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Rihanna Joins "Mom Jeans" Crowd

Rihanna Joins

Rihanna joins Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, Keira Knightley, and Fergie as the latest celebrity to adopt the high-waisted jeans trend.

The R&B sensation was spotted with her fashion take on mom jeans during a stroll around Midtown Manhattan on Thursday.

More pictures inside of Rihanna high on life and her pants…

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01 rihanna mom jeans
02 rihanna high waisted jeans
03 rihanna high waisted pants
04 rihanna high waisted trousers
05 rihanna bell bottoms
06 rihanna bellbottoms
07 rihanna wedgie

Photos: Khazei
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  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Unlike the other girls she actually looks hot.

  • Anna

    She looks cute.

  • http://htt// f

    She looks great

  • lena

    works on her

  • http://htt// voice

    I love her

  • Not Impress..OverRated.

    Nice outfit.I dont like her hair and her face is not cute to me,her makeup is a little caked,nice body though.

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Girls with REAL curves can wear these highrise jeans but when the skinny chics where them they look like mom jeans, HUGE difference

  • Connie

    she looks like a mom with a couple of kids..

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Damn doesnt she look hot.

  • Cyndi

    wow, she looks great guess her height and curvy body manages to pull it off.

  • flava

    she looks a whole lot better than the rest of them for sure but she cut her hair again :( i liked it better before

  • prisc

    She looks good in it. I wouldn’t mind wearing this pair of jeans. Simpson and Barton just picked the wrong cut.

    It’s a nice change to those low-riding, ass-crack showing jeans.

  • hmmmm….

    Are those contacts shes wearing?She looks at least 35.

  • Kelsey

    she as light eyes from herself, she looks good in the mom jeans!!

  • yara

    we like rihanna

  • Wat De?

    These are not mom jeans.
    These jeans are just at her waist. That, in fact, is normal……………not because everyone is wearing buttcrack jeans means that that is the norm.
    Mom jeans are waisted above the waist, That’s why they were called that, because they were not considered to be sexy looking. Sheeeesh!

  • Sondie

    WTF-her hair is like the wind blew her a comb over

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    hmmmm…., no those are not contacts. you never see pictures of her face up close?

  • andy

    Can she get any uglier?
    I think she’s so ugly..her afce, her hair..her body..she’s fat..
    and those kinda jeans don’t fit Keira Knightley..they won’t fit a ugly girl like Rihanna.

  • Julie

    Still better than Jessica Simpson’s try at this look. Not only were her’s high wasted, they had pleats!!~ heinous. I don’t know what happened to Jessica Simpson lately but she’s disgusting.

  • Helena

    I’m not a big fan of the Mom Jeans myself…I gotta say, though, she looks *marginally* better than Mischa, Lindsay, and Jessica in this outfit. Siiigh…I’ll just be glad when this trend is over

  • Jacinda

    Woo hoo for mom jeans! They are much more flattering than those low rise jeans that FEW women can pull off. They give the legs a longer look for sure.

  • Purse is Cute Thats It

    Contacts they are,, read it on a BET and Vibe site.Her thighs are to big and she looks knock-kneed ed?,,thats what my friend says she is..Proactive or clearasil could possibly help her acne problems and braces for her teeth.The purse is nice.I cant believe shes so young.What happen to her hair this style is not good on her face makes her already large-ickyous nose even larger.Maybe shell get surgery cuz she looks similar to the now lighter complex lil kim.

  • Idleness


    sigh!!! You are such a hater!
    Go ahead just admit it.

    The girl looks much better than most who have worn those jeans. And there is nothing wrong with her looks, she is all natural.

  • lola

    Black girls got it like that. Thighs buttie and all the good stuff don’t be jealous, white girls needed low waist jeans because they have no ass no waiste no hips. She us sexy back

  • Fake thats her

    Naturally fake,eyes ,hair,,,women come in all shapes and sizes regardless of what ”race” you are,,thats a ignorant comment,,,some people dont think shes pretty and Im one of them, we cant all think alike.I feel shes ”face wise”not pretty,body nothin to brag about,singin wouldnt buy her cd.Why is she news worthy only small tweens listen to her?

  • anit all that

    Did you type she is all natural youve got to be joking this woman wears weave and colored lenses.she also wears tons of makeup, false lashes.and her songs are copyies of other songs.jealous of what?i heard she slept with beyounce that would make her like to have some of her funds thats it.but to look like that no way.

  • who??

    idiots..i’ve seen plenty of people of african decent with hazel/green eyes. and that hair might not be natural but her hair is the same length and she is young, she doesnt need to put much on her face. whoever called her fat must look like a broom. u can join the ashley olsen twin. this girl is slim, curvy and healthy

  • who -me???

    callin others names so classy of one of her 3 fans,anywayz being african decent and having true colorful eyes has nothin to do with her fake colored eyes ,there FAKE!Its been said already on other blogs and if you check out her photos when she was younger she has brown eyes, i guess she wore colored lenses when she was young too.and what do you know about how long her hair really is, are you her scalp or her hair care person,,silly me you know all dont ya.we just check these people out by googling them if we want to know more about them ,but we could just listen to her 3 fans and we would know all,,right!

  • caribstar

    ok…. if she has colored contacts sooo what…what r u gonna do dig in her eye and pull em out?!?! i dont really get what the big deal is…who cares??? I mean damn…Plz be a innovative hater…thats all im sayin…

  • Fuglyyyy

    She still ugly an still fugly an fake an not a celeb an bad singer an snoz is huge normous an did i say fugly she wears contacts who would have ever known hahhaaha fakefake poser!an her name is hard to pronounce.people have a rite to think someone is a poser an she is an someone cold busted her.She needs to be real wit it stop frontin wit everythin phony an fake on her ya no what im sayin?wit some work on the snoz she could look just alrite.

  • who??

    raven symone had browner eyes when she was younger and now they look darker, i had darker eyes when i was young and now they are brown. i’m not a scientist and i dont kno how that is possible. i kno that’s her real hair because i saw recent pics of her in barbados with her hair out and i can tell by the texture. always find something negative to say. well she looks like a barbie and is gorgeous. deal with it!!! instead of googling if her eyes are fake or real. either way she’s beautiful. and stopping copying my danm name and be original whoever u r that posted earlier, switching names, silly bitch.and how in the hell did you find her baby pics???for someone you dont like, you seem pretty obsessed with them. o well right back or not, i’m moving on into the real world where i have to worry about real things than negative things to say to people. stop hating, you’ll feel better. PEACE I’M OUT AND GOOD HEALTH!!

  • stop being so sensitive

    if shes on here and people dont really know her they might try and find out about her. she is going to be judge physically it goes with the blog territory.reading these comments some like her some dont.its a draw.i myself would like to know who she is since she has been on here before.i dont care about her eyes to me she is sooo not cute.but others may think different.stop being defensive.look whats done to all women on blogs their judged.most dont agree.

  • who??

    there is a diffrence with judging and hating. like checking if her eyes are real. or what she used to look like. if you dont think she’s pretty or dont like her music that’s your opinion, but going on to look for background information….what do you think?

  • Joey who??

    #34 are you Rehanna?Chill.whats the problem?Get a life,youre takin this to serious.So you’ve never google anyone out of curiosity??Dang mama,take it easy,judging and hating its all good, we all do it.People say things on the comment section bout people they dont like all the time lookat BritBrit,Missah and many more.I saw her on MTV and shes bland,and thats all good, not my cup of my cup of tea she is so bootilious.

  • Helena

    To be honest, I have a feeling that she has naturally light eyes. I think that in magazine spreads they’re photoshopped to look more intense, but the gal is from Barbados….Caribbean islanders tend to be a mixture of many different ethnicities and cultures. I’m from Miami and I know Jamaican and Hatian folks with sky-blue eyes and beautiful, deep skin tones. I’m Puerto Rican and i’m so damn pale and pasty that i look like I’ve been dipped in mayonnaise….but, yeah, I buy the eyes. The mix of cultures/races is a very common Caribbean theme….

  • stfu

    Joey who?? getting fucking life ur also stop being so sensitive.

  • who??

    jared who?? – who -me??? get a sense of originality then i’ll take u seriously

  • tanyetta

    she’s cute! :)

  • reena

    those are not mom jeans!!! mom jeans are tapered and pleated….i like her jeans….they look chic and sophisticated..change from fat hanging out…anyways in 2008 we all will be wearing high waisted flares……people all hated skinny jeans when they first came out in 2004 now look……….

  • cutie pie

    i agree who gives adamn about her eye color she cute and as far as black women wearing weave so do white women at least we dont get fake butts tans and fake lips

  • http://K nita

    iiiiiii love you rihanna

  • satra

    all of u haters stop hatin rihanna is 1 of the prettiest girl on earth.she is the bomb.keep on doing ur thing girl u have caribbean support

  • Flozalicious

    sum people say her eye colour’s natural n sum say they r fake i just don’t know who 2 belive. Does anyone know where i find pictures of her when she was little??????

  • Nicole

    Rihanna is a hot chick! jealously hurts suckers! love her sense of fashion,LOVE her bob cut & love her songs! haters r just wannabess!

  • irina

    ugh…yuck…don’t like her hair cut I liked it better but I always liked her style…it looks good on her…just like everything else…love ya rihanna

  • Nate

    Wow you’re all so pathetic. Her nose is too big? Her eyes must be fake? She’s FAT!? So what, if people don’t have tiny, skinny noses like white people, they’re ugly? If they’re not rail thin and wearing a size 0, they’re fat? Friggin’ disgusting, it’s no wonder girls have such horrible self-esteem issues. Each and every one of you need to give people respect, even if you’re not willing to respect yourself.

    Drop the ridiculous standards. If what you have to say doesn’t help solve the problem, do the world a favor; sit down, and shut up.


    this is to all those of you who can’t give credit when it’s due….. rhianna looks damn good for her age, race and what ever eles you wnat to toss. the fat comment was way unnessesary, somebody has serous selfesteam issues hmmmm…. white, black, hispanic whatever some of us have curves and some don’t in rhiannas case she definitly does.

  • hazel

    He eyes are hazel that´s why sometimes, depending the light and makeup, the color can change, check at wikipedia about it.

  • daydii

    i think her eyes are fake, but it looks good on her! they look very natural!
    ok, som peoples CAN have light eyes even they are black, but in her case it’s not possible. her WHOLE family does have DARK brown eyes! and she should be the only that has light eyes?! no if you think logical you know that it’s not possible!