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Vix Continues to Film "Reality" TV Show

Vix Continues to Film

Victoria Beckham attends the 2007/8 Chanel Cruise Show presented by Karl Lagerfeld held at Hangar 8 on Friday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Earlier in the day, Posh (in purple) shopped at Kitson and Lisa Kline in Beverly Hills as filming continued for her reality television show. Afterwards, she went to a nail spa called “Paint Shop”. Victoria was wearing a short purple dress, sunglasses and high heeled shoes.

On Thursday, Victoria Beckham went grocery store shopping while being filmed for her “reality” TV show. To ward off some attention from her nipple-flashing displays, Posh wore flower-shaped nipple shields! Didn’t do the trick, though. Next time, Vix!


UPDATE: After Victoria picked up the book “Skinny Bitch”, book sales rose 37,0000 percent!!!

40+ pictures inside of Posh doing her thang…

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01 victoria beckham chanel cruise show 01
01 victoria beckham chanel cruise show 02
01 victoria beckham chanel cruise show 03
01 victoria beckham chanel cruise show 04
01 victoria beckham chanel cruise show 05
02 victoria beckham kitson 01
02 victoria beckham kitson 02
03 victoria beckham grocery shopping 01
03 victoria beckham grocery shopping 02
03 victoria beckham grocery shopping 03
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 01
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 02
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 03
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 04
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 05
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 06
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 07
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 08
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 09
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 10
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 11
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 12
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 13
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 14
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 15
victoria beckham chanel cruise show 16
victoria beckham grocery shopping 01
victoria beckham grocery shopping 02
victoria beckham grocery shopping 03
victoria beckham grocery shopping 04
victoria beckham grocery shopping 05
victoria beckham grocery shopping 06
victoria beckham grocery shopping 07
victoria beckham grocery shopping 08
victoria beckham grocery shopping 09
victoria beckham kitson 01
victoria beckham kitson 02
victoria beckham kitson 03
victoria beckham kitson 04
victoria beckham kitson 05
victoria beckham kitson 06

Photos: Fernando Allende / NY Post / Splash News Online / Cliff Sobel / Team Beckham, David Buchan / Matt Symonds / / Adrian Varnedoe, Getty / Mark Mainz
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  • jessica

    she is soooo pregnant look at picture 27!!!!! i love her style, not so keen on the purple dress but the leggings are hot.

  • Lucie

    Why does she look kinda constipated in some of the pics? especially the one with claudia schiffer

  • LJ

    Why you say that she don’t shop herself. I have seen pics of her shopping in supermarket in Madrid..

  • Kellie

    Jessica – I hope she is pregnant. How sweet would it be for them to have their little girl.

    I love Victoria, I’ve remained one of her loyal fans since her Spice days. I don’t listen to all the bs said about her.

  • mm

    UGH – I don’t understand the fascination with her. She looks like a pig (her face, not her body). She does look constipated. For someone who cares so much about how she looks, she is so NOT hot. She looks like a cold frigid b*tch, who just lays there during sex – if you are even allowed to touch her, that is.

    And I hate her style. Pure Eurotrash.

  • Sophie
  • Depeche

    She is such a cheap attentionseeker. She would got crazy if she isnt in spotlight. Although shes got NO talent

  • May

    Something is really wrong with this dame!!

    I don’t understand why she has to pimp her fake b-o-*-b-s and plastic nip*les all the time.

    Look at the middle picture(see through black stretch). I can’t believe she doesn’t have money to buy a decent bra to cover those fake ones. lol

  • Fleasha

    Nyeh, I’m tired of talking smack about these people.
    What does Victoria have in her hand in the 10th photograph? Are those bubble gum or a confection of some kind?

  • Just Jared

    They’re Gobstoppers candies.

  • annon

    love her!
    love her style!
    much better than tracking trash paris hilton.

  • Eathan

    God she looks AMAZING!

  • HottieTottie

    She’s oogly. She looks like a freakin’ space alien.


  • Kat

    What´s that reality show about? About shopping? That woman just shops.

  • Shiraz

    You guys are so harsh with her, leave her alone. You can’t know her just from 5 or 6 pix you’ve seen of her.

    She’s looking great, thanks Jared.

  • yara

    vic is a fashion icon like it or not

  • Francophile

    She was beautiful first time she came out with the Spice girl.

    She always had a fashion sense but now, I personnaly think that she overdoes it and go overboard : fake hard big boobs for a super thin frame and flat bohind, wrong mane which brings out an angular big face, wrong haircolor and the skinny frenzies she is addicted to.

    She had a better body back then, a better round face, a better hairdoe and her fashion sense was more subtle and classier.

    Now she looks desperate, fake and vain because she only has fashion left to strech her time for celebrity spotlight and therefore has to exagerate the whole thing to make sure she is still noticed the longest possible…sad.

  • lilflowa

    oh my days she looKs fierce!! shes unstoppable hahahaha carry on doing your thing posh….at the end of the day people who are sitting at home posting harsh comments are just working themselves up and getting wrinkles from their frown lines haha……you will not affect her life in the slightest! she aint stressing bout you thats for sure!………….omd love the green jacket and leggings! and the back of that purple dress is hawttt!!

    Live your life posh….hard boobs and all lmao!!!

  • MJStyle

    I love her! She looks amazing! wowo at the purple dress….

  • Christina

    Victoria is looking STUNNING!! Her clothes are uber fab! I really love what she wears, she looks GREAT!

  • LJ

    Love her, her style and wicked sense of humor. Go Vicky!!!

  • Breezer

    She needs a bra, and a personal shopper. She also needs to gain some weight so her head doesn’t look that huge!

  • jess

    thanks jared.. she looks beautiful!!! the purple dress looks so good, her legs look great… and the pic of her smling is too cute, as well as the one with the boxers lol!

    i can wait for her show, its gonna be so cool… i love her! and that ring is huggggggeeeee she has so many of them though lol david loves to spoil her! aww

  • mary

    I dont really get the hype about her. I dont think she’s all that pretty. She doesnt even have that great of a style.

    her and beckham looks dumb, like uneducated people who are trying to get attention by their looks (older version of paris hilton)

    and that ring on her hand is way to big. Its ridiculously big that it’s not flattering nor tasteful and shes just trying to show off that she has money.

    other celebrities who have money does not have a huuuge rock, maybe around 5 ct. and thats tasteful and pretty. That just looks cheap! I dont understand this whole “hype” about her moving to LA

  • mary

    Also, if I made some smart investments i’m sure the value of that ring could support the rest of my life…like another 60 years.

  • lilflowa

    They dont NEED to try and get attention they obviously already have it and have had it for many years….mayb because she’s just come on your radar doesnt mean they havent been around for a long time and they are well known INTERNATIONALLY……..america is just a small drop in the world…dont start gettin excited thinkin she’s moving to the great LA for fame…im sure shes moving to be with her husband….and if someone offers her money to do a show well WHY THE HECK NOT??….and purlease PARIS has nothing on Posh….purleaseee!! at least posh got famous from the spice girls and the interest in her continued….Paris on the other hand….erm sex tape anyone?

  • yara

    yahh the more u talk about her is more millions to her pocket! people who doesnt like her try to get a life

  • jess

    LOL mary like shes the only celeb to have a huge ring (which is a present from her husband mind you)… she has been famous for 10 years, like she needs more attention, esp. from people like you who dont know what shes really like… try watching “the real beckhams” or “being victoria beckham” ry not to judge people before you know them.

    btw, she looks gorgeous!

  • lilflowa

    i agree jess :D hehe…..she probs thought the ring was cute with her outfit…… plus a celeb trying to get attention would not get invited to the places she does….she obviously is already ESTABLISHED on the circuit.

    If she wanted attention she would turn up at evry awards ceremony available….even if its the opening of an envelope she would be there! *cough Paris*……….im sure Paris woulda invited herself here somehow if she werent busy trying to act like a saint at the moment to avoid PRISON!

  • Debbie

    Victoria is Victoria…leave her alone, I think she is a great chick with a great sense of humour, and I think in most cases she gives pleasure in the people that follow her

  • pepe

    She looks fake to me. Dessprate for attetnion like by dinning in Iv etc.. I people like that. She is famous for nothing right now just like paris.

  • Sandra

    she got that ring from her husband after he cheat on her. LOL If I were her I wouldn’t wear that. Because people get reminded what he did to her.

  • lilflowa

    i didnt realise she was the only person to EVER dine at IVY wow …news to me…she must realllly love that attention…but oh no not the other celebrities that eat there…just her….yup…..

    And Sandra howw do you no it was THAT SPECIFIC ring? hmmm? cos she only has 1 big a$$ ring?…..

  • annete


    It is true she go to ivy to get photographed even the photogs said that about her .. It is also true that david got her a huge ring after he cheated on her.

  • neil

    I feel embarrassed for her. I wonder if the celebrity community talks behind her back. At least Jessica Simpson kind of wears her ‘tranny queen’ style with a certain bravado. “Posh” seems to not realize the impression she makes. Without a clue.

  • N

    Posh doesn’t really have style. She wears expensive clothing all the time and doesn’t really have a look. Anyone with enough money and no real responsibility except trolling the stores in major cities could look like that. Kate Moss is a true style icon. Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, those women had style. The Hermes people must throw up a little in their mouths everytime they see Posh and her fake tits totting a Birkin. Way to trash up a brand, Posh!

  • LJ

    Well, if Hermes people throw up everytime they see her with Birkin why they sell her that bag? They don’t have to do it.. because everybody wants that bag so they would say that they don’t want to sell them to her..

  • Samantha

    She looks so pretty here. I hope her show is successful.

  • chanck

    What a b i t c h !!

  • Merlyn

    This lollipop looks so much like Andy Warhol, although he had better taste! I am so glad this joke has left the UK as we are sick of her!

  • Christina

    LOL at all the JEALOUS people on his board!! You guys are seriously PATHETIC! If you dont like her, dont open a topic filled with pics of, not that hard, I manage to do that when a Britney topic is opened! Geez I hope you people get a life of your own where you dont have to crisize people all the time for silly things or things you know nothing about!!!!

  • VB is a an attention-seeking NO TALENT wannabee famewhore~!

    I love the pic. of her and Claudia Schiffer… that is CLASSIC! A truly beautiful woman(CS) standing next to a fugy, pig-nosed anorexic attention seeking famewhore! LOVE IT! Hopefully her plane goes down on her ride back to the UK/Spain- at least then we wouldn’t be bombarded with senseless news and fug pics of her!

  • VB is a an attention-seeking NO TALENT wannabee famewhore~!

    I love the pic. of her and Claudia Schiffer… that is CLASSIC! A truly beautiful woman(CS) standing next to a fugy, pig-nosed anorexic attention seeking famewhore! LOVE IT! She needs to seriously DISAPPEAR from public life… she’s such a waste of a human being!

  • Anon

    You know why people genuinely dislike this woman- he has NOTHING to do with beign jealous, it has more to do with the fact that she is as FAKE and PHONY as the day is long… and I am not just talking about her physical attributes- the boobs, the tan, the hair, etc… (1) her image of a hands-on mum- FAKE- how “hands-on” can you be when you are out of the family home for weeks on end? Hands-on mum- think Jen Garner. (2) their wholesome marriage/family image- ok- how wholesome of a marriage/family can you have when your husband cheats on you? Again- FAKE! (3) this silly reality show of hers to potray herself to us, the US public as “one of us”- example- the pic. above of her holding a frozen pie crust- you can tell from her expression that she has no idea what it is!- FAKE! (4) her obsessive need to constantly be in the public eye and their annoying habit of throwing their millions around– it’s all about: look at us- we are sooo much better than the rest of you… FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!~ If people are “jealous” it has to do with their welath- NOT with wanting to live their fake and superficial existence!! Thia is why people do not like her- she is phomy, vain, snobby to the hilt, self-centered and completely narcissistic… and for those of you who are touting their silly doco-dramas- do you not realize that that is all a SHOW??? If you think that they are really like the way they potray themselves in that- you are more silly than the over-rated, totally useless Beckhama’! Everything in their life is carefully orchestrated– in other words–FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

  • mary

    I could not have said it better Anon!!! Totally agree with you. She is seriously not a hands on mom.


    People invite her to these shows or events because they want people who get photographed alot to go there so they show or event can be in the news and people can read that “oh Victoria beckham was there!!” Why do paris hilton get invited to shows and events?? Because she’s such a great role model? NO!! it’s because they know that she always get chased by photographers and if she’s at this event it’ll attract alot more photographers and it’ll be in much more magazine. It’s a PR thing you know. How did these restaurants get so famous, Mr. Chow’s and the IVY…….because people who get photographed goes there and it gets onto websites/magazines that these celebrities eat there.

    And I know who she is. I’ve known who she is since spice girls. So I’m not as ignorant as you think I am. Also, I dont think she is ‘internationally’ known as you say. Because there are some countries that can care less about her because she is not famous for anything expect being married to David since some countries are really into soccer. Again, She is famous for NOTHING!

    you are right though, I don’t know who she really is as a person. but based on what she is doing currently, she’s show that she is not being a good mother. notice how not one of these pictures is with her kids. There is 3 locations in those set of pictures and her kids is nowhere to be found. Just like Anon said, Jennifer garner is so much better! (her ring is also not HUGE) she’s always with her daughter.

  • rayn

    I love her and she was my style icon.
    but she isnt that good at style lately. she used be much more fashionable before.
    I think this leggins sooooo ugly. and purple dress is cute but not suite her.
    I dont want to say that but at this Chanel show, Lindsay Lohan looked better than her.
    Lindsay wears Chanel better than her.

  • ceina

    i like her style its alright….but….she still looks like dried fish to me

  • mila

    WOW her face looks really pretty without the sunglasses, but she is SO HOT in her aviators and the oversized ones! Love her :)

    Don’t nobody be talking smack about my girl VB