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Russell Crowe: Family Fun Day!

Russell Crowe: Family Fun Day!

Russell Crowe celebrates his wife Danielle Spencer‘s 37th birthday on Wednesday with a family birthday lunch at Cafe Twenty One in Sydney with 3-year-old son Charlie.

Second son Tennyson Crowe, 10 months, napped this one out again.

I hope he washes that hometown of Woolloomooloo sweatshirt Russell wears all the time!

More pictures inside of Russell, Danielle and Charlie

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  • dang!

    I’m gonna be mean. Russell Crowe’s son has a melon as big as his!

  • alice in wonderland

    I love his little boy. He looks healthy, carefree and happy.

    Check out Danielle. Gawd, she has kept a nice body after two kids. She’s so lean and looks great.

  • Mmmmm

    She does look great! He could prolly use a bath tho .. ;o)

  • Nnnnnn

    I don’t like Crowe anymore. He’s a bully. As for his wife, her looks are not natural. Just as gross as he is. The son is cute though.

  • aj

    No need to worry Jared, he has tons of those sweatshirts made. LOL. Russell said he always wears the same clothes when he’s out in hopes that the papz might get tired of taking pics of him. But it seems that his plan ain’t working, oh well. He still looks fine to me. Of course the haters will always say all this crap about him and his wife but WTf do they anyway? Them is such a beautiful and normal family! Good on them. BTw, Happy Birthday Danielle!

  • S.

    Now that’s what I call a slightly pregnant man…

  • Roberta

    I don’t like him, Eric Bana is better!

  • cook

    Russ is the real deal….ill tempered and a teddy.

  • Martha

    Don’t let a bagged out hoody fool you. Russell is hot, hot, hot. Nothing is sexier than a loving family man. Ill tempered? Well, not with his family. The trust and love between them is obvious.

    And yeah, to agree with aj… Russell said in an interview that he wears the same old clothes over and over again just to foil the papz and make it seem nothing special if he’s seen out and about. Not that it works. But it’s kind of endearing that he tries.

  • true

    Russell is no bully. If he were a bully, he’d be a terrible husband and father. Definitely not so. He knew Danielle for years and years and she still married him, cuz she got a real man who will protect and care for his family forever.

  • marn

    why is he a bully? because he doesn’t take crap from people who provoke him, get a life!
    He is a brilliant actor thats all he should be judged on

  • Luminella

    I’ve got piccies of him when he was sporting a bigger belly than the one he’s got now! Dani may be a nutrition nut with their kids, but she lets her man go to fat! I AM happy to see that they’ve let poor Charlie out of that stroller for a change! He is a beautiful child! I can’t wait to see more of Tenny!

  • Franny

    Oh my god. She looks like a skank. Unhealthy bleached out hair and a really obvious nose job. What’s with that get up? Is she supposed to be a 37 year old goth? Geez, I can remember when Crowe ince exuded sex appeal. Can’t he get cleaned up and find some suitable role?

    The kid is getting cuter. He was pretty homely for a while there. They better watch him though he looks like he could end up needing those kiddy fat camps.

  • amanda

    Of course RC loves his children and takes good care of them, why shouldn´t he? But the man is born 1964 – 43 years old! He looks about 10 years older. I simply don´t understand what is so sexy with that??? He really should take better care of himself!

  • maxine

    He’s a great actor but his casual clothes leave something to be desired! I can’t stand to see him wear the same sweats over and over again.

  • kokopuff

    What nose job? Look at Charlie’s nose and then his mom’s. Same nose. Are you telling us he inherited his mother’s nose job? Piffle!

  • Oi Vei

    Franny, how would you or your family measure up? This super critical magnifying glass ‘we’ put on Russell and his family or celebrities in general, is unwarrented. How would we all measure up under the same scrutiny. I doubt very well. Until we come out clean from the same scrutiny, it’d be good to remember that Russell or other celebrities are not here to live our idealized version of them, but to live their lives, as well they can, without worrying what we think. I have to applaud Russell for seeming to live his own life fairly well, without regards to us. For me, that is much more appealing.

  • Angelique

    Dear Kokopuff:

    Whether or not you want to believe it, Ms. Spencer’s nose has been surgically altered. The irony is that her orignal nose (see pictures of her in “The Crossing”)was much nicer than this one, which can only be described as unfortunate.

    As to whether this, Mr. Crowe’s weight or son Charlie’s cuteness or lack therof means anything in the scheme of things, I leave to you to decide.

  • bean

    Russell Crowe, Denzel,Clive Owen,Sean Connery these are real men who are movie stars. I love Russell he’s a man who doesn’t take crap, from snot nose big mouths, good for him. Meg Ryan thought she was going to pull him, HAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she totally got used, dumped and then dumped by her husband too. Now Meg’s ex Dennis Quaid is married to a pretty blonde too.