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My Brad! What Strong Arms You Have!

My Brad!  What Strong Arms You Have!

King Pitt cradles both his children — Prince Pax, 3, and Princess Zahara, 2 — simultaneously after picking them up from school at the American Embassy compound on Thursday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Said one paparazzo hoping to catch Brad with Angelina Jolie at Cannes: “We’re hoping at some stage the two of them might turn up together. But they do tend to keep apart if they’ve got different films to publicize, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

20+ pictures inside of Brad, Maddox, Pax and Zee

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01 brad pitt holding pax and zahara
02 brad pitt carrying pax and zahara
02 maddox prague school
03 brad pitt goatee 01
03 brad pitt goatee 02
03 brad pitt goatee 03
03 brad pitt goatee 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 01
brad pitt dropping off kids 02
brad pitt dropping off kids 03
brad pitt dropping off kids 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 05
brad pitt dropping off kids 06
brad pitt dropping off kids 07
brad pitt dropping off kids 08
brad pitt dropping off kids 09
brad pitt dropping off maddox 01
brad pitt dropping off maddox 02
brad pitt dropping off maddox 03
brad pitt dropping off maddox 04

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  • Amaya

    He is one hot papa :) And that shot of him holding both Pax and Zee is definitely going to be in my next video.

  • Dancer

    Great Pics as usual! Thanks so much JJ!!

  • LLM

    Is this the newest thread? I am confursed anyway, thanks JJ.
    Love this family. :-)

  • sandisk

    love this family

    much much love !!!!

  • queeneetha

    Love this family!

  • queeneetha

    we just said it and sent our love around the world…..

  • SimplyMe

    Finally, I am 4th!!!….
    Brad is one strong Dad, no wonder all his kids safe in his arm!

  • briseis

    Boy, Jared, you are so busy today! How many new threads so far? Can’t keep up anymore!

    Anyhoo, love Braddy so much, even more sexy now that he is a father four times over!!!!

  • AMH

    Baz Bamigboye: Why Angelina’s leaving the jollies for later
    by BAZ BAMIGBOYE – More by this author »

    Last updated at 22:48pm on 17th May 2007

    Angelina Jolie has banished any celebratory party for the film about the search for Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal journalist who was kidnapped, and later murdered

    Angelina Jolie has banished any celebratory party for the film about the search for Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal journalist who was kidnapped, and later murdered, in Pakistan five years ago.

    In A Mighty Heart, Angelina portrays Pearl’s widow Mariane, who at the time of his abductionwas pregnant with their son Adam.

    The film’s having its world premiere on Monday night at the Cannes Film Festival and, from what I can gather, director Michael Winterbottom has brought a raw and sensitive touch to the story.

    Angelina saw the film recently and declared that it would be inappropriate to have ‘dancing and singing and carrying on’ after it is shown in Cannes.

    Instead, the cast, which includes British actress Archie Panjabi with Dan Futterman as Daniel Pearl, will have a quiet dinner with Winterbottom, producer Andrew Eaton and Brad Pitt, whose film company backed the picture.

    They will be joined by the real-life Mariane Pearl, who will be travelling from her home in Paris. She has already seen the picture, as have Pearl’s parents in the U.S..

    Mariane and Angelina have become firm friends since Mrs Pearl gave her approval for the Oscar-winning actress to portray her.

    However, I notice there has been a lot of spiteful internet chatter asking why a Caucasian actress was chosen to play a non-fictional woman of Cuban heritage.

    I guess it comes down to a director picking the best actor to do the job, and race shouldn’t come into it – and as I said, Mrs Pearl has no worries about it.

    Still, I’m intrigued it has become the topic of such heated – and sometimes nasty – debate on the web

  • ㅎㅎㅎ

    브래드 멋지다

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Thanks Jared…YAY! more Sexy Papa Pitt and his children..Wonderful..all is well…

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Thanks Jared. I can see you are busy today with all these threads. Still, I won’t complain. Maddox is so cute with his cute smile. I wonder what Zee is saying while pointing to whatever they are looking at. Pax is just taking it all in. Cool.

  • BAMPZS for Ever

    He is in heaven. This is what he wanted for years and thanks to Angie his dream came true. We all enjoy your family and thanks for making us realize that good folks like you really can make a difference and encourage us to do the same.

  • thank you lylian

    lylian Says:

    May 17th, 2007 at 10:24 pm – flag comment
    FOR SARAICITA: thought I’d bring my comments over to the new thread:

    lylian Says:
    May 17th, 2007 at 9:19 pm – flag comment
saraicita Says:
May 17th, 2007 at 12:47 pm – flag comment
    Saraicita, you can google on libel/slander and click on Wikipedia’s explanation. It is actually very very good. It compares UK and US law. However, there is not much mention of Spanish law. Not sure if spanish law is based on the Napoleonic Code or not.

    I’m also a lawyer and I wrote a rather long piece about why paid trolls probably do exist and why the threat of a law suit isn’t gonna be enough to put off publicists and tablies from PAYING trolls to make comments in an old thread.
    Here it is:)
    OK first, I’m here to say, no more responding to the trolls because I’m convinced there are paid trolls here paid either by publicists or tablies. Why??

    I read the “article” from US magazine about the alleged lap dancing Angelina did with an old friend, Olivier and thought of our old friend ‘interesting” (and oxymoronic moniker for her, don’t you think??). My first thoughts were, this poster’s used the words “baby sitting, doing the wrong thing by Brad, etc etc.” Remember those? Then lo and behold, out pops an article on US weakly about exactly this topic using exactly the same words, with exactly the same sentiments. Call me lainey but “Coincidence or conspiracy?? Which is it, you decide”. I’m on the conspiracy side.

    I came to this conclusion after doing some research. I read the comments from 2 sources in an older thread with interest. One from Sheri about how Huvane would not hire people to post on sites because of the legal risks of being sued for slander or libel. Because Sheri works for a large media company, I did pause to rethink my opinion that Huvane pays trolls. The other poster had found information on astroturfing and people that offer services to influence opinions and perceptions on the net.

    Whether these trolls are paid for by Huvane or paid for by these disgusting tablies I don’t know. But I’m absolutely certain there are paid trolls are astroturfing on Just Jared. I don’t think its just the case of the tablies coming to JJ’s boards to get ideas, but its tablies coming to JJ’s boards to seed ideas, to influence opinions and perceptions. And so, I don’t believe interesting was sentient as much as she is a paid troll.

    Sheri, I’d love to hear your comments on what I have to say coz you do work in the media industry and I dont. I have no experience in the laws of slander and libel. However, I think I have enough legal expertise to draw some general conclusions about libel and slander laws in the US and UK.

    It seems the laws of slander and libel in the US requires that the writer not only write what is untrue but must also have done so with Actual Malice. (Wikipedia: This changed with the landmark 1964 case of New York Times v. Sullivan, in which the Supreme Court of the United States announced constitutional restrictions to state defamation law. The court held that where a public official was defamed, the plaintiff had to prove not just that an untruthful statement was made, but also that it was made with “actual malice” – that is, with knowledge of falsity or with reckless disregard for the truth.) Also, OPINIONS can be a defence against an action for libel and slander in the US in certain situations:
    (wikipedia: Finally, the term opinion comes up again in tort law, specifically defamation / libel law, and separates statements into three classes:
-1. statements of opinion or pure opinion (not actionable)
-1. mixed statements of opinion and fact (actionable)
-1. statements of fact (actionable)
In order to win damages in a libel case, the plaintiff must show that the statements were first “statements of fact or mixed statements of opinion and fact” and second that these statements were false. Conversely, typical defenses to libel are that the statements made are opinion or that the statements (if factual) are true. One of the major tests to distinguish whether a statement is fact or opinion is whether the statement can be proven true or false in a court of law. If the statement can be proven true or false, then, on that basis, the case will be heard by a jury to determine whether it is true or false. If the statement can not be proven true or false, the court may dismiss the libel case without it ever going to a jury to find facts in the case.”)

    The problem for someone to prove defamation in the US is very very difficult because they have to prove ACTUAL MALICE as defined above.
    Take the US weakly story about Angelina dancing with Olivier. Angelina probably did dance with Olivier. She probably danced sexily with him and all her friends who were with her that night. Christ, I’m in my 40s and I dance sexily when my friends and I decide to paint the town red with my friends – especially with my friends because I feel safe with them. So, US Weakly would say that as a matter of fact, Angelina did dance with Olivier and there was no falsity or reckless disregard for the truth.

    “Articles” of them breaking up would be based on some photos showing them looking “unhappy” (as opposed to just focused and serious) and having an opinion that they are upset with each other and may be at the verge of breaking up. How can anyone, ever prove that this statement was made by Janice Mean with knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard for the truth? With great difficulty. Meanie would just argue she thought it could be true because after all, this is Hollywood and people break up, often and regularly.

    US weakly’s suggestion that she was flirting with Olivier as she danced with him is an opinion based on facts. But the facts are true and the opinion is arguably, an opinion of how Angelina looked when she was dancing to the unnamed source. Janice Mean knows what she is doing when she edited the ‘article”. She knew that US weakly cant be sued, because she is merely wrote an opinion based on certain facts and writing it down using a certain tone. This is what spin is about. A clever spinner never needs to ACTUALLY LIE to TELL A LIE. He or she merely needs to know what tone to use, what facts to emphasise, what to leave out. So Janice Mean probably conveniently left out some other truths – how long did Angelina dance with Olivier, did she also dance with other people? How many people were there on the dance floor?? And so on.

    UK law however, appears to provide that a person may successfully be sued for libel and slander if the statements he makes are untrue and can cause direct damage to the person – usually of the financial nature (UK and other commonwealth countries do not have punitive or compensatory damages and financial loss must be calculable). (wikipedia: English law allows actions for libel to be brought in the High Court for any published statements which are alleged to defame a named or identifiable individual or individuals in a manner which causes them loss in their trade or profession, or causes a reasonable person to think worse of him, her or them.)
Hence, Reese could sue in the UK, about her being pregnant on the basis that it harmed her career – no one would want to hire her for the next 12 months if she were pregnant. Marc and JLo did the same based on harm to their brand. But Reese would not succeed in the US because the tablie can produce photos of her potbelly and say that that looks like early pregnancy and so, there was no reckless disregard for the truth or knowledge of falsity – even if there was no knowledge of the truth. See what I mean??

    But someone like Alexa Ray (billy joel’s and Christie brinkley’s daughter cannot sue either under the UK law or US law because expressing whether someone is ugly or not, is a matter of pure opinion and though truly offensive, is protected by freedom of speech.
    Now on the matter of paid trolls – whether paid for by the publicist or the tablie.

    Sheri’s point was that Huvane or anyone in the industry wouldn’t hire paid trolls to write lies on the internet is legitimate because of the legal risks. She is correct if a person or tablie hired someone to write LIES. However, what if a paid troll DOESN’T LIE?? I think if a paid troll takes proper precautions, I would say, that the LEGAL risks are negligible for publicist or for a tablie.

    First, how can a paid troll be caught? Who will know whether someone is a paid troll? Not even the owners of the blog. So someone comes repeatedly on line to attack Angelina and praise Jen. She’s just an obsessed fan. So what?? Who is going to trace the IP address of a paid troll if she hasn’t committed a crime?? Sophisticated tracing mechanisms exist, but is used to catch criminals. People who write and spread viruses, Trojan horses. Terrorists etc.. These tracing and surveillance mechanisms are not available to track an astroturfer.
    Second, even if a paid troll is caught, what are her LEGAL risks of being sued for libel or slander?? So long as a paid troll doesn’t LIE, there is, in my humble opinion, little legal risks. The paid troll can agree with another hater’s comment – a genuine hater to inflame the situation. The paid troll can give her opinion about Angelina’s behavior – she is smiling at Wyclef and so, I think she’s disrespectful of Brad who in my opinion is being over shadowed. The paid troll can even say that they believe the tablies and the tablies opinion – Angelina danced with Olivier and she was sexy and in their opinion, flirtatious and there fore cheating (or about to cheat) on Brad who in their opinion is being emasculated because he isn’t with his woman but baby sitting the children, something real men (like KFed, wouldn’t do). So long as they aren’t lying, just commentating on published “information” I don’t believe the legal risks are that great. And a paid troll doesn’t have to lie. They are there to create misinformation, to influence perceptions and opinions. In fact, it is better for a paid troll not to lie but to keep the desired spin going on and on and on. (The best lies are based on truths).

    The greatest risk should a publicist’s or tablies’ astroturfing be leaked out would be that he and his clients or the tablie loses credibility and become the laughing stocks of the media world.
    So, the last few threads posts from a certain person was NO interesting coincidence but an ugly conspiracy. All the more reasons NOT to respond to the trolls at all.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. Zahara is once again in charge. She has a future on the stage. I get a chuckle everytime I see pictures of her. She is too cute. I think BP and Pax will just let Zahara handle the paps. Best wishes to BAMPZS.

  • kmillz

    love them

  • kmillz

    is that a bruise under pax eye?

  • African Girl

    Too cute for words. The man is in heaven.

  • Original Curious

    “What did you do while we were in school today Daddy?” “not much, played with your little sister, you know, stuff” “Notice anything different about me?” LOL

    He sure does have his arms full of love doesn’t he?

    Thank you Jared. You just make my days — and now my nights!

  • angelinammm

    cutness overload

  • Natalie

    Zahara is SO ADORABLE!! aaah!

  • gigi

    I see Pax has a calculator fascination!!! so cute…..Pax is the cool, calm collected child, Zahara is the animated artistic one, Mad seems to be a charismatic, happy go lucky guy and Shiloh is so lucky to just be able to take all this action in by her siblings. Just like her siblings, we will start to see more of her character blossom. Angie and Brad must be in heaven for sure with their bunch!!

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    Princess Zee is letting those paps have it. You go girl!!!

    Pax probably think those paps have lost their minds and Brad is thinking darn can’t they get a life. Mad is doing his thing.

    Jolie-Pitts are living their lives even with all the craziness around them.

  • Alexanderina

    I just love to see this man with his kids, he is such a super daddy. Pax and Zee are so cute and adorable. I just love this family

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures of Hot Daddy Brad with Zee and Pax

  • xena

    No self-esteem issues from this little chica……she definately states her claim!! I think Zahara is going to hold this fort down…..she got locked down!!!

  • ntt

    Pax looks so sweet. I bet his caretakers at the orphanage must miss him, but at the same time feel so happy for him. Hope they have access to JJ to see his pics. Z has such a personality already. What a difference just from a few months ago.

  • Alexanderina

    African Girl Says:

    May 17th, 2007 at 11:09 pm – flag comment
    Too cute for words. The man is in heaven.

    ITAWU AG. He waited for so long to be a daddy, and now he is, and he is loving every minute of it. I am so happy for him; happy for them all.

  • gigi

    Brad and Angie may travel the world, but they sure put in the time when it comes to their kids……day after day, the have dropped and picked up their kids from school themselves. They are showing them that yes we might be in a different sorrounding but some things are not going to change wherever we are…and that folks is the consistency…attentive, available parents.


    sleepy Says:

    May 17th, 2007 at 10:47 pm – flag comment
    I think Brad is trying to somehow steal Johnny depps cool actor vibe . Too bad it aint working on me. JD is the coolest mofo in Hollywood and that aint gonna change anytime soon.


    Bringing over, just to say bullsh*t. LMAO

    Even Depp recently admitted that if it weren’t for those Pirate movies his career would be in the toilet, hell Depp was acting IN movies that PITT WAS PRODUCING, Brad was HIS BOSS! (Hello??!!) Not to insult Johnny, he is cool — but he’s not as cool as Brad.

    When Depp has a repetoire like Brad’s – he might have a chance at coming close, but so far – there’s no cigar.

    I could see Brad playing any of the roles Depp has played from the oldest son in Gilbert Grape, to Edward Scissorhands, to that John Waters movie and even Pirates, quite easily…..

    However, I cannot see Depp playing Brad’s roles…whether it’s Mickey in Snatch, Tyler Durden in Fight Club, J.D. in Thelma & Louise, Richard in Babel, Louis in Interview w/ a Vampire, John Smith in MAMS, or Tristian Ludlow in Legends of the Fall….

    Depp is no ways near as versatile as Brad is.

    Versatility and having the entire complete package, is what makes a ‘cool mofo’ — THAT, and having Angelina Jolie as your baby mama.

  • Alexanderina

    awwww there is a picture of big bro Madd. He is getting so big and what a cutie pie he is

  • lurker opinion

    Maddox smile is great. I’m guessing more paps were outside the embassy that is why Brad picked up the kids.

  • karen

    Zahara is probably saying ….look Dad, the crazies again….why do they keep taking pictures Dad? even to a child, this behavior seems ridiculous!!!


    I just realized this is really Brad’s time to do his bonding with Pax, since he was working on BB and was out of the house during the day, when he came home. :-) Like AJ said in RD, Pax has quite naturally taken to Brad.

  • KrungKrung

    lil Pax is carrying a calculator, that is what he’s carrying for all the time hehe 2 cute, maybe he’ll be a math wizard sumday, aycaramba…

  • KK1

    Brad really really loves these kids. He was definitely stating his truth in his Esquire interview last year when he said that he can’t live without them. Look at Pax held snugly and safely in his daddy’s arm, safe and secure, as Angelina said Brad made everybody feel in RD. Look at Brad’s hands on guiding of Maddox in the door of his school.

    Love is expressed in many ways and Brad is a man in love with his kids who is not afraid to show that love. This man is not leaving his family, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, and Pax anytime soon if ever. Angelina, you done good, you recognized how special this man truly is.

  • Alexanderina

    lurker opinion Says: May 17th, 2007 at 11:25 pm – flag comment

    I agree, Madd has a great smile, I love to see him smiling

  • angelinammm

    gigi Says:
    May 17th, 2007 at 11:15 pm – flag comment

    I see Pax has a calculator fascination!!! so cute…..Pax is the cool, calm collected child, Zahara is the animated artistic one, Mad seems to be a charismatic, happy go lucky guy and Shiloh is so lucky to just be able to take all this action in by her siblings. Just like her siblings, we will start to see more of her character blossom. Angie and Brad must be in heaven for sure with their bunch!!”


  • TBI

    Thank you Lylian, for again bringing that troll theory to another
    thread and boring the s-it out of us again-lol-not!

    Troll Bureau of Investigation

  • Burpie


    Can’t wait for them to show up at Cannes (hopefully together), I miss seeing Angie! What color y’all think she’ll wear? I’m thinking gold, black, or red (no clue why, that’s just what I’m thinking lol).

  • xeus

    The care, concern and constant touching the Brad seems to have with his children has got to make them feel so loved and secure. No matter how many paps chase them, as long as their with the parents holding them and gently calming them down, they will be just fine. These two take to parenting just like anything else they do…..with everything they got!!! no half baked shit for Brad and Angie

  • Burpie
  • Karen

    I’m thinking Angie will wear a dress with light hues….tis the season of air,breezy,simple dresses…..Angie stylist always seems to hook her up with the most appropriate dresses for her public appearances. She will look stunning for sure…especially because of the movie…..she will be thinking about Danny, Marianne, Adam and the message of the movie. A message that is so intune with some of her virtues.

  • shut up


    Shut up

  • KrungKrung

    hehe, pic #3 from the right down, lil Z is so serious pointing at sumbody, she looks furious y’all…..

  • please

    Zee is going to deal with all these tabloid writers when she grows up. I can’t wait!

  • no longer a lurker

    luv these pics as well as from the previous threads. and i’m not yet through reading the posts there. busy, busy aren’t we…

    i luv z pointing as if saying to the papz “back off or you’ll get the h*** from me!” =)

    maybe pax uses the calculator to get a headcount of the papz, probably realized his fingers aren’t enought to count them all. lol

  • angelah

    ah a future acct/engineer jp. Thanks j@red for the additional pictures. LOL @ Z, the lil lady’s expressions are hilarious to watch.

  • Besane

    Beautiful loving pictures… I love the one Z is pointing at the papps LOL!

    BTW I am so amazed what a professional Brad is; he TAKES CARE OF HIMSELF. Gosh. Look at him, at age 43!? I know that’s his job to be fit as an actor, but still… look at his back muscle–no love handle, no extra fat, nice and lean… hubby needs to see this STAT.

  • KrungKrung

    mmk? is it just my computer or it’s jj’s site having problems? i always get a message “internet explorer cannot open the webpage” everytime is go to the next page or submitting my posts, ughhh, it’s really aggreaviating, ne1 here have the same problem as mine?