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Nicole Kidman: Take Your Son to Work Day!

Nicole Kidman: Take Your Son to Work Day!

Baz buzz! Baz buzz!

Nicole Kidman takes her 12-year-old son Connor Cruise to the set of her forthcoming film Australia on Monday morning, which is filming in Bowen, Australia. The mother-son pair were spotted riding on horseback throughout the day. (Nic took daugher Bella to the set two weeks ago.)

Co-star Hugh Jackman was also spotted filming scenes for the $100 million Baz Luhrmann outback epic.

20+ pictures inside of Nicole, Connor, Hugh and the rest of the Australia cast…

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01 nicole kidman connor cruise australia 01
01 nicole kidman connor cruise australia 02
01 nicole kidman connor cruise australia 03
01 nicole kidman connor cruise australia 04
01 nicole kidman connor cruise australia 05
02 hugh jackman australia set 01
02 hugh jackman australia set 02
02 hugh jackman australia set 03
baz luhrmann australia set 01
baz luhrmann australia set 02
baz luhrmann australia set 03
baz luhrmann australia set 04
baz luhrmann australia set 05
baz luhrmann australia set 06
connor cruise australia 01
connor cruise australia 02
connor cruise australia 03
connor cruise australia 04
connor cruise australia 05
connor cruise australia 06

Photos: Cameron Laird/Beetham/Hammond/Splash News Online
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  • celeste

    Connor is a cutie

  • Dieter

    after you deleted the last time what I would do with her assets, I leave it this time, but I still would kiss her ass

  • Liz

    do her kids just get to miss a couple of days of school?

  • Maria

    WHOA! Who is the guy in the cowboy hat , dirty shirt and with beard?!?!?! I’m in love!

  • African Girl

    Conner is a cutie. So happy for Nicole Kidman

    Thanks jared.

  • African Girl

    Alirght, read my post again and it sounded like I meant I’m happy for Nicole Kidman because Connor is a cutie. I’m happy for her because she seems happy and Connor being a cutie is just a casual observation.

  • Dancer

    #3 Liz–Tom Cruise’s sister home schools the kids based on Scientology principles. So they don’t really miss any school. They do sports with local teams in LA.

  • Notbusy

    Connor looks happy. What a handsome young man.

  • Martha

    Interesting… the Hugh lookalike guy in the hat and T-shirt is obviously his stunt double… and if you look at his sleeves, you can see he’s wearing a padded undershirt.

    Hugh does have a spectacular muscled physique… which this double obviously doesn’t.

    Ah, the magic of movie making.

  • Kat

    Good! Take that poor kid away from the nutjob tom cruise and his wacky cult a.s.a.p!

  • mandy

    thanks jared for the phtos and news.Conor is very cute.
    and where are now those people who said Nic is a bad mother???

  • Rachel

    thanks for the pics!

    Yes. Bella and Connor are homeschooled, so there’s no need. They probably miss their mom anyways.
    Connor is SO adorable. Nicole looks gorgeous.

  • Lola

    Connor is a real cutie pie and will grow into a very handsome man. I think Tom Cruise is a great father.

  • Hellagood

    Love you Nicole. Don’t pay any attention to those jealous idiots who always blames you for … whatever. You are the one.

  • Carmen

    Mandy- this makes her a good mother? The OBVIOUS photo ops because she’s aware people are saying she’s a bad mother, these are just to garner her good publicity. All planned by her. If you don’t know that then your a very naive moron.

  • pr person

    How is taking her son to work with her an “obvious photo op”? That is ridiculous.

  • janeway

    thanks Jared for the daily Baz. Nice to see Nicole’s son comes visit her at work. Love to see pics of Hunky, cowboy Hugh!

  • ISA

    Thank you for the pictures.
    So cool, Nic always elegant and beautiful and Connor seems is appreciating the walk.

  • brenda

    Connor is so cute.

  • VOTE for HER!

    Please, vote for Nicole!

    No way Brit is more beautiful than Nic!!!

  • Love

    Thank you, JJ!
    Nic is wonderful, so beautiful!

  • Rachel

    haha Carmen. Calling her naive because you think that it’s a fact that someone like Kidman, who gets enough attention already, wants a photo op for this?

    Don’t call her naive; that’s not true. Simple put as this: you are. And stop being like that.

  • WTF

    But those weekly take your zombie bride and mom to the ________(soccer, basketball, etc) AREN’T photo ops?! Please b**tch wake your ass up.

  • Lara

    Connor is very cute.

    Reality is this is Ms Kidman’s response to the bad press regarding her lack of contact with the kids. Bella was with her ONE week before she escaped home and who knows how long Connor will be there. I find it interesting that they are spending so much time together…see them ride together…NOT. This is for the press. Bella came over, they had the photo op on the yacht and then, she was released from Oz and allowed home. Connor will be able to leave soon too. Mind you, he might be enjoying this activity, as he is a bit younger and although likely not spending alot of time with his mother, he is likely enjoying horse back riding and the like.

  • pr person

    Lara…… I find your wording to be a little odd, these especially “before she escaped home” and “she was released from Oz and allowed home. Connor will be able to leave soon too.” They are not imprisoned, they are visiting their MOTHER.

  • lamb

    Connor will probably leave as soon as his step daddy is back on the set.

  • maum

    Lara, how do you know Bella is not still in Australia?

  • RA

    Why so many photos of Connor Cruise? He’s not a celebrity. And his parent isn’t in many of the photos with him, so….. One or two photos is all that’s needed to prove that Connor is on set with his mum.

  • Jim

    Jared who’s that guy with the word sex all over him in the pic below?


    Thanx for the pics!!

  • Nah

    You mean the guy wearing the padded undershirt? That’s Hugh Jackman’s body double.

  • Heather

    Maum, it was reported that Bella left Australia on Friday, May 11th. One week after arriving.

  • Heather

    Forgot to add, that Connor was at Keith’s concert in Melbourne on May 18th and reportedly had a great time. He was seen dancing around and clapping right along with the other 15,000+ in attendence.

  • morgan fairley

    Having your kids visit you while you are at work for a couple of days a year does not a mother make. She has got to be the worst example of a parent anyone could imagine!

  • pr person

    Nobody knows how much time she spends with her children, to say that she is the worst example of a parent, is obviously a little over dramatic.

  • LILY

    Is that Nic in the pics if so she has a belly, maybe it’s her stand in. And what about everyone who’s been saying nic never lets anyone take a pic of her kids? She has always been a very smart PR girl for herself.

  • datbrownskingurl

    OMG Connor your soooo cute….


    omg i love horses i am glad conor is teaching
    mommy nicole how to ride i wish i were their

  • rachel

    connor is a cutie

  • http://yahoo Allie

    i love horses i wish i were there with the cute and sensetive conor nicole is sooooo lucky

  • http://yahoo Allie

    conor is cute i want to date him