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Guess Who's the Next American Idol

Guess Who's the Next American Idol

It was a showdown between Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis.

Who won — the beat-boxer or the 17-year-old powerhouse singer?

To find out who’s the next American Idol, CLICK HERE!


What a finale! All those performances! Not enough of Jordin and Blake, that’s for sure! What do you think readers? Was Blake robbed of the title? Should there be a re-match? Will you buy Jordin‘s album? DISCUSS!

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  • Melisa

    Love Jordan and I will totally buy her album. Blake is cool and all…but Jordan rocked it!!

  • Colbert ROCKS!

    Her fake cry makes me want to vomit! I am glad she won so Blake can remain true to himself.

  • angelah

    whoo I’m glad that she won! but the show hasnt aired here yet. I’ll buy her album.

  • Tucker

    I didnt even watch this season they all looked so bad, something about her face really drives me insane. what a dissapointment
    they should have stoped the show after Kelly won
    They will never top her

  • [eclec-tic]

    no surprise.

  • Tayler

    Jordan is a amazing singer, She deserves this title like no other.

    Blake is a amazing performer, He deserved the title too. He is different, like no one else on American Idol.

  • DaDump

    How’d she get through that final song? Congrats, Jordin!

  • Cee

    Team Jordin All The Way Babyy!!!!!
    i’ll definately buy her album and Blakes too if he makes one.

  • meemee

    A lot of performances tonight!!

  • LaLaLa

    Did anyone else want to jump into the television set and give Blake a big hug? He’s so sweet.

  • Bob


  • Lurking Is No Fun

    Well, I am sure glad that she won! If I would have been inclined to vote, she would have gotten mine….

    At only 17, she has a great career ahead of her.

    Thanks, Jared!

  • Pikes

    I wish Blake had lips…

  • ryllstar

    YES!! YES!! YES!!!
    so happy for jordin!!!

  • tanique33

    blake handled himself so well, all season. i was proud to support him. and for once paula went out with the most sense. it was nice to see her praise and thank both kids. which at the end, was all that was needed.

    i’ll certainly buy blake’s. i’m not that big on jordin, so i wont buy hers, but i wish her well.

  • Brandon

    JORDIN SPARKS!!!!!!!!!!! love her! I was dissapointed with the actual show tho. The performers seemed a little older then the audience of the show would normally listen to. Kelly and Carrie were amazing. All the stuff with the contestents was fun too. but i couldn’t be happier that Jordin won!

  • John


  • geniass

    The beatboxing with Doug E. Fresh was awesome. Team Blake!!!

  • mary

    I thought it was really unfair to make blake sing that ‘this is my now’ song last night. It was not his style and it was definitely in Jordin’s favor!!!

  • http://deleted IHJ

    I am very disappointed that she won. She is fake and her performance bored the living h.. out of me. She is fake and annoying. She didn`t deserve it, she has no personality. Jordin butchered several songs ( Gwen Stefani, Bon Jovi weeks ), Blake should have won.

  • junglegirljlt

    Yes! I will so be buying her CD! Blake is still a winner also…now he can do the songs the He wants to do instead of what AI wants him to do!

  • Dhee

    I think Jordin did great for 17yrs old girl. Congratulations!

    But Blake is another big thing. THey have different music and performance, for me both of them are the winner in different way.

  • JEn
  • Janae

    I’m so glad she won. She was great live in Arizona too.

  • Mary

    Jordin is superior and she was better than that guy… :)

  • Jared S

    OMG. Jordin sang like an angel ya know….I was more in Blake’s favor. I mean Roxanne and This Is Now clearly wasnt his style. Jordin needs some of that Atkins diet if she wants to look 17!

  • hr

    haha yeah she totally was faking that crying, but whatever. maybe she’s vying for an oscar some day too. i hope blake’s album does well… i hope he doesn’t end up like taylor hicks – really talented, but only entertaining on the stage. taylor rocked the stage tonight, but i don’t know any of his radio singles (besides the corny AI one).

  • Just Jebediah



  • Chloe

    Jordin might have won, but seriously – Blake OWNED the night with the Doug E. Fresh performance…totally in his element. Loved it.

  • jag

    Jordin so deserved the win! She was the best!
    Will buy her album….best of luck to them all.

  • LIRA


  • Jess

    uhh let’s not pretend that everyone can beatbox like that kid…they can’t. get over it. they’re both talented.

  • Brandon

    AMEN LIRA! haha…I’m totally with you on that one! While yes it is fun to watch him and he is a good beat boxers the competition is about SINGING…and you are either tone def or just pissed that she one if you can honestly say she is a bad singer! She 100% deserved this.

    Don’t get me wrong, Blake is good, but on the bright side, now he can put out an album that is him…not American Idol…I think winning would have killed him.

    anyways…GO JORDIN!

  • Brandon

    won* haha

  • Tarz

    JORDIN Wins huh…well i guess its the year of shrek…thy could have used her in Shrek 3. She looks like shrek with no makeup required…..Blake is young and hip..gods knows who voted for Jordin. Must be the Shrek fans

  • J3$$!C@

    I am so happy that Jordin won. I will definately buy her album and wish her success like Kelly C and Carrie U. Blake is also good and I will also buy his album, but I like Jordin a bit more.

  • Vanessa

    I’m not surprised Jordan won. Even though we all know that she is BORING and will most likely not have a long career. There’s nothing that sets her apart from all other girls who can sing.
    Blake is the real winner & the only good thing out of this is, as some people have already mentioned, that Blake now won’t have the American Idol label. Can’t wait until he puts out an album. Now he is a true musician, not just someone with a good voice.

  • John

    Jordin had fake crocadile tears!!! FAKE AS.S. DRAG QUEEN!!!

  • John

    Jordin should have never tried out for the show! With her little pretentious rich attitude (her dad is an ex NFL(?) star) ANYWAYS, WHY DID YOU PEOPLE VOTE FOR SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY RICH!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Melinda Doolittle was the best singer this year – barnone.

    What a scam.

    I guess commerce wins over talent – again!

  • Rachel

    I think it was pretty obvious as the competition reached its last stages that Jordin was an untouchable and frankly, based on her performance on Tuesday as well as the past few weeks’, I wasn’t surprised at her victory. Well, she is a record label’s dream! Can sing, got the curves, a good looker and absolutely marketable!

  • anon

    Melinda was a professional back up singer on American Idol. To me that is not very fair that she was on there. But how is having a professional football player father not fair? So her family is rich? Not all the people who come on American Idol have to have a sob story .

  • Mmmmm

    Doug E fresh and Blake was hot, LOVED IT! Jordin tried to pull a Kelly C and do the emotional cry at the end. Kelly’s was real and Jordin’s was fake, she had practiced the tears the night before and it and tried it again last night … FRAUD! I am glad Blake didnt win he can remain true to himself and she can go on and be fake.

  • Wanda

    Blake deserved to win because he is a true, original, very talented artist. Jordin is cookie cutter at best. Sure she has a powerful voice but so do alot of singers. Nothing at all original or special about her. Can’t wait for Blake to cut a CD. Definitely won’t buy Jordin’s, too boring for me.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    42 | anon @ 05.24.2007 9:08 am

    Melinda was a professional back up singer on American Idol. To me that is not very fair that she was on there. But how is having a professional football player father not fair? So her family is rich? Not all the people who come on American Idol have to have a sob story .

    So where does it end? Should we have Whitney Houston’s daughter compete? Or any other celeb kids?

    The competition should be for kids who had no other breaks but this one.

    Jordin was capable of getting plenty other breaks than AI.

    It is not fair to the kid in Desw Moines who has no connections and saved his/her babysitting money to buy a plane ticket to compete.

    Not fair in any way you look at it.

    Also someone as famous as her dad could influence people in high places. No entertainer’s kids should be allowed to compete.

    Rich kids ok, but not kids connected to the entertainment business in any way.

    Not fair.

    Besides, she was not by any means the best singer. Nor was Blake!

  • AndrĂ©

    All these AI female singers sound the same to me.
    Just boring, always screaming and doing the same thing.
    Of course she can sing..but so does all the others.

  • Crystal

    What’s the song Jordin sang when she one? If you know please tell me! thanks

  • Crystal

    *won sorry lol

  • Siera Monique

    So…She’s awesome!!! Love her voice, Love her music!!!