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Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Split

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Split

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have split, sources close to the couple have confirmed.

Mayer, 29, was the one who reportedly pulled the plug on the pair’s 9-month-long relationship this past weekend. The couple last stepped out together at the Costume Institute Gala in NYC earlier this month.

Jessica , 26, was last spotted at the Nike party on Thursday night in Cannes, France, where she is promoting her new film Major Movie Star.

Halfway around the world, rumored ex-beau John Mayer partied through the wee hours of the night at NYC’s Stereo nightclub, where DJ AM was spinning.

Mayer stood sandwiched between club owner Michael Satsky and comedian Sherrod Small most of the night, chatting occasionally with one brunette lady friend.

“He looked extremely happy partying like he was single,” said one Stereo clubgoer. “And there was one woman who looked overly friendly.”

Could this be John Mayer‘s new lady friend??

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  • [Fug Face [You]]

    Thank god, Fug and Jugs – Horrible match.
    I’m sure he got tired of her corny ass.

  • Anthony

    Too bad she is gorgeous, he was lucky

  • Madeleine

    well the reps havent confirmed yet but even if they are broken up, they will probably get back 2gether.

  • 1Gossip

    Finally ditched that chick, she was seriously making him lose his cred.

    The #1 Source for Celebrity Gossip Pictures, Headlines and Links.

  • hamper

    this post makes me so sad jared! :(

  • La

    Well. They are different types. He is awesome and she is a glamour type girl. I am sure he could get another pretty girl and she can get another hunk of a dude. If they get back together that is good for them then.

  • WTF

    god. Who is he going to get to pee on next?

  • Anon

    Whose hand is Jessica holding?? Check the pics there!

  • lula29

    I knew they would break up. Their both young and don’t look ready to settle down.

    He’ll find another pretty girl just like her. She’ll find another hunky guy. It’s all good.

  • Michele


  • theoriginalbitch

    Come on, did anyone really believe that they were a couple?

  • lula29

    Why should she have worked it out with Nick?

    She was too young to get married in the first place. This is called dating, getting dumped is part of it, it’s nothing profound.

    It’ll probably happen again until she meets Mr.Right.

  • http://htt// JOUR

    She Should stay with Nick,she made a huge mistake in her life.

  • Janice

    Saw this coming a mile away…really didn’t think it would last. She had a good thing with Nick. She must be kicking herself for letting him get away.

  • lula29

    Do some of y’all work for Nick Lachey?

    I’m sayin.

  • kandce

    Why is that people tend to admire the past? I think they all are in good place. She is young only 25 she will find someone just like her. So will he.

  • piper, with a low

    WTF Says:

    May 18th, 2007 at 2:19 pm – flag comment

    I hope that rumor is not true. {shudder}

    Anyway, I agree with lula29 about her taking her time. Mind you, I do think that she was hasty in dumping Nick… and tacky too. Although she tried to model herself after another pseudo-independent divorcee… dating an ‘interesting’-looking guy with cred, trying to proclaim her liberation in her works, and positioning herself and ‘her’ man to garner maximum exposure and buzz. Instead, she should have worked hard at working -learning the lyrics to 9 to 5… hello, instead of working hard on her image.

    She’s young and she has time to find the right guy; she just needs to get her priorities straight, pronto.

    I have to admit… I don’t follow her career, but I still cringe when people slam her for showing up at Cannes. And that dress she wore at the Costume Ball… :roll:

  • John Mayer

    I have posted a press release on my blog, to end the rumors and speculation:

    Read It Here

    Thank you,

    John Mayer

  • PinkRose

    She wasn’t too young to get married. Mature young women 18, 19 and 20 make lasting marriages all the time (though not in Hollywood). That was her mistake. She tried to combine her small town values with making a Hollywood marrriage. Please. She was too silly, naive and immature, just NOT TOO YOUNG. Plus she had an overrated opinion of herself. She is not a big star. Does not have the talent to sustain longevity. She was just on a hot streak and her career now could be over. Jumping into bed with John Mayer was not the answer.

  • not casting the stone, but

    ALRIGHT, He’s attractive because of who he is and his success, but w/out fame looking at his face, he is not handsome, NO!

    Jessica will have to go through a series of relationships to grow up some more. She’s a nice girl, but she’s not ready to marry again. I wish she wouldn’t dump her religious values. She made a big deal about saving herself and remaining a virgin for Nick, but now that she’s divorced, she’s thrown her values out the window and sleeps w men before marriage. Wah? I wonder if her entire family left the church. It’s nice to see people mean what they say instead of turning out to be phony.

  • Anon

    Agree with no. 20.
    Also, Jessica thinks she’s a normal girl or whatever.
    What normal girl files for divorce at age 25????
    I think she’s a lot less down to earth than we think.

  • Cynthia

    She is an ordinary girl who married at a young age, the marriage didn’t work out. She isn’t the first and she will not be the last to marry at a young age, divorce at a young age, and sin and have sex out of wedlock. C’mon nobody perfect except God!

  • irene

    I think john is a peoice of garbage and jess shouldnt even give him the right time of day, he was lucky he was able to be with her!!!

  • Keten

    John Mayer Says:
    May 18th, 2007 at 3:43 pm – flag comment
    I have posted a press release on my blog, to end the rumors and speculation:

    Read It Here

    Thank you,

    John Mayer


    did anybody go to that blog?? anyone read the press release? is that john mayer’s blog? or does it belong to some loonie with too much time in their hands?

  • not casting the stone, but

    Cynthia, you missed the point. Everybody knows that girls who remain virgins and don’t have sex outside marriage are the minority. My point is that when you have strong beliefs, they should remain strong in spite of the circumstances. If you say no sex outside marriage, it’s no sex outside marriage. Jessica made made a big deal about being a virgin with Nick Lachey. What I see is that Jessica’s beliefs were never that strong or she would still be practicing them. I don’t dislike her, I just don’t think she’s as committed to her faith as she wanted people to think she is. She’s still a very nice girl but I think she remained a virgin to please her daddy, not for religious reasons and not to please God.

  • Keten


    i think it was part of the marketing plan. just like britney!

    it worked for both.

  • misuchan

    she’s much better off without that guy, he looks like he belongs in rehab. and for those of you posting, “omg! she’s not as down-to-earth anymore” well um, yeah. she’s a [has-been] diva-barbie pop-icon. not exactly back on the farm in texas anymore, and hasn’t been in many years.

  • lula29

    Not casting any stones,

    I think he’s attractive even without the fame. To each his own really.

    Also, I think you are casting stones.

    Jessica was listening to her parents, those were her parents views. She got married and probably realized her life no longer belonged to her parents and if so she should really make some decisions of her own. I actually read an article where she said this which made me like her.

    Look, to those who believe in getting married young and staying a virgin until you marry, good on you, but tons of people don’t believe that way and my personal opinion is that it doesn’t make any marriage better or worse. It’s all about self-knowledge and discovery. Jessica Simpson realized she wasn’t in love with Nick Lachey so she got a divorce. It was the right decision for her because why stay married to someone you don’t love. It leads to a dysfunctional union if you ask me.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with realizing you aren’t mature enough to handle something. Why should I rake someone over the coals because they realize they aren’t ready to handle something and then they make the mature decision to A) Not bring a child into it and B) Get a divorce and start dating so they can get ready. I don’t know who she has or hasn’t slept with, but I guarantee her dating history is not nearly as scandalous as even some women posting on this blog.

  • mary

    those earrings are ugly

  • R

    nick was it
    she fcuked up

  • Vera

    i like her better
    he seems not reliable.. in my opinion

  • not casting the stone, but

    My point was proven. Jessica’s actions speak louder than her words. Her views were her parents, not hers. At least she is being herself now. I agree that she is tame compared to other young women. Hope she finds love again.

  • Cynthia

    I believe they’re still together. According to the daily 10, they still text message each other and they’re talking on the phone. Those two together are starting to grow on me.

  • (‘@’)

    What’s with that pair of earrings?

  • cheryll

    john mayer is a womanizer, what was she thinking? she had a man that really loved her and she did not want nick. john mayer dated jennifer love hewitt and heidi klum and many others, he is not ready to settle for a long term relationship. i sure hope she does not not take her dad’s advice, that is why she is divorced.

  • almond eyes

    wonder what black man she will sleep with now hmmmmmmmmm