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Brad Pitt's Arm Tattoo = Otzi the Iceman

Brad Pitt's Arm Tattoo = Otzi the Iceman

Brad Pitt‘s new inner left forearm tattoo has been ID’s as the outline of Ötzi the Iceman, aka Frozen Fritz and Similaun Man. Here’s some history behind Europe’s oldest natural human mummy via the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology:

Over 5000 years ago, a man climbed up to the icy heights of the Schnalstal glacier and died. He was found by accident in 1991, with his clothes and equipment, mummified and frozen: an archaeological sensation and a unique snapshot of a Copper Age man.

The mummy of Otzi and the articles found with it, found in 1991 on the border between Austria and Italy, have been on exhibit since March 1998 at the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology.

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  • Besane

    Wondering why Brad chose this particular image? Anyway can’t wait for Cannes :)

  • T22684

    I don’t like the new tat much…strange…

  • saraicita


  • twokids2

    See what I mean.
    Angelina is sucking all the goodness out of Brad!

  • anon

    That’s an odd choice for a tattoo.

  • jmo

    Is he gonna get weird on us?

  • Billy Brad


  • laisla

    It looks like he let one of the kids draw on him with a sharpie…that’s how shitty it looks.Man has loads of money why doesn’t he get some decent ink done.Tard!

  • diane

    I don’t like that tattoo. Strange!

  • Angie’s tattoo
  • Steffy M

    I hope this tattoo is the last one..I DON’T LIKE MEN WITH THEM!

  • twokids2

    We are loosing him at a fast pace!!!!

    Sad, so sad.

  • to Brad and Angie

    Please, no more tattoo.

  • info

    billy brad has no life

  • Alicia

    ok I adore Brad and I adore Angelina, but WTF?!?! I know they’re committed to each other and all, but dude, you went ur whole life w/o getting inked and now you have 3 (and counting probably) tatoos!!! Angelina is beautiful but I do think her tats detract from her beauty–and the same for Brad. IMO tatoos are a kind of defacement and I just don’t see why it needs to be done, and seeing that he has another–very prominently placed–tatoo is a little upsetting.

  • just my opinion

    We’ve lost him.

  • kena

    i think hes trying to compete with angelina on the tattos still love him no matter what i would like to know why he got that paticular tatto though love both of them to death

  • strange

    He is turning into Billy Bob Thornton.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for 2 new threads, I have to read the last thread, BBL.
    Oye, the trolls already plant their arses here?…so funny, for someone they don’t like. LMAO.

    Awesome Tattoo.

  • suspicious package

    Get over it. Tons of people have tattoos – myself included. I still have a life and am a good person.

    Otzi is very significant – probably one of the most important archeological discoveries of our time. He was a very early metal worker – one of the first Europeans ever found with a cushion stone used for fashioning bronze. He also had a bronze axe, predating the supposed beginning of the Bronze Age. He would have been considered a magician to more primitive people of his time.

  • hmmm

    maybe it means he was like a man in ice till angelina came in to his life!

  • +++

    I never like tattoo but still love both of them .

  • The real lou

    It’s Brad’s body,so if he wants 30 tat’s that his business,not yours!Live and let live!

  • luvmebabe

    why? what is the meaning behind this tatoo??????????????????

  • Missing the good ol’ Brad

    Don’t really like the new tattoo much either. I just don’t get it. Why’d he pick this particular image? He’s just getting too weird and slobbish for me. And the other little line tattoo his has across his arm is ugly as well. If he’s going to get one, might as well be visible. What’s the point if it just looks like he accidently just got swiped by a pen?! lol. Oh well. I guess to each his own. But I liked the pre-Angelina Brad *much* better!! He just seemed so much more clean cut and down to earth and NORMAL. I bet his mid-western parents miss the old Brad as well, although I’m sure they love him all the same… after all, he is their son =).

  • suspicious package

    Sorry – meant to say copper instead of bronze.

    Try reading a book sometime. Maybe you’ll learn something.

  • julia


    I’m pretty sure if Angelina wanted Billy Bob Thornton she could have him.
    She wants Brad, and that kills some idiots.

    Its Brad’s body and he can do whatever the hell he wants to do to it.

  • up close
  • Pandora

    He’s beyond hot, obviously and I love the two of them as a couple and their extended and ever-growing fam is wonderful. Don’t mind tats in the least as long as they are artfully done and have some significance. This one doesn’t fall into the former category. It looks like “poor man’s ink/art”, or, as someone above so aptly put it looks like a kid drew it w/ a Sharpie.

    Surely he’s having tat remorse!

  • i got it!!!

    thats not no ice man…..thats a sign of love….its a picture of angie….duh!

  • holsan

    May be he is really into archeology like he is into architecture. I am sure he will be

    asked by some interviewer at some point what it signifies.

  • Sophie

    Julia you think that Billy has no mind of his own?

  • http://htt// Kal

    Whatever Brad & Angie do,we applaud them. All haters go way.

  • GrassHopper

    Brad is trying to be kewl to fit into her world, instead he just ends up looking like a P whipped fool.

  • jq

    The tattoo look like Angelina’s character in Tomb raider, he’s madly in love with Angie ! going back to his X ? missing X ? the tab. should shut-up. after this tattoo.

  • Sophie
  • Missing the good ol’ Brad

    LOL @ the comment about the tattoo being a love tattoo of Angie! Too funny!

    As for being asked about it in a future interview… I have no doubt that he will, but I have a feeling he will decline to answer. =P

  • JOJO
  • mosquito hawk

    GrassHopper Says

    Ask Huvaniston for a raise, you seems to be a hardworking paid troll. never miss a Brangelina thread.

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    Lmao!That’s one original tatoo!!But WHY?
    I’d be curious to know why he chose Ötzi?
    Symbol of eternity=eternal love with Angie?
    Ok this might go too far lllool…

  • stablio

    ew. I bet he feels like such an intellectual for choosing a tattoo that is SO meaningful. Pretentious prat.

  • Leoling

    Oh for Christ’s sake some of you really need a life.

    He’s 43 yr old man. This is the same guy who did Fight Club, Kalifornia, 12 Monkey’s etc. You actually think this dude is some vanilla bean, A-sexual, blond blue eyed, scared little boy? It’s the freak’n ice man and maybe it symbolizes his approach to the BS thrown at him. i.e. read some of the insane rantings in some of these posts

  • Leoling

    Pretentious prat.

    Go back to Female First. Your UK slang gives you away

  • Scorp


    I COMPLETELY agree with you!

  • KrungKrung

    the tattoo is weird but know what? still love Brad to death, love him love him, he’s a grown man for godsakes, if he wants tattoo then let him be, i don’t like tattoos either, i don’t like Brad smoking either (which i never see him using the cancer stick lately but it doesn’t mean that he quits), bravo to Brad let the man live his own life, if he wanna be like Angie, by god, then that is love mmk?

  • Hunter

    I think maybe it symbolizes that “Nothing is impossible”!! The Otzi guy climed the mountains 5,000 years ago, without any modern equipment to protect him from the bitter cold. But, he still DARED. So it might be MOTIVATING for Brad, and he probably recites the story to his kids at nighttime :-) Dare to the the impossible- which seems so true in Brad’s word- who woul risk America’s wrath by dumping the sweetheart and going with the Average woman’s nightmare. He risked a lot by doing that but came out ahead and above!!!

    THinking of the tatoo this way, makes me like it. but to me its upside down, as when he is walking with his arm down Otiz’s head is down.

  • Alicia

    JOJO Says:

    unfortunately its not, if you look at the pic where she’s reaching over you can see that she doesn’t have that sprawling tiger tatoo on her back yet, so its an old pic

  • Leoling

    The name given to the find was “The Ice Man” There’s ya clue

  • Alicia

    JOJO Says: Is this a recent pic of Ang?


    unfortunately its not, if you look at the pic where she’s reaching over you can see that she doesn’t have that sprawling tiger tatoo on her back yet, so its an old pic

  • Burpie

    JOJO Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 12:39 pm – flag comment
    Is this a recent pic of Ang?

    No. That was about 3-4 years ago. Notice how she doesn’t have any of her kids’ birthplaces on her arm. :)