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Madonna - "Hey You" Lyrics & Download

Madonna -

Madonna‘s new song titled “Hey You,” which was written by her Madgesty and produced by Pharrell Williams, is now available exclusively on MSN.

You can download the mp3 here via MSN.

MSN will be donating 25 cents for each of the first 1 million downloads to the Alliance for Climate Protection, in support of Live Earth.


Hey you, don’t you give up
It’s not so bad
There’s still the chance for us
Hey you, just be yourself
Don’t be so shy
There’s reasons why it’s hard

[Chorus 1]
Keep it together, we’ll* make it alright
Our celebration is going on tonight
Poets and prophets would** envy what we do
This could be good, hey you
(*The first time it’s sung, it’s “you’ll”)
(** The third time it’s sung, it’s “will”)

Hey you, open your heart
It’s not so strange
You’ve got to change this time
Hey you, remember this
None of it’s real including the way you feel

[Chorus 1]

Save your soul, little sister
Save your soul, little brother
Hey you, save yourself
Don’t rely on anyone else

[Chorus 2]
First love yourself
Then you can love someone else
If you can change someone else
Then you have saved someone else
But you must first love yourself
Then you can love someone else
If you can change someone else
Then you have saved someone else
But you must first

Hey you, there on the fence
You’ve got a choice
One day, it will make sense
Hey you, first love yourself
Or if you can’t
Try to love someone else

[Chorus 1, Chorus 2]

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  • Mondo Bongo

    ~ :) ~

  • Phormy

    To FOLKY!

  • Bae

    what a beautiful song that shows off her voice… talk about inspirational… chills

  • MonkeyShines

    I like it! But of course I’m a Madonna-drone-whore. This could have fit nicely on the Music CD.

  • Sophie

    I think it’s boring. And I admire Madonna. *sigh*

  • Oli

    I LOVE it!!!

    Such a beautiful ballad!

  • The Real Deal


    I love her Madgesty!
    The song already stuck in my head…!

  • Your MAMA


    Beautiful song!

    Madge is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james

    omg what the hell is that, i expected more from madge but i guess it’s going to a good cause and all, i want some more hung up stuff xx

  • J.Honey

    It’s inspiring.Love it; maybe not that fast or full of energy as others,but this one have a strong massage instead.Thnx Just Jared

  • mimi

    what a crap…

  • GX

    I like it a lot! not every song should be a dance track, it’s nice to hear her beautiful voice in a ballad. Plus. it’s for a good cause.

    Good on M, love her!

  • mischa

    oh my…. this is THE WORST song ever! and what did she need pharell for???

  • JARED!!!!!!


    haha enjoy :D

  • gee

    “a beautiful voice” ROTFL

  • Tuti

    gee, you an idiot.

    Lovely ballad!! LOVE M

  • milo

    wtf is this? this is what Pharell produced? Good God!

  • NORA

    Ahmmm, I like Madonna as an entertainer, but her lyrics are pretty immature. My 8 yr old can write a better lyric than this…

  • OMG!!!

    Britney’s Cousin!!!! & Avril Lavigne!!

  • anustin

    nora,so true babe!thats the only lyrics she can afford!give her a c#m7 dim.or any major key!she just cant!give her an A,F,C,E. this are all her fave. chords.

  • LISA

    Beautiful song

  • Mmmmm

    I think its worth downloading just for the sake of supporting something .. good for her!

  • Nando

    I really like Madonna but this song sucked. It was a cute song, though.

  • Matiana

    Yuck. Her music days are so done. She should focus on her clothing line.

  • Bae

    Matiana her music days are so done? Lets see for a woman who’s last album sold over 10 Million copies around the world which featured 2 worldwide smash hits and the highest grossing tour ever for a female artist… RRRRRIGHT

  • Elettra

    The song was written and co-produce by Madonna.


  • Patricia

    Great song, its different from the rest!

  • jakos

    though i prefer her dance music, its definitely not appropriate for the main purpose of the song, hence something a bit slower. i think the simpler lyrics offer the broadest appeal, again i dont think the surrealism of Bedtime Story, for example, is appropriate!

  • Murilo Marquez

    Hey you is good….but her new album will have songs too much better than this….go QUEEN OF POP!

  • Emanuele

    I love it. Her voice is amazing here. I admit I am a fan, but I would appreciate this song even if it was sung by another… Madonna is the greatest!!!

  • Name Required

    Something can be simple, basic and true and beautiful as well as something complex and convoluted. Some of y’ns need to check your negativity, cause it’s causing you harm and it hurts the world, so don’t complain when the world sucks because your cynical vibe is making it that way. Lplplplplplplplplplplp

  • jani vasquez

    quien puede con madonna? pues nadie todo lo k ella hace es profesionar y bueno,.asi k esta cancion es buenisima,.jani,santo domingo,R.D

  • Ash

    This could be good, hey you!
    Love it!

  • April

    Madonna is always the best. I love her new song.

  • Yves Mass

    Man, man there they go again! Madonna voice+Pharrell beat= Good stuff!!!! Yezzirrr!

  • wiseman demir

    Great song, great voice.

  • Pietro

    It’s amazing!! Madonna is the best. We love u

  • JOE


  • xrated77

    To Nora: You’re really stupid that you don’t let your 8 year old to write songs, you could be NOW ALREADY A MILLIONAIRE! NORA, YOU ARE REALLY STUPID!

  • ricky

    the first time I heard, I found it boring, but gradually I found it become more peaceful and lovely, simple lyrics, if u can find your ways to feel it. it could be a kind of beauty.

  • saj

    this is very beautiful track but i can not download its mp3!!!! whould everyone read this comment do me a faver and send it to my e-mail!
    thanks alot in advance!!!!!

  • neocartez