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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 -- World Premiere

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 -- World Premiere

Leading men Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom trade in their swashbuckling swords for dress shirts at the world premiere of Walt Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End held at Disneyland on Saturday in Anaheim, Calif.

Proceeds from the world premiere of the Disney megahit benefited the Make-A-Wish International and its Foundation of America. The film will hit theaters nationwide this Friday, May 25.

Other celebrities who made it to the premiere included co-star Naomie Harris, Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher (with 9-year-old daughter Emerson), Ugly Betty star Mark Indelicato, Heroes star Masi Oka and Jon Voight.

Noticeably missing? POTC heroine Keira Knightley.

More pictures of all the celebrities at the premiere inside…

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01 orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 01
01 orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 02
01 orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 03
02 johnny depp potc 3 premiere 01
02 johnny depp potc 3 premiere 02
03 naomie harris potc 3 premiere
04 masi oka potc 3 premiere
05 teri hatcher potc 3 premiere
06 mark indelicato potc 3 premiere
07 jon voight potc 3 premiere
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 01
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 02
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 03
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 04
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 05
johnny depp potc 3 premiere 06
mark indelicato potc 3 premiere 01
masi oka potc 3 premiere 01
naomie harris potc 3 premiere 01
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 01
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 02
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 03
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 04
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 05
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 06
orlando bloom potc 3 premiere 07
teri hatcher potc 3 premiere 01
teri hatcher potc 3 premiere 02
teri hatcher potc 3 premiere 03
teri hatcher potc 3 premiere 04

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  • You see?

    His name is Masi Oka … NOT Maki Osa

  • Just Jared

    Oops, I knew that! thanks!

  • Roxie Hart

    WTF is going on! Orlando’s looking hotter than Johnny Depp. Hell will be freezing over any minute now.

  • Delfina

    OMG Johnny is so hot
    Orlando too, but Mr. Depp is even hotter.
    Both are a gift for the human eyes.

  • rah

    wow! johnny looks like he climbed out of nicole richie’s garbage can!!

  • susan

    Look at the pictures of Depp up close. He looks amazing.

  • neil

    I allways enjoy seeing Terri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson together. I think they think they’re both lucky to have each other. Much love there.

  • dayday

    ahhhhhhhhh i am screaming!!!! god these pictures r HOT, especially orlando! :D

  • BradAngMadZShiPaxLove

    Eye candy=Johnny + Orlando at one time Im in HEAVEN…JOHNNY can do no wrong..Orlando mmmm good!Love Them…

  • angelah

    I cant wait to see this movie, the date is nearing!!! =D

  • Mery

    Johnny look too a pirate. Too earrings, too studied scrufy, but he can.

  • OMG!!!


  • OMG!!!
  • hanna

    Johnny looks good and as always shy..

  • black

    Orlando is looking very “odd” lately…….like he´s completely lost his style.

    But hell- JOHNNY___________________________________________________________

    That looks…………..ugly………….sorry man, but you really pushed it this time.

  • cor

    so cute that terri hatcher and her daughter wore pirate themed clothes! adorable, she looks like a fun mom

  • scarlett

    what are you talking about people johnny looks hott as always.

  • Lucie

    Ohh johnny you can plunder my treasures any time…. ahhh I absolutely adore this man

  • Linda Tow

    Orlando doesn’t look good, he has lost his sparkle that he had when he was a bit younger. He looks like he smells!

  • André

    Where’s Keira?
    She’s the only reason I watch this stupid series anyway.

  • Eve

    On boy, Johnny is getting better with time. I love this guy to death.

  • Burpie

    Omg, Johnny is steaming. So hot.

  • Asiak

    Oh GOD!! I love Johnny Depp! He’s a great actor and person!!! He’s so nice, handsome and he’s smile.. I love it! It’s so sweet! I’m happy that he finaly found a girl and he’s now better guy. I mean he always was a good person, but nobody understood him.. that’s why he did all these things… I hope he will be so happy forever!!! (sorry if I make/made (?) some mistakes, but I don’t know english well ;) Johnny!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!

  • Asiak

    Johnny you are fantastic!!!!!!!!! I love who you are and what you do!!! You gave me hope for better life, and don’t hide behind your hair, because you don’t have to!!! You always were a lovely guy!! Finally you have a family and be happy!!!! I would meet you and tell this to you, cause you are very special!!! You had very bad childhood, but you did it!!! You are an authority for many of us!! Thanks!

  • sd

    Johnny is by far hotter than Orlando, Orli is average looking to me.

  • anon

    Even dressed in rags Johnny will always be hotter than Orlando!!!
    Orlando’s is starting to get really skinny, and he’s got bags under his eyes. Yikes.

  • cook

    Later for Johnny and Orlando. How ’bout Ms. Naomi. I would enjoy a sample of this.

  • QQQQ

    Oh God, Jon V is in Cannes…Why???

  • Alisha

    My word, who in the world did Naomie Harris’s gown? It’s gorgeous!!!

    As for the gents… eh, Mr. Bloom never really does it for me (not since his “omg hot elf!” phase).
    But Johnny Depp is ALL man. It’s almost ridiculous how beautiful he is.

  • lolo

    Johnny my Honyyyy

  • Astrid

    I love Johnny, but men that’s not a good look on him. I love his shy smile though.

    Orly hot? Pluh-ease. Since when did effeminate men come back in fashion? Johnny in his worst days outhots Orly by far and does it effortlessly.

  • Elizabeth

    Johnny=Hot and Sexy

  • Heidi

    Johnny Depp is a freak. How can anyone find that wierdo attractive?

  • Amy

    Masi Oka wrote their main visual effects program. It’s goo he’s there.

  • ricky

    Orlando looks so great there. F uck the haters.

  • shut it

    Johnny is the hottest man ever.

  • André

    Johnny is not hot at all.
    Gross, oily, weird, fake.
    Orlando is weird too.

  • KC

    What pictures are you people looking at? Johnny’s a brilliant actor but he looks like like a complete weirdo here. Orlando looks boyish and cute. Where’s Keira?

  • Eve

    Oh My God, is that André, the little F*g who loves Gisele Bitchen?????????? No wonder he is her fan, he keeps saying bullsh*t about other people as well.

  • Eve

    Johnny is hot, hot, hot…And the most talented actor in the world. So shut up you silly fashion victim biatch.

  • sus

    johnny is lokking so dame hot i coud just eat him nice nice

  • sus

    sorry got to say it agin omg johnny is looking sooooooo hot thanks for putting some johnny on fore us love him orli look a littel sad he can cuttel up in my bed any time he wants ha ha nice looking lads

  • Huh?

    I don’t get it. Are we supposed to call Depp hot because he’s a good actor? So Johnny’s Hot and for whatever reason people don’t like orlando bloom we’re supposed to say he looks effeminte or boring or like he smells or whatever? Someoe please cc the memo to me cause i am clearly not interpreting these pictures correctly.

  • Lucie

    I think both johnny and orlando look hottt. But johnny just has that extra “something”. The amazing talent, the confidence, the charisma, the “I don’t give a f*ck what I wear or look like” attitude……. He’s just a very sexy man and thank god he was put on this earth for all us women to look at!!

  • moi

    *sobs* I sooo wish I was there! Orlando looks so yummy as usual, so does Johnny. I can’t WAIT to see it now!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    Hmm, weird I was there and we waited all day and was right there along the red carpet a bit further down and not all of the stars came down. But the main ones like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom came down and looked great. One of the best experiences of my life :]

  • calz

    Orlando is the cause of global warming cos he’s so damn hot! Johnny isn’t helping matters either hehe. I’ve got my tickets and I get to see it a day ahead of you all in USA and UK because we are a day ahead of you time-wise tee hee hee

  • bubble

    It’s Johnny Depp which make “Pirates ” a hot commodity . not Orlando Bloom. Bloom can’t carried a film, look at his previous film with him as the leading man, all flop ! there’s rumor that they’ll dump Bloom on the 4th installment of Pirates.

  • Craig

    Johnny changed outfits (and glasses) about halfway down Main Street. Orlando looked like a guy off the street rather than a movie star. Fun night though.

  • Martina

    Nice pictures, but where is Keira Knightley??? Orly cute as always :)