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My Brad! What Strong Arms You Have!

My Brad!  What Strong Arms You Have!

King Pitt cradles both his children — Prince Pax, 3, and Princess Zahara, 2 — simultaneously after picking them up from school at the American Embassy compound on Thursday in Prague, Czech Republic.

Said one paparazzo hoping to catch Brad with Angelina Jolie at Cannes: “We’re hoping at some stage the two of them might turn up together. But they do tend to keep apart if they’ve got different films to publicize, so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

20+ pictures inside of Brad, Maddox, Pax and Zee

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01 brad pitt holding pax and zahara
02 brad pitt carrying pax and zahara
02 maddox prague school
03 brad pitt goatee 01
03 brad pitt goatee 02
03 brad pitt goatee 03
03 brad pitt goatee 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 01
brad pitt dropping off kids 02
brad pitt dropping off kids 03
brad pitt dropping off kids 04
brad pitt dropping off kids 05
brad pitt dropping off kids 06
brad pitt dropping off kids 07
brad pitt dropping off kids 08
brad pitt dropping off kids 09
brad pitt dropping off maddox 01
brad pitt dropping off maddox 02
brad pitt dropping off maddox 03
brad pitt dropping off maddox 04

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263 Responses to “My Brad! What Strong Arms You Have!”

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  1. 126
    Missouri Fan Says:

    GOOD MORNING /AFTERNOON BAMPZS fans around the world!!

    So cute to see Brad carries his children.

    Brad with his youngest child —>>>

    Please do not forget to vote for Brad in the Hello poll! Thank you!!

  2. 127
    to: Caribbean Jolie-Pitt lover Says:

    sam Says:

    May 17th, 2007 at 9:41 am – flag comment

    someone posted these on another thread. Looks like its from the same day around summer 2004.

  3. 128
    VH1 Says:

    its great that marianne pearl will be at the premeire on monday-the emotions that she will be feeling is probably hard to comprehend-brad finally is going to see his hard work to get this movie made come to fruition-its great that with angie starring in it that all three of them-brad,angie, and marrianne,will share something that has to be undescriable-its amazing the bond that a movie can have on indivuals-love to all

  4. 129
    konnitiwa Says:

    Wanted goes to Russia.
    Universal is targeting Russian market.

    CANNES, France (Hollywood Reporter) – Universal Pictures has named 20th Century Fox International executive Christian Grass president of the studio’s new production arm at Universal Pictures International.
    The move, which takes effect in October, punctuates Universal’s efforts to beef up its overseas presence.

    The studio also has inked a deal with Russian filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov and his Moscow-based production and visual effects company, Bazelevs Prods., to produce and direct Russian- and English-language films for the local and global marketplace. Bekmambetov most recently directed the fantasy action series and Russian boxoffice smashes “Night Watch” and “Day Watch.”

    The deal marks Universal’s second local production pact, after its agreement with Fernando Meirelles and his 02 Filmes to develop and produce local Brazilian and Latin American films.

    Universal and Bekmambetov also have created a Moscow-based theatrical marketing and releasing label, Bekmambetov Pictures, to handle the Russian marketing of the films covered by the deal. The first release under the new partnership will be the Bekmambetov-helmed action film “Wanted,” which stars James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. Other projects include Shane Acker’s animated film “9″ and an untitled 3-D animated ballet feature.

  5. 130
    Beeloved Says:

    G’am MF :) and BAMPZS all over the world :) :)

    It’s 9p.m at night here in Singapore. And i am off course at the voting centre ensuring we are maintaining our lead. :lol:

    Brad is one super daddy. :) to all his 4 kidos :)
    Angie is one lucky woman!! :)

    Angie is one beautiful woman with substance. A mom who love her kids and many more……. :)
    Brad is one lucky guy!! :)

  6. 131
    Besane Says:

    Caribbean Jolie-Pitt lover Says:

    I agree: Angie’s “sexiness” comes from within, it’s in her mind. She isn’t inhibited, and her mind is very free. You can see her expression and when she wants to turn on the charm, there isn’t much you can do LOL :) She doesn’t have to walk around everyday exibiting her nipples poking through her blouse bra-less like Miss ORANGE. That kind of sexiness is anonymous–the face attached to the poking-out nipples can be anybody, totally replaceable. Not Angie–there is one and only.

  7. 132
    Grace Says:

    Happy Friday all BAMPZS fans!!! I hope everyone has a great day as we head to the weekend. Thanks for keeping the post going JJ!!! Love this family! :)

  8. 133
    VH1 Says:


  9. 134
    what is PAYED TROLL Says:

    132 is showing a typical pattern of PAYED TROLL.

  10. 135
    VH1 Says:


  11. 136
    VH1 Says:


  12. 137
    VH1 Says:


  13. 138
    ? Says:

    anyone know when the Darfur party is in cannes?

  14. 139
    captd Says:

    To Cliniqua etal Give it a rest. If you are such Aniston fans. Stay off this site. We love Angie and your negative comments are just taking up space. Do you see us on the Aniston web site. NO!!!! Brad and Angie and their famile are trying to make it in work. They are doing a great job of ignoring people like you and the negative rags. Go Brad and Angie and all of us fans.

  15. 140
    julia Says:

    this is going to be a great weekend with premieres and pics and all from Cannes.
    I can’t wait..
    Viva La Jolie-Pitts..

    anyone know where think positive is? :(
    Hope she is back this weekend.

  16. 141
    dragonfly Says:

    Just saw the commercial for Angie’s interview with Anne Curry next Wednesday. So looking forward to it!

    But before that, of course will be Cannes. It sounds like AMH will be a low key affair at Cannes, and Angie and Brad won’t glam it up there. If this report about there only being a quiet dinner afterwards is true, I agree that is appropriate. It would be unseemly for them to be all cheesy grins and google-eyed love on that red carpet, so I completely respect that if that’s what they wind up doing.

    However, at the O13 gig, I want glam (with a touch of sparkle), google-eyes AND cheesy grins! haha!!

    The picture above with Brad holding Pax and Z reminds me of Angie’s words in the RD interview “everyone feels safe in his arms”. Sweet, sweet Braddy!

  17. 142
    Cash Says:

    I think people should boycott ‘A Mighty Heart’ – aside from reports that Jolie absolutely sucks both acting and trying to play a biracial woman, Jolie does not hold a candle to Marianne Pearl. Jolie would be better suited to play the role of Paris Hilton!! The similarities between Hilton and Jolie are remarkable, they do everything they can to bring attention to themselves and are famous because of this. (That’s also why Jolie would never break up with Pitt, she’s in her glory with all the attention she so craves..)

    I also don’t like Jolie in general, she seems to contradict herself a lot and show up in 3rd world countries when she’s trying to improve her public image. She appears to be very fake and contrived and that seems strange for such a wealthy person.

    Please boycott everything associated with Angelina Jolie. ** John’s campaign tanked because ” upper class” woman deplore Jolie and think she is “trashy”

    A Mighty Heart will most definatley tank as well.

  18. 143
    Dean Says:

    to #132- why do you change screen names all the time?

  19. 144
    oceans 13 Says:

    May 22 : Cannes Film Festival Darfur fundraiser Ocean’s Thirteen fundraiser. Launch party for Not On Our Watch.

    May 24 : Cannes Film Festival World Premiere Ocean’s Thirteen will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival where it will screen out of competition. “11.00-19.30″ in Grand Theatre Lumiere, by invitation.

    Jun 5 : Hand & footprint ceremony for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Jerry Weintraub. 11:30 am in forecourt of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Footage of the event will be made available via a satellite feed.

    Jun 5 : U.S. Premiere 7pm at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A. After party in the parking lot of the El Captain Theatre.

    Jun 6 : Las Vegas charity screening 7pm at the Brenden theaters in the Palms Casino. Opens CineVegas.

    Jun 7 : Chicago charity screening Charity event raising money for International Rescue Committee. The evening will include a screening of the movie, shown at the AMC River East 21 multiplex, followed by a star-studded after-party at the new Room 21 restaurant and nightclub, set to open at 2100 S. Wabash. Full details.

    There you go.

  20. 145
    Dean Says:

    #142 Cash says:
    Wow, when your argument is so factual and eloquent, how can we not join in your boycott??? Where do we sign up???

    “”I also don’t like Jolie in general, she seems to contradict herself a lot and show up in 3rd world countries when she’s trying to improve her public image. She appears to be very fake and contrived and that seems strange for such a wealthy person.”"

    Can you please give some proof of these statements??? You seem to be really reaching with these comments. In case you are THAT stupid, I was being facetious about joining your hate campaign.

  21. 146
    org Ruth Says:

    dragonfly Says:
    The picture above with Brad holding Pax and Z reminds me of Angie’s words in the RD interview “everyone feels safe in his arms”. Sweet, sweet Braddy!
    dragonfly ,I was thinking the same thing. Soooo sweet.

  22. 147
    cash=troll Says:

    Why they picked her out of the rest;

    “Angelina Jolie embodies so many qualities of what St. John represents. She is strong, independent and dynamic. She’s a mother, actress and a philanthropist,” Richard Cohen, chief executive officer of St. John, said in a statement.

    And its paid off for them.
    It was just announced that Angelina Jolie, St. John’s current spokesmodel, will again appear in the Fall/Winter 2007 St. John Knits ad campaign, which will be photographed soon.

    Said creative consultant and former creative director Kelly Gray, “You know I can’t give you the shoot dates but she is definitely a part of that creative team and I’m proud to be a part of it.””

    Said St. John chairman Jim Kelley, “We lost our way for a while with the product. We’ve got the business back on track. Things are proceeding really well.”

    Angelina helped rejuvenate the dying St. John label, which is now worth over $400 million.

  23. 148
    PEOPLE! Says:


    We have a lot to discuss, Cannes is in 2 days, plus new more interviews and more, so PLEASE take the high road.

  24. 149
    ? Says:

    no premieres this weekend? I think the first one in on monday with a mighty heart right?

  25. 150
    right... Says:

    he’s in heaven? do you know this personally? when you die will BP and AJ open the pearly gates?you guys are hilarious.

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