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Ocean's 13 By the Sea

Ocean's 13 By the Sea

Here is yet another helping of the Ocean’s 13 cast in Cannes…

The star-studded cast of Ocean’s Thirteen take a break from promoting their third crime caper together — George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and Andy Garcia — and enjoy the Eden Roc hotel in Cap d’Antibes with their families. (See first set of photos here).

Cheadle, 42, was accompanied by his two daughters Ayana and Imani.

20+ pictures inside of the awesome Ocean’s 13 cast…

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01 brad pitt don cheadle
02 brad pitt all white
02 brad pitt wrinkled suit
03 george clooney smiling
04 george clooney matt damon
05 matt damon cannes
06 don cheadle shirtless
07 don cheadle shirtless
08 don cheadle shirtless
09 don cheadle shirtless
don cheadle daughters ayana imani01
don cheadle daughters ayana imani02
george clooney cannes film festival 01
george clooney cannes film festival 02
george clooney cannes film festival 03
george clooney cannes film festival 04
george clooney cannes film festival 05
george clooney cannes film festival 06
george clooney cannes film festival 07
george clooney cannes film festival 08
george clooney cannes film festival 09
george clooney cannes film festival 10

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Eliot Press
Posted to: Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Shirtless

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  • sheryll/sh3ll


  • sheryll/sh3ll

    thank u for the new tthread jared.

    hope this wont be infested by the paid trolls…

  • susie

    geez, my head is spinning from so many threads! the boys look good :lol:

  • Andrómeda

    I love you Brad!!

  • T&L

    Thx Jared… this is great. So many pics… I’m loving it!

  • awesome

    Brad´s necklace is back!

  • susie

    andro- will you send me an e-mail right now please, I have been trying to send one to you and it keeps coming back :( i mailed it today and they said 5-10 days.

  • piper, with a low

    It’s a good time, I gotta say.

  • NEiCY

    thanksz for the pictures jared!

    Brad look good as always

  • Peaches

    Don’s daughters are cute. Glad to see Don, Matt and Brad all make a family vacation out of the event.

  • Original Curious

    Clooney is rocking the Cary Grant look. Suits him well.

    I don’t think anything can surpass yesterday for me.

  • juss

    Thanks Jared :D it’s just me or Brad has gain some weight since he has been in europe?

  • You/Me

    I am seriously lusting after George today, he just looks too yummy. Haven’t seen him looking this good in a while.
    Were any of the Jolie-Pitt kids there playing with the other families? Can you imagine Angie in a two piece? That would be a double WOW,lol.

  • lurker01

    I don’t think anything can surpass yesterday for me.
    Yesterday was the perfect storm it will be a long time for somehting like that to repeat.

  • gabriel

    Neither Brad’s or Damon family are present.

  • keana

    Thanks for the new thread Jared!
    Sensory overload….love, love it!
    LET’S VOTE FOR BRAD… (HELLO poll) whenever we got a chance!

  • Thanks

    Brad and Matt look cute, Clooney is to thin for my taste.

  • piper, with a low

    Of course MPZS aren’t around; could Brad wear white/light colors if they were? LOL! :lol:

  • Peaches

    gabriel Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 4:23 pm – flag comment
    Neither Brad’s or Damon family are present.


    Of the event not just today. All three of them have their families there. There were pictures of Matt his wife and daughters yesterday. We know Brad has his family there, now Don is in Cannes with his family.

  • Fans

    Just a suggestion. In order to keep this thread clean let’s make a deal. No matter what the haters post DO NOT respond.

    Instead, if you get the urge to respond post your favorite Shiloh picture. After all her birthday is coming up very soon. Maybe JJ can make a thread with our pictures. What do you think? I’ll start before they arrive. Then I am going to check out the new pictures I haven’t even looked at them yet:-)

  • Andrómeda

    Ok Susie…I´m writing you an e-mail now…

  • right…

    crying, head spinning, blah blah blah, bp is the 2nd coming and AJ is Madonna.
    These people poop and pee you know. Calm down.

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    Nice to see them (cast of O13) relaxing. Wish JP’s children could be there, we all know how much Princess Zee loves the water. But I do understand why they aren’t there.

  • Anadin

    they all look so hotttttt, :)

  • tabitha

    It does not seem like there will be any Darfur fundraiser photos today. It seems like any pictures will come from an exclusive with a magazine. I hope it is with People magazine.

  • B

    Matt Damon looks cute.

  • B

    I wanna see George Clooney without his shirt on.

  • Juno

    Oh Lordy!! Am I the only one feeling like running a marathon here?! :D If these jumping from one thread to the next is a marathon, I would even miss the deadline. :)

    Okay, trying so hard to catch up with you people. Puff, puff, hufff, huff!! Okay, Angie said she will be taking a year off right.. well, I think we should be seeing another bio child then. At least I am crossing my fingers on this one. Okay, back to catching up. PUFF….HUFF…..PFF…HHFFF…..

  • B

    george is making some funny faces in these pix.

  • Burpie

    B Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 4:37 pm – flag comment
    I wanna see George Clooney without his shirt on.

    Haha, that makes two of us. George is one of the finest middle-aged guys I have ever seen.

    Brad looks INSANELY hot. That man is eye-candy, pure and simple.

  • Mmmmm

    Why doesnt Angie love Brad enuf to tell him that glasses are horrible .. just letting him walk around looking like a Tom Cruise wanna be. George is so yummmmmmmmmmy!

  • Jubilee

    Brad looks great with those glasses, actually he looks great in any shape, style sunglasses.

  • lurker

    Brad looks better with aviator kind of sunglasses.

  • cheeky

    The whole cast looks great! You can see that they like each other and are friends off set. Brad looks YUMMY!!!

  • WOW
  • WOW


  • WOW


  • Mr and Mrs Smith

    Thank you Jared. Love the cast of this movie. It’s good to see them having a good time and relaxing together.

    Here is the Celebrity Portrait Exhibitio at Cannes that features Brad, Angie, Matt, George, Leo, etc.

  • erica

    WHao don daughters are beautifuls.

  • picture perfect
  • You/Me

    Lady G Says:

    May 22nd, 2007 at 4:32 pm – flag comment
    Thanks Jared.

    Nice to see them (cast of O13) relaxing. Wish JP’s children could be there, we all know how much Princess Zee loves the water. But I do understand why they aren’t there.

    Why aren’t they there, is there some specific reason? Not that they are expected to go to every event,lol, but it sounds as though there is a certain reason. LOL at whoever said Brad wouldn’t be wearing white if MPZS were there :-)
    I saw the pics of Matt’s family too, they are so cute.
    Don’s daughters are indeed beautiful! I’ve never seen his girls before.
    I’m glad this seems such a fun time for all these celebs. Good friends & family, can’t beat that!

  • http://justjared love me say J

    George Clooney, really look likes old Hollywood!

  • the real tita

    #38: MAMS: thanks for the link. I didn’t know that Nicolosi made one of Angie too. Nice, really nice pout on our girl. Does anybody know what the size of those pictures are? They look huge. I wonder just how much they will fetch at auction?

  • fake

    I don’t care about Angelina, but she started to put me on nerves…. I have been working as international relief worker for free (with only food and shelter included) in the jungle for TWO years. It made me sick celebrities like Angelina who goes to Refugee camps for jus two days with a bunch of photographers for self promotion. After visiting these poor people, Angelina goes to Paris or Malibu to sip some champagne with caviar. The leftist in France called these kind the people, “caviar gauche” or Hypocrisy. Angelina, if you really care about the refugees, instead of being mom for the next whole year, please spend at least one year with the refugees and do some real work to help them, not to promote in name of them

  • Troll alert!

    Don’t feed the trolls and haters please :-)

  • These pics are ADORABLE

    I just posted very cute pics from cannes at the premiere but why waiting in moderation :(

  • tsk tsk tsk

    Troll alert! says:

    Thank you for reminding me. I was gonna respond to that fake poster (#44) but that’s probably another Huvaniston paid troll who’s trying another angle of attack.

    I will just enjoy drooling at the pictures of these handsome boys and watching all the entertainment shows … I still am in Brangelina heaven!!!

  • real

    hey don’t make a fake story that you work for international relief for the jungle, which jungle having free food????, why angelina must be stay with the refugees for almost one year ???, you stay there, learning about refugees, then make us a real story, you just waiting the pictures of Darfur charity, don’t you?

  • to #46


    If you put more than one link it will go into moderation. It will eventually appear but it will take a bit.
    Try sending them one a time.

  • These pics are ADORABLE

    Anyway, the pics are from Abaca they are posted at souliejolie in the last page of the premiere post.