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Heidi Klum: Three Kids, Three to Go

Heidi Klum: Three Kids, Three to Go

Yummy mummy Heidi Klum spends the afternoon shopping at The Grove in West Hollywood on Friday with her own mom Erna Klum, 3-year-old daughter Leni and 6-month-old son Johan.

Sources claim Heidi, 33, is pregnant again! A family friend recently old OK!: “Heidi and Seal want six children and she’s ready to start trying for the next one right away.”

Heidi Klum is pregnant again — IS SHE or ISN’T SHE?

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  • HDizley

    Not Henry.

  • Vanessa

    Well, if she is, congrats to her!!! I love Heidi. She’s so pretty. And all the babies are looking cute as well. Little Johan is so adorable.

  • J3$$!C@

    If Heidi wants to have kids every year, and she can handle it, then you go girl. Heidi and Seal have three adorable children and its nice to see such a great family.

  • mary

    heidi klum has such nice skin.

  • SkankyHO

    wow seems like she just gave birth a few months ago but whatever she is rich so she can have as many as she wants.

  • Nando

    I think she should…but without Seal. lol His genes are ugly but hers are beautiful.

  • Chloe

    I LOVE Heidi too! If she’s really pregnant again, congrats to her!!

  • Heidi ‘rabbit’ Klum

    She’s popping out babies like a rabbit.

  • Yily

    Heidi is one of my favorite supermodel of all time. Her children are beautiful!

  • more??

    I don’t know if people in the world realize there is an out of control overpopulation situation – and it really doesn’t matter if you’re rich…. It’s worse – rich people waste more resources and spend more gas, food, etc than the rest of us.

    Right now there are huge environmental problems that governments are faced with because we just cannot feed everyone without destroying part of our world everyday!

    The ignorance of people….

  • Vera

    more??,sorry but your words are totally ludicrous!
    Heidi seems to be a really nice person with her family strong and loving. So if she is pregnant that’s great.
    Everytime she surprises the world by getting back is shape in a month after giving birth, so she doesn’t jeopardize her career=))

  • Ella

    No, more?? is totally right on everything, but how do you stop people from having more children rich or not!

    ‘Right now there are huge environmental problems that governments are faced with because we just cannot feed everyone without destroying part of our world everyday!’

    So true!

  • Sophie

    Actually I have read that there ARE enough resources to feed every human alive at the moment, but they are not being used properly.
    As for Heidi and her family I think 3 children are enough but it’s her choice. Were it not for her nannies she wouldn’t dare have another one unless she was a complete stay at home mom who with some kind of miracle could keep up with 3 under 5.

  • Francophile

    You guys are funny and see the situation through your own perception of what is best or not !

    Guess what, My mother (5’9″, tall slender at 130 lbs black woman who never took more than 20 extra pounds during each of her pregnancy) has 5 children (i am the eldest and my youngest brother is less than 6 years younger than me, two of my siblings having 11 months between them, 3 of them were born when the eldest was 2 and half years old). We are all born in a 5 years 9 months minus 1 day frame, exactly !

    She had them with my father (they still married) while both were at the university/college (mother studying journalism at the time, father going to be a physician). They get married at 19 and 24 years old. My mum was 20 when she began, my father 25…she was studying at college throuhout each of her pregnancy.

    I remembered her girlfriends, here in Europe going at the morning course while she was babysitting the last baby she had and then those girlfriends were going at home the evening to give her some notes she had missed.

    I have spent some days in a college room playing with kids while my sisters were at the college preschool while my mother was passing her exam…She then took all of us at home, bathe us, feed us and then study while my father was sometimes going on nightstays at the hospital.

    she was never the typical stay at home mum, even after graduation she buys books and learn 3 foreign languages or upgrade herself through extra courses…she is now multigraduated, an international official for more than 25 years, my father is a physician, my brothers and sisters and I are all multigraduated from college…one of my sister who is a scientist and a researcher at Glaxosmithkline is about to be graduated for the…8th time, my other sister is a big five consultant manager, I myself an MBA holder, former financial analyst and high tech consultant who is currently an entrepreneur while both of my brothers are engeneers…and all of us are thankfull towards our parents who grow up with us having drive and intellect and gave us that… All days we used to laugh while playing scrabble with mum and dad, sometimes my father played with us with the electric trains but they always gave us books to read and we were always approached by people who couldn’t believe that such a beautiful young couple like a Black ken and barbue had already 5 young well educated mature kids.

    We still have a great time, laughing hard each time we see each other, which is very often, like we used to do as we have so many memories of us growing up together like the 5 fingers of the same hand…. People always said how much we were lucky to have each other being so closed in age and so close at school…

    That’s to say that there is no standard and family with two or three children is no guarantee of a better life than big family…My father is from that type of family and suffered a lot as he said in small nuclear family you have to be closed to the other child, if not it’s drama…there is this emulation thing that could go overboard and jealousy appears…it lessen with big family where you tend to always have someone to talk to, where you learn to share, delegate, organise. That’s the reason why he always said that he wanted a big family to make sure that his children would have each other support no mather what.

  • Sophie

    14 you are lucky. I am an only child :(

  • Dancer

    It is amusing to see such support in the blogs for Seal and Heidi producing their brood of six; yet at the same time there is such hostility against Brad and Angie by so many for doing the same thing. Both couples want six children close in age, just going about it different ways.

  • huh?

    But if she were adopting them instead, people would say it was too soon.


  • Youandyouropinion

    Dancer says…I was thinking the same thing! Who are any of us to tell someone else how many kids we should have? How they should have them? At what time interval to have them?! This is NOT China! I enjoy seeing people enjoy their kids. God Bless them!

  • Francophile

    I agree Dancer.

    I never get the blame put on BP and AJ. I mean, many people have kids with that difference of age. Besides, it’s better to grow up with them.

    My father who is a physician and several gynecolgists friends also told me that it’s better for women to have kids with not many years of difference between them because for one, the younger you are, the better the elasticity of your skin is and you go back to your previous shape faster. Also, your body is more prepared for pregnancy when you have them in a close gap..your womb keep like the pregancy information. And finally, most women I know told me that it’s better to deal with sleepless nights and all those baby stuff once and for all when you are young than having a gap between kids who won’t grow up together and you have to go back to the whole baby stuff rythm (diapers, sleepless nights, ect) after several years of interuption..which is more difficult.

  • Allie

    More power to them, Let her have as much as she wants.

  • African Girl

    If she is, good for her. It never fails to amuse me when people think they have a say in how many children a celeb should have. These are grown people, I’m sure they know what they want.

    You’re absolutely right.

  • onelove!

    francophile–that’s such an inspiring life-story! thanks for sharing. i hope heidi and seal do grow their family. they are both terrific role models and seem to really have it together. a large family isn’t for everyone, but in this case i think it’s very fitting


    She can have as many babies as she wants so shut up saying her kids are not cute becuz of Seal .Seal is a beautiful kind man and his children are adorable as far as mixing i think mixing races is WONDERFUL and im a white woman.mixing black with any colors you only get BEAUTIFUL.if i fall in love with anyone of color LUCKY ME my babies will be GORGEOUS!and if only i was so lucky to have some color im usually too PALE and WHITE!the only problem i have if i decide to have alot of kids is sometimes pregnancies can do awful things to the breasts afterwards sagging, but not always. GO HEIDI AND SEAL YOURE OBVIOUSLY HAPPY!AND 14 FRANCO YOUR MOMS A DIVA LUV HER AN THE STORY!!!

  • Burpie

    Dancer Says:

    May 19th, 2007 at 8:50 am – flag comment
    It is amusing to see such support in the blogs for Seal and Heidi producing their brood of six; yet at the same time there is such hostility against Brad and Angie by so many for doing the same thing. Both couples want six children close in age, just going about it different ways.

    I was going to say the same thing. It just proves that people will just say whatever to pick on Brad and Angie.

    If Heidi is pregnant, Congrats!! She’s so beautiful.

  • Dieter

    I think it´s too much

  • Wow!

    Seal must be one sexy son-of-a-gun!

  • E


    Well, it’s not your business. It’s their business.

  • kate

    If Klum wants more kids, she should adopt 3 more. Overpopulation is an extremely serious problem. But why am I even writing this, knowing that our ignorant “celebrities” have too much money, too much power, but no brains!



  • Breezer

    yeah the population is so high because of but seriously they should donate money to charities and try and help the world.

  • Stefanie

    I dont think she is pregnant yet, but I guess she will be soon. Johan is a cutie


    Heidi is gorgeous and Seal is sexy.

  • Dumdums

    What an idiot.. having children too close together causes birth defects..

  • Stephanie

    yeah, more?? knows about environmental issues, but regulating how many children a person can would not a be a reasonable way to regulate it. I think people who want to have children should always be able to have them.I say, leave the parenting to people who want children…duh, I’m pro choice. Whether Heidi Klum uses up all her eggs or not it really not going to make a difference.

  • JustJaded

    Does anyone notice that Heidi’s mom is shown holding the younger boy more than Henry when Henry was that age? This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen her holding Johan. It just seems like her parents take to him more because he looks more like Heidi than Henry does. They can have as many children as they like, at least they can afford to take care of them.

  • Helena

    Oh, no! Poor Leni is turning into a female Flavio Briatore! Cross your fingers, and pray she ends up looking more like her Momma!!! Her Dad looks like a real-life Shrek (only he’s also got the personality of an Ogre…he DENIED that little Leni was his, and forced HK to give the poor innocent baby a paternity test! creep! Oh, yeah and…he ditched HK for…drum roll…a model who was even younger than HK…even though Srek Briatore is, like, 500 years old…ew! Thank GAWD for Seal, Leni lucked out in the Daddy arena with him)

  • me

    Heidi and seal should really think about it before having another baby.
    Firt of all, just because they have money now, doesn’t mean that they will be rich in 10-20 years. If they have babies again, they will have to buy more clothes, food …. and believe it or not, it’s expensive even when your name is heidi klum or seal.
    Leni, henry and Johan probably want to spend more time with their parents, Leni was an only child for only 16 months and she had in 1 year 2 little brother it must be hard for her not to have her mom for herself…
    Heidi has to work bacause she’s her children model and little leni is going to think that men are here to pay for women..
    I’m really sorry to say that but Seal is not leni’s real father ( he loves her, cares about her but is not her birth father and she probably don’t even know that right now but someday she will figure this out and it’s going to be hard for her to have 5 little sisters and brother with black skin around her.
    Again i’m sorry to say that, i’m not racist at all i respect very kind of people and i believe that black people have a very big hart so….
    i just care about this family and i think that they should wait another year before having 3 kids again, heidi is going to be a fat housewife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zbella

    Beautiful family. I love big families. Those who love and care for children should have them. Those who are concerned about overpopulation should not. I have 3 biological children and plan to adopt 2 more. Out of 4 children, I’m the only one with kids of my own. I could actually have 2 more biological kids and still not effect the population. (one to “replace” my husband, one for me, one for each of my 3 siblings = 5 children). Anyway, the US is only keeping our birth rate constant because of immigration & immigrants. Thank God, because otherwise we would have a crisis on our hands like much of Europe. Small towns are dying out – with just a handfull of school aged children. I also admire Brad & Angie.

  • Zbella

    Well, me, you are racist, but you don’t think you are racist. Leni has loving parents. Of course they will talk to her about race (and how people judge them according to race, whether or not they should). Why do you care that her skin is a different color from her siblings? Obviously Heidi doesn’t.

  • Blahblah!

    Oh shut your fugly mouth Col. Fried Chicken Sanders. This is a great site with happy people who have open minds. You don’t belong here. This is the Internet. Go find your fellow freaks.

  • Col. sanders

    “This is a great site with happy people who have open minds.”????????

    open minds? don’t flatter yourselves, this not “openminds” this is nothing but LOWERED STANDARDS

  • Blahblah!

    Col. sanders Says:

    May 21st, 2007 at 10:52 pm – flag comment

    **If you don’t like it, LEAVE IT! You won’t be missed!

  • lisa H.

    Here is s sweet video of Seal giving Jared a bath. I only wish my husband were so attentive!!!!

  • Tricia

    I am happy for them, seems to be love in the relationship, for the racist commentors, God is love so we are suppose to have love also. The racist comments as jesus said “you do desires of your father – satan..

  • Jarome

    I thought Seal would have Hedi knocked up again by now. If their going to have six kids the brother had better get on the ball. What a lucky guy!

  • carmen

    Now Clio,

    Let’s leave your mother out of this. We’re
    talking about Heidi & Seal.

  • Jill

    In my high school interracial couples were very common, almost all of them were black men with white women. I dated a black football player for my last two years before I went to college. It seems like almost half of the interracial couples became pregnant, while I didn’t know of any of the same race couples that did. They say interracial babies are healthier, so maybe this is something that is meant to be.



  • hmm


  • doushebigalow

    heidi could do much better than ugly ass seal damn he is one ugly ass mo fo hahaha