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My Brad! What Strong Arms You Have!

My Brad!  What Strong Arms You Have!

King Pitt cradles both his children — Prince Pax, 3, and Princess Zahara, 2 — simultaneously after picking them up from school at the American Embassy compound on Thursday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Said one paparazzo hoping to catch Brad with Angelina Jolie at Cannes: “We’re hoping at some stage the two of them might turn up together. But they do tend to keep apart if they’ve got different films to publicize, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

20+ pictures inside of Brad, Maddox, Pax and Zee

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01 brad pitt holding pax and zahara
02 brad pitt carrying pax and zahara
02 maddox prague school
03 brad pitt goatee 01
03 brad pitt goatee 02
03 brad pitt goatee 03
03 brad pitt goatee 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 01
brad pitt dropping off kids 02
brad pitt dropping off kids 03
brad pitt dropping off kids 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 05
brad pitt dropping off kids 06
brad pitt dropping off kids 07
brad pitt dropping off kids 08
brad pitt dropping off kids 09
brad pitt dropping off maddox 01
brad pitt dropping off maddox 02
brad pitt dropping off maddox 03
brad pitt dropping off maddox 04

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  • ????

    why are yo here?
    You don’t like Brad , so you just like to waste your time?
    What a loser

  • be careful

    to all fans-

    We dont want to give mag any ideas.

    Be careful that the mag is NOT picking up the tatoo discussions.

    Dont fall into the TRAP of speculating and START DISCUSSING.

  • right…

    201 – why do you bash people who don’t like them?
    I’m a loser? LOL, cause you know me personally. Right. Me and Brad and AJ and JA

  • lylian

    TBI Says:
    May 18th, 2007 at 2:24 am – flag comment
    How sweet of you, a rotten egg of a post comes along every once and awhile a stink bomb comes along and clears the room,
    Congratulations so for this weekend yours is the winner, hang tight
    it’s early yet!!lol

    Brrrrrrrrrrad!! (i love you)


    lol, you’re fun to tease!!

  • julia

    I’m sorry but there is no way Brad has Laura croft tomb raider on his arm.
    That’s just not him.
    Nobody knows what the tattoo is or the signifigance of it.

    I will never understand why people who can’t stand Brad, hang out all day on his thread.
    I would never even click on a Tom thread, or a Britney thread. They simply don’t interest me in the least.

    Its really odd.

  • anon

    People featured in an architectural drawing to represent scale are drawn that way…LeCorbusier was the French architect that originated the skech person that is affectionately revered in the architectural world.

  • marvel


    then why do you bash this family? you dont know them personally?

  • CMAR

    Listen up, kids………………………..its gonna be a loooooooooooong weekend with looooooooooooooots of FABULOUS pix, news, reviews and threads to look forward to on JJ about our favourite family!
    So gird yourselves for the onslaught of trolls who will be polluting this site. You KNOW they cant help themselves.

    And it has alreay begun.

    But remember………..Never forget…………that after surviving 2005 and 2006, BAMPZS fans can survive ANY attack from the no-lifes who insist on coming here to lay their stinky trails. Remember, we no longer have to prove anything to the assortment of haterz, trolls and other instigators who come here to try to bait us. Life and history have proven to even the blind and deaf, all that BAMPZS fans have been saying about the sexiest most beautiful and most intriguing couple in the world.

    We BAMPZS fans should be pros now at IGNORING those who are not one of us.

  • suspicious package

    As an archeology fanatic, I find it very interesting that Brad has an Otzi tattoo. Otzi is older than the pyramids and was covered in mysterious tattoos. He has revealed more about stone age life in Europe than any other archeological discovery.

    Very good choice.

  • Billy Brad

    OMG I am laughing my ass off at Brad’s lame tattoo. He seems like he’s a 40 something year old desperately trying to come off as cool, LMAo it’s not natural for him. Why doesn’t he try being himself instead of an Angelina jolie rip off or Billy Bob number two.

    ah i think I just figured their relationship out. Angelina was never really over BBT and now she’s turning Brad into her very own BBT clone. Ahahah

  • +++

    Caribbean Jolie-Pitt lover Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 8:05 am – flag comment
    I’ve always been more of an Angie than a Brad fan, I’ve watched everything she’s been in. Brad was always “ok”, though he was hotness personified in Troy. Now that he’s hooked up with Ange his hotness has gone thru the roof for me hehe…nothing like seeing a sexy, caring, loving daddy with his kids.


    Me too ! Actually I was more familiar with Brad than Angie before, but after this so called “triangle” started, I start reading and do some research on Angie past interivews, can’t help it, start loving and appreciate this woman, She’s so real, down to earth, compasionate, intelligent, woman with depth not shallow like most HW actresses. while my impression on Brad before was the Ken doll in HW, rich and good looking couple just like the Beckman, rich and famous but shallow nothing interesting. not until he hook up with Angie. that I did pay some special interest on him, I did have some doubt in the beginning of their relations, doubt of Brad’s sincerity in this relations bcos of his previous life with his X was so shallow and vain. but after this 2 yrs, I don’t know if it’s the real Brad or new Brad, but anyway, he seems to be really enjoying his role as Dad and as Angie ‘s partner for life. He’s really lucky to have Angie. ! I hope he realize that.

  • P. the P.

    Why would he tatoo an iceman? Because he is an idiot?

  • GrassHopper

    to GrassHopper Says:

    Never saw Babel either. I am cheaped based on what again? I am sorry, my fault I forgot you were an idiot!

  • +++

    GrassHopper Says
    I’m sure Angelina doesn’t care whether you’ll be watching her movie or not.

  • Billy Brad

    he is such a wannabe.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    I submitted these comments on the Cannes thread, but they didn’t post. I just wanted to point out a couple of pictures on that thread that I thought were so wonderful. Gawd these newest pictures are so priceless. Looking at these pictures one would have to be truly stupid not to see the joy in these little people. Pax has lot fewer worry lines in his little face. But it is that little firecracker Z that I am totally enjoying. All of the pictures are great, but look at #19 where she is facing Pax. The look on her little face. I bet you she is telling Pax, “Don’t worry if those Papzs bother us my daddy will punch them in the nose, and I will also.” Notice her little fist is in a ball ready to help where needed. Two other favorites are #10 and 13. She is such a spunky little firecracker who has come such a long way. Someone posted some pictures of her early days. Look at the changes and you have to like if you don’t love the Jolie/Pitts. No one has said that they were perfect, but they are good people trying to do good things and Z is a living example of that goodness.

  • julia

    ok I get it now people who claim to not like Brad. Are actually completely obsessed with Him.

    how the hell is Brad a wannabe. He has everything in the world.
    Billy Bob not so much.

  • Tabitha

    Please ignore the troublemakers. They had nothing to this thread.

  • truth

    Do you ever wonder why everyday some people are stationed here to make negative comments? They are stirring up the next conversation for a tabloid report? Jolie Pitts are in Cannes soon, keep the conversation positive along that line. Speculations about what we do not know is not important. These people’s career and humanitarian work should be promoted now. I’m sure that’s what the fans should focus on.

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Sorry. The pictures I am referring are not on the Cannes thread. They are on the Brad, Pax, and Z thread. Numbers 10, 13, and 19. I realize we have ventured beyond those, but for those who haven’t they are worth a look. Z is a spunky little firecracker. Peace. :):):)

  • Cannes

    When exactly a mighty heart premier in Cannes, 20 or 21 of May, 2007?
    I can’t wait to see Jolie-Pitt and MP.

  • GrassHopper

    +++ Says:

    Or that you stalk her like a nutcase LOL!

  • Billy Brad

    He’s a wannabe BBT because Angelina still LOVES BBT.


  • ok

    Billy Brad Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 12:25 pm – flag comment
    He’s a wannabe BBT because Angelina still LOVES BBT.


    than why isn’t she with him?
    duh !

  • tsk tsk tsk

    ok Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 12:29 pm – flag comment
    Billy Brad Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 12:25 pm – flag comment
    He’s a wannabe BBT because Angelina still LOVES BBT.


    than why isn’t she with him?
    duh !
    Thank you! Thank you! As if Angelina would help left BBT if she still loved him! Angelina is the kind of woman who sticks with the guy she is with if the relationship is working, but if not, especially to the detriment of her children, she will leave. She is a very independent woman.

  • ok
  • ok
  • Cannes

    Can people answer to my question, i/o engaging with the trolls????? :-)

    JP and MP will be in Cannes 20 or 21 may 2007 pls??? I hv googled it but still confused.

  • G


  • Billy Brad

    Obviously Angelina doesn’t just go for the looks in a person. ahaha
    Brad is even getting super skinny just like BBT.

  • Fans

    Stop responding to the trolls. You need not answer their questions nor do you need to ask them why they are here. We all know why they are here. Let them talk to themselves. Maybe there is only one making a conversation with himself
    just to pollute this thread. Let us enjoy these pictures of the children and their loving father..BRAD. A few more years and we will have Zahara fighting the paps and the haters on this thread.

  • Juno

    Amazing how we have lots of idiotic trolls here – who think they can persuade or change the minds of the BAMPZS fans. :D
    #142 Cash my A S S, you are barking on the wrong tree, loser!!!

    Hubby and I don’t go see much movies, but since he’s into this 9/11/political stuff, we’ll be definitely seeing AMH!!!

  • julia

    well Brad is Beautiful so clearly she does care.
    HE is the FATHER of Her Children NOT BBT. She DID NOT have BBT’s babies did she?
    Angelina is NEVER where She does not want to be.
    Brad is a Prince. He could have any girl He wants, He wanted Angelina and She obviously wanted Brad, they are a family and you are a troll.
    You clearly are obsessed with Brad.

  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Guys, remember this:

    a troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory or otherwise inflammatory messages about sensitive topics in an established online community such as an online discussion forum to bait users into responding., where mischief is caused in order to ensure chaos is spread

  • The real lou

    People stop engaging the trolls!I just find it funny that certain people have this “white bread” image of Brad.Not me,I AWAYS knew the man had some freak in him(and I mean in a good way:lol:)Look certain movies roles and don’t get me started on the photos he has taken in the past.Brad is very sexual and a bit of a rebel.Notice how his sleeve is pulled up on the arm with the tat as if to say”yeah I got a new tat,F*ck you.”The man isn’t hiding it!

  • To Billy Brad

    Angelina is with the man she wants to be with, and that man is Brad Pitt. She knows who she wants, and she has let the world know that BRAD PITT IS THE MAN SHE LOVES.

    Your obsession with BBT is interesting, and you should persue it instead of wasting your time here. He’s now in his mid to late 50′s so he won’t be able to run as fast he once could when you try to lasso him and tie him up. Good luck!

  • julia

    Your obsession with BBT is interesting, and you should persue it instead of wasting your time here. He’s now in his mid to late 50’s so he won’t be able to run as fast he once could when you try to lasso him and tie him up. Good luck!


    lol, that is very funny.. I like that image.

  • marvel

    ********new thread *********

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    Thank you for that wonderful, informative article. It is interesting to know what’s their opinions from these people that involves in a project or film making.

  • Rubi


  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Father of the Millinium. Period.

    Plus if you are going to be a Dad: YOU MUST look this hot. Should be a rule.

    Zahara is a doll. Her eyes are like marbles. What a beautiful child. Future Iman, no doubt.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Question regarding the kids’ school: I have always wondered the process of schooling for kids like Madonna’s brood and the Jolie-Pitts.

    The kids attend international schools while parents are working. Do they have tutors during non-shooting times? How long do they attend these schools for?

    It is quite a sophisticated and worldy way of living. I kndw a girl who I went to private school with whose father was a Diplomat and she attended all these great schools throughout the world. I never understood since I was only 8 or 9 how this was done.

    She was the daughter of an African UN representative.

  • maybel

    someone points out that The Saint is a raging hypocrite (and a liar : :i got knocked up changed to Shiloh was planned!?1 wtf?), and the Loonies get all riled up.

    Loons, face it, the Saint, is no saint at all. She is freaking homewrecker (Billy bob and Laura Dern, Jen and Brad, almost with Kylie and Olivier). She is sick in the head. You’ll see. SOmeday.

  • jess

    When I took a closer look at the photos of Brad and Maddox It seems that Maddox is holding two paper aeroplanes and Brad is holding a drawing of two aeroplanes and one or two helicopters. He obviously thinks his parents are pretty cool.

    Ange and Brad are hot and their family are sooo cute. Love them! and I love all the hatters too. your so crazy it makes me laugh. pure entertainment.

  • angelah

    I’m a fan but have never put them in the saints category; you and so many naysayers are the only ones that keep portraying them as saints!!! I’ll pray that someday you and many haterz will get to finally see the light, maybel.

    [Oh yea, get your facts straight next time, meaning not from trashbloids, k?]

  • alero


    Thanks I missed the airplanes Maddox was holding. Also it does look like planes are drawn on the paper Brad has. How sweet and cut Maddox is.

  • Bystander

    GrassHopper Says:

    Reason you dont see her in bikini’s it because she does not have a body to fill a bikini she makes those lists because of her sexual nature duh!

    duhh you don’t have to done a bikini to be the “most sexy” only cheap actress like X would do that and still would not be considered sexy ..double duhhhh you really got a pea brain like the grasshopper.

  • Bystander

    Mmmmm Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 10:34 am – flag comment
    GrassHopper Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 10:25 am – flag comment

    bwahahhahaha jealous bitches ..hate all you can everyday 24/7 hope you’ll feel mesirable all your life… i hope you’ll never get over your hatred and you two will end up bitter old HAGS with nobody to love you.