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Daniel Craig to Do the Cannes Cannes

Daniel Craig to Do the Cannes Cannes

Super scruffy Daniel Craig, the latest incarnation of James Bond, arrives at Nice Airport on Sunday with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell for the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Craig, 39, expected to wear a yellow ribbon in support of the missing British girl Madeleine McCann while promoting The Golden Compass (Nicole Kidman, Eric Bana).

The former 007 was also recently cast in Baillie Walsh‘s Flashbacks of a Fool, a story of a hedonistic British actor whose Hollywood career begins to nosedive in his 40s.

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Photos: KCS/Splash News Online
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  • Maniston Fans: MOVE ON

    UGHH!! Nicole Kidman is so overrated. She’s in so many movies every year… I’m surprised the producers aren’t tired to casting her in every movie.

  • Jake

    awwww, scruffy daniel craig.. HOT!

  • Anon.

    He’s a brilliant actor! Glad to know he won’t limit his roles to the Bond like stuff and that he will continue to act in more thoughtful stuff. I loved him in Layer Cake, The Jacket and a couple of others I’ve seen.

  • Eve

    Is it just me or does Satsuki Mitchell have an adamĀ“s apple? About Daniel, I like him, good actor and despite not being that handsome, he is very manly, therefore sexy.

  • Amy

    nice converse daniel!

  • Depeche

    such an amazing man, with such a woman?? God, is he blind?

  • just wondering

    does anyone else notice that satsuki’s wearing a ring on the left hand?

  • Not telling

    Daniel with his ugly manchick again. Seriously, I think he has the ugliest girlfriend in Hollywood.

  • newfgirl


  • Meeshy28

    is that an engagment ring on her left hand??

  • Hello Kittie

    Yes, I’m pretty sure Daniel and Satsuki are engaged.

  • R

    yep, trannie’s sporting a ring on the all-important digit… sad day
    eve, no, it’s not just you, and #8 – ditto

    he did look quite sad in his Cannes red carpet pics. i think s/he pinned him down and FORCED him to give her (?) the ring. i would; i’d be sh1t scared of what s/he might do to me.

  • Nobody

    I don’t think they’re engaged. She’s been sporting that ring for a while now. It’s not new.

  • JK

    Satsuki Mitchell should be ashamed of herself for dating such a hot guy as Daniel when she’s so eyehurting ugly herself!!

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Yep she’s ugly..and nope they are not’s just a thank you ring for her “services”…

  • Harrietta

    No she’s not UGLY! I don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen, honestly, but she’s not ugly and I’d rather see her dating someone he seems to like instead of some skanky supermodel.

  • blundht

    I don’t know what some people are looking at, but I think Satsuki Mitchell is GORGEOUS! She is not one of Clooney’s blond bimbo beards, hired to stroke his arm every ten minutes, she looks special and exotic and beautiful.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Exotic and beautiful??? Come on…she’s is very plain, I have seen her in real life and she is very ordinary looking..”stunning” is not the operative word.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Hey “R”, I would love to talk to you somewhere else…and anybody else for that matter who thinks the same way as me…

  • JK

    LOL!!! If you think Satsuki Mitchell is gorgeous you just don’t know what gorgeous means. She’s so ugly that flowers all over the world die when she smiles.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Love you JK!!! LOL!!! I would love to talk to you somewhere else…can compare our notes on her…she’s about as exotic and beautiful as bowl of chow mein..

  • blundht

    And those of you who call her ugly probably idolize blond anorexic bimbos with no discernible features. She is not even famous, I mean who cares! He loves her, good for him for not going the Clooney way. He’s a more regular guy and I respect that.
    As for her clinging on to him, if anything, it’s HIM that clings on to HER when he has to face the media, because HE is nervous. And most of you probably would not turn to look twice at this man on the street if he weren’t famous and you would call him ugly, too. I think she is gorgeous and unique, I am so sick of the idiotic fake tittied, plastic toothed anorexics out there who the media is trying hard to push as “hot” and “sexy”.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Umm…I don’t idolize blonde bimbo’s…and I wish he was more like Clooney and stay f***ing right she isn’t like those fake tittied people…she doesn’t HAVE any that’s I’ve said, I admire beauty in all forms but, having seen her in real life, she is not a pretty sight..remember she is in the “biz” too so let’s be honest here, how is hanging with Dan hurting her career? (Answer: it isn’t..)

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Oh and by the way, having ACTUALLY seen Dan walking down a street over 10 years ago (before international fame took him) in London, I DID look twice at him…

  • Bon Bon

    Nasty, nasty, females. Get Lives.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Bon Bon, what makes you think I’m female???

  • lilnelie

    People, get a life n’ quit picking on Satsuki. She’s very supportive of his career & his life. She does has the Hollywood background…do YOU???!!

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Yep. She’s supportive because she is benefiting…wake up…

  • lilnelie

    Sorry to burst your bubble. I seen these lovelies in person(s). Dan loves his Satsuki. She is gorgeous. Yeah, she may be benefiting, but you don’t know what she goes thru/does for him behind close doors. You don’t have a clue….plezz get a life.

  • Bedtime with Dan

    Enlighten me , what DOES she do? I have seen these people in person too…that ring is simply a thank you…marriage is not happening. I don’t car what she is twisting her arm. Oh, I think I KNOW what she does behind closed doors…

  • izami99

    i think satsuki is very pretty.. i thought that all the a-listers are beautiful too,, but when i saw them without make-up,, i’d think twice.. & -> ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

  • robbie

    in reality it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of satsuki. the only person whose opionion matters is daniel’s. he obviously wants to be with her; if he didn’t he would leave. he doesn’t strike me as a man who will stay in a relationship with a woman he does not want. as for that ring, it could be that they are engaged and see no reason to annouce it to the world. daniel and satsuki could very well slip away, at some point, and get married quietly and without fanfare.

  • R

    gawd, the thought of seeing her w/o makeup

  • Nobody

    He dated Heike for seven years with no marriage, so if that’s what Satsuki is waiting for, it might be a while. Or never.

    In addition to thinking she’s hard to look at, I also don’t have a lot of respect for her — she supposedly used to have a career (really?), and now she doesn’t — she just follows Daniel around the world making fugly faces at the cameras. She doesn’t work, can’t work in the UK. So she’s a sponger as well. What is it that she does exactly? His attachment to her makes me wonder about him, unfortunately.

  • R

    bedtime, so you’ve seen/met both daniel and tranny?

    nobody – his attachment to her might be explained by the fact that the chances of her being a tranny are quite high, and he if he doesn’t dig the boys, at least he sure looks like he loves to skate on that edge… her being a tranny – i don’t have to explain that, just look @ the pics, any pics. re him digging the down-low aspect – he’s stated he’d love it if 007 could be edgier and have some gay action; he’s also necked w/more guys on film than anyone i know (see truman and what is that other movie… endless love?).
    would still do him in a heartbeat; can’t believe that fug gets to see and touch him at will, gawd.

  • Nobody


    I don’t know if you’re gay and are just doing some wishful thinking, but…

    For the record, Daniel didn’t say he wanted Bond to do a gay scene. A gay reporter asked him if he thought there ought to be a gay thing in Bond, and he humored the reporter by saying, ‘sure, why not’. Then it morphed into this big deal on the web, but it never really happened that way.

    Also, he’s had a long list of women he’s dated (Heike for seven years) and she was no tranny. He’s never been linked to a man in real life, only women. And you know the press would be all over that, if he was.

    Satsuki’s not a tranny. There are people posting on the web who knew her, people who grew up with her, went to college with her, and she was never a man, ever. She’s just a questionably unattractive woman. Too unattractive to be with the likes of His Hotness.

    Understand the wishful thinking on the gay side, but I think that’s probably all it is. But go ahead, have your own fantasy if you like. That’s what it’s all about anyway.

  • lola

    Guys I think you are being mean…she’s not ugly, she really isn’t.I say so because I’ve seen her in person, she’s an ordinary woman. And so what if she follows him around the world, maybe that is what he wants and what they have agreed on as a couple. We don’t know what happens between these two behind close doors. I personally think Daniel, needs her a lot more than she needs him. If you look at his dating history, he has a tendency to go from one relationship to the next….I don’t know, for a woman to leave her job in the US and move to London with a man who was not very famous (they started dating before Bond or the big announcement) says alot about their relationship. Before we jump on to the judgement bandwagon, we need to consider we actually know nothing…just my two cents.

  • Nobody

    Even in “real life” there’s something unusual about a very attractive man dating an unattractive woman. It’s not normal. More often, it’s the other way around….a hot woman with a not-so-attractive man. That’s because women aren’t visual; men are. So it just seems really odd for Daniel to be so into her. He’s so hot, and she’s so not. What’s going on there?

    For a woman to leave a “career” for no career, to live with a man who isn’t marrying her, to do nothing but jet around the world and sleep with him — that says a lot about the woman. In some circles, they’re known as ‘call girls’. Not much difference in the job description there, eh?

  • robbie

    whether or not satsuki is unattractive is in the eye of the beholder. it’s obvious daniel finds her very atractive or he wouldn’t be with her, now would he? As for the “call girl” statement made by Nobody, i have been living with the same man for 12 years and we are not married. Neither one of us sees any reason to get married. He’s an engineer for a large oil firm and because of the nature of his job he moves from one country to another fairly often. As his significant other i go with him; and i am not a “call girl” by any stretch of the imagination.

  • R

    nobody, you don’t ‘noshit’
    look into love is the devil as well, and google him in general
    not sayin’ he’s gay, just sayin’ when you’re that hot, and both sides of the fence are drooling, you might jump said fence a coupla’ times, and w/satsu-whatever, he’s comfortably straddling it (so to speak)

    and wrong re ur gay assumption too

  • Nobody

    R –

    If he did jump said fence, it’d be plastered all over the press. Since it’s not, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t bat for the other team, even in extra innings.

  • R


    keep- oh fcuk it, i’m tired and going to bed
    catch this party later

  • R

    to end on a good note though – gawd he is SO hottttt….

  • No-one at all

    You know, they are not engaged…Dan will not marry her…I would stake a lot on that. He is not ready, he just gets involved with his ladies and falls deeply. Remember with Heike, he wore a ring on his left hand as did she..but they never married and she mean a huge lot to him.
    I agree with Nobody..something fishy in Denmark here…one of the wonders of the world, why these two are together! He’s a clinger, she’s a business women. There is love but I really don’t believe anything earth shattering. Not the deep love he felt before.

  • Nobody

    No-one at all: You sound rather convinced of some things. How do you know? A little inside info, perhaps? Or just confident speculation? Do spill.

  • bataglio

    no-one is Heike

  • Doris

    The question is…….Is the love for Satsuki strong enough for him to take the next step? If not why is he bothering to lead her on or is he really that clingy? Seems abit selfish on his part.

  • ana

    daniel is delicious,he is soooooo hot,beautiful!!!! his girlfriend is sooooo ugly!!! he deserves so much better! and what kind of name is satsuki?! terrible!

  • ana

    and by the way,daniel is one of the best dressed men in the whole world!!!!!HOT!

  • Cripes

    I guess Dan IS marrying her according to “an Insider” on the “Interview” blog section on him….its going to take place aftr the next Bond film and that they will have kids. i do read that the kid will come bfore the marriage….

    I cant see that happening, what do other postrs think here?