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Angelina Jolie Interview by Ann Curry

Angelina Jolie Interview by Ann Curry

Angelina Jolie sits down with NBC News’ Ann Curry to talk about A Mighty Heart, her extensive humanitarian work, Brad Pitt and their four children, and the recent death of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

The interview will air on The Today Show @ 7AM ET/PT and Dateline NBC @ 10PM ET/PT Wednesday, May 23.

So if I asked you, for example, right now — what’s something that’s untrue that you would like to say right now is not true… you wouldn’t know what was untrue that was written about you? No.

Nothing? No. I mean, I can assume. I know there’s a cycle of certain things that they keep rewriting or whatever, but I can assume things are made up. But no, I haven’t a clue. (laughter) And why would I, you know? There’s nothing I have to hide or defend. You know, I’m gonna live my life. And there are gonna be times when people wanna try to attack me and I don’t know why, but they will. And that’s okay.

It’s okay? Well, there are other things I’m more concerned about. My kids are healthy. I have a lot I want to do in this world. Before I do, I wanna do a lot of things as a woman, as a mom, and that’s my focus. At the end of the day, I’m gonna be dead… and what people say about me is gonna be what I accomplished and what I did in my life and how my children are.

Is there anything you’d like to say to people listening now because you now have an unedited audience here – an unedited opportunity – to give people to unvarnished truth about who you are and what you stand for. Is there anything that you want to say about yourself? No. I mean… I have always been honest about who I am, and I’ve always been very outspoken to press. I think people have heard a lot from me (laughter) over the years. And – and you do hear more, you know?… People wanna believe negative things, they will. And I can’t help that.

Bigger picture and more interview excerpts inside…


Jolie on her role as Mariane Pearl
It’s interesting. I was reading that you were actually six months pregnant when you first talked to Mariane. I was six months pregnant and –

But that helped you empathize? But it [did]. It was also a very interesting thing because for as much as I was kind of waddling around and feeling the heat, I couldn’t help but look over at this woman and think, “God, she is where I’m at now and I’m having – and not just the physical thing of being pregnant and, oh, that’s difficult. And I have this man with me who’s helping me through this and loves me.”

And it’s a joyous moment. And we’re about to now also have a baby, and we’re gonna look at this baby together across the room at each other. And it’s all those things that make that so much more. And to not just physically be thinking, “God, how is this woman physically dealing with trying to maintain her strength and take care of this baby that’s inside of her, working so hard and having so much emotional stress?”

But on top of it, what that took away from her. What that took away from this time in their life, this is the happiest time in their life. And what that must be. I just can’t imagine. I thought about that when I was breastfeeding. I thought about that all through kind of the birth of, you know, that haunted me and when I was sitting here quiet, I would think, “God, just a few months after, what is that like? What is that like?”

To play her was not easy. To play her at this time of her life was not easy. I’ve played real people before, but I never knew them. And, you’d think that would be easier. (laughs) I did. But the day before we started shooting, I had hardly slept and I was in a panic. I had gotten to know her and I’d gotten to know their son. And the thought that he would see this one day… It was my responsibility to not just show the world but also show him how much his mother loved his father and how much they loved each other and how they handled this time.

It was something that haunted me through the whole thing and haunted, I think, everybody involved. Nobody ever really voiced that and nobody really talked about it, but I’m sure it was something that she did become a friend.

So how do you play [that role?]- I’m sure if somebody said to you, “Your great girlfriend has gone through the most horrible thing in her life. Why don’t you stand up and show us what she went through and how it felt?”


In a separate interview, Brad Pitt talks to Curry about his behind-the-scenes role as a producer on “A Mighty Heart,” which is produced by his Plan B shingle in conjunction with Revolution films. Dede Gardner and Andrew Eaton, two producers of the movie, also join Pitt in the interview. Pitt also discusses his global charity work with Jolie.

Brad Pitt, on his humanitarian work with Jolie and what people can do to help:The thing is just generating the will to understand. And that means focusing on certain events. Because it’s not all coming across our airwaves… and really investigating if something doesn’t feel right.

Generally, I would say it’s just not enough anymore to say that “it’s entertainment and enjoyment.” For me personally I’m saying, in my life, if you can move the ball forward a little bit… that’s what this is about. Where is it going to go? The interesting thing is how it evolves for me individually for myself, and watching the same with Angie. But where’s it gonna go? I’m not gonna stop.

We can have our things. And that is just getting your hands dirty, rolling up your sleeves a little bit and seeing where it takes you. And where it can, where you can best help. Where you’d be most effective. But there’s a lot of studying do.

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    Of course, I can’t wait to see this, and I really like Ann Curry, BUT she interupts Angie too much! She did it on the Namibia interview when Angie was pregnant. More than once Angie started to say something and Ann cut her off, and I see it again here. Angie says, “I was six months pregnant and – “, and Ann jumps in with another question! Shoot, Ann! I wanted to know what Angie was going to say! Grrr…

    Anyhoo, it does appear Ann let her talk part of the time since she did say wonderful things about empathizing with MP, and also about Brad, specifically, “I have this man here with me helping me through this who loves me”, and what she said about looking forward to looking at him after Shiloh was born. Angie is careful though it appears, not to say “Brad”, or “Shiloh”. I guess she doesn’t want people to focus too much on that, and more about the feelings themselves as related to MP.

    Also, I adore, ADORE, that Angie has this don’t-give-a-damn attitude towards the tabliod press. How delicious is that? Because Angie knows, the ONE thing tabbies want is denials, for the celebs to address them publicly, and crying over their lying stories, and DRAMA about it all, and Angie, Goddess Bless Her, just refuses to give them that validity!! I LOVE IT! Angie, you go, girl! She is doing a wonderful job of just flying above it all. She is confident and secure in her life. What a perfect example composed poise under pressure.

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    My husband promised me to take me to Cannes if the scan result is OK. Because in Cannes now, it is impossible to breath now. He was also so sure that I shan’t able to see them. I was really very very lucky on my birthday; I take it as a special birthday present! I have seen them!!!! :)

    Brad is unbelievably beautiful in person; when you see him, you keep on looking at him, staring at him. You fear to blink because you don’t want to lose him from your sight. He looks so confident. You got a feeling that he knows that you are there. He looks as if he sees every person around him. At least, I got that feeling.

    For Angelina, she is perfect, as only her thin legs are slightly spoiling her PHYSICAL PERFECTION. Her legs are not ugly but little much thicker can not be bad. She looks strong but little coy around Brad (this is my opinion). When she looks at your way, she makes you to think that she looks beyond, she looks far far away. I found her smile melancholic for a few seconds.

    Angelina will look great even if she wears a rice sack but I would like to fire whoever is dressing her up.

    When I saw them separetely, I thought that her and his beauty can’t get better. But I was wrong because they look completed with each other, when they stand together. They make you feel good.

    Shiloh is the combination of these two most beautiful people in the world. I can’t even imagine how breathtaking she will be.

    That’s all from me. Stay good and feel good.

    Good bye!

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    I HATE Ann Curry!!!She ‘s so stupid and fake!

    I don’t know how Anglina Jolie can keep her cool answering her dumb questions!

    I like her answers btw…Very real and well spoken.

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    Hello everybody,

    My husband kept his promise and he took me to Cannes.


    Hi Medi! So glad you are going to be ok!

    And thanks so much for your report. I hope you and your husband had a wonderful time, I am sooo happy you got to share some air space with Brad and Angie!

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    please read this jen didnt deserve to be shut out this was her role she was mariane pearl til brad said no which is just tryin to show how unfair things have become for jen.

    An Oscar-worthy role that was intended for Jennifer Aniston has been given to Angelina Jolie. It was announced Thursday that Jolie, 31, will play Mariane Pearl in a film adaptation of her book, A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl. Mariane is the widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and murdered while covering a story in Pakistan in 2002. Brad Pitt will produce the film, directed by Michael Winterbottom.

    Pitt and Aniston, who co-owned the production company Plan B, bought the rights to the book when they were still married, with the idea that Jen would star in the film adaptation. Jen ceded her stake in the company after the couple divorced in 2005, leaving Pitt to cast his baby-mama in the starring role.

    Mariane Pearl, who is believed to have visited Pitt and Jolie during their stay in Nambia, said in a statement: “I am delighted that Angelina Jolie will be playing my role in the adaptation of my book. I deeply admire her work and what she is committed to.”

    A Mighty Heart is the first on-screen role Jolie has accepted since the birth of daughter Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia in May. Last week she agreed to lend her voice to a tiger in the animated film Kung Fu Panda, also starring Jack Black.

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    I love Angie especially her humanitarian work. She influenced a lot of people like Brad and other celebrities to help this planet a better place to live in. Keep up the good work, Angie!!

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    to be able to see our favourite couple so close…..
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    If anyone has this interview on video, kindly post them please ‘cos i will never be able to watch them here. :(

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    First of all, this article is a lie. Brad refuted it himself, one of the the VERY FEW things he felt strongly enough about to publicly refute.

    AND, if you are foolsih enough to think X could have played this role without it being a colossal joke and mockery to Marianne Pearl, then you have not one iota of sense.

    X herself is the one who planted the deluded thought that she could play this role, and nobody else.

  • Mediterranean


    Thank you very much. My husband hated when we were in Cannes, it was extremey crowded. Everybody was pushing each other to get a better look, even sometimes stepping on each other. My feet still hurt :(

    to VH1

    I don’t know who you are, but surely don’t know of me at all. What are you trying to say?

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    I can’t imagine why anyone would think Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt would have the time, let alone the interest, to read what tabloid rags say about them. They know who they give real interviews to. Why would they dig up what tabloids cobble together or make up for sales? There’s way too much of that out there, and neither star is new to this game, up and coming or needs the publicity. They really can laugh that stuff off an ignore it. They’re on that level.

    Meanwhile . . . someone posted about the role of Mariane Pearl as something that should have gone to Jen Aniston? I bet that would be news to Mariane Pearl, who personally asked Jolie to do it. And whether or not anyone hear likes Jen Aniston, she doesn’t have the acting skills for a serious role like this one. She just doesn’t.

    So there’s my rant for the day. Good morning all – have a lovely week =)

  • Mediterranean

    pardon EXTREMELY I wanted to write

  • 2kidz3

    but jen is moving on an has become a director so some positives things is really needed to boost her. Now Jennifer Aniston wants to become a director. ‘The Break Up‘ actress is even taking film direction classes to further her dreams.
    Aniston said: “I plan to direct. In fact, I’m taking a course now. You have to be multi-skilled in this job.”
    Jenifer Aniston once almost gave up her acting career. Just before being selected for the hit sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Jennifer’s acting career seemed to be headed nowhere and she almost gave it up.
    Her latest film opposite boyfriend Vince Vaughan topped the US box office in its first week of release earning $38.1 million in its first three days.
    Lets hope her direction is just as good !

  • susie

    AG- you’re funny :lol:

    Medi- it’s good to see you, do you think you will guli?

  • Anon.

    In which lifetime was Jen supposed to be Mariane Pearl??? That is total complete rubbish. Jen and Brad are dunzo! Get over it!!!! Mariane Pearl PICKED Angie. I am so proud of the kind of woman Angie’s become and I admire her for all she is doing. To all those out here who hate I can only say: What are you doing to make the world a better place?

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    nobody here cares about aniston! why do you keep bringing her up in angelina’s thread? go find a thread for jen-jen and stop spreading crap here.

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    Having watch her act, which to me was plain and totally unimpressive…. even for her so called success TV sitcom role, i have never thought for a moment that acting is her gift/skill.
    i am just glad that it is not Aniston who play the role.
    It will have done alot of discredit to the book.
    Other actress like Sandra Bullock or even her good fren courtney would have been a better pick than Aniston.

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    hi susie missed you very much,hello to all bampzs fans.angie has said it all herself, we should not worry about what idiots say, as she herself doesnot care.HATERS SHOULD LET IT GO.AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THE GOOD REVIEW OF THE MIGHTY HEART. LOVE THEM OR HATE THEM THE JOLIE PITTS ROCK

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    Ladies IGNORE THE TROLLS AND X TALK, today at 1pm est we´ll get the pics of the Dafur event. There will a small red carpet, expect george, matt, don and brad to talk with the press for a little bit.

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