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Jessica Simpson Eats Cannes Lunch

Jessica Simpson Eats Cannes Lunch

Jessica Simpson dines out in the Juan Les Pins neighborhood of France on Saturday to lunch with manager daddy Joe and BFF hairdresser Ken Paves.

All eyes are on Jessica after calling it quits with musician John Mayer on Friday. The singer “slash” actress in town at for The Cannes Film Festival to promote her forthcoming flick Major Movie Star.

Jessica, 26, looked smiley as ever and did stop to sign autographs and say hello to her French fans.

15+ pictures inside of the Simpson Cannes lunch…

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jessica simpson cannes lunch 01
jessica simpson cannes lunch 02
jessica simpson cannes lunch 03
jessica simpson cannes lunch 04
jessica simpson cannes lunch 05
jessica simpson cannes lunch 06
jessica simpson cannes lunch 07
jessica simpson cannes lunch 08
jessica simpson cannes lunch 09
jessica simpson cannes lunch 10
jessica simpson cannes lunch 11
jessica simpson cannes lunch 12
jessica simpson cannes lunch 13
jessica simpson cannes lunch 14
jessica simpson cannes lunch 15

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  • tanique33

    “slash” actress really made me laugh. thanks jared. i’m baffled that studios keep putting money behind her movies. the idea of her at cannes with a movie is ridiculous.

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    lmao. she shouldnt even be there.

  • Ann

    She is so out of place at Cannes. It should be a place for “real” actors and not just hangers-on, trying to get their picture taken. (Her daddy is a master at drumming up the publicity.)
    Of all the celebrities out there, she baffles me the most – HOW on earth did she get so famous?? Marginal talent at best, and her looks are something you’d see at the suburban malls – cheap, tacky and overdone, with marginal bone structure. Also – no matter how slim she gets, she still has the shortest, stumpiest legs – my four year old daughter has longer legs. UGHHH – please GO AWAY, JESSICA!

  • joe’s a genius

    One must admitt that Joe Simpson is a genius to take two OK looking non talented daughters and generate actual money producing careers for them. Neither daughter can sing, but they get record deals, and Jessica gets to play act in movies.

  • Lucie

    Jessica Simpson at Cannes with a movie? What is happening to the world???

    She doesn’t belong at Cannes, she belongs in a rundown stripclub doing the Can-Can! (lol sorry lame joke!)

  • [Fug Face [You]]

    I think this whole breakup thing is a tactic by the brilliant masterminded pimp – Joe Simpson. He just wants one of his little cash-cows to get more publicity while at Cannes.

  • Cynthia

    Fug Face I agree with you. How can two people break up and they still call each other and text message each other like crazy! When people break up and call each that’s a good chance they’re going to reunite. I don’t like Jessica but I hope they are not over.

  • d list actress

    She does not have a movie opening at Cannes. She is just there to PROMOTE a movie that will be coming out. Go look at pictures of Cannes . There are always women posing for cameras as a way to promote their movie.

    Once again Jessica has no idea what sexy is. She just looks like a porn star not Marilyn Monore. But I guess her father thinks if she is showing off those double D’s than she is doing it right. LOL.

    Bring Back the sweet sexy Jessica NOT this thing.

  • cook

    3 words phrases ?

    what the fcuk?

    out of place

    does not belong

    so very delusional

    not an actress

    What else? Help!

  • +++

    Her leg was so ugly, short and stumpy. the big boob was outrageously disproportion to her body. I agree with # 4, her dad was a genius.

  • Burpie

    I can’t stand her. Y’all are right, she shouldn’t even be there. I have to say, though, as much as I don’t like her, she looks pretty in Pic #7. But the othre pics………….not so much. I guess in that specific picture, the lighting was good or something. :P

  • angelinammm

    “joe’s a genius Says:
    May 20th, 2007 at 9:55 am – flag comment

    One must admitt that Joe Simpson is a genius to take two OK looking non talented daughters and generate actual money producing careers for them. Neither daughter can sing, but they get record deals, and Jessica gets to play act in movies.”


    btw nice dress

  • pipi

    Not a cute dress at all.

  • lj

    Now her hair, skin , and sunglasses match! Plus she added those ugly extensions! What a joke! She has no shame. Ugh.

  • bee

    you are all haters jess looks great so stop being jealous also glad to see her hair is lighter also and why isnt anyone ragging on kid rock who is a musician so I guess he doesnt belong their either right and also the other people that are their!!!

  • yucky

    That dress is awful on her. Can someone please get this girl a bra? And that hair, don’t even get me started on that hair. She needs to dump Ken Paves, because her hair looks so nasty.

  • cook


    kid rock is an excellent musician who has performed adequately in several films….jessica simpson, not so much.

  • R

    does she look in the mirror and go: “do i look like a cow that hasn’t been milked yet? great!!” and then saunters out the door?!

  • [punk royal]

    For all those who love and miss Fug ‘n’ Jugs don’t worry as soon as Cannes is over they’ll get ‘back together’.

  • Matt

    I am so glad she decided to go back to blonde, and grow her hair and nails out a little bit. You’re looking good Jessica, keep it up!

  • annon

    noone knows her outside the US. so i have no idea what she is doing in cannes.
    probably just walking around just in case someone will take her pictures.

  • Karam

    Juan-les-Pins is a town in the south of France, not a neighborhood…it is seperate from Cannes but nearby.

  • WTF

    She looks horrible. Just when I think she can’t look worse she does.

  • boohoo

    does her dad pay this much attention to ashlee?

  • boohoo

    I also wanted to add, her “breaking up” with John and then dying her hair (who the hell dyes their hair while they are attending a film festival???) are all part of her publicity stunt. She wants people to talk about her.

  • 1006


  • mary

    ew ew ew ew ew she is so sick. I agree with all of you who really hate her. She is so fake now. I think the reason her and nick broke up was because he wanted to settle down have kids and just have a peaceful life. but she wanted to go out and get ‘famous’.

  • JJ

    i love jessica…she’s amazing at what she does and i think she looks amazing. those with no lives on here are those who sit arou8nd and judge others who they don’t even know because their own lives are not worth mentioning at all

  • Anthony

    she looks amazing

  • [punk royal]

    Post # [27]‘s pimp-daddy Joe Simpson himself. He likes to sign online every now and then – go on blogs and defend his cash-cows ~daughters~ JJ, I mean Joe.. you are a true dad/manager.

  • angelah

    she has a decent movie to show case @ cannes?

  • Celene

    A trashy huge balloon.

  • Stella

    wow, i’m baffled at the amount of people that have nothing better to do than criticize a person they dont even know… !!??? short stumpy legs??? better be short and have a curvy body (like jessica’s) than to be tall, have no butt and no boobs… SHE’S A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!! i would love to see what you all look like, i’m not a fan but if i were a man, i would find her pretty…

    p.s and what is up with North America being skinny obssessed???? women without a butt and breasts might as well grow a mustache and dress like a man….in my opinion
    you all talk bad about the girl because she’s attractive and you probably arent… and who made you the judge of who should or shouldnt be in Cannes??

    still baffled , envy, the green eyed monster is very present in these comments


  • sasha

    Only one I’ve seen that promotes a movie BEFORE it comes out or even starts filming. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!

  • Sandbitch

    The only way to fix that chemically abused head is with Britney’s clippers. Awful frock too – doesn’t fit and the fabric looks like grandma’s curtains.

  • Santeezy

    Talk about someone who doens’t belong.

  • NOnoNO


  • Keeping it REAL

    You people are really ridiculouws, Jessica Simpson is a beutiful woman with class! I guess she is getting such bad reviews from you idiots because she is not like the other bimbos out there doing what the rest of hollywood it girls do to get press. No real man would dare say he would not f Jess! And you jealous women…stop hating! Did you all wait til you were married before you gave it up? Men were you your wife’s first? Probably not so give her the respect that she deserves!

  • AndrĂ©

    well..i hope she only got salad for lunch.

  • Souhila

    No Audrey Hepburn had class , Natalie Portman is a woman with class … Jessica Simpson looks just slutty (remember the video clip bikini + car … oh yes , so elegant !! )


    She looks alot better than some other golden haired, no talent , sit-com actress whose face I am happy to say has not been seen much lately.

  • [punk royal]

    41 you got a big dcik in your mouth and we all know who it belongs to. move on loser.

  • Gee Wizz

    Jessica looked so much better before getting the recent breast implants – bad mistake, her boobs were a great size and natural. I hope Ashlee doesn’t make that mistake with her chest, the nose was enough. John Mayer didn’t seem happy in photos taken with Jessica, their split comes as no big surprise.

  • danielle

    Jessica looks GORJESS! I cant wait for this movie as well as her new movie BLONDE AMBITION thats coming out this year because luke wilson is in it!!

  • gizmatage

    All I want to say is — she is NOT an “actor” — she has no biz being Cannes or in a movie period. I don’t care how she looks or what, just please don’t ruin a movie!

  • Eric

    That thing look hideous, look at those ugly legs, omg she is so fat, a real tranny.
    She and John Mayer are faking this break up, he wants to sell more tickets for his
    and she hopes to get attention this week end they have secretly leak this to tabs for weeks
    now. They have become desperate publicity whores. John just really lost himself, I will
    never go to his concert again.

  • carol

    She looks reallyyy fat

  • blah

    bee, it’s called a run-on sentence. get to know how to fix it.

    jessica’s going to be getting offers from slimfast pretty soon.

  • hating stupid people

    Is anyone here richer and more famous than Jessica? I’ll bet no one is! LOL so back off! You haters are just jealous, with nothing better to do than bash people. Jessica is gorgeous, and whether she decides to make movies or not is none of your business. If you don’t like her movies, so don’t watch! It’s as simple as that, haha, how pathetic.

  • Sara Lee

    Jessica is a joke, always was, always will be. Nobody is jealous of her, she’s orange with nasty looking hair! I bet most of the girls here look 100 times better than this tranny.