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Britney Spears: "You Are All in My Prayers"

Britney Spears:

Britney‘s letter to her fans via her official website:

“The reason for this letter is to let everyone know that their prayers have truly helped me. I am so blessed that you care enough about me to be concerned and will continue to live in this brighter state with all of you by my side during this trying time. We are all lights of the world and we all need to continuously inspire others and look to the higher power. You are all in my prayers. Godspeed. Love, Britney

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Credit: Vince Bucci; Photos: Getty
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  • S


  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    I am glad she is doing ok with her life. Hopefully, she will be in great form and her career will start up…She’s learing life the hard way. She’ll be alright…

  • me

    a nice massage!!!
    i realy think she is a nice person!!!!!

    im not a realy big fan (TOXIC WAS COOL) but it breakes my heart how people can hate on one person so mutch!!!!!
    she didnt do nothing bad to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she has problems like any other human!!!!!!!!!!
    i know i have my problems and issues!!!!

    and i bet you people who hate on her so mutch are perfect????????????

    please people stop hating!!!!!!!!!


  • Langtry

    I love it when someone who is dumber than a box of ricks trots out how spiritual they are. This is the random bloviations of a woman who is manic and otherwise non-functional, not some sign of maturity or personal growth!

  • Lolly

    Was that … dumber than a box of tricks, or …dumber than a box of rocks?

  • Silent

    nice wig

  • Oli


  • Jikl

    lol she should go to a church hahahahah stupid britney she sucks!!!!!! I will pray so u die and coyotes eat ur dirty body u bitch!!! m


  • Burpie

    Britney, you’re the one that needs the prayers……………………….I guess some of your fans DO need them also :lol:

  • Goodness

    Nothing says Im praying for you better than a topless pic does..
    I don’t buy it. Never have, never will. Give me some real STARS! I’m tired of this so called one..

  • jab

    Haha, she posts a message about prayers and God over a naked picture of her…Very nice. :P

  • Amy

    I’m laughing out loud at me’s message. I think your exclamation point and question mark keys got stuck. Too funny.

  • b


  • shutup

    @Jikl: I hope the coyotes will eat your washed out brain, although it definitely tastes like nothing.

    Why do people always have to complain about Britney, you guys are probably too stupid or too cowardly to accept your own problems?! It sucks!

  • Goodness

    No britney is the one too cowardly and stupid to accept her own problems. Took her long enough to divorce that nobody. B*itch still doesn’t know anything about rasising kids. Why have em if you can’t raise em? Was it really hard for her to take some training classes? If she accepted her problems she would change her ways but she hasn’t she is still a sk*ank. She acts stupid. So why don’t you shutup, Shutup. She realy is a waste of space and ya go ahead and call me dumb for wasting my time writing about a person I don’t like but at least Im not jaded to believe the crap that comes out of her mouth or what “she” chooses to write on a website. She’s trying to get her fans back and it won’t happen. Her fame is slowly fizzling down.


  • Goodness

    raising* and why does it censor the word c.r.a.p.?

    Anyways we complain about her because we’re sick of seeing and hearing about her!

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    If you think those are Britney’s words you’re fcuking crazier than she is!

    Nice picture: Brit-should`a flashed-a-little-nip fa-ha fans? Lol

  • james

    fuckin hell she’s rediculous, we dont need your prayers britney look after your fucking self, dam ho and to think i used to like that girl

    brit brit ya’lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll xx love it

  • Cynthia

    Go away Shitney already!

  • WTF

    What a stupid w h o r e !!!

  • FellaB

    why y’all hatin on brit. shes effin awesome. i love this fat a**

  • Mondo Bongo

    Yeah right!
    Just the help she needs, a ghost writer, playing the spiritual card.

  • Annely

    she kind of looks like Natalie Portman in that picture

  • battleboe

    Brittney’s a ho, a bad mother, a moron, a bad singer, has bad taste in clothes, men, friends, and most other things said in all the comments here, but I gotta laugh when I see people write that she’s ugly. Anyone who says that is just bein ridiculous. this ho’s is smokin hot and always has been. Hell, even when she was fat she was hot. She’s so hot I’d have sucked her toes even after one of her barefoot bathroom jaunts. Fess up dudes, you know you’d all tap that, and ladies, ya know you all wish you looked like that, (just not as stupid).

  • rrr

    nothing fails like prayer.