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Fashion Faceoff: Chanel Couture

Fashion Faceoff: Chanel Couture

Ziyi Zhang goes costume-y in Chanel Spring 2007 couture on Sunday at the premiere for the film Chacun Son Cinema (To Each His Own Cinema) at the Cannes Film Festival. Ziyi, 28, was accompanied by her 41-year-old Israeli venture capitalist boyfriend Vivi Nevo (pictured below).

To the right, Canadian supermodel Alana Zimmer.

Who wears it best — ZIYI ZHANG or THE RUNWAY MODEL?

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Credit: sethii; Photos: Peter Kramer/Getty, Splash News Online
Posted to: Vivi Nevo, Ziyi Zhang

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  • maz

    she is so beautiful and her israeli hunk does not look 41 at all in that pic

  • angelah


  • Chris

    ZHANG Ziyi

  • Anthony

    Alana looks much much better

  • walalal

    haha, her bf, zhi yi is pretty, but she’s with him for the moola

  • cook

    Zhang Ziyi is a litte fox! Zhang.

  • diana

    she looks beautiful. love the whole outfit.

  • Jacquie

    I absolutely love her outfit. Very classy and cool. I just started a shopping blog. It’s really new so I’d love you to check it out at

  • Anna

    I like her style. She looks great.

  • lurker

    Zhang Ziyi is quite awesome, she often wears interesting outfits. Never boring or so, gotta love a girl like her.

  • Vanessa

    I like Ziyi better, but only when she takes off her jacket. She looks beautiful.
    Ziyi is so adorable. There’s just something so likeable about her. Gotta love her.

  • Auntie

    Ziyi and Vivi? And they have a daughter, her name will be Mimi.

  • bubble

    Zhang Ziyi will sleep with anyone just to get what she one. get stand her.

  • bubble

    correction : can’t stand her. not “get”

  • Coco Canada

    Now she is trying to take on the vamp-look…I see it matches well now that she is dating an older guy. I think that Ziyi needs to work on her acting and not her vanity.

  • Dumdums

    Z Z..!

  • Hannah

    Ziyi, she’s purdy girl =)

  • Jess

    Ziyi wins.

    Alana looks down right scary. And her shoes look like they can deliver a death kick.

  • ALI

    Ziyi! She looks gorgeous. Asians are blessed with the skinny genes…bitch

  • Snarky Sharky

    Zhang Ziyi is a beautiful girl, the model is OK too, but that couture reminds me of a waitress too much.

  • Seb

    Ziyi all the way, very classy. Oh btw Bubble, i don’t think she’s sleeping with Vivi for his money. The girl’s got her own money – remember she’s a HUGE in Asia. And on top of that, she have had a few Blockbuster Hits in the US. Do i smell Jealousy? I think Bubble needs to go and burst his/herself.

  • (‘@’)

    Ziyi is too short and tiny for it…Ew!

  • Alisha

    Sorry, Ziyi. Ms. Zimmer pulls the outfit off perfectly, as if it were designed for her.

  • Dawn

    Zhang Ziyi is UGLY in that outfit! She’s not great of an actress either. In China, she told everyone that she’s working her way to get an Oscar. She’s just a spoiled girl from Beijing!

  • buddy

    lol dawn, she doesn’t just look ugly in that outfit..she is ugly. so pretty clothes won’t change anything. she looks really old – 40s? yes.

  • http://n/a vivian

    to Seb: this woman is NOT popular in china. yes she’s richer than most of us, but not enough to satisfy her vanity – she needs vivi’s money, badly. i agree with “buddy”: she is ugly. and a shameless liar.

  • chopy


  • chopy


  • a chinese

    I know her, she told chinese that she is a hottest superstar in Hollywood,and she paid people to write something about her romanc with famous men, and in the other side of the world , America think she is the most popular movie star in China.
    she always sleeps around with famous and powerful men, to make them work for her, or use their names to make herself become famous.
    look at her movie! chinese don’t like her job.


    a Chinese, I smell the jealousy. Have you ever seen ziyi sleeping with
    famous and powerful men? any proof?
    I think you are just jealous of ziyi. trying to ruin her reputation, watch your tongue! Don’t spread bad words!

  • Dito

    Just like in the average Hollywood, you sleep with the right people. Ziyi Zhang does have her fair share of sleeping-with-the-right-targets to get to where she is now. Not mean to denounce her in particular, as this is the nature of entertainment industry, sex and power go hand in hand.

    That being said, this woman’s got the brain and persistence, and she works very very hard towards her goals, many have been successfully accomplished. We should give her credits for coming so far, and hey remember, there are so many hollywood wanna-be’s out there who weren’t hesitate to trade their flesh and still ended up in trash.

  • Writeonbelle

    It may be just luck…. but I believe she still had to prove that she can act and look good on film and convince producers and directors that she can rake in the $$$ for their films. And I also believe that she loves her country and what they are going through right now with the devastating earthquake.

  • funny

    I think it is REALLY funny that people always tell this b*tch haters away by saying they are jealous. what possibly could most people feel jealous of her? she got nothing to be jealous of! I am way prettier and more well-educated than her, which makes me hesitate even making this comparasion. But she gotta much more than what I have in life. Not to lie, I hate her, cos she doesnt deserve what she has. People in the “powerful” position should be respected and admired by normal people like us. if MOST people just simply jealous of her and dislike her because of which, then it IS her problem. Life can be unfair sometimes. her presence in the public eyesight just reminds us how unfair life can be.

  • weeok

    Ziyi has been sleeping around with all kinds of people(mianland and HKnese), and that is well known in chinese public. Nothing wrong with it, just to mention that is a fact.
    I think Ziyi is not well received in China, because of those affairs, most people think she is too practiacal and cauculated.
    Ziyi is a very smart girl, she made the right move to Hollywood, and she know there she will make a new positive image, and when she come back, she can make a new image here.
    it is ture, in the film industry, i think everywhere is the same, u got to sleep with the right person, at least. and ziyi has been doing the right thing.