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Avril Lavigne: Topless in 'Blender'

Avril Lavigne: Topless in 'Blender'

Avril Lavigne tosses off her top for the June 2007 issue of Blender magazine, giving the lowdown on boys, booze and the pursuit of happiness.

She’s now happily married. But does that mean she can’t still have fun? “I used to drink like a motherf******,” she said. “I’m way more mature now.”

Avril‘s very revealing cover shoot screams “H3LL YEAH, I’M HOT!”


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Photos: Simon Emmett
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  • Tucker

    I’m so glad shes hot again after her weird second album phase
    That deserves a dayum!!!

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    she’s hot.

  • asdf

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO HOT

  • AG

    I don’t like the ribcages ribbing out xD
    i never think she’s hot…

    People draw flak on Christina & her MAXIM & Blender covers.
    Let’s see critics flak Avril!!

  • Sophie

    “giving the lowdown on boys, booze and the pursuit of happiness”

    you HAVE to be joking, right

  • Sophie

    btw, it looks like she has an asshole on her chast

  • Anthony

    She’s looking very hot!

  • Hana

    Nice… with clothes on. The white jacket is MUST have.

  • kbcan

    She seemed to be growing up there for a while. However, as of late, she seems to be now going in the opposite direction, and becoming more juvenile again. Plus she seems to be a major bitch as well.

  • Anna

    ewww, I can’t believe people actually find her hot.

  • Kellie

    Sure, she looks good, but isn’t she the one always picking on other women who do this sort of thing… and now she’s doing it… Hypocrite

  • Chloe

    so NOT HOT. she looks f-ing gross.

  • Tim

    hot but a little gross.

  • jjjp0os

    not hot at all…….ugghhh yuck

  • renee

    Hypocrite indeed!
    saying bad things about britney, x-tina and the other pop princess, and now she’s following teir footsteps? she’s f*cking retarded. as stupid and gross as paris hilton.
    i think, when you’re still young and don’t find your true identity yet, just keep your mouth off any statements.
    avril is licking her own vomits, obviously. and she’s a bad personality too.
    hot my ass!

  • heat

    no… just no.

  • Riley

    I think it’s pretty nasty, the picture isn’t even very flatering, her ribs are sticking out and her stomach looks poochie.
    Plus, the major lack of cleavage.
    She should stick to keeping her shirt on, take away the hair and she just looks like a little boy, Michael Jackson would be proud.

  • Ella

    I agree with renee, Avril’s a HYPOCRITE!

    Bitching about the other singers who pose sexy in magazines now look @ her. Her album sales must be really bad because she doesn’t look sexy, she looks desperate!

  • Cynthia

    The cover is artsy. Her chest is covered by a yellow strip that says Hell yeah, i’m hot. I think it was a respectable pic. Looks safe to me.

  • marn

    HYPOCRITE! She’s been ranting against stuff like this for years!!

  • Lucie

    Arghh it burns! My eyes! My precious eyes!
    I never thought, at least I never dreamed, that I’d ever have to see Avril Lavigne topless or in semi-nude form. This is gonna haunt my dreams tonight.

  • Sophie

    ay my eyes :’(

  • Ida

    NOT HOT!
    She’s just another stupid blonde bimbo (although she claims not to be…HYPOCRITE!)

  • Belle

    NOT! By the way, the crack/heroin chic is so OVER! Hey hey avril.. you’re f-ing annoying!

  • rachel

    not hot. at all.

  • andré

    she’s desperately trying to be hot lately.
    i’ts getting pathetic.
    i prefer the old Avril..this is one just as dumb as Jessica Simpson.
    Except that Jessica is hotter and funnier.

  • David

    Not bad, but definitely not ‘hot’. Why doesn’t anyone advise her on makeup? WTH with all that stuff on her eyes?

  • Jess

    Why has she turned into a bimbo?

  • lou

    I am a fan of Avril and that set is ugly. Avril you suck and I am disappointed, you look like Britney!!!!!! The shoots for Arena were horrible and then you do it again, what a bitch you are becoming, you are pathetic, i hate u now!!

  • Victor

    no…nonono…i don’t like her now…she’s not hot…i prefered her like a sk8er girl, or even motherfuking princess…but not like christina from stripped…

  • carlos

    Is it the stupid things adults put in your brain if you have one that force you to say things like that? Are you muslims(no offense)?
    I wrote somewhere that i would like to see Avril in some more revealing photoshoots – It’s just happening – I say Thank You, Avril
    I respect You so much because You do what You wanna do – because You respect your fans. Those of them who are shocked are certainly stupids or lack maturity. So, go ahead … You’re really a Goddess.

  • mariootsa

    it’s official. this girl has run out of any possible redeeming qualities she may have once had.

    please go away now.

  • Pandora

    If hot = trashy, then she’s smokin’. I agree w/ the above who mentioned that she’s not only a hypocrite, but stuck in a time warp. Seems to have an ego the size of Texas, too. Euh!

  • ligaya

    Hey, Carlos. It’s called freedom of speech — not stupid just because you don’t agree with them.

    HOT – NOT. NOT. NOT. Hypocrite – YES. YES. YES.

  • carlos

    Richard Dawkins speaking to the American Humanist Association once said,
    “I think a case can be made that faith is one of the world’s great evils,
    comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate.”.
    Of course you don’t know who he is – well He is a British Scientist who studies genes and
    other important things. As he says for those who have a brain:
    large parts of America, just about 50 percent of the United States of America,
    is intelligent and atheistic.
    …but it’s even sadder if they are actively discouraged from understanding by a systematic attempt in the opposite direction … You see what i mean … i hope so!!!
    If i just knew the Shakespeare’s language as i know portuguese or french i would try to explain that i am not against your feelings about Avril i am against all the people who does not want to think by themselves and just throw away by their mouth ideas that are not their’s. It’s a shame … I will not try to change the world … it’s pointless!!!!

  • eva

    She’s married now, so wants to appear like a grown woman, feminine and sexy. She’s going to fade away unless her marriage ends. If she gets a divorce, she’ll be looking to make a comeback album. I hope the marriage works, but oh, the odds of it… doesn’t look promising. Too young like Reese. By 30 both will be different people.

  • neil

    What a bunch of withered hags here. I know many of you are only saying what your saying because, “it’s fun to be mean!” As sarcasm is the lowest form of humour, this stone throwing is the lowest form of having fun. Avril is a brat. So what. Better a brat than a bitch.

  • femme

    My God …

    This should be a lesson for the rest of the ho’s trying to get nekkid in front of the camera, you ho’s are so thin, you don’t even have titties … f*cking retarded ho’s

  • Chuckles

    She looks like a 13 year-old tranny.
    I love how she keeps claiming to be so mature, but she writes songs that sound like junior high school anthems. She’s a mother @%#ing princess, alright.
    Princess of Poop Pop.

  • Katherin

    No not hot.
    bimbo like everyone else in that buisniss, just like gwen stefani was cool before with no doubt, now like everyone else

  • mr.Fisherman

    hey. The New Britney!!
    Avril, sorry, but you’ve mixed up: pathetic is not the same thing as hot.
    NOT hot at all. just gross. i wonder if she really has megalomania. because it seems so. next days she’ll be saying she’s Jesus Christ!

  • *schexy*

    Isn’t this bitch being a total hypocrite right now?

    She ALWAYS talked down on Christina (and others) doing this type of stuff && now she’s doing the same thing?!?!(only she doesn’t look half as good…far from it)


  • Cyny

    Kellie Says:

    May 16th, 2007 at 1:21 am – flag comment
    Sure, she looks good, but isn’t she the one always picking on other women who do this sort of thing… and now she’s doing it… Hypocrite

    sO RIGHT!

  • anneke

    She’s hot? Like hell she;s not!

  • Disappointed

    She doesn’t need this.
    I love her but I’m very disappointed.

  • codemancanada

    Clearly she is hot attractive whatever
    People who dont think she is are probably just jealous
    But she’s young and in show business
    So what do you expect
    Sex sells
    Common sense people !
    Sum of you people are talking like you used to best best friends
    Get over yourself people

  • maren

    what does a star do if the record just sucks? Get nacked. The next thing will be a sex tape…

  • Hanneke

    It’s funny that most of the negative comments are from girls :) Especially those who says she is too thin and stuff :) I do not like the pictures, but I don’t think she is that ugly. She is just a random girl, like many celebrities.

  • hell noh!!!!

    im an avril fan when shes doing sk8ng, playin guitar, the way she dress,act, sing & everything but now i really dont know if i still adore her or like her or whatever coz shes doing stuff like posing some kinda nude….ya.. ur getting mature but isnt that way….. ur acting like britney!!!!!!……