might seem cliched to some of you. I’m hoping for a film that reminds us of what came before; the 30′s, 40′s and 50′s…the Golden Age of filmmaking.

    As for papparazzi giving up too much, I’d like to ask Jared this question…Would you post photos here that CLEARLY gave up critical plot points? An example of that would be…either one of the lead actors in a photo in which it is quite obvious that their characters have died? Is there a line you will not cross Jared? Or is anything fair game? And if anything is fair game, then you should somehow warn your readers. It’s not fair to spoil something to THAT degree, just so you can be the first with the shots on the net or to give people their “Hugh” or “Nicole” fix for the day.

    Were all having fun here with fandom, but we’ve no right to mess with the integrity of someone’s work. Would any of you like it if someone messed with yours?

    Just my opinion.

  • Violet

    Love Nicole and love Hugh!

  • Pea

    cant wait for this movie to be released!!

    love Nicole!!

    im a Nic fan!!

    thanks for the pics!!

    carmen… stop it!

  • katieee


    Nicole is such a gorgeous woman!

  • realist [] n Realist(in) m(f)

    Also, so divine ist Hugh nun auch wieder nicht…

  • ste

    nicole is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!great photo!!!thank baz to make that wonderful movie!!!!!!!!!I’m italian but I want to be in Australia now to see the making of that movie….NICOLE YOU ARE SUPER!!!!!

  • Lara

    I do like Hugh so I’m hoping the film is OK. It just seems predictable to me and it seems like they’re trying too hard. I think Australia is buzzing about it because it is being filmed there…but I dont’ really think the rest of the world will embrace it.

    Nicole Kidman is not my favorite actress. I find her one dimensional and unable to really portray a role like this. Cold Mountain was so miscast, she ruined the movie for me. As for her face…she used to be beautiful but she looks very fake now and kind of goulish to me. Too bad.

    A friend of me told me she was bragging about being in some hot love scenes with Hugh…and said she hoped she’d be doing more than kissing him…he’s a hunk. Is this woman for real? First of all, she sounds like she’s 16 … and yet she’s nearly 40 yr. And second of all, isn’t she married? I realize that sex scenes are part and parcel of how Nicole does business…but couldn’t she be a bit less obvious about how much she’s looking forward to pretending to have sex with a man other than her husband? Very odd statements from a married woman.