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Damon's Daughters Join Cannes Cannes

Damon's Daughters Join Cannes Cannes

Here are a few shots of Matt Damon arriving in Cannes with his entourage and three favorite women — wife Luciana, step-daughter Alexia, 9, and Isabella, almost 1.

The Damon bunch attended a private party held at the Eden Roc Hotel for Ocean’s 13 cast and crew later that evening.

More pictures inside of Matt, Luciana, Alexia and Isabella

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isabella damon matt damon cannes 01
isabella damon matt damon cannes 02
isabella damon matt damon cannes 03
isabella damon matt damon cannes 04
isabella damon matt damon cannes 05
isabella damon matt damon cannes 06
isabella damon matt damon cannes 07
isabella damon matt damon cannes 08
isabella damon matt damon cannes 09
isabella damon matt damon cannes 10
isabella damon matt damon cannes 11

Photos: Splash News Online
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  • African Girl

    Awww….how fast they grow. Alexia is gonna be tall.

  • SARA

    why the hell did he marry a Mexican?

  • Maria

    Sara: first, you are a racist. second: she’s argentinian, not mexican.

    I think they look like a happy family. Good for them. I adore him!

  • Dana

    To #2 Sara

    Well first off she’s Argentine, not Mexican. Secondly, you obnoxious fool, does it matter what ethnicity she is, as long as they love each other!

  • Mmmmm

    Sara what a loser you are ..

  • Damon Fan

    ok, Isabella and Shiloh are now officially my two favorite celeb babies. Both of them are precious.

    Matt Damon seems to be a great dad, not just to Isabella but also to Alexia. :)

  • mj

    Great pictures! Thanks.

  • angelah

    nice pictures! thanks j@r3d.

  • lula29

    Hey Sarah was probably just as mad at Affleck for dating a Puerto Rican. Thank God, huh Sarah, Jennifer Garner saved Affleck from going all interracial. He married the wh(right) Jennifer, thank god.

    His family looks so sweet. Matt Damon has done well for himself.

  • http://justjared love me say J

    Sara he married a Latina because he didn’t want to smell, some white trash like you..

  • marina

    Congrats to Matt and Luciana!

    They look happy and low key, I like seeing that those celebrities are making it at having families and personal life, not just work. I also like a lot that many aren’t narrow-minded. In the US and in so many parts of the World there are so many ethnicities, and you get to choose whom to marry.

  • Martha

    He seems to have married a normal person as opposed to another show biz type… I guess it’s safe to say he married for love, not for the gossip mags or to please bigots.

    I know someone well acquainted with Damon… I’m told he’s a very down to earth guy, just as pleasant and level headed as he seems.

  • ?

    “ok, Isabella and Shiloh are now officially my two favorite celeb babies. Both of them are precious.”

    did you see isabella?

  • marina

    to 14 ? there is another thread where the baby is holding Matt, go to page 2 and you’ll see, she is very cute, although the pics aren’t very good.

  • marina

    abreviatin of Alexandra, it means “the one who protects”
    some people who have that name in and out the US

    Alexia princess of Holland
    Alexia princess of Greece
    Alexia Ashford a videogame character
    European singers’ name (one Cypriot, one Italian)

    It sounds very well in Spanish, and really bullies may notice, but they are bullies anyway. I don’t like to offend but women come in all shapes (let alone colors). I like the fact that this actor doesn’t go for the usual generic. It’s a shame that women call each other names so badly, or judge someone because he marries or likes someone who looks different. That is so racist, and brings out hate.

  • T

    Helena – Do you mean “dyslexia”? What a moron you are! It’s racist, bigoted, uneducated people like you who I feel so sorry for. What does her ethnicity have to do with anything? She’s not ugly, who says she’s cheap? and “Alexia” is a beautiful name. Here is the meaning of “Alexia” – The meaning of the name Alexia is Defender Of Men, The origin of the name Alexia is American, Feminine form of Alexander, Alexis or Alexei. Gee, imagine that! It is AMERICAN in origin. Stop spouting hatred!

  • LilMe

    Nice pictures! Isabella is adorable, Matt is just great! Luv him
    He seems like a great Dad, to both of the girls Isabella
    and Alexia. His wife is pretty.

  • kaye

    beautiful family! the damons and JPs are the cutest families!

  • Mexican’s Rock

    Since it’s clear his wife is not Mexican, I want to know what exactly is wrong with Mexican’s. I can’t look at people and tell what they are. What I do know is HISPANIC People are some of the most beautiful talented hardworking people I have ever met-In fact Sara, when compared to the world population, white skin is in the minority-Not that it matters-America may look like a melting pot but it really is not-that’s why you have to use this system to your advantage-Perez may be unoriginal but he is a rich B$tc* making the best of a bad situation-

  • A Person

    Matt is so very lucky, Luci is so BEAUTIFUL OMG.

    Alexia is so pretty she is going to be a heart breaker I just hope that if she becomes a model or something she be a intelligent whatever.

    Izzybellie lol is a very beautiful baby.

    Luci is a very lucky woman, Matt is so very sexy – I am so in love with him. and her :))

  • Rosane

    Well, I’m not going to discuss racists comments (have better things to do). I always stop to read some of this posts. You north americans (considering most people here are north americans) always astonish me…and generally in a bad way…Just to correct the facts (I’m not going to say if she’s a nice person, or not, since she’s a stranger. I hope she’s nice. Always try to expect the best from people…Naive, am not?)…Luciana Barroso is brazillian. Best wishes

  • Noami

    The baby is adorable cute but frankly speaking I never thought Luciana is pretty. I love Matt in all the Bourne movies.

  • Helena

    No, fool…I mean ALEXIA….go look it up in the dictionary. Never mind. I’ll post it for you here, you obviously haven’t even got a passing acquaintance with the English language if you think I mean “dyslexia” Dyslexia has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with brain lesions/injury.

    a·lex·i·a /əˈlɛksiə/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[uh-lek-see-uh] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun Pathology.
    a neurologic disorder marked by loss of the ability to understand written or printed language, usually resulting from a brain lesion or a congenital defect.
    Also called word blindness.

    Go back to the third grade, dope.

  • DaFreekinBratttt!

    Sux 2 say: Helena is right. I looked it up on dictionary dot com. o, wellz. Thatz what u get when u pick a name from a baby name book without having a big enough vocab.

  • marina

    at least you have to recognise that it sounds better that other celebs babies…Just like some people have funny last names, who cares? I still like the name and they are a beautiful family, they must be very good people, more open.

  • brandy

    wow, some of you people need to get a life….this whole blog is on going with the meaning of the name alexia, racism, and calling someone stupid. zzzzzzzzzzzzz…..i thought i would read some more comments of matt damon…on to the next website…bye hateful know-it-alls!!!!

  • Nicole

    To begin with, Luciana is Argentinian, not Mexican. It shows how much a lot of people know when they talk. Can’t people give an opinion without being racist? Incredible. Love is what counts and she’s not ugly, Alexia isn’t ugly, nor is Isabella. To post 19, please don’t generalize all Hispanics with Mexicans. Most Hispanics get generalized because of people like you; who are the majority(58% of Hispanic population in the U.S. is Mexican), say things like that. I’m Hispanic(Puerto Rican) and I have Blonde hair, blue/green eyes, and my skin is white. To everyone else..why the hell is the meaning of Alexia so important. Btw, if you go to many places in Europe, you’ll find many pure Europeans with names like Maria.In fact, Maria Menounos from Access Hollywood is of Greek( for the idiots, European)backround. Not every pure European or people of pure European backround have white skin. I’ve met plenty of pure Europeans( especially Italians, Greeks, Romanians, and Spaniards who have naturally tanned skin).

  • Cinthia

    Luciana is Brazilian, is not Argentine nor Mexican.

  • Cinthia

    They had spoken that the Luciana is Brazilian, if somebody to know of the nationality of it informs to me.

  • Alana

    Oh , come on. I love the name Alexia. Why would you look in the dictionary for the meaning of a name. all names in there are strange, look up Abigail, it means a lady’s maid!!!

  • Amy

    Wait a minute,Matt Damon and George Clooney made fun of Brad Pitt because he was with Angelina Jolie, they said that she was ugly WHICH SHES NOT and that he had it bad with all those kids (really mean) BUT Matt Damon has a wife thats not even close to being pretty like Angelina Jolie and hes stuck w/kids too. It makes no sense!

  • Una argentina

    Both of them (Matt & Lucy) are very ugly. She is from Argentina (like me) but mixed with Argentinian Indians that’s why her skin & hair are so dark.
    Matt looks like Frankestein to me, sorry but he is not my type. I don’t care how much money he has, he is horrible. However, I agree he could have married a better girl. This makes me think he is not so clever after all. (yes, I know he graduated from Harvard, so what) es un BOLUDO ALEGRE. ELEGIR UNA MINA PARA CASARSE EN UN BAR ES DE CUARTA, O NADIE LE DABA BOLA?
    Usually girls from my country are so beautiful because they are from different parts of Europe. I was born in Argentina with Italian, French and Spaniard ancestry.

  • Guys, I have seen in a magazine that Luciana is Brazilian. Shes all over the mags, and it clearly says shes brazlilian. I know some brazilians and they are the best housewives. They know how to cook, unlike a lot of american housewives, they have a family blahblahblah

    [not all of them of course] Nobody is perfect


    Luciana is really adorable and she seems nice, and a simple person. tHEir kids are really nice too.

    Matt is a nice actor I love it when actors dont really like the spot light.

    Okay thats all I have to say =]]

  • jorgina braga

    The wife of Matt Damon is brazilian, born in Minas Gerais, and to tell the truth she looks like people of tha region! Lets ask her to show
    her brazilian passport!
    It seems they wanted to deny her nationality, since there are a lot of brazilian women married to famous star.

    Dont be ashamed Luciana, your last name Barroso couldnt be
    more brazilian,

  • sandyM


    With his excessive bad brad, Luciana was the only thing he could get

  • sandyM


    With his excessive bad brad, Luciana was the only thing he could get

  • sandyM


    With his excessive bad breath, Luciana was the only thing he could get.