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Jesus Loves Victoria Beckham

Jesus Loves Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham arrived in Los Angeles with her own film crew on Tuesday.

Here’s a taste of her reality TV series, which will document her family’s move from London to Los Angeles.

Watch the video footage below — Posh is seen going in and out, in and out, in and out to capture different angles of her airport arrival.

Towards the end of the video, one man sarcastically screams “JESUS LOVES YOU, VICTORIA!!! JESUS LOVES YOU!!!Hilarious. I hope that sound bite makes the series!

Victoria Beckham‘s Arrival @ LAX Airport, 5/15
“Jesus Loves You, Victoria!! Jesus Loves You!!”
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Big Pictures
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  • Vanessa

    I love Victoria Beckham. I’m really excited to see this show.

  • Daisy

    Jesus loves us all!

  • milo

    it sounded freaky, not hilarious.

    and she didn’t go in and out thousands of times like you wrote, just twice.

  • Mondo Bongo

    WTF ~~~ her and David’s photos must go for buy one get two free!

  • Ugly Plastic Rose

    Hey Brits, not fair at all !!!
    OK we did have the fricking Boston Tea Party, but why do you have to retaliate by sending this shallow, ugly,plastic surgery freak to USA? Her only glory and purpose in life is SHOPPING and SHOPPING and keeping a CHAIN over Beck’s neck!!!
    GEEZ, we have enough shallow celeberties here, we don’t need your REJECTS!
    Can we negotiate? Ok here is the deal, if we keep HER, you all Brits need to agree to take Paris, Britney, Lindsey, Pamela Anderson. I really think this 4 for 1 deal is very fair! What do you think?

  • lilflowa

    Cant wait for the show wooooooo………people love to hate….but you no what….if you had alot of money would shop too…..people wanna take photos? let em…..ppl act like she’s just his girlfriend and gettin publicity for it….shes been his wife for nearly 10 years……im sure she can do watever she friggin wants….and what wife doesnt control their husband? hahahahaha…… ur life girl….forget the HATERS!!!………….woooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D

  • yara

    this probably the most photographed women in the wordl!!

  • Quelue

    lol they should only do single takes of everything. it’s supposed to be reality. not oh i didn’t like the way i did that, let’s do it again. it’s not a damn sitcom. i love her but i want to see her in one take just being herself. i feel like she always puts on this front to look all mean and like she has no soul. i’ve seen her in interviews and she’s actually really funny. oh and Ugly Plastic Rose: that comment was really uncalled for. it’s not their fault she’s moving to LA. maybe you should take it up with her instead of her country. (although that whole sending paris, brit, and linds there isn’t a bad idea but i bet they don’t want them, they should be in antarctica

  • Eathan

    i guess the reason why they did it twice was because something went wrong the first time, so they had to do it twice.

  • Hate VB!

    She makes me want to puke– I cannot believe how completely self-centered and “uppity” she is! She’s a useless piece of ****! GO AWAY you FREAK!

  • Mmmmm

    She wants to move here so she can get more pics taken of herself ..

  • Eathan

    Good God, i can’t believe people have time to reply in the topic about person they CAN’T STAND.

    I would NEVER reply in a Britney related topic as i don’t like her and i wouldn’t go there to trash her, i just skip the ones i don’t like.

  • jess

    Lol exactly Eathan!!!

    She looks GORGEOUS as usual!!

  • jess

    Oh and I cant wait for her reality show, she comes across on video!!

  • Ellie

    Don’t be nasty about her.
    You don’t know her.
    Just like Eathan says.. if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t bother to speak at all. There’s no point. Nobody values your opinion so take a deep breath and get over it.

  • LJ

    Ethan, you are so right. I don’t understand those people who hates her and say that they are not interested her.. well why to come bitching… if i don’t like some celebs i skip them. But if those people feel themself better after trashing other people – good for your..

  • Hate VB!

    Everyone is EN TITLED to their OWN OPINION- NOt EVERYONE is IN LOVVVVEEE with VB! I can’t for the life of me understand why people actually like this miserable cow~! Why don’t you try explaining that- instead of excentuating how much lovvveee you have for this tanorexic, useless excuse for a human being!– Discuss….

  • lilflowa

    y assume shes miserable? because she doesnt grin her teeth at every opportunity to suit your needs? discuss…..

  • ava

    does this girl even talk? i have not heard her say a word since she came out in the spice girls movie

  • ava

    does does girl even talk? i have not heard her say a single word since she came out in the spice girls movie

  • lilflowa

    what do you mean does she even talk? what kind of stupid statement is that? seriously? are you just looking for anything riduculous to have a dig at her? Plus there are countless documentaries on youtube if you were so concerned about hearing her talk you would find them…….

    and if your not concerned y mention it? ahh waste of time or what…………..

  • Mex

    thanks for commenting!! thats my video :) .. i dont think im suppose to talk about it.. im new in the business and that was my 2nd video!!! :P but yeah… you can hear me say ‘He Loves us all’ but you cant understand me :(

    ohh well