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Hugh Jackman is the Best Man

Hugh Jackman is the Best Man

Leading man Hugh Jackman takes on A supporting role as best man on Saturday at the wedding of his personal trainer Michael Ryan and Zoe Bingley-Pullen at St. Marks Anglican Church in Darling Point, Sydney Australia.

“I am very proud to be best man to this guy,” the Australia star said. “It’s going to be a very exciting day and there are lots of surprises he doesn’t know about.”

Hugh, 38, was accompanied by his loving family — Deborra-Lee Furness, 47, Oscar, 7, and Ava, almost 2.

“It was amazing,” Hugh said after the ceremony. “I’m absolutely honored and proud to be Michael’s best man, he’s been my best friend for close on 20 years.”

For 40+ pictures of Hugh Jackman as best man, click here! Wink.

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47 Responses to “Hugh Jackman is the Best Man”

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  1. 26
    Davilyn Says:

    Thank you very much for those compliments. I realize that at times I can come off sounding like the ruler of all time, space and dimension, and for that I apologize. It’s just that you listen to this crap long enough, and you just want to scream.

    I’ve observed this business all of my life and I’m telling you, the Jackmans are the real thing. The problem is, we’ve been forced fed so much crap for so long now, that nobody seems to know what the real thing looks like anymore. So, we don’t trust it. It can’t be real. It can’t be true. There must be something wrong with it. No married couple could be that happy. Let’s pick it apart, shall we?

    And I’m not stupid and I don’t look at them through rose colored glasses and I’m not trying to say that they walk on water or that they’ve never have a fight. My god, they’ve been together a dozen years now, have two kids and pretty much live like gypsys because of his career. I’m pretty sure they’ve gone a few rounds now and again. But they’re not fakes. I’ve observed them both up close. I’ve listened to what those who know and work with them have to say and if they are faking their lives, then they are two of the greatest actors on the planet. Give them both an Oscar.

    And one more time from the cheap seats. If their lives together are a sham, then why continue on with it? If she’s the beard who’s been providing the cover, but is fueling the speculation about him, then why doesn’t he end it and move on? He’s made it. He doesn’t need her anymore. He can go find another more “suitable” wife (perfect face, perfect body, perfect age) and then maybe the talk will go away. If he is trying to bury homosexuality in Hollywood, that is EXACTLY what he would do and what he would have done shortly after stardom hit, some seven years ago. But no. He goes and has another child with her and then, makes her an equal partner in his production company. If this relationship is a sham, that means it could break apart at any moment and if it does, there goes half his professional life. He’d either have to buy her out or dissolve the company. You don’t go into business with people if your relationships are built on sand.

    As for John. The misconception there is, they met, became involved, Hugh hired him as his assistant and was then rewarded by being promoted from assistant to business partner. WRONG as some think this all happened in a very short amount of time. They met in 1999 when Hugh began filming the first X-Men. John was director, Bryan Singer’s assistant. He was hired as personal assistant for the Jackmans two years later and after working together for FIVE years, they (the three of them), formed Seed. This personal and professional relationship grew in increments. And yes, they do have a personal relationship. Hugh as said many times that John is their friend.

    And think about it, with the proliferation of the papparazzi into the lives of the famous, if Hugh and John were really involved, wouldn’t you think that at least one questionable or somewhat incriminating photo of them would have surfaced by now? Something? Anything? It’s funny. You hardly ever see photos of Hugh and John together, unless it’s in a professional capacity. No walking in the park or seated together in a resturant. No. All we see are pictures of him with that woman and those kids; in the park, at the beach, in a grocery store, casually walking down a NYC street. THEY’RE ALWAYS TOGETHER. Why isn’t he ever with his boyfriend? And especially now when they’ve got the cover that they’re business partners. They should be able to be seen all over the place together because now they’re running a company.

    Think people. Think.

  2. 27
    Davilyn Says:

    No flame retardant suit required. Everyone is entitled to share an opinion, whether it’s over the top praise or snake spitting venon.

    I’ve been reading Jared’s blog for some time now, but never posted until recently. I would read the nasty, catty comments about the Jackmans and want to say something, but hesitated. I think it’s when I began to understand that this blog is very widely read, that I felt another voice needed to be heard about this family. So, I’ve started writing.

    Some say that when you respond to the negativity, that you only encourage it. That it’s best to just ignore it and it will go away. I beg to differ as I would venture to say that most of the discourse on the internet is negative in the extreme (it sometimes feels like this is where alot of the angry, bitter and envious come to vent) If someone says something that you disagree with and you just let it lie there, you’re complicit in their remarks. By saying nothing, you are in essence, agreeing with them.

    I do not agree with the people who question the validity of this family and I will not let unfounded rumour and innuendo go by. I will say something. I’ve gotten a little snarky in some of my postings and for that, I do apologize. I’ll try to do better. I’m not here to insult anyone. But I do enjoy a good back and forth.

    Now I’m going to ask a question and I’ve asked it several times around here the past little while and no one will venture forth with an answer. I’m asking it here again because this is the latest thread and there seems to be some activity. Here’s the question.

    If, as some of you claim, that Hugh Jackman is gay and Deborrah Lee Furness is his beard and their marriage is a sham and his real lover is John Palermo (here it comes, here’s the big question)…

    Why did she marry him back in 1996 before he became ***HUGH JACKMAN***? What was in it for her AT THAT TIME to enter into such an arrangement; to marry an unknown, no money to speak of, gay actor? She was a name actress in Australia. Why would she do this? She had no way of knowing what was waiting for them just a few years up the road. No one did. Why did she marry him? He had nothing to offer her then except for one thing; his love. They didn’t even have enough money for a wedding. You know how they paid for it? They sold the rights to exclusive photos to some Australian magazine and not because of Hugh. Deb was the star marrying a good looking, just starting out, actor.

    But why would she do this? He wasn’t a star then and therefore, why did he need cover? Why did he need to go to the extreme of marrying someone to cover up homosexuality when he didn’t even know if he’d be successful as an actor? What kind of sense that make? I know that some have said that she’s a mentor or a mother figure. Okay. Maybe. But that still doesn’t answer the question of why she married him THEN. Once the stardom hit and he needed cover? Okay. That I could buy. But not before.

    Can anyone answer this question for me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Frye?

  3. 28
    amanda Says:

    Perhaps she saw the potential in HJ – and he saw her formidable capacity for marketing! Together they understood that they could build the power-trademark HJ! And they are veery good at it, and that´s absolutely nothing wrong with that! And I am sure they like each other too lol!

  4. 29
    Daniela Says:

    I totally agree with ROB and DAVILYn. That’s all I’ve gotta say.

  5. 30
    Davilyn Says:

    Her formidable capacity for marketing? Then why the hell didn’t she market herself into bigger stardom? She is one hell of an actress and back in the eighties, she was one hot little number. She became a very big star in Australia with Shame, but somehow couldn’t “market” that into stardom along the lines of Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchette, Naomi Watts, even Toni Collette and Rachel Griffins aquired more international reknown as actresses than Deb. And she’s every bit as good as those I’ve named. Why didn’t she market herself instead of waiting for some cute little gay boy with some potential to come along so that she could ride his coattails to fame?

    And besides, in that business, you don’t marry potential. If you’re looking to move up, you marry that, which is already on the road to success.

    Sorry. Wrong answer. Holds no water. NEXT!!! Step right up. Don’t be shy.

  6. 31
    lucy Says:


    I love your response. You are one of the few posters on the JJ that can think logically and can write succintly.

    It’s nice to read a post with some intelligence to it.


  7. 32
    Davilyn Says:

    Aww. Thank you Lucy. Sometimes I just think I’m full of hot air. But I do have my opinions and I’m not afraid to voice them. It’s just that I’ve just been listening to this garbage about these people for so long, that I finally said, “enough.” But thank you so much for that compliment.

    So…anyone else want to take a crack at answering that question for me? I’m not a hard ass and if someone can show me something, anything -on any subject- that makes sense, I can change my mind.

  8. 33
    amanda Says:

    Is this ms Day on a crusade rotflmao!!!

  9. 34
    Davilyn Says:

    Amanda? Were you referring to me? My name is Davi, not Day (although I like Day too. It’s nice).

    And no. No crusade. Just tired of reading over and over and over, unsubstantiated, mud-slinging gossip about someone that I probably have more interest in than I should. I admit it. I’m nuts about him. Just like the mother before me who was nuts about Clark Gable and loved him until the day she died, I’ll probably go into the ground singing the praises of Hugh Jackman. So sue me. Some people watch a half a dozen soap operas a day, some eat their way to 400 lbs., some have to watch EVERY football game on Sunday, some live, breath and die with whatever sports team they follow, some need to have sex with 12 different partners a week and I happen to adore Hugh Jackman and Deborrah Lee Furness. We’ve all got something. And it’s okay. And for the record, this is my first “real” celebrity crush, since adolesence (at first I felt a little silly, but then I thought, ‘what the hell, it’s fun’). Maybe it’s because I’ve seen him perform live several times and goofed when the curtain came down and I’ve also spent more than a few minutes, chatting with his wife. They are lovely, lovely people. Down to earth, not full of themselves and kind and gracious to people. And you hear this about them -from those who have had an encounter with them- over and over and over. Why? Because it is true.

    What I find interesting is that, you will not take a crack at that question I asked, but…you will come back and take a shot at the person who asked it? Isn’t that interesting? No answer, huh? Allrighty then.

    C’mon. All you so quick to call them frauds. Back up your opinions with something concrete. And you want to know what really bothers me? I could care less what his sexual orientation is as it will never touch my life. What bothers me is that, the accusers are calling him a liar. And the irony of that is, he is probably the most honest, candid star to come down the pike in ages. Sometimes the things he tells on himself. I just shake my head and laugh.

    But no. No crusade. Just opinionated, passionate about those things I care about (and Hugh Jackman isn’t the only thing on the list. He’s just the cutest. LOL) and long winded. But let me repeat my name for you. It’s Davilyn and when you see that I’ve posted, just put you finger on the key and scroll on by. It will only take you a second or two. Aalthough with my postings, it may take a bit longer. (sorry ’bout that).

  10. 35
    amanda Says:

    No I thought about the au publicist ms W. Day lol lol!

  11. 36
    Davilyn Says:

    Oh, I am so sorry Amanda. And embarrassed too. I thought you were taking a little swipe at me. Not that I don’t need a swipe or two to the head now and again, just to put me and my high falutin’ opinions in their place.

    I do not know who this Ms. Day is. And again, I do apologize for assuming you were commenting about me.

  12. 37
    Marie Says:

    Hey Jared — I just love that wink!! Ha, ha, ha! I didn’t catch it at first.

    Really cute. ;D

  13. 38
    Prix Says:

    I liked the wink as well.

    I did wonder why only Hugh was winking. Did you just get the software, or his picture the only one you thought to use it on?

  14. 39
    Mia Says:

    I agree with rob and DAvilyn…I think this people who come here to say these kind of things shoud trying to do something else instead of coming here and judging hugh!!
    It´s so ridiculous,he´s very happy with his childrens and his lovely and BEAUTIFUL wife,let people be happy…go find something good to do…STOP coming here ok??
    If you don´t like him…DON`T COME!!!
    ’cause i LOVE hugh and his FAMILY and i always get really happy to see new pics of him and his family!!!

  15. 40
    Joey Says:

    I love Hugh Jackman,and it`s hurts to read all this BULLSHIT about the look,and about “oh”the kid`s are adobt,YES,I do not see the problem?I hope Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness go to have a very long happy marriage,and see, sweet Oscar and lovely Ava grow up,in this wonderful little family.I hope, I never go to see Hugh sad.And about the ring,can a man not have,a ring,from a friend?Deb have the same,from John Palermo,who into the seed productions.ALL THIS BULLSHIT,ABOUT THE GAY RUMORS.I GO CRAZY.HUGH JACKMAN IS NOT GAY.over and out.G´day

  16. 41
    Marnie Says:

    I applaud your comments and agree with you 100% – well done.
    In answer to your question however – although I do not believe it I have heard rumours that Deb is also gay and that he was in fact her ‘beard’ (or whatever the corresponding term is). That would give her a so-called motive for marrying him I would suppose, other than the fact that he is witty, charming, talented and normal! It would also explain their adopted children.
    Having said that I must reiterate that I DO NOT believe this at all, I’m just adding another discussion point to this interesting ‘debate’.
    I also find it hard to believe that if he was trying to stay ‘in the closet’ that he would have chosen to take on the role of Peter Allen in TBFO – surely that would be stupidity in it’s extreme for someone who wished to avoid gay rumours! And we all know that one thing Hugh is NOT, is stupid!


  17. 42
    tm Says:

    I absolutely love this family! They seems of genuine and loving. Is Deborah infertile or something which is why they’ve adopted? As much as I love them, it’s a shame Hugh will never be able to spread his good looking genes.

  18. 43
    Tammis Says:

    Oh boys!! Stop! Hugh is beautiful! He is the best actor of the world. The end. AAAAAAA

  19. 44
    ana Says:

    from JANET CHARLTON gossip site 09/12

    Blind Item

    This handsome, athletic leading man has a slightly older wife who lives with their children far from Hollywood. The actor is often on location where he leads a secret double life. This actor fell hard for a 26 year old sexy Italian production ass’t on one of his movies and gave him a top job – running his production company! Not only is the good looking young man getting a fat salary, but he’s got perks – he’s listed as associate producer on the star’s movies. People are starting to get suspicious about their relationship and it could harm the actor’s career. Worst of all, the actor doesn’t know that the Italian has fallen hard for a Calvin Klein model he met at a Geffen party. Heartbreak dead ahead.

  20. 45
    Victoria Says:

    Love picture #8

  21. 46
    alex Says:

    There was an interview with HJ in the (UK) Daily Telegraph recently where he spoke about how he knew the moment he saw her he wanted to marry her, how he hated the way she was treated by people trying to get to him once he was famous, the terrible time they had with miscarriages and IVF before they adopted. It was quite clear he loves her very much.

    Perhaps given his childhood it isn’t a suprise he was attracted to an older woman but it is so horrible that society is so shallow that it can’t believe that he could love someone perceived as less attractive than him. I mean I think she looks fine though I don’t care for the outfit and I always thought black was a nono for a wedding.

    I imagine that a lot of these great hollywood beauties are hell to live with but that isn’t so obvious…

  22. 47
    fyJuX11gsyZpU4 Says:

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