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'Idol' Faceoff: JORDIN VS. BLAKE

'Idol' Faceoff: JORDIN VS. BLAKE

It’s the battle of the Idols for next week’s Entertainment Weekly American Idol-themed cover.

EW will reveal the winning cover on on Thursday, May 24.

Vote for your fave Blake Lewis cover here.

Vote for your fave Jordin Sparks cover here.

Who should win American Idol 6JORDIN SPARKS or BLAKE LEWIS?

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  • Toronto via La

    I am still realing over last nights dissapointment(I wanted Melinda to win), but I have come to accept the decision and I am now rooting for Jordan, I would vote for the spotted dressed, Jordin looks better with her hair straight I would just like to say,curls don’t do her enough justice

  • Toronto via La

    Is it me or does Blake always seem to wear grey, I thinks its his favorite color

  • cari

    What’s up with the fakebake makeup on Jordin in the first page? Looks very weird cause she is paler than Ryan Seacrest in real life.

  • John

    Blake looks gay, and Jordin looks like shes on drag.

    We love you melinda :(

  • james

    where’s blakes top lip? and that chick looks like a dude

  • Katie

    I’m hoping Blake wins, he’s so fresh and different. Jordin is boring and I hate it when they keep bringing up that she’s only 17!! Even she’s bringing it up, ughhh!! If she wins, they’ll keep going on and on about that, so Blake better win!! Plus, he’s better.

  • Chris


  • pooter

    Jordin=Boring, Blake=Fun and Original. BLAKE SHOULD BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!

  • SimplyMe


  • Vanessa

    Blake, Blake, Blake!!!!
    Jordin does have better vocals, but she’s BORING. We have seen it before. There are plenty of people in the world that can sing, doesn’t mean they can all be stars. Even if Jordan wins, she will be forgotten about in a couple of years. But Blake will have a great career, because he’s so unique. I love his style of singing. I’ll be voting for Blake!

  • wehomo

    I think Blake might just be gay. He also might just win. I wonder if he’ll come out, like Will Young did after winning.

  • O.A. ang mga haterz

    Jordin! but i wanted Melinda though..

  • Yoo



    Much agreed Vanessa, BLAKE should WIN!

  • hmm

    they need to start over with new people.

  • Irma

    Definetely BLAKE!!!!!

    He is so talented, original and fun. Jordin has a great voice, but she is not as big entertainer as Blake is.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Hey [15] They will, its called next season. Lol

    Jordin will win.. cause Fug said so.

  • http://htt// Kal>b

    I don’t care about AI anymore.

  • Celeb Watcher

    melinda should have won. Don’t care now.

  • mary

    I think Jordan looks like a man.I also hate her facial expressions when she sings.

  • cuckoo

    Blake should win. Jordin is good, but she’s just like all the others. Blake’s voice isn’t wowing, but he’s different.

  • tegar

    It’s a blasphemy!! Melinda should Win, these two are nothing compared to her. I’m still trying to pinch myself hard hoping that it’s just a nightmare..

  • angelah

    melindahhhhhhhhhh! but i guess Jordin will do..


    I love both Blake and Jordin! I don’t even know who should win.I think that they did a wonderful job!I am starting to Blake when he fall in the Top 3.He’s a sweet guy,so cute and talented.He is like so passionate and just urghhhhh…dunno how to describe it because he’s just great and well,it is indescribable and about Jordin,she is so sweet and passionate.She can really sing.I know some people might hate her because she’s a 17 year-old girl but I can’t hate her cuz of her young age!I dunno why people do not like her!!

  • Sam

    Who cares?!
    idol sucks this year!

  • http://deleted Maldita

    blake is not original, beat box is so old and is basically just improv to avoid actually singing. Jordin’s bagging season 6.

  • (‘@’)

    Seriously, Blake has the talet with that beat boxing but not so much of singing. Jordin has such a beautiful voice but not as good as Melinda… Best of all, Melinda knows the technique to use her voice to sing different types of songs and i think that is very important as a songer. I am very disappointed with the elimination myself. To Melinda, you are much much much better than many so-called singers out there. I will buy your album, promise!!! :)

  • Mmmmm

    Go Blake!!!! AI are looking for ppl that will sell albums I dont think Jordin will sell like Blake but I heard on the radio today it is already set and has been that Jordin will win and that is why Melinda went home this week .. voting is fixed

  • Julie

    Does it really matter? Some of the most popular idols (in terms of record sales) didn’t win the competition…ie: Katherine McPhee, Daughtry. Some of the winners haven’t really done much of anything… ie: Reuben
    I like them both.

  • La


  • Nadine


    only bcuz he original. BOth melinda and jordan are BORING!!! Its the same crap every year. but still love it!
    then again even if he doesnt win most likely he’ll get a recording… actually i kinda hope he doesnt win cuz then he can make any music he wants and not be forced to do the AI crap music that they do…. on that thought! GO JORDAN GO JORDAN!! lOL


  • the next american idol

    Jordan is sooooo good and she is only 17 i origanly wanted haley to win but ever since sha got voted of i have high hopes that for sure jordan will be the next American Idol

  • Amanda

    BLAKE for the win. Jordin’s too perky and fake.

  • heyyo


  • Matthew

    I am from Malaysia. And I am routing for Blake yo. Beatboxers never make it this far on Idol right? Perhaps this is something different. I bet he’ll rule the billboard charts regardless whether wins or not.

  • got milk?

    Blake should win, in terms of entertainment. And he seems much more passionate about singing, much more than Jordin. That’s my opinion anyway. But I agree with Julie, the runner-ups for AI seems to be more popular than the winners. They last longer in the singing career rather than people like Carrie Underwood etc etc.

  • froi

    i think its gonna be jordin…she’s more talented than blake, eventhough the latter can dance, beatbox and sing, this is a american idol, a more powerful and great voice should win.

  • Paula

    Jordin is not that dark AND I like her hair straight. Jordin is gorgeous. Jordin is talented. Jordin NEEDS to win. How the moonwalking beatboxer made it to the top 24, is way beyond me. The guy isn’t even hot (he’s okay). Does America know what a singer is? VOTE FOR JORDIN!!!

  • xtin

    Should have been Melinda and Blake.Jordin has a nice voice and a pretty face but you wonder what music category would she fall into in case she wins and you wonder if those people who will vote for her will really buy her album because I think those people who voted for Fantasia,Reuben and Taylor didn’t or their CD’s would have done better in sales.Melinda will probably end up like Jennifer Hudson.
    She is really good.Can sing all kinds of song.And Blake,he is his own man.He has his own style of music and I really like the way he dresses.He kinda reminds me of a young Sting and he even looks British.Since Melinda is out.I will vote for Blake!

  • Lauren

    I hope Blake wins, Jordin truly is not a talented singer, she is unoriginal and fake. The credibility of Idol, however was ruined when Lakisha and then Melinda were voted off – both were truly talented singers. Melinda more specifically deserved to win and in many ways I now don’t care who wins since she is not there.

  • Alexis

    Both are good in their own ways and I love them both, tremendously.

    Jordin deserves the crown over Blake by a little bit though. Traditionally, the point of AI (as the judges have tried to empahsis this year) is a singing competition. Beat-boxing for Blake does seem like he is trying to cover up the fact that his singing pales in comparison to Jordin.

  • Viksar

    I really wanted Melinda to win because she is the best singer. She could sing the phone book and make it great. I like Jordin because I think she could make an album that is worth buying – she’s got a beautiful voice. Blake is very entertaining and reminds me somewhat of Sting. He did a great job (IMO) with the Maroon 5 song “This Love” and his version of “you give love a bad name” was great. I think either of these two finalists could win, and I think the top 3 will very definitely be successful. Heck, even Bucky from last year has made a good album, and I don’t even like Country! Chris Daughtry was 4th and his album was great (it’s in my car CD Player) and Kimberly Locke from Season 2 came in 3rd – she has a good album. Bo, Clay, Tamyra Gray, Excellent… So, while I will PROBABLY vote for Jordin, I’d likely buy both of their albums. Definitely would buy Melinda’s. :)

  • Jessica

    JORDIN! She is the best! I hate Blake! Everyone says he is so orginal, but he is NOT! GO JORDIN! YOU ROCK!

  • Addison

    Omg I think it will my my biggest idol ever Blake Lewis!!!!!!!!!!! He’s sooooooo SEXY!!!!!! He will always be my idol! I have over 50 pics of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bthatch

    We all new Jordin was going to win, but come on. Blake is a better person and performer. Yes she can sing well but she has absolutely no personality and if she smiles one more time I may scream. The “oh golly I am super sweet and 17″ is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old. Her dad is rich and she is spoiled. Isn’t the american dream suppose to involve those coming from small backgrounds, well too bad for that ideal. Blake should have won and Jordin fancy dad could have just given her the money to make her britney-like album. I wouldn’t be shocked if she is on the pink cover with pigtails and bubble gum. That only positive thing I have to say is at least america voted for the fat chick.

  • http://myspace rachel

    jordin sparks is the best!

    for all the people who say she is ugly and boring and looks like a mann well ya your wrong your just jelous of her ok she is the best and thats why she won! she rocks

    but blake was awsome to and really hott

    i love both of u guys your both winners

    love; rachel.h

  • http://myspace rachel

    jordin sparks is the best

    sparks will fly

    love rachel.h

  • Lacy

    i really dont like Jordin she thinks she is white. melinda really should have won.