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Kelly Clarkson @ Entertainment Weekly

Kelly Clarkson @ Entertainment Weekly

Up close and personal…

Kelly Clarkson reveals all in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly where you can get the scoop on this summer’s biggest album… the one her label didn’t want you to hear.

Watch video behind-the-scenes footage here, where Kelly invites EW into her crashpad, aka her house in Los Angeles.

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  • Tyler

    She is looking GORGEOUS on this cover!!! Can’t wait for her CD!!! SCORE!

  • Congoqueen


  • [Fug Face [You]]

    {Photoshop} But she looks good regardless – as long as the make-up stays on. =]

  • james

    i kinda like her, i loved that since youv’e been gone song of hers, she was kinda fat then and she’s gotten fatter since, girlfriends needs to drop like eighty pounds but i still kinda like her fat ass

  • Ricky

    Actually it cant be photoshopped because if you watch the video thats how she looks. (when they are showing you clips of her at the photo shoot)

  • chelsey

    wow, she looks amazing. cant wait to buy the issue!

  • Lars

    she looks phenomenal!! kelly is gorgeous. no photoshop required.

  • Michelle

    I wish I can go to her house and chill. It souns like its an awsome place. LOL at her crash pad.

  • james

    she’s gunna have to start wearing tents soon if the girl dont quit it with the cakes, but i think she has a good voice xx

  • no

    Now I have seen it all! Kelly looks like a teenager here. I just saw her on TV and she is overweight. Look good at her arms on the cover – No way her arms are that thin.

  • Aubrea

    I love Kelly Clarkson, but on the ACMs last night, homegirl looked like she is built like a linebacker. Perhaps the camera did add 10 pounds and so what, I love her anyways.

  • Adila

    she’s not overwieght.. you can say she’s less thin than the hollywood standard but she’s not overweight.. But I do agree that her arms are not that thin..
    but you can tell by the video that her face is no photoshoped. the longer hais makes her face less round..
    I like her look.. I think she looks good

  • Sarah

    The longer hair really thins out her face and her arms are most likely that skinny from the side ya’ll….come on now….Kelly’s beautiful and it’s nice to find someone out there that my little girl can look up to……..better than Lohan and Britney

  • natalie

    Yes it is photoshopped like crazy but they made Kelly look cute so whatever, haha

  • Me

    they may have airbrushed her skin a little , but yeah, that’s what Kelly looks like with makeup on

    and to the person who said she needed to lose eighty pounds LMAO she would die if she lost that much. Kelly doesn’t need to lose any weight, she is perfectly healthy for her height.

  • ellie

    my my goodness I luv Kelly too, but she is at least 15 to 20 lbs overwt.
    Gee, why make so many excuses ppl? A doc would say she needs to lose some lbs to be at a normal wt. You must stop comparing her to the rest of the population & your chubby teens since most ppl are too fat anyway. Compared to most ppl she could be skinny. But according to med charts, she’s not a normal, healthy wt.

  • Michelle

    ^Ive met Kelly and she aint 15 to 20 lbs over weight. the camera does add 10 pounds. and thats not my excuse though. Im just saying that yeah she might be 5 pounds overweight but not 15 to 20 pounds. she can easily lose that weight on tour.

  • Tucker

    People who are saying its photoshopped dont know what they are talking about. I’ve seen her up close at concerts and she always looks great. ITs just like someone up there said if you watch the clip thats how she looks with great hair and makeup, you cant photoshop video. Well maybe you can I dont know
    But she looks awesome

  • yea yea

    photoshopped. Her face is much wider. Like someone said, no way are her arms that thin. When did you see her in concert? Recently, she’s put on weight, maybe only now starting to lose some.

  • peaches88

    Geez some of you people are blind. Kellys face isnt photoshopped. For once Kelly looks like herself on a magazine cover, Its about damn time. She looks so cute and pretty on the cover. Yes Kelly has put on some weight you can tell by her arms and her face is more fuller than it used to be. Whenever Kelly wants to lose the weight shes gained it will be on her own terms not cause someone is putting pressure on her to do so.

    As for the guy who says Kelly needs to lose 80 pounds youre overexaggerating that. Christ Kelly hasnt gained a huge ton of weight that she needs to lose 80 pounds. People acts like Kelly has gained 50 60 or 70 pounds and she hasnt. Kelly is only human. No one is freaking perfect. Shit everybody gains weight wether they want to admit it or not. Kelly herself says that her weight fluctates, that it be up and down.

  • SAA

    she looks soo hot!! i read the article
    and its simply shockin!!

  • JARED!!!!!!


    haha enjoy

  • http://. max

    Why is it that people can’t get over her weight?!?!?!? Who gives a flying **** how much she does or dosent’ weigh. That is what is wrong with the world today!!!!!

  • SPiiNNEr

    she looks soo freekin hot!!!!

  • oh heres why

    People can’t get over her weight because she’s rich and famous and the American Idol America chose, that’s why. Nobody wants her skinny and sickly like Nicole Richie, but fit and healthy. Be a role model for health. She has the money to hire a personal chef and work out with a trainer. Everybody saying who cares is why the majority of people are going to keep eating to an earlier grave. Start caring at least a little.

  • AP44

    What are ya’ll talking about, she looks awsome! She looks healthy. Most of ya’ll talk lies. This is not photoshopped! I agree that she did look like that in the magazine photo shoot video. Totally with you Sarah! As for most of ya’ll losers, GET A LIFE!!!!

  • reality check

    i wish more than anything everyones picture was next to their comment….would you be as judgemental? she is human, some people are fat and rich while some fat and poor. some people are skinny and rich while the others are poor. does it really make or break your day? holy SH&& the human population is flawed! appreciate all artists talent and find peace within your own life.