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Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted Sleeping

Jake Gyllenhaal Spotted Sleeping

Stop the presses! Jake Gyllenhaal was just spotted sleeping on a Eurostar train on Tuesday, going from Paris to London.

The Zodiac star was last seen on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival promoting his Palme d’Or-nominated film with co-stars Chloe Sevigny and Mark Ruffalo. He arrived in France about a week ago.

Should celebrities be allowed to sleep in peace? Some people apparently don’t think so!

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  • MJ

    mm..he’s so yummy!

  • [eclec-tic]

    Dude needs a fcuking girlfriend.

  • Victor

    so cute!!!

  • Anon.

    So he was last seen in Cannes on May 17th, and yesterday he was seen sleeping on a train FROM Paris to London???….Hmmmmm….and yes he looks totally adorable even sleeping with drool prolly dribbling down his chin…LOL! He looks awfully tired, too. Gosh. Looks like he hasn’t got a lot of rest the past five days, what?



  • Perez

    He was spotted in Paris on Saturday with Reese according to this blogger:

    And please don’t say they got her confused with his blonde PA, they were certain. Reese flew back to L.A. probably and JAke took the train to London to visit his sister. Reese’s divorce has hit a snag.

  • Mia

    What a cutie

  • Our world is coming to an end…

    “Should celebrities be allowed to sleep in peace? Some people apparently don’t think so!”
    That’s funny!!

  • Anon.

    Perez you need to find a better name LOL!. “Reese’s divorce has hit a snag.” Like you would know??? Whatever is going on with RW, I’m pretty sure she knew about it and has probably resolved it long before some enterprising gossip blogger got hold of court filings. Jake doesn’t look happy in the wide awake second shot…maybe he realized he was being photo’d! Which begs the question. If he was in Paris with RW, how come no pictures??? And if they were spotted once, they were spotted more than once. So what gives??? I’m not sayin’ they weren’t there, or at least I’m perfectly willing to believe Jake was in Paris and not by himself, but this is getting really silly. Sorreeee Jakey!!! I sincerely wish you could grab a few winks without any intrusions! You do look kinda tired.

  • gay gay

    Reese y Jake?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring

  • Rock

    Maybe because all of the paparazzi was in Cannes! Let’s face it, if this person didn’t pull out his cell camera/phone and took this picture of a sleeping Jake, we would have never known he was in Paris except for that mention of him and Reese in that obscure blog. Jake alone in Paris or with Reese, either way there are no pictures of him except for this. Stars can avoid that stuff if they choose to.

    I’m sure Reese knew of Ryan’s intentions to file for joint custody or she wouldn’t have flown to Paris for the weekend (if the sighting is true). There has been know pictures of her in L.A. since last Tuesday.

  • Patty

    “Should celebrities be allowed to sleep in peace?”… Yeah, I think they should ¬_¬… I totally love Jake and seeing new pics of him is great but yeah… They should.

  • Anon.

    I think he is indescribably sexy. He’s gorgeous in a way that reminds me of old Hollywood…like Cary Grant, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn. Like that. Clooney is the only other guy that can do that. I love Jake. He is perfection. Totally. I feel bad he was photographed while he slept. I hope sincerely that people didn’t disturb him and allowed him some privacy. He is a beauty!

  • H

    he’s so sexy and as for the reese rumors they really need to stop they’re getting really annoying

  • Anon.

    Waaaaah! I get paid millions of dollars to stand in front of a camera five months out of the year – after which I do absolutely nothing to contribute to society.

    Please, losing a large part of your privacy is part of the job when you want to be a star. Before you say that just because Jake is an actor he has the right to ride a train and not be photographed, he could have taken better precautions to not be seen. He’s not stupid. He knows this. He may even like the attention and has said as much.

    If he really cared you’d hear him complain about it more often – which he doesn’t. His sister on the other hand has clearly stated that she hates this kind of intrusion. You can act and not be a “star.” Take a look at her. She never went that route cause she like many other “actors” never went the route of participating in crazy “candid” photo ops running with my “best friends” and “showmances” which you refuse to confirm or deny.

    Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect example. He plays the reindeer games when he wants to and doesn’t when he doesn’t. When he doesn’t care you may see him in random photographs. When he does care to not be seen, you don’t.

    More often than not it’s all a big “game” to provide entertainment and keep the dollars rolling in.

  • dani

    Jakey’s looking hot. And i agree about the Jake/Reese rumors, they are mighty annoying.

  • Please

    Give me a break, Anon @ #15. You judge Jake, calling the fact that he goes out with his friends as a crazy candids…wtf?!?! So he should just stay holed up in his house to prove that he is a serious actor? Again, give me a break. He is a lot more refreshingly normal than a lot of actors/celebs out there. Sadly, the paps seem to be stalking him at every turn and just because he doesn’t go off on them doesn’t mean he loves his privacy invaded. He has stated that he understands that it comes with being an actor, but that doesn’t mean it is okay. And yes, the fact that he took transit like a normal person from Paris to London does not mean there should have a photo of him sleeping spread around the internet. Then again, if he did take a private plane I bet you would complain that he is acting like a spoiled, privilaged celeb.

    As for the Reese rumors, there has been no real proof of them being together and he does not owe you any answers for his personal life. If he did say something one way or the other about Reese, etc. people like you wouldn’t believe him anyway.

  • ag

    People of course he was in Paris do you think you just go from NCE-LA direct. You have to go to Paris.. and if you are there why not take in the sights he doesn’t seem as if he goes on holiday at all. If his sister is in London then the train is the most logical way and not to mention nicer than flying into Heathrow..

    The idea of her leaving her kids for 2 days I find hard to believe since some say she was in LA but it IS getting very boring, but hey although he is good looking maybe he is in fact just a frat boy and wants a cheerleader..

  • Anon.

    Jake took the train bcz trains consume less energy and pollute less than a plane. Seriously. He also drives a hybrid car. He has two. He tries to do what he can without preaching. I think he minds a lot that his privacy is invaded. The paps only “catch” him doing boring things. Walking, riding his bike, jogging, food shopping, going in and out of restaurants. Hanging out with his buddies. I think he understands that they will go after him as a target. But he gets really pissed off when they bother family and friends bcz of him. Like when they ask his parents if he is “doing Reese” or when they ask various men friends if he is doing them! The paps are vicious and they camped outside Maggie’s door 24/7 right on the day she came home from the hospital with a new baby…the paps wouldn’t let up for days and days. Rang the doorbell in the middle of the night, called in a false alarm to the fire house, they are criminals.

  • Anon

    ag, I don’t think Jake is just a frat boy looking for a cheerleader. He seems a lot more intelligent than that. Also, he seems to enjoy nice vacations/holidays. There have been many sightings/pictures of him in many different travels around the world for vacation and work just within the last year.

  • Anon.

    The fact is that Resse ws MIA in the States for about a week, the same time Jake was in Cannes/Paris. Photos finally popped up the other day in BH the same day Jake was photographed by that sleazy “civilian” on the train on Tuesday. You do the math.

  • ag

    anon, I didn’t say he wasn’t intelligent, I just figured he’d be too hip for her. She is just a bit boring and he seems more fun, hey I don’t don’t know him maybe he is a bit dull. I just hadn’t seen any photos of him anywhere other than NY/oh yeah Martha’s Vineyard.. but we have diff. ideas perhaps.

  • chel

    i don’t won’t to tell tales out of school, but I just sat next to this guy and his very cute friend at dinner. they seemed to be enjoying each other company which was pretty cute.

  • pav

    I think you do want to tell tales out of school, chel.

    So, what’s the skinny? Another actor or a civilian? Flirtatious fun or just fun-fun?

    C’mon, spill, you know you wanna.

  • salk


    is it jake and reese? is jake back in the states already?

  • london bridge

    Saw Jake board a British Airways flight from Heathrow to LA on 23 May at about noon. No one was bothering him and it seemed few people even recognized him behind the dark glasses and very casual clothing. Nobody else with him.

  • Voice of Reason

    London bridge,

    Nice try but I doubt it. That would mean he was visiting his sister (as he was seen on that train the day before), brother-in-law and niece for one day. Nope, does not compute. The Cannes Film Festival will be over Sunday May 27 where they’re expected to give awards to the winners. Zodiac is a frontrunner and Jake is standing by in case Zodiac takes a few awards.

  • Anon.

    Hey London Bridge: That is a change from when he arrived in Cannes. He was grumpy and refused to sign autographs. That would explain why he took the Eurostar to London to catch a floght back to the states.

  • Anon.

    Actually Zodiac is not the frontrunner, the only “buzz” for that film is for best director and I would think Fincher would be on stand by for that. Also if I remember correctly, Jake visited his sister in NY last month for two days and then flew back to L.A.

  • london bridge

    Voice, I’m not really a celeb spotter – Just saw him sitting there. I walked by a couple times over the course of 20 minutes and thought – that looks like Jake. Got home, looked up his recent travels, Looks like that was him indeed. He probably doesn’t need to hang out with the relatives too long and he very well might have needed to get back to LA.

  • Anon

    Doesn’t make sense that Jake would only spend not even a full day in London. It is possible but I think we would have seen pics of him by now if he was back in L.A. We have not seen him since the pics from the train on the 22nd.

  • Anon.

    It would make sense if it was only a stop over and it’s not like he just didn’t see his sister and his niece. Wouldn’t they be pictures of him in London as well? The paps over there are just as bad over there unless he has managed to avoid them like in Paris. Maybe he is in Martha’s Vinyard, one of the few places he can have some privacy. If he was in L.A. or N.Y., there would have been pics.

  • Anon

    Anon #32, it is possible but that would be a very short visit. And he didn’t spend much time with them in NYC last visit. Plus, he is not working so he could take time with them if he wanted. Anon #28, even if he didn’t want to sign autographs in Cannes I doubt he would go all the way to London just to take a flight back to the states.

    Also, Maggie hasn’t been papped either and she has been in London filming, as have Heath and Christian Bale, etc. There was a mention of her and Peter with Ramona on but no pics. If Jake was in Paris or Cannes all that time, he was not papped. It is possible to keep a low profile if you really want it. Jake has had times in NYC that he wasn’t papped either because he wasn’t in his usual spots downtown.

  • Anon.

    Yeah, Jake spends a lot of time in Brooklyn while in NY as well. i still have a feeling he is either i MV or on his way there.

  • Edie

    I don’t care about all this other drama, Jake is just too cute in these pics!

  • fg

    I want to have sax with him!

  • Mariana

    I can’t see the pic!!!!
    Jake Girls, or Just Jared, could u help me please?