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Hugh Jackman is the Best Man

Hugh Jackman is the Best Man

Leading man Hugh Jackman takes on A supporting role as best man on Saturday at the wedding of his personal trainer Michael Ryan and Zoe Bingley-Pullen at St. Marks Anglican Church in Darling Point, Sydney Australia.

“I am very proud to be best man to this guy,” the Australia star said. “It’s going to be a very exciting day and there are lots of surprises he doesn’t know about.”

Hugh, 38, was accompanied by his loving family — Deborra-Lee Furness, 47, Oscar, 7, and Ava, almost 2.

“It was amazing,” Hugh said after the ceremony. “I’m absolutely honored and proud to be Michael’s best man, he’s been my best friend for close on 20 years.”

For 40+ pictures of Hugh Jackman as best man, click here! Wink.

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47 Responses to “Hugh Jackman is the Best Man”

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  1. 1
    Sophie Says:

    he blinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Just Jared Says:

    Winks! (;

  3. 3
    Depeche Says:

    can anyone show me one pic where his wife dont looks like a homeless????

  4. 4
    Sophie Says:

    She doesn’t look like a homeless person, at least not to me.

  5. 5
    Sophie Says:

    By the way it looks like it was a beautiful day, must have been a lovely wedding.
    I also like Deborra’s shoes, DOES ANYONE KNOW which brand they are?

  6. 6
    Sophie Says:

    Jared, fix hugh-jackman-best-man-08.jpg, you didnt crop it correctly

  7. 7
    cal girl Says:

    Hugh is certainly in the top 5 hottest men on the planet! It looks like a lovely day for everyone.

  8. 8
    SevenOver Says:

    He certainly seems to be a very attentive father and devoted family man…nothing sexier than those qualities in a man!

  9. 9
    mrs grated cheese Says:

    omg jared! how did you get him to wink like that??

  10. 10
    Toronto via La Says:

    You know I was watching 20/20 last night on ABC and they were discussing taboos, and one of the topics was when one spouse looks better than the other one and how society doesn’t accept, I know every and me at first thought what is Hugh Jackson doing with her, he obviously looks better, were so accustomed to equally beautiful couples, like brad and angelina, but when we see couples like this where one spouse definetly looks better than the other, we automaticaly get uncomfortable, it shouldn’t be this way

  11. 11
    Breezer Says:

    she does look like a mess. why would you dress like that for a wedding?

  12. 12
    violin_princess Says:

    I think Deb shoud be dressed better,because it was a wedding not a walk to the´s not appropriate for the occasion…it´s definitely not good at all!!

  13. 13
    Hilary Says:

    That same show on 20/20 last night about taboos also did a feature on gay actors in Hollywood not coming out because they will never get work as romantic leading men. I noticed Hugh has his “business partner’s” ring on his right hand. Before I get attacked, I’ve met Hugh and think he’s a wonderful person and a very talented stage performer, I just don’t put him on a celebrity fairy tale pedestal.

  14. 14
    lucy Says:

    Oh shut it, Hilary.

    Hugh is in love with Deb and I am glad that he is since it shows he’s a person who is not the typical superficial flakes that are a dime-a-dozen in Hollywood. As he ages, he will not look as good as he does now so I am sure he and Deb will not feel as ostracized.

    However, I think it’s ridiculous that people think they are an odd couple at all. They look quite loved up and adoring of one another….we should all be so lucky to have love like that.

  15. 15
    carrie Says:

    oh no i thought i was crazy when i saw him blink but then i realized he really winks!

  16. 16
    Sharon Says:

    I agree with Hilary. So what if he’s gay or bi. That isn’t a negative. We all have a right not to buy into the fairy tale lives that some people think these celebrities have. We don’t know who he is or isn’t in love with. It doesn’t matter. He’s a wonderful, charming, talented person, with or without a relationship.

  17. 17
    janeway Says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos, Jared. Hugh looks very dashing in his suit. He is obvivously very happy to be with his friends and beautiful family and very much in love with his wife (regardless of what anyone else thinks). I especially like the one of Mr. and Mrs. Jackman nose to nose, it is just so sweet.

  18. 18
    LOVE him Says:

    I think he is gorgeous!

  19. 19
    Rob Says:

    Deb ALSO wears a “partnership ring” as you call it, Hilary, not just Hugh. John bought them for the three of them when they formed Seed Productions. God, I hope I live long enough to see the day when a person’s sexual orientation just does not matter. Obviously it does matter to you, Hilary. You say you think he’s a good performer but you think he’s a liar, judging by your comment. But Mr. Jackman doesn’t owe any of us a declaration of his sexual orientation. Nor does any other famous person, for that matter. Once performers step off the stage or off the set, they owe us, the paying public, NOTHING in the way of details or accountings of their private lives. Actors should be treated like any other profession is treated (I don’t see the public being all nosy about whether or not their doctors or accountants are gay), but alas, humans being the base, shallow creatures they are fairly regularly in matters like this, that probably isn’t ever going to be possible.

    And for the folks who continually slam Deb, who is a wonderful woman and one heckuva talented performer/director in her own right, lay off! What, you think if you badmouth her enough, Hugh will leave her and you might have a chance with him??? SHEESH. She’s got him, she’s had him since 1995, and you don’t and won’t, so just give it a rest with the wife-bashing, okay? Yes, you’re aaaaall entitled to your opinion, but frankly a lot of us were brought up to hold to heart the old adage “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  20. 20
    RA Says:

    How about if all you hypercritical harpies post your photos on the internet for everyone to take potshots at.

    Hugh has a lovely family. Nothing fairytale to buy into – two happy, in-love adults with two cute kids. No nannies, no hangers-on. They are so refreshingly normal!

  21. 21
    lizzie Says:

    Deborah is obviously getting something out of whatever relationship they have. 2 kids, economic stability, emotional intimacy and please god physical intimacy. We do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Whatever they have at home or abroad is working for them. That is all that matters. When it stops working, then Jared will be the first to tell us with the best pictures.

  22. 22
    Davilyn Says:

    As a keen observer of this adorable little family for a couple of years now (and I freely admit that. I think he’s an extrodinary talent and that they are an extrodinary couple), I’ve come to a conclusion and that would be; Deb is ecsentric. Meaning; she marches to the beat of her own drum, she isn’t a victim of what is fashionable or trendy. She does her own thing; wears the clothes she wants, wears her hair the way she wants and if others don’t care for that, that is their problem (Diane Keaton is the same way and she’s been ridiculed for years). And that my dears, is called confidence and a sense of very high self esteem. Something that women are so lacking in today because we are being fed false images of beauty that we can never measure up to. I know that alot of you think she should toe the line and go the glamour route. But you see, some are just not fru-fru glam girls. I’ve lived in Hollywood and NYC on and off throughout my life and have connections to the industry and let me tell you, if you could see some of our more beautiful actresses walking around in their everyday lives with no make up and baggy clothes, you wouldn’t recognize them. They look just like you and me. And I’ll tell you something else. Hollywood could come and take any one of us and do our hair and our make up and put us in the right clothes, with proper lighting and a great photographer, and we too could grace the cover of Vouge (and it doesn’t matter how big your nose is, how bad your skin is or how much you weigh. They’re magicians and they could do it). IT’S ALL AN ILLUSION. Kate Winslett recently made the comment that she has been complemented many times because of that gorgeous nude scene she did in Titanic (where Jack was drawing Rose). She laughed and said, ‘with the make up and lighting and positioning, it took five hours to get me to look like that.’ She also said, ‘I’ve got a flabby stomach and my nipples are pointing south. I’ve had two children who’ve fed from those breasts, so what do you want from me?” I thought that was hilarious and incredibly honest. We are fed enhanced images of these women and none of them look in person the way they do on the screen or in photo shoots. But you buy it as truth. I’ve just thought of another example.

    Once upon a time there was another actress -who like Deb- had her own look and the namesayers be damned and her name was Katharine Hepburn. When she wasn’t working she wore no make up WHATSOEVER, piled her hair up on her head willy nilly and ran around town in what was then called, dungarees. She said women would come up to her and tell her right to her face…”you look like hell.” And she would just grin and say…”oh I do look ghastly, don’t I?” And then go on her way. She was her own person, as is Deb.

    Non-comformity should be celebrated, not mocked. If we could just learn to accept people for who they are rather than what they look like. We finally have a spouse of a big male star who looks like a normal woman and instead of applauding that, you tear her apart because she doesn’t look like the other Hollywood wifes. And btw, are any of you aware of Mrs. Jackman’s humanitarian endeavors? They are extrodinary. She may not look like a glamour queen, but she is making a difference in this world. Are you? And apparently her off the charts gorgeous husband likes her just the way she is. You know, some men prefer woman who are not glam girls; who aren’t solely wrapped up in their hair, their make up, their clothing and their weight. Alot of men find women like that, insecure and shallow. Some men want a strong, confident woman and could care less if she looks like Miss America. Deborra Lee Furness is an amazing woman and Hugh Jackman is one lucky man. AND HE KNOWS IT!!!

    As for Hugh’s ring…
    I attended a Hollywood premiere where it was revealed the signifigance of that ring. On the red carpet he was asked about it. And here’s what he said. ‘My business partner designed one for me, my wife and himself to symbolize the unity for our fledging production company.’ Now think about it. Hugh Jackman is no dummy. He is very aware of the rumours that swirl around him and John. If that ring were an intimate gift from John, HE WOULD HAVE NEVER BROUGHT JOHN’S NAME INTO IT!!! He would have said something like, ‘it’s a gift from my wife or I wear it in honor of my daughter or some such thing.’ Remember, in Hollywood leading men try to bury their gayness. They don’t announce to the world that their openly gay business partner (of whom people suspect that he is involved with), just gave him a ring.

    Use your heads. Think. I swear, you guys just read this sh*t, form firm opinions and then come back around and stir the pot some more. Oh well, I suppose we all need a hobby.

  23. 23
    digott Says:

    Very well said, Rob and Davilyn! I have seen Deb half a dozen or more times in person, she’s quite lovely. Many photographs do not do her justice. As for her hair and style, read Davilyn’s remarks.

  24. 24
    Rob Says:

    Brava, Davilyn! Very well said! :-)

  25. 25
    dusty Says:

    Boy, the Jackman-Furness defense team is out in force tonight! I don’t really care if the marriage is a sham or not, but Deb doesn’t just “have her own unique style”, she’s just a poorly groomed mess. That doesn’t really matter either, but their poor son is dressed like a street urchin. I’m sure they could afford to dress him appropriately for the occasion, but the poor child looks like a clown. How is he ever going to learn, if the parents don’t teach him? It’s just not very respectful of the bride and groom, IMO.
    *donning flame-retardant suit, now*

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