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Ocean's 13 Movie Stills -- NEW!

Ocean's 13 Movie Stills -- NEW!

Brad Pitt laughs up a Blackberry email message with executive producer Jerry Weintraub in the latest batch of Ocean’s 13 stills.

Ocean’s 13 cast picture below: (l-r) Eddie Jemison as Livingston Dell, Casey Affleck as Virgil Malloy, Carl Reiner as Saul Bloom, Scott Caan as Turk Malloy, Bernie Mac as Frank Catton, Elliott Gould as Reuben Tishkoff, Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan, George Clooney as Danny Ocean, Matt Damon as Linus Caldwell, Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr and Shaobo Qin as Yen.

Ocean’s 13 opens nationwide on June 8th.

25+ Ocean’s 13 stills inside…

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oceans 13 movie stills 01
oceans 13 movie stills 02
oceans 13 movie stills 03
oceans 13 movie stills 04
oceans 13 movie stills 05
oceans 13 movie stills 06
oceans 13 movie stills 07
oceans 13 movie stills 08
oceans 13 movie stills 09
oceans 13 movie stills 10
oceans 13 movie stills 11
oceans 13 movie stills 12
oceans 13 movie stills 13
oceans 13 movie stills 14
oceans 13 movie stills 15
oceans 13 movie stills 16
oceans 13 movie stills 17
oceans 13 movie stills 18
oceans 13 movie stills 19
oceans 13 movie stills 20
oceans 13 movie stills 21
oceans 13 movie stills 22
oceans 13 movie stills 23
oceans 13 movie stills 24
oceans 13 movie stills 25
oceans 13 movie stills 26
oceans 13 movie stills 27a

Photos: Warners Bros/Melinda Sue Gordon
Posted to: Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Bernie Mac, Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Don Cheadle, Ellen Barkin, George Clooney, Matt Damon

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  • Cannagirl


  • Cannagirl

    YES !!!!!! YES !!!!!!

    Let’s be serious now !!! wouah the cast is fabulous !!! Love BRAD !!!!

  • Handbag_Addict

    Hi everyone! Just a reminder to please vote for Brad as Hello magazine’s Most Attractive Man. He still needs your vote!!

  • inhirnamy137

    Brad looks sexy in that pic

  • melissa

    where’s jen?

  • Titolia

    Can’t wait to see it! They have to make one Ocean’s movie a year or something..:)

  • NEiCY

    love it..look at dat smile !!

  • lisa

    I hear Americans sweet heart is coming with a movie callled “The Senator’s Wife ”

    anyone know anything about it?

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    i dont understand the trolls.they hate the jp’s but they visit their thread! ironic huh? it only take 4 # before the has been name is mention…pathetic!!! dont u have any more reasons/alibi to destroy the jp’s?

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    now i believe these trolls receiving paycheck from them…tsssk….what a loser.visit dustin hoffman thread (if there’s any) and whine their! get a life trolls!

  • http://dcjean eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk

    where’s jen?…she’s taking Norman for a potty!!!!!

  • jredlover

    The Senator’s Wife better not include the wife having an affair with the judge and the husband killing the judge and torturing the wife or else all Hell is gonnan break lose!

  • blackberry

    Brad is reading the comment on JustJared about the chocolate thong! Someone read it sent it to Weintraub who showed it to him!

  • http://dcjean eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk

    wht lisa? where did u heard tht american Shitheart doing a “senators wife” movie soon?????????? A.s.s far A.s.s. i know, Meryl run-out of the movie .

  • Frenchy

    I classify the Ocean’s films a stylistic film, all slick and highy styliszed with a little substance thrown in. LOL!!!! It’s like one big glossy magazine spread out on film. I can’t wait to see it.

    By the way does anyone know if the Wall Street Journal sent anyone to Cannes to review AMH? Their film reviews come out usually on Fridays. I would think it would be tough and would rather wait to review it when it premiered in the States.

    OT From Time Out Magazine (London)

    Cannes diary – ‘A Mighty Heart’ review
    Angelina Jolie impresses in Michael Winterbottom’s new film about the disappearance of writer Daniel Pearl.

    Dave Calhoun | May 22 2007
    It’s often suggested that the films of Michael Winterbottom are so varied that it’s hard to find a common thread running through them beyond their diversity and frequency, yet the director’s latest film ‘A Mighty Heart’, which had its world premiere in Cannes last night, is further evidence of this British filmmaker’s growing desire to apply an urgent and committed cinema to some of the more controversial and pressing areas of current world affairs.

    His new film is an energetic reconstruction of the disappearance of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl in Karachi in 2002 and the tense five weeks that followed as his wife Mariane Pearl (Angelina Jolie) remained at the centre of a fraught international investigation until the discovery that Pearl had in fact been murdered by his kidnappers early in his captivity. With its extensive location work, a visual style that feeds on the appearance of news footage and documentaries, use of archive footage and its journalistic attention to precise details, ‘A Mighty Heart’ should be seen as the third film in a loose trilogy that includes ‘In This World’ and ‘Road to Guantanamo’. Jolie is impressive as Mariane Pearl, portraying her as a calm, intelligent presence amid an investigation that was flawed by bureaucracy and differing attitudes to her husband’s disappearance among, for example, the FBI and the Pakistani security services, the first of which were questioning of the latter’s reaction to Pearl’s disappearance. Indeed a strong theme of the film is the downside of global communication and co-operation as different interests and ideas and prejudices collide in the search for Pearl.

    Before the kidnapping itself, Winterbottom immediately presents the chaos and uncertainty of Daniel Pearl’s existence in Karachi, throwing us into busy street-scenes of traffic jams as Pearl (Dan Futterman) fights his way around the city as part of his research into potential Pakistani links to the British ‘shoe bomber’, Richard Reid. Within 15 minutes, Pearl is gone and the rest of the film leads up to the inevitable discovery of the news that its characters all dread. Winterbottom adopts a ‘war room’ approach to the story, largely basing its telling within Pearl’s Karachi home, which fills with colleagues, police and other officials. This scenario is constantly punctuated with brief interludes elsewhere, such as flashes of Pearl’s parents back home in America and of the Pakistani’s forces applying torture to a suspect. The film is speedy and never lingers on one scene for long. Edits are fast and close-ups are abundant.

    We don’t see Pearl being kidnapped or during his incarceration apart from a reconstruction of some moments of the tape that his kidnappers released following his death. Instead, this is Mariane Pearl’s story and we are left to ponder the Pearls’ previous life together from several flashbacks (such as their wedding) and their life apart from both the terrible, wrenching screams that a heavily pregnant Pearl lets out when she is finally told that her husband is dead and the final shot of her walking alone with her child down a quiet Paris street.

  • Kay

    He is delicious, twice my age, but still delicious. That butter yellow shirt on him… man he looks like an edible pastry with butter.

  • Lila Hudson

    WOW! Brad is soooooooooo delicious.

  • Burpie

    melissa Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 2:14 pm – flag comment
    where’s jen?

    I’m thinking she might be here………..lurking…….throwing herself a “pity-party”………:roll:

    Jared, thanks for spoiling us like this!! I’m loving it :)

  • melissa

    Yes she has several movies in the wraps and shes committed so she wont be taking a year off.Jenn’s work ethic is impeccable.The Meryle Streep thing is still a go.

  • ola

    lisa Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 2:25 pm – flag comment

    I hear Americans sweet heart is coming with a movie callled “The Senator’s Wife ”

    anyone know anything about it?

    I havent heard anything about Reese Whitherspoon doing this film…

  • lisa

    Actually i have no idea what your talking about because Meryl was going to be in the movie you moran.. but anyways i also hear shes working on a “Gambit” 2009.
    i seen her latest pictures and she looks georgeous. Brad and her were so cute together but enough of that. i wish brad and the rest of the crew the best of luck..
    love yah brad


    I hear Americans sweet heart is coming with a movie callled “The Senator’s Wife ”

    anyone know anything about it?
    Reese is doing The senator’s wife? that’s awesome

  • melissa

    Oh and aj bp have never worked with the caliber actress as a Meryl Streep.

  • lisa

    resse actually doing “Rendition”

  • Appeal to Jared


  • yeah

    What a difference a year makes! Brad was looking good back then, now he looks like crap. Those close ups from yesterday were terrible.

  • sheryll/sh3ll


    is that u —-?jealous that much?go to the ocean & scream..that would be better!

  • Frenchy

    OT Angelina will still be promoting and discussing the films she is actually working on. So the year where she won’t be working on a film, she still be promoting the films that were already made and I’m sure that she will manage to take some time to do some work for the UNHCR. She woun’t be off the radar too much.

    I’m still looking forward to another Brad and Edward Norton team up in the near future.

  • No Name

    Jen has lost her piggy back ride on the Brad and Angie coat tails, this is why her people are determined to insert her into Brad and Angie’s threads.

  • LUCY

    Adoptalina is a JOKE!

  • for lisa

    Dear Ted:
    What’s wrong with Jennifer Aniston? Why aren’t her movies being made? I hope you have the guts to answer these questions truthfully.
    Los Angeles
    Dear Deluded:
    She’s not that great of an actress, face it.

  • NEiCY

    Lisa you dont make sence ..your da damnn moran

  • LUCY

    Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need to “piggy-back” those LOSERS!

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    ok ill the work for you trolls,since u havent been sleeping waiting for any new thread of the jp’s ill do it for u.

    1.brad is happy here, i know it he smile when angelina is not around

  • who cares

    Can you imagine Jennifer as MP? she really wanted the part too. bwahahahahha What a joke that would have been. Brad was too smart to let that happen. pheeeeeeeeeew!

    His life seems much better now. George is still the better looking one of the two though.

  • ola

    lisa Says:
    May 22nd, 2007 at 2:45 pm – flag comment

    resse actually doing “Rendition”

    Wow! Reese is doing the senators wife AND rendition?!! Great! Cant wait!!!!

  • wow

    what a surprise the crazy haters are here again!

  • angelah

    Wow another thread, jesus j@r3d!

    I’m not sure if you guys have seen this pic already but here ya go… 013 still pix

  • LUCY

    Angelina has Brad’s balls in her pocket…WHAT A CHUMP PUSS HE IS!

  • twokids2

    Here are some pictures of how Brad is going to look on a couple of years.
    They are pictures of Brad and Robert Redford on the movie Spy Games. If you haven’t seen it, do it. Is a great movie.

    No hatred, please. Just Brad and Robert.

  • Brad fan

    I’m a true fan of Brad and I would never insult him. Congratulations to Brad on A Mighty Heart. It was an obvious labor of love. It’s fantastic that Angelina helped make this project come to life. Well received by critics and this is just the beginning for you as an uber-producer.

  • LUCY

    Brad and Jen were the Golden Couple….Brangelina are a total joke!

  • ida

    brad is one hot guy love hime thanks jj

  • Brad fan

    twokids2 Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 2:53 pm – flag comment


    Robert has always said that he thought Brad could be his son. Don’t forget that Robert Redford direected Brad in A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. I feel that another film with these two will be on the horizon.

  • sheryll/sh3ll

    oops sorry here’s the continuation trolls…

    2. why brad wore yellow?why not black or white?
    3. brad is not hot look at him he’s old
    4 bradf brad brad always brad…why not feature vince?
    5.look those eyes,he look tired.angelina must be making him a tired babysitting…

    what else trolls? did i miss something?just let me know ill encode it for u? lol

  • TimeZone

    thanks angelah for the o13 pic,it was a pic of a cast of fuglies except matt.and o11.12 were the worst movies ever and remember jen was with brad in cannes last year i bet he couldnt get that out of his mind he misses his little sweety jenjen.

  • candycandy

    JA’s fans , could you go to her hiding her face ‘s pics thread?

    Here is no space for you.

  • UGH

    Long haired Brad was not cute, I don’t care what anyone says. Look at that picture JJ posted. That whole Legends of the Fall look was overrated. I like him now.

  • angelah

    Unbelievable! Ppl are still living in the past, pls revert back to the present, the reality……. smfh!!

  • truly