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Kate Middleton and Her Sista Pippa

Kate Middleton and Her Sista Pippa

Party-princesses-as-of-late Mischa Barton and Kate Middleton, Prince William‘s ex, enjoy a night out at Boujis nightclub on Thursday in South Kensington, London.

According to British media, Kate, 25, has quickly become one of the hottest invitees on the capital’s social radar. She was also joined last night by her younger sister Philippa “Pippa” Middleton, 22.

It appears that Kate has dropped a few pounds since her break-up with Prince William. She was spotted with an open pack of cigarettes stashed in her handbag. Bad habit, Kate. Bad bad bad!

More pictures inside of Mischa, Kate and Pippa

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01 kate middleton clubbing 01
01 kate middleton clubbing 02
01 kate middleton clubbing 03
02 mischa barton clubbing 01
02 mischa barton clubbing 02
kate middleton clubbing 01
kate middleton clubbing 02
kate middleton clubbing 03
kate middleton clubbing 04
kate middleton clubbing 05
mischa barton clubbing 01
mischa barton clubbing 02
mischa barton clubbing 03
mischa barton clubbing 04

Photos:, Spash News Online
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  • missf

    lol @ ”pippa”

    in italian it means jerk

  • ew

    Yeah, Team Pippa!!!!

  • N

    she’s not wearing those horrible brown boots!

  • viki

    misha looks cute, kate..well…not so ugly??

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    I like the picture of mischa’s nip slip better – little pinky. Lmao

    Who are the other two girls – actresses, musicians?

  • Dina

    The other tow girls are no one. Now at least. Or maybe they are social climbers.
    The one in black-and-white is Britain’s Prince William’s former girlfriend, Kate Middleton. The other is her sister.

    Honestly, since when are the Middleton’s celebrity and why are they here? I could understand she was in the centre of the media attention when she was dating the Prince but honestly, who is she now? Besides, she’s not exactly beautiful or pleasant to look at (especially flashing her privates recently, a-la Britney Spears, as can be see in Wenn pictures).
    I’d prefer to see pictures of Chelsy Davy any time.

  • night

    they really need to leave this private citizen alone.

  • Dina

    Night, I think they would leave those private citiens (kate and her sister) alone, if they wanted to. But looks like Kate has absolutely no intentions to leave the spotlight nad is doing everything to continue appearing in the headlines. :(:( :O

  • night

    no agrument there Dina, I totally agree with you. She’s more in the spotlight now than she was when she was with William. 5 weeks now she’s partied every weekend or has done something that is a Public event. The are clubs in london that doesnt have photographers camping on the front and back doors.

  • Kathie

    Thank you so much for not including the photo with Mischa’s boob hanging out.

  • SKullglies R Boring

    3 Masculine looking Bobbleheads.The one in pink ewewew her head is so giagantic on her thin body.Its a sad day when Missar looks better than you.Those two sisterswalking together ewewew!Three words for the sisters tweezers,stylist,eat and Missar clubs 24/7,what is Misaree famous for? her acting is lame.

  • Sleepy

    I agree with those who say the prince’s former girlfriend is enjoying her time in the spotlight. I think she is enjoying it too much. Seems the reports in the past from the UK questioning whether she is a social climber and media whore were right to do so.

  • lola

    hahahah!! mischa dress so bad i never liked her clothes..Prince william?? whats going on with him? mention him here and you didnt put why..

  • Jane

    I don’t understand the nastiness towards Kate in this blog. She’s well liked in Britain, people were very upset when she and Wills broke up. Kate could have made mega-millions selling her story but won’t even say a word to the press about her former beau. You have to respect her for that.

    She used to go to those same clubs with Wills, so now she is continuing to hang out at the same places with her own friends. What’s the matter with that? So what if she smiles at the papparazzi, she’s a good sport. She’s very popular so they are going to photograph her whether she likes it or not.

  • Wills kick Kate to da curb

    Thank the Queen Wills got rid of that celebrity seekin golddigger!William dont ever take her back either!Kate is not good for Wills.Just look at that FUGLY family gene pool,shoot look at UNIBROW Kate,yuck! her sister yucky.!Williams did the right thing dumping the publicity hound peasant!As for Misery and her constantly depress look,no one can help her shes a lost cause.Sober up Misery and get a stylist or 2 or3haha a mess as usual

  • Michael

    Dude, wherever she goes that British tabs follow her. Regardless if she shows discomfort or happiness she’ll be lashed out at.
    I say: good for her. She actually looks hot now.

  • Vera

    I agree she looks much better after the break-up.
    I think their relationship was in trouble far before the split. So good for her!
    And those 700 proposals from strange supporters were really nice=)

  • Mediterranean

    She seems enjoying the spotlight, but then why did she complain about it when she was with William? They had to request from the press to stay away from her. Now, she likes to pose to them.


    This woman and her sista are fugly and who knew them before William.Their not celeb worthy.And Misshah she had another slip I see what is she on??She needs a intervention its obvious her life and career have stalled,dont like her looks or actions.

  • pelusa

    is the one with the pink pattern dress a transvestite??

  • Lottie

    Those two remind me of Jackie & Lee, but with a lot less class.

  • lucylie

    has anyone wonder why Kate looks so happy after the split from Prince William? it’s a little suspicious that any woman would so happy after breacking up with the most eligible bachelor in the world. I mean does she realized what she has lost? who can replace the next king of England?

  • Gina

    Does anyone know where Kate got the dress that shes wearing in these pics from?thanks for any info.

  • cheap cigarettes

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