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Bridget Moynahan's B-List Baby Shower

Bridget Moynahan's B-List Baby Shower

Bridget Moynahan celebrates her impending arrival with an all-out baby shower at a female friend’s home in Venice, Calif. on Saturday afternoon. The 36-year-old actress is expecting her and ex-beau Tom Brady‘s first child together the first week in August.

Celebrity pal guests included Brooke Shields and Molly Sims, both of whom brought gift baskets full of goodies.

15+ pictures inside of Bridget, Brooke and Molly

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01 bridget moynahan baby shower
01 molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower
02 bridget moynahan baby shower
03 brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower
04 brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower
bridget moynahan baby shower 01
bridget moynahan baby shower 02
brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower 01
brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower 02
brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower 03
brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower 04
brooke shields bridget moynahan baby shower 05
molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower 01
molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower 02
molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower 03
molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower 04
molly sims bridget moynahan baby shower 05

Photos: Ginsburg/Spaly/Splash News Online
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  • sheila

    I actually find it nice that she was just having a “normal” baby shower with some of her friends.. She looks alot better than man face gisele..

  • Dean

    A bit judgemental, aren’t we Sheila?

  • Eve

    I agree with Sheila, Gisele has a man face. Not even the nose job could fix that.

  • JustJaded

    I’d say she’s having a boy b/c so far, in all of her pregnancy appearances, she’s born blue or a variation of blue. She looks good.

  • SuzieQ

    Since when is Molly Sims B-list?! Jared lately you’ve become a little bit mean. Are you trying to compete with Perez? Please don’t…I’ve always liked your site BECAUSE you don’t say mean things.

  • sheila

    I just said she has a man face.. how is that judgemental.. I didnt say what a skank sleeping with a guy who has a kid on the way…

  • neil

    Just so you ladies know, most men think Giselle is hot.

  • Anon

    Bridget is gorgeous and has great friends! Gisele is not hot and what she has done to Bridget makes her “ugly”. Beauty comes from the inside out and Gisele is not a beautiful person. Glad to see that Bridget is enjoying this pregnancy despite Tom & Gisele.

  • R

    all these ladies in floral cr@p dresses at the cute baby shower, w/the cute gifts and dainty fingerfoods… retch.

    some chicks never outgrow sorority mode

  • Be nice

    Why on earth does “B-list” belong in a story like this??? I agree with the first blogger. I think it’s great that Bridget seems to be having just a sweet, normal baby shower with friends instead of some showy extavaganza. I’d rather be called a “b-lister” anyday if I was also thought of as a nice person. All these baby shower women seem genuinely nice and have also had admirable careers. Not everyone can be a mega-watt star, and personally I wouldn’t want to be – most of them seem troubled and unhappy. Best wishes to Bridget and her baby…glad to see her looking so healthy and happy and NORMAL!

  • Lucie

    Who cares if they’re B-list or whatever list! At least they seem like normal real friends, unlike those fakers out there who just pretend to be “friends” for the publicity but in actual fact they could care less about the other person’s life

  • carolina

    They look cute as can be. Neat to see friends out celebrating the baby’s arrival. Jared-I don’t like the B-list comment either. Sometimes you do make smart comments when you write an article-it’s very easy to see where your loyalties lie… Often depending on your article will set the mood for the posts that follow.Stay impartial and play nice…..Love that you give us great pics though…

  • an a-list mom

    I’d rather be a b-list actress that is also an a-list mom than the other way around. What a nasty and uncalled-for headline jared. You must have bought into the garbage about Bridget being spouted by friends of Gisele and Tom. Bridget was NEVER labeled this way before her pregnancy. But jealous people are now trying to unfairly malign her. DON’T BE LIKE THAT JARED! What a way to spoil a nice event by nice people for a nice person. Fortunately, the pictures speak louder than your UNKIND words.

  • Marly

    Most men think Gisele is attractive? Probably true. Most men would think any woman with big boobs and skinny is attractive. But what difference does it make anyhow? Because she is a supermodel and makes tons of money, she is somehow better than Bridget? No way. I don’t like the B-list comment either. I don’t think Bridget invited her guests based on whether they were A or B or C list as you would label them. I admire Birdget, she’s behaved with a lot of class in her situation especially when some people make cruel statements like she trapped Brady into having a baby – it takes two to make babies and he could have taken precautions if he didn’t want to have a baby with her. As it is, the way he and his new supermodel g/f are making out in public so soon after the split is very D-list behavior in my opinion.

  • Cindy

    First of all, who told you this was Bridget’s baby shower? The reason I ask is that she clearly has a gift with a tag on it…the same as the others arriving & the last time I checked, the mother-to-be was usually exempt from having to bring a gift. Hey, I adore Bridget and think she has a surplus of class and dignity and if it is her party I’m tickled pink(or blue) for her. Just asking. And if it WAS hers? Shame on you Jared for jumping on the “let’s bash Bridget” bandwagon. And since when are Brooke and Molly considered B-list? And who the hell makes up these lists? Really would have thought you were above that sort of thing. Note to Neil: We ladies GET what you fellas see in Gisele…and it AIN’T her face.


    Dude, Gisele is prettier than this women by 10000000 miles. It´s not even close. Bridget is so homely . And she is not even b-list celeb. Try z-list celeb who tried to trap a guy.

  • yeah right

    This is her baby shower. Her publicisty probably gave the paps the tip. It´s so clear. She had been doing this her entire pregnancy, but hey lets continue with the ahhhhh, she is so classy bullshit. No one cared about Bridget Moynahan before this pregnancy gate. Maybe 6 people from her fan club that now is infesting the entire web.
    Please, as if Gisele´s friend need or would waste their time coming to a blog to discuss with a bunch of delusional people about their friend personal life. That is too funny.

  • this is so silly

    I´m a woman and I´ve seen Gisele in person twice and she looks like fairy tale princess. She is a gorgeous women. It´s your prerrogative to have your own opinion but this who is prettier contest is so silly. They are both beautiful women and no one will ever know what happened between Tom and Bridget, unless one of them decide to call people magazine and tell their version, but I don´t think beauty solely can keep a guy into a relationship. And apparently not even a baby. Sorry, but by Tom´s and Bridget past interviews, one seemed to want to settle down and have kids and the other not. Fair enought, one is 36 and the other is 29.
    Tom stated over and over again how he did not want to start a family. This is so simple. And please stop with this nonsense that Bridget is a saint just because she is the one pregnant, this is getting boring.

  • Anon.

    B-list? How snarky and mean spirited. People are friends with who their friends with. It’s not about A-list or B-list. Shame on you, Jared. I like her a lot. And I think Brady is a total skunk…better she found out now. I would nail him for child support and he wouldn’t get within 20 miles of MY kid. He’s a sperm donor.

  • Be nice

    Lots of guys don’t want to settle down, but when they get their woman pregnant, they step up to the plate and try to make a family work. Bridget is a saint in my book for doing this with class ALONE when that loser ex of hers couldn’t be man enough to stand by her. Two people make a baby… both are responsible for trying to make a family for that baby…not just support checks and weekend visits. Tom is a TOTAL JERK in this matter. Nothing will make me feel differently. And Gisele is very attractive, but what kind of person takes a pregnant woman’s baby daddy? NOT a very good one.

  • Eve

    @ This is so silly…If you think fairy tale princesses have big noses and fake boobs then Gisele Bitchen looks like one of them indeed.

  • BritBoy

    I don’t think Gisele stole Tom from Bridget. She just stepped in the picture right after the break-up.

  • Be nice

    BritBoy…not sure that’s true….and even so, she should have hi-tailed it out of there when she found out about the pregnancy…it’s impossible to be too attached after ONE week and supposedly Tom went immediately to Gisele for “consoling” after his upset over the pregnancy. So she’s ALMOST as creepy as him…and definitely desperate – and for someone so beautiful and succesful, this is very odd. Must be an insecurity thing or, like Bridget, she pines for a family. Unfortunately, she took someone else’s. I will always see Gisele this way – as a homewrecker – and so I believe do most people. Tom of course is even worse…total pond scum.

  • inhirnamy137

    Quit with the homewrecking stuff, just because Tom is with Gisele doesn’t mean he won’t be a good father, Also I would take Gisele career and looks over Bridget…Gisele isn’t beautiful to me, but she Bridget is nothing special either.

  • this is so silly

    Class? Do you think calling out page six and make an announcement that no one were even suspicious classy? Why do you think this whole craziness is happening? Please enlighten me, but who the hell knew it about Bridget Moynahan before all this? Ok, better question, who cared about her so much before? Someone already said, probably six people from the i,robot is not that bad movie fan list. How many a-list celebs have done that? I mean make big announcements especially regarding pregnancy through a notorious gossip column? They don´t. They don´t need that kind of publicity. And don´t come with bullshit, HER PR gave the news exclusively to Page Six. Yep, this is pure class.

    This only reason why this is even news is because Gisele is involved with tom. If not, not even page six would care much to publicize this story not Just Jared would be posting her pictures. Gisele is the only one involved in this stupid story that is worldwide famous and is hunted by paparazzis everywhere.
    Bridget was fully aware that the guy she was dating did not want to commit. She gambled and lost. Deal with that. She had done a great job for a long time avoiding pregnancy, but the pill failed just now with Tom Brady, not with Scott or any other boyfriend of hers that no one know or cares not called Tom brady, not as famous and rich as Tom brady, who even with his constantly immature behavior regarding a serious commitment or even his very public freaks out every time some engagement rumors would hit the net couldn´t be enough reason for her realizes the guy was not the one, he did not want to marry her. But I´m sure the women patrol will come screaming at me…ahhh, he could have used condoms!!! Women are glorious higher beings that would never ever be capable of such selfish act. Whatever. I´ve seen enough in my life to think otherwise.
    And seriously, Gisele shouldn´t even be mentioned here. This concerns Tom and Bridget only. Whom Tom chooses to date from now on, it´s not relevant to this matter neither whom Bridget get together in the future.
    The only thing I hope is that they are both cordial to each other and try to be the best parents they can be for this child . If it´s going to be together or separately it´s up to them. Get over it.

  • blahhh, get a life!

    Bridget is nothing special, never thought she was before this big event that shall change the course of the universe, and still don´t think she is now. but the pregnancy suits her well . how they will work ot their shit is none of our business so stop this judgmental crap and grow up a bit.
    Now Molly Simms is gorgeous!

  • kiwbelle

    I once asked a friend why he thought Gisele was pretty he stated: “She’s not pretty, she’s hot, great body, I don’t look at her face.” By those standards she’s very attractive.

  • Get real

    I don’t care why or how she got pregnant…Tom ‘s behavior is despicable…and Gisele is a loathsome enabler.

  • kris

    The B-list part in the headline was really mean-spirited and just plain unnecessary. When I first saw the headline it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Just because Molly, Brigette and Brooke are not making big movies it doesn’t warrant to call them B-listers. And plus it is just a baby shower with some of her good, real friends. No need for the B-list part.

    I think this blog should just be called “Just Bradgelina” because if you read their posts they are always positive.

    I’m going to head to another blog called Popsugar, at least there there will be no mean-spiritedness.

  • this is too funny!

    Who is Bridget Moynahan? Who is tom Brady? Ok, just googled. One is some bad actress that I´ve never heard of and the other is an american football player.
    I´m a women and Gisele is way more beautiful than this woman. By far. It´s not even close. Now what´s new with brangelina?

  • Get real

    Just googled “this is too funny”…it’s a shallow uninformed model groupie obsessed with dissing pregnant women.

  • he shoots he scores! Tom you are da great!

    just googled “get real” and it´s delusional people over the net who cares too much about useless d-list actresses who get pregnant by their rich dumb boyfriends when they are about to be dumped so “get real” people can know them for entire 40 weeks. yay, so great!!! I wish only good thing for this child .
    The national enquirer photo shoot this kid will be doing with the wanna be a-list , aka the great mom and her new found fame will be great! Can´t wait Jared until you post this. Cheers.

  • Get real

    I’d rather care too much about being nice to a pregnant actress, than care too much about being nasty and small-minded.

  • BritBoy

    Poor Bridget, and poor Gisele!

  • Terri

    What did Gisele do to Bridget? Bridget and Brady were dating. They broke up. She happened to be pregnant but the relationship was over. Why does anyone have to be the bad guy in this situation?

  • S. P.

    I think Bridget’s better on her own with the baby. She doesn’t need Tom’s money, but wanted his baby (good genes). He’ll be a great guy for supporting his baby. I think Bridget and Tom make a better looking couple than Tom and Gisele. I think secretly Gisele has wanted to get with Tom since they met at a Victoria’s secret party, back in 2005, but she was off and on with Leo and he was taken. They’ve been planning this coupling for a long time.

  • BritBoy

    Still doesn’t make Gisele the bad person. There doesn’t seem to be any bad person.

  • Laura

    I cannot stand Bridget! The way she is exploiting her unborn child is pretty gross. Thank God, Tom Brady ran from her. It took a pregnancy and 3 years, but he, thank God, did not and will not marry this b-list fame whore!

  • Brianna

    I would like to interdouce myself. My name is Brianna Adams and I am 13 years of age and I am a African-American. I also agree with Laura’s comment. I do not like Bridget Moynahan and I think she is a skank. But what I CANNOT stand is that everybody wants him to take responsibility for something that may not even be his. Truth be told ladies and gents UNTIL he has a PATERNITY-TEST nothing is proven. So she and everybody else can’t claim a damn thing. He may have been with her doesn’t mean that he was with her all the time. You and I don’t know who’s this child’s father. And until their is a BLOOD-TEST we ALL will find out. Oh… and by the way some of you may think that women don’t lie, but I got news for you all… EVERYBODY LIES! So this topic is so EWWW! Oh… and by the way I am no dumb kid. I wrote a book entitled “Wake Up Young People Hand Book” a young people’s guide to self improvment. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes& Maybe some of you all can educate your minds with it.

  • TD

    Gisele is not hot, she is barely above average with makeup and air brush, take those away and whoa, who’s that man sleeping with that man!
    Tom Brady was the all american guy with Bridget, now he is just your typical american guy! He went from top knotch to a few more knotches in the post. What a lesser of a guy he is now, I am ashamed, he should have stuck by his women.

    Tough luck

  • Jein

    So what if Bridget isn’t some hotshot superstar? So what if she is not some slutty lingerie model? Just because she isn’t as huge a star as some people doesn’t mean that she has no right to continue with her pregnancy and carry it with dignity.

    It’s so stupid how some jerk call her names and belittle her for not having a smashing career. Regardless of how popular or unpopular she is doesn’t give an idiot boyfriend the right to refuse to support her or for other people to bash her.

    Tom Brady did date her for three years. That’s a fact. Being Superstar or not, it’s a non-issue.

    Typical of the Tommies to bring such immaterial issue to the table.

    He got her pregnant then walked out on her. That’s what you should be addressing. Not who’s an A-lister or not.

  • ????????

    Bottom line : Bridget probably got desperate- Tom grew more and more distant and made it clear that he was NOT going to marry her. In fact Gisele WAS seen with Tom as early as SUMMER of 2006 ! So, they were seeing each other. Gisele is very young at 26. Bridget is 37 this year (perhaps 5 years OLDER than that, come on it’s a FACT all actresses “erase’ AT LEAST 5 years when starting out!) Bridget is the CAD in all this. She TRAPPED him BUT it did not work did it? OMG how HAGGY is Bridget that even a pregnancy does NOT send Tom back to her? She must be the world’s worst nag ! Men do NOT want/need this. Gisele is light, young, fun, gorgeous, and she did want marriage from Leo but would she stoop to trapping him? NEVER. I think we have a Dumped-Hags-Brigade on here. I feel badly for Tom because he could NOT this old bag successfully! BTW B-List? Come on now- Bridget is like F-List or lower. She is JOBLESS-Isuggest she TRY to get some 3rd rate acting jobs because the MAN needs only to support the kid by law (NOT the PARASITE MOTHER!). Where is Bridget’s dignity? I swear the positive posts are Bridget and her Mom. Who else would defend this NOBODY? And WHAT WILL BRIDGET DO FOR $$$ 18 YEARS FROM NOW, OR EVEN 6 YEARS FROM NOW, WHEN BRADY’S MONEY IS DRYING UP (GISELE’S $150 MILLION WILL STILL BE AROUND).

  • Tony

    A short shelf life for sports players when endorsements dry up or don’t come, you’re right ‘ ????????. So, mother Bridget better get a job.

  • Mikela

    In reality Bridget sure looks 40. Leave the kids (Gisele and Tom) alone, Bridget!

  • Lisabelle

    Tom Brady and Gisele are soooo stunningly gorgeous together ! Their baby will be DDGorgeous ! Imagine a girl ! The apple of Daddy Tom’s eye !

  • MJT

    Glad Bridgett is having a boy because she has a plainjane pasty manly face. Tom is hot.



  • Mel

    B list? Try D list actress. A hasbeen who is jobless now and too old for roles. Not pretty enough for Hollywood anyway.

  • LOL

    How f*cked up is a woman who is sick enough to schedule her c section for Gisele’s day??? Bridget is a gross old pig.

  • DBS009

    Giselle is not pretty. Tom will get tired of her just like Leo
    and the rest of Giselle’s BF’s did. I could not stand that accent
    and voice!!! Bridget is way classier and talented than Giselle.
    Besides, Bridget will have a child by Tom Brady and they will be in
    Tom and Giselle’s lives forever.