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Jennifer Garner: Talk Show Host in Training

Jennifer Garner: Talk Show Host in Training

Jennifer Garner (Prada top, PINE IV jeans, Valentino bag) flashes a big ol’ smile for photographers on Wednesday as she drove home after shopping at the “Foot Candy” shoe store and lunching with a friend in Brentwood, Calif.

She and former (failed?) So You Think You Can Dance host Lauren Sanchez-Whitesell are in talks to start a new talk show for mothers, People reported earlier this week.

“It’s really [Jennifer's] show and I’m the host,” said Sanchez, whose husband, agent Patrick Whitesell, represents Jen‘s hubby Ben Affleck.

“We’re pitching it next week to a network. I call Jen the Barbara Walters of the show. She will come on periodically. We haven’t quite settled exactly [how often], but she’s the executive producer.

“We’ll talk about how to get your kids to sleep, or how do you choose the right school, or how to keep your marriage together after having kids. Jen might talk about how you keep a marriage together when you’re in the spotlight with a child. She’s photographed picking up trash in her front yard, she’s photographed doing everything.”

Will you watch Jen‘s talk show for mothers?

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  • Ann

    I’m a mother and the answer is no. Sounds boring.

  • jena

    Now we know the reason for all those “candid” playing in the park pics.

  • Angela

    I dont think so, just because she had a baby doesnt mean se an expert, theres a lot of other shows I would rather, but I dont think Jens on the list

  • Sophie

    No. According to her statements I get that her child is already very very spoilt. Parents should consider talking to experts about their children not television *sigh* Especially somone who has just had (their first!) child.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    That forehead is crazy!

  • Mmmmm

    I am sure there will be expert advice and no just from Jen. I bet if Angie had a show everyone would watch and claim she knew what she was doing? Unreal …

  • yo jared!
  • buggey

    Heck no. She’s been the in the magazines a LOT LATELY with hubby and Violet. PP.
    Ben does the same thing as Brad, but Brad is called a househusband. When Jennifer works, Bens takes care the child. When Brad does it too, haters say Angelina is not a good mom because she is working on a movie. Jennifer works too., and Ben stays at home. Double Standards. One child and she’s an expert. ok


    Jen might talk about how you keep a marriage together when you’re in the spotlight with a child. She’s photographed picking up trash in her front yard, she’s photographed doing everything.”

    …and now we know why. lololol

    Er, but no.

  • Langtry

    Good heavens: If you read the “InStyle” cover story, it seems Jennifer and her Mom think she and Ben Affleck invented parenthood. Combine it with this silliness and you have Hollywood at its most narcissistic.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Oh boy ~ One of the loonies escaped from the psychiatric ward again, get the straightjacket.

  • buggey

    # 9 CLINIQUA
    I know you would know this, because ” YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF” . Wasn’t Garner only married for a very short time?
    And, didn’t she cheat on husband with co-star? Or maybe engaged and broke it off?

  • buggey


    Please answer this, because I know you know. Wasn’t Garner only married for a very short time? And didn’t she cheat on her husband with a co-star, or she was engaged and broke it off?

  • lora

    [Fug Face [You]] Says:
    May 17th, 2007 at 4:17 pm – flag comment

    Oh boy ~ One of the loonies escaped from the psychiatric ward again, get the straightjacket.


    Want me to hide you, Fug? I know how you hate those jackets.

  • leni

    well her movie career isnt going so well… got to try something else

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    lora – Who are you? – First day? – Unknown.

  • Amy

    Wow, I think she’s cute and she looks like she’s a good mom. You can tell by the way she and her little girl interact in the pictures that the paparazzi are constantly taking of them. Why would you think those photos are staged any more than the pictures of Brad or Angelina with their kids are? Jen G. and Ben seem more normal than most of the Hollywood parents out there. Living your life and being out doing normal things doesn’t necessarily mean you are trying to get attention or publicity. Unfortunately, they probably can’t separate having a normal life from being hounded by photographers. I think it would suck to have to live like that.

    However, the show DOES sound like it would be boring. Too bad. I think any of us would be lucky to find a way to work doing something we believe in (she obviously tries to be a good mom) AND raise our kids at the same time.

  • La

    Sure I will watch it. I’m sure she will have doctors come on to give the advice. It would be fun to have a show for mothers. Yea she probably is doing it for her career since she hasn’t had tons of movie luck lately. If it turns out to be dumb then I will stop. Don’t have time to watch tv every day though, too busy. Would watch it too if Angelina did it. Angelina is totally cool. I like Jen also though.

  • Back to tv.JEN

    I THINK Not! What could the QUEEN Mommy Garner who says her child is a genius teach our normal kids?JENNIFER just doesnt appeal to me.I remember when she did Martha Stewart and Martha was very short tempered with her aN seemed annoyed with her too,it seemed a forced niceness towards it if it ever shows on reruns.IMO that is.I understand now.

  • JENNonTV is just as boring

    PHotos are staged,she may be a ok mom but shes no better than AJ or Gwen S. or any other non celeb mom,shes all fluff and no substance and she probably will produce a boring show becuz her movies are boring, Im falling to sleep now typing about her shes so artificial.zzzzzzz…zzz….

  • mimi

    I wonder what she has to say. I’ved watched her interviewed by Oprah and she’s quite dumb.

  • lula29

    God no. I can barely bare the photos with her and her daughter already.

    Her movie career is crap and so now she’s going back to old faithful, TV.

    She’s not that great of a mom, she’s s a smother, not a mother. She only has one infant too and honestly, this is the easy part. She needs to really raise a kid before she starts passing out advice. Also, I don’t like baby obsession. Kids grow up. Focusing way too much attention on their infant stage doesn’t make a person a good parent. There are many, many stages to go through yet that are equally important.

    Jennifer Garner bugs me. The only reason why she’s so famous is because she married Affleck and women think she saved him from “J.Lo”. I’m over her.

  • Lillian

    No way would I watch a “mommy” show, especially one executive produced by Jennifer Garner. Jennifer needs to get a life and quit acting like she’s an expert on mommyhood and child rearing after having just one child. She has lots of free time on her hands these days and her lifestyle is in no way similar to the lifestyle of 8-5 working moms who do not have the benefit of milions in their bank accounts and a 24/7 on-call nanny. She might do well in working with charities or other causes that really need help instead of trying to cram her addiction to mommyhood down the throats of non-celebrity moms. And just who would care to see segments of how an in-the-spot-light “celebrity” mom holds their marriage together. Puleeze, get real!!

  • rosa

    Jennifer Garner always looks so happy it’s almost nauseating. I’m glad she’s not hosting because she talks so positive about her man, baby and everything in her life, she’s not believable.

  • Rae

    Buggey, I’ll answer your question to Cliniqua:

    Garner was married to Foley for almost two years after having dated and living with him about two years. She did not cheat on Foley with her co-star. Her marriage started falling apart right after filming Daredevil with Ben Affleck…that should tell you something. In addition, her relationship with her co-star ended about the same time that Affleck filmed his cameo for her movie, Elektra. And that, Buggey, should tell you plenty.

  • lula29

    She’s so in love with Ben Affleck it wouldn’t matter if it were true or not. She’s in love enough for the both of them. The sad thing is I don’t see the same being paid to her.

    She is nauseating.

  • Ben NoT Into Jen

    IMO Ben doesnt seem to be so into Garner.And she almost always has her GENIUS with her, and when you see all 3 of them, he seems as if his mind is somewhere else, where as shes always got ‘A GREAT, LARGE, HUGE, GIAGANTIC SMILE on her face or shes LAUGHING as if saying look at me me me and genius and me, me an genius ,,,.Her imaginary perception of herself and how she thinks she fooling the public is just that,its imaginary Jen.Gee shes so UNhappy!




    You’re all so mean about Jen

  • MizLiz

    Ben HATES and LOATHES the paparazzi, and who could blame him? I’m sure that’s why he always has a sour look on his face. You can just imagine the hordes of camera-toting idiots jostling each other, shoving, getting too close, and asking really dumb intrusive questions. My God, how can he not be pissed?

  • Perfect MOM dont think so

    Jennifer why would she go back to tv?Shes a movie star,right?.exactly shes not, so tv it is.Right up her alley ‘A Moms Show’ for the>Im The Perfect Mother’ routine..grrrr..she needs to quit.Shes got nannies,but not when the cameras around then its Jen in all her perfect mother glory posing for the camera.Ben may hate the paps but they dont seem like a ‘in love’ couple no chemistry it seems more like a ‘his buddy type of love’,.Ive seen Ben in the past and he shows pda sometimes but not so much with Jen.Mistake,, please dont force your Perfect Mommy garbage on us,youre no Doris Day…..oh and Ben could have had a better lookin woman.

  • knothead

    Get a grip people. If you will read it says that someone else is the host and that Jen will come on periodically. I bet any of you who have only one child still dishes to mommies-2-b on what there child will do at what age. I think its a great idea to have Jen as a sometimes visiting host because personally I dont care what kind of degree you have….. if you seem to work more on that degree than interact with your child (like Jen) then that does not make you an expert. Personally I think a talk show for moms is an awesome idea and they should have call ins and also have moms visit the show with there tips and ideas that work with there children.

  • Anna

    I’ll get my child rearing tips from my trusted pediatrician, thank you very much. Just because “moms” give tips on what they’ve done regarding their child doesn’t mean it’s going to work on other children. All children are different and don’t always respond to what might work with another. I certainly would never watch a talk show produced by a one-time mother whose child is less than two years old. Her influence would dictate the show and just because you see her out and about all smiley and such on a daily basis with child certainly does not mean her mothering skills are A+. Plus, she’s indicated in an interview that it’s difficult for her to not buy and give to her child, i.e., toys, etc., which leads to a spoiled and demanding child.

  • Wake up

    Anna Says:

    Same goes for peds too, most peds are not even parents so how can they be experts? I bet you probably vacinate your child because the doctors tell you too? The concept is great, every bit, tip and idea helps when raising kids, like anything else what you choose to apply to your kids is up to you, not Jen is holding a gun to you to do what she is .. duh!

  • Anna

    Wake up, my ped is a woman with four kids. Yep, I would say she is pretty much an expert. And just so you know, my ped only vaccinates when it is needed, not just because the vaccination is a wise idea. But do go ahead and trust that Ms. Garner knows all about child rearing….duh!!!!!!

  • review

    Ben was really taken with JLo. In the beginning, I saw more excitement in him with JLo than anybody else, but it turned out to be an example of hot love burning out quickly because of different goals, personality clashes and maybe culture. Ben knows that Jen is deeply in love with him and that she’s pro Ben Affleck. She’s the most positive person he could have met, especially after his problems with alcohol. She’ll hold him up and be supportive. He knows he married a good woman for him, but is he good for her? Only time will tell. It’s good they married in their 30s. Better chance. However, I almost see him on good behavior until another hottie comes along and he gets swept away by emotion and passion. He seems like he is easily bored.

  • Longtime Fan/Lurker

    Come on people…this was years ago…Both JLo and Ben have moved on. Jen G. is nice and down to earth. Leave her alone.

  • Not A True Mom Ask Nanny

    They will divorce in two years and I could care less about Jell-o, Mommy of the Year give me a break,,in a few years baby calculas will be saying Mommy Dearest.PlainJen will never be a movie star,her tv acting was sour,she has to get someone else to host becuz shes to Big of a Star to host TV,,HAHAHA anit that a joke, she was a soaps actress first or something I think?I think shes a stage mom and a very phony one at that,,the belly again ewewew,No keep your child nanny rearing advice to yourself and your Hollywood crowd PlainelyJen.So Not Interested.


    I love how people think that because you don’t like Jennifer Garner and think Ben Affleck could have done better (in the looks department especially) you want him back with J.Lo. Oh no, it’s not about J.Lo so stop bringing her up.

    Garner is a famewhore. She’s undercover. Affleck is too, but he got burnt so he’s licking his wounds. I think he wants to be known more for talent and that’s why he hates the paps. Hopefully for him he will sharpen his acting and producing chops. I like Affleck I feel he has it in him, but make no mistake, he wants to be famous. He likes it, he just wants to be famous for his talent now adays.

    Garner has no talent and has to settle for being famous by association. She is branding herself as “Mother of the Year” and I’m not buying it. I don’t want to see this show, I don’t care if she’s not going to be on it all the time, it will still just be a show with mothers who act just like her on air, so same difference.

    Also, why would anyone want to be with someone who didn’t love them back equally. I’m sorry, so what he needs someone to “build him back up”, that will be just it. He might appreciate it in the end, but once he’s back on top, he’s going to want some fire again. Hopefully he’ll be man enough to stand the fire next time, because he would have been better off with standing criticism of his personal choice and forcing the world to see him as talented, kind of like Brad Pitt has done. Tons of women still hate him for dumping Aniston, but he’s a man ‘cuz he don’t give a good God damn and will force people to respect his abilities. Affleck is kinda weak IMHO.

  • Anu

    hell no.

  • watch her are you kiddin?

    I cant stand that fake media mother!Ben doesnt look good as a couple with her.JG face is to bland.NO NO NO never will I watch any show with her name near it.Im not trying to sound unkind but her over bite teeth and ears are a bother to me, the teeth need braces so to put them back in her mouth.I agree Bens a coward shes draggin him down,fake fake fake photos of her bein a perfect mommy,shes a stinker,faker,her new show will stink to.

  • NO!



    Whats to do about the JLO comment dont know alot bout it but Garner is talentless and fug. Ben A. dont get what he sees in her, ive seen her and shes so ordinary to ordinary, ive always seen him bein with a babe with style not this broken down suburban i give up the way i look Garner.the mom thing has gotten old.she needs to get a make over and get over herself.Ben leave before she sucks the talent out of have her baby on that show, watch so we can all drool and sigh and be amaze at the wonder she created.Garner is tactless and using that baby.she makes me sick!

  • review

    Nobody said anything about wanting Ben and JLo to reunite, just that he was smitten enough with JLo to take out an ad to praise her. At the time, JLo was a mysterious sexy Latino. He was intrigued with the JLo of videos. Garner is the girl who will help Affleck realize his political dreams. Good for the image. She’s the good wife and mother that a man marries but hopefully won’t sneak around on.


    Most likely hes sneaking now have you see this broads face???Wont watch her unless you pay me and even then Ill blank my mind out and think of anything til the shows over and I gets paid!Ben is to good for whatever her name is.Not Watching!!

  • shannon

    Ben Affleck does not look happy in his marriage.

  • Laughable

    Take a hike JG, a mommie show??How come Im not surpised.Little miss self important only has one kid and wants to boss us around with her useless advice.Ill survive thanku very much.I hope the show is protested or never makes it on tv.I think BA looks Miserable,Miserable and Miserable..Since JG is with him he doesnt seem hotter, cuz shes so homely.

  • rita

    “Will you watch Jen’s talk show for mothers?”
    No. NO. NO!!!

  • Amy

    Garner’s such a phony. She’s starting believing her own pr.
    She alwasy sounds like an immature twit on talk shows. Who would think she should host one of her own? And her daughter’s not even two, and suddenly she’s an expert? I think not. Maybe she can get Rosie to be on her show. After all, she’s a mother also.
    Her outfit looks ridiculous on her. She’s clearly trying too hard and it all looks false, just like her marriage to Affleck who always looks like he’s incredibly bored with her but knows he’s trapped.

  • Sara

    No the talk show idea about mom’s is just not a god idea. Not all women can be mothers and that would be hard for women who cannot have children. Bad idea make a talk show for everyone.