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Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!

Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!

Tessa Horst, a San Francisco social worker, accepted the final rose — and a marriage proposal — from US Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin during Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

The newlyweds-to-be are still together as they were spotted leaving NYC’s The Mercer Kitchen in SoHo on Tuesday night. Tessa will be moving to Hawaii with Andy, though.

Said Andy during his proposal on the finale, “I’ve always imagined this day, and this is beyond my wildest dream… I met this woman who makes me feel so happy and so unbelievably amazing. I want to say to you Tessa… Will you marry me?”

The Bachelor will be sending Tessa, 26, and Andy, 30, on a trip to the Inca Trail in Peru in honor of Tessa‘s mother Romana Li, who met her husband, Bruce Bartels, while hiking the Inca Trail.

Andy Baldwin & Tessa HorstThe View, 5/22

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Photos: Dara Kushner/, ABC/Craig Sjodin
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51 Responses to “Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!”

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  1. 26
    LAUREN Says:

    First off i want to say: Did anyone else notice on “After the final rose,” how weird and dumb Andy and Tessa were acting. They both are too caught up in the fact that they are getting all this attention from the media. They have the most weird love iv’e ever seen…it will not last once the attention goes away. I still can’t believe he didn’t choose Bevin. She was completely in love with him; there was absolutely nothing she could have done more of. I really hope she’s the next Bachelorette; she deserves it because she is the most well collected of all the women. She dealt with the situation very mature and seemed at ease. I am actually from Palo Alto, CA…so of course I love Bevin. But seriosuly, how freaking fun would it be to party with Bevin? anyone agree?

  2. 27
    Po Says:

    Who gives a ****!!!

  3. 28
    Steven Says:

    I really thought Bevin was going to be picked and I thought Andy and Bevin would been a perfect Husband and Wife but things didn’t work out that way for a reason. I thought Bevin was very attractive and would be perfect for Andy. I wish the best for Andy and Tessa and I am happy that they are both happy together and hope things do work out throughout there time being together. But I would suggest you take it slow and be sure this is what you two really want before making a lifetime decision that you will not be able to break. Remember marriage Vows are forever and never meant to be broken. God Luck Guys.

  4. 29
    Missy Says:

    Honestly, I was rooting for Danielle. She’s the prettiest one of them all, comes from a solid family, educated, & poised & very classy & yet down-to-earth. She would have been perfect for Andy. She didn’t show any kind of emotional drama inspite of getting rejected. Although I also liked Bevin, especially I think she has beautiful eyes & she’s quite classy too inspite of her tatoos, but what it boils down to is, Andy prefers Asian women. Most of his girlfriends have been tall, athletic, sophisticated Asians/Hawaiian/slender brunettes. And besides, Tessa was raised Catholic like Andy. And also a triathlete like him. Tessa is tall & athletic but not really pretty. But I wouldn’t even worry whether or not theirs would last because just the fact that they were put together, however long it might be, I just enjoyed watching the best looking bachelor and the most interesting bachelorette winner ABC has had so far!

  5. 30
    applekisses Says:

    I diffinitely thought that Bevin was in love with Andy, but it will not work if the other person in the relationship isn’t. And that’s why Andy didn’t pick her because he’s not in love with her.
    Tessa made Andy laugh and that is important in a relationship. Andy even mentioned many times that she made him laugh. That shows that he’s smitten by her, and I do applaud for her being honest with her feelings and taking baby steps because most women that come on this show are in love with the idea of being in love. And the show creates a fairy tale so it sets everyone up. I don’t know how Andy and Tessa will end up later, but I wish them the best because I felt the connections for both of them. Andy and Tessa will make a beautiful baby if they stay together.
    Tessa and Andy just remember to communicate. Any problems and obstacles can be solve if you want to stay together because the physical, emotional, and financial aspect is there already. Now just learn to get through obstacles in life. Best of luck.

  6. 31
    believer29 Says:

    I didnt watch the whole season but did watch the last 3 shows to the final rose. I liked Bevin and Tessa for Andy. I think Andy made the right choice because Tessa didnt buckle down just because Andy is a military doctor. She was honest and gave a reservations on the situation which is good because Andy knows she cant be told on how she feels and that made Andy WORK for her affection. Like Andy always said, HE HAD TO WORK REAL HARD TO GET TESSA’S ATTENTION AND TO OPEN UP. That is a good foundation to work on. Now that she plans to move to Hawaii to get to know Andy more, then it shows she will do good as a military wife. She knows how to compromise and understands how Andy’s work is that the Navy will always be priority. She didnt even suggest long distance relationship nor did she ask Andy to made the distance work. SHE DECIDED TO MOVE TO HAWAII… More Power to Andy and Tessa and hopefully you WILL end up with HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

  7. 32
    ml12fun Says:

    i love tessa and andy together and I think that they are perfect. i can’t wait to see pictures online from their wedding! :)

  8. 33
    vonnie Says:

    Bevin didn’t really have a chance once the “true Bevin” began to shine through. She should have NEVER waited so long to share the news with Andy about being previously married. Nor should she have been soooo aggressive and what appeared to be desperate for his attention and affection. They have a name for girls like that……and it’s not very nice! Her strange religion and VERY liberal ways would never have worked out in a marriage with Andy. His family is very down to earth and all american…..not to mention the fact that Andy himself is truly the perfect picture of an accomplished american citizen. He wanted Tessa and his love and desire to win her over kept shining through from the 1st episode to the last! I’m so happy and relieved that he picked the right girl. I wish them both the best as they spend time together in the real world and make their plans for a wedding date in their future. Can’t wait to see the beautiful and intelligent children they will bring into this world in the years ahead. They will certainly be taught good moral values and to work hard for everything they get…..their parents lives speak volumes for this!

  9. 34
    MilitaryWife Says:

    At first I was pulling for Bevin too but as time went on, I have to say, she would not be a good military wife, especially for an officer. I think he chose Tessa because she is more quiet and reserved and that is how an officer’s wife needs to be. I do worry Tessa will have a hard time ajusting to military life; she seems so shy and quiet and you can’t be that way as a military spouse (or is it just that way as an enlisted wife?)

  10. 35
    stargazer Says:

    I’m really happy that Tessa was picked, but the real reason I’m posting is to point out that Danielle was afraid of bananas! That just cracked me up.

  11. 36
    Lee Says:

    Andy and Tessa are truly an awesome couple! Seeing them together in Hawaii and listening to them speak with confidence and love makes you realize that they are truly REAL and down to earth. Hawaii may be a place of love, romance and paradise, but I believe they will continue with their journey together.

  12. 37
    Tiset Says:

    i heard that the bff is ******!!!!!!!! i met some gds people and they all say that.. why would tessa be bff with such an ugly bully??? she had warts all over her face.. maybe she is just a witch??

  13. 38
    Mike S Says:

    Anonymity certainly brings out the worst in some people–how attractive is the person declaring either woman as ugly or worse? Both Bevin and Tessa have many wonderful traits and deserve appreciation and respect–they showed courage to go on TV and put up with a lot over several months. It appeared both women sought a husband, not fame, and I sincerely hope it works out for Andy and Tessa. If not, they still exhibited more courage than most and class to boot. They sure as heck were a lot more grounded than some of the knuckleheads they’ve had in seasons past.

  14. 39
    BFF Says:

    BTW that BFF is named Samantha Bonderman from GDS graduated 99 . there are many blog of her and carly lipnick about them being rude snobby girls in high schoo. how could tessa be friends with those kind of people?? that reflects on her character as well. they made life at gds miserable. imagine spoiled kids in high school.. that was them. talk to any gds people and they will say the same thing.

  15. 40
    Jess Says:

    Guys: I read this on some Bachelor blog- I was quite dissapoined to read what people in Tessa’s life had to say about the people that she calls her best friends. Kind of scared me after reading it. Maybe we were wrong all along about Tessa being right for Andy. I hope not and I hope that her bestfriends really are not this bad. Wow is all I have to say.

    “I went to GDS since PreK and althought I was friends with the Popular girls, there were a few that were just awful, Sam being one of them. It had nothing to do with her being wealthy, by more with her being ignorant, rude, mean, and a bully. She was a bully to most of the girls/women at GDS and treated many of the quiet, unpopular girls horribly. Carly Lipnick was pretty bad, I mean she was borderline racist, but no one at least listened to Carly and gave two cents about her. Carly was the epitome of an insecure needy girl that was missing love from family and friends. Bondo on the other hard, was very confident and used her clout at GDS to get what she wanted. She was insensitive, mean, but even I myself let her have her reign at GDS. Everyone wanted to be her in some aspect, she has all the power and manipulated the Class of 1999. I wish that I had not just followed the pack and that I had stood up to her.”

  16. 41
    Lineman's Wife Says:

    Hey. I have never watched the Bachelor/bachelorette shows before. In fact, I’ve never watched any type of “reality” show before. However, for some reason, I was drawn to this season of the Bachelor. I didn’t like Tessa from day one. Her joke was way stupid. I did like Bevin. After watching the last episode where Andy told both women that he loved them, I knew that I wanted him to pick Tessa. I mean, Bevin deserves better than that. I believe it is possible to love two persons at the same time, but no way should you ever say it out loud. You hold your head up, go on with your life and keep your mouth shut about it. To string both women along because you don’t know which one to pick is the wrong thing to do. Andy should have told producers that there was no way in H*** that he could make this type of decision in such a short time. He should not have had to make a proposal to either woman if he truely had feelings for them both. He should have been allowed to “bow out gracefully” and continue to spend time with both women until he was absolutly certain. However, since he was a “typical” man, he just went with it and didn’t think of the outcome. I personally think that he & Tessa will NEVER make it, but I’m glad that she is the one who, in the long run, will be heart broken; and NOT Bevin. Bevin deserves to be happy and I truely belive that Andy could have never given her what she needs. I too would like to see Bevin be the next Bachelorette so that she can do the choosing and not have to depend on a guy who can’t even figure out how or what he feels!!!!

  17. 42
    jessie Says:

    Andy and Tessa are the best together!!!!!
    Dont doubt that their not good together cause their perfect together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    omg!Their the best love birds in town!!!
    Bevin just gave Andy a watch and Tessa gave Andy the cutest gift, a photo of them and pictures of their simularities!!!Tessa and Andy are the best couple EVER and I wish them a good future and relationship!

  18. 43
    Felix Says:

    I want to know, does anyone has a clue when are they going to Peru?

  19. 44
    ac Says:

    i love tessa cuz shes the only one who didnt cry the whole darn time. bevin cried every episode!

  20. 45
    Lucy Says:

    ANDY AND TESSA! I wish you guys the best of luck and I sent you both my blessings. You both are amazing people and the love you two share have so much potential. Andy, I really do value your choice. It was a hard one between Bevin and Tessa. The relationship you had with Bevin sparked in the beginning but those romantic sparks are not going to sustain a lifelong relationship. It is like lighting a candle. The will eventually burn out and the flame will die. Bevin seems like a nice person but I really feel as I’m watching the show that she is putting on a side to entertain the media. Tessa’s love for you Andy, on the other hand, is like the light of the stary night. The longer you stare at the stars, the brighter they shine.

  21. 46
    tessa fan Says:

    Tessa is the best. She is beautiful and perfect for Andy. Meanwhile, Bevin, yucks she’s just too wild for him and she’s a liar.

  22. 47
    Jennifer Jones Says:

    Hi there my name is Jennifer Jones and i been watching this since the very first bachelor and i feel that some of the bachelor are a joke but congulation Tessa and Andy all I want is to see you guys get marries on TV smile like Trista and Ryan. Now for the question is there and way i can get acopy of the last four show if so please tell how i can get them. thank you for sharing your love and happiness jennifer from Texas

  23. 48
    dimples Says:

    Bevin appeared from the get go to want to jump his bones. She was all over Andy like stink on a skunk. What guy wouldn’t like all the attention. Tessa on the other hand was more reserved. She didn’t wrap herself around him every chance she got. Andy fell in love with Tessa, and felt love for Bevin. There is a difference. The love he feels for Tessa is strong for now. I hope that it will continue to grow and they will get married and live happily ever after. I think they look great together. One day Bevin will find a man who better suits her.

  24. 49
    tia Says:

    I am not trying to be mean, but Tessa tooks pregnant in that SoHo picture. I am so happy that he chose her, Bevin is way too insecure and attention starved to be a military wife. I wish them both much happiness. I am hoping that Bevin is the next Bachelorette.

  25. 50
    Lizzy Borden Says:

    That has to be the ugliest outfit I have ever seen.Her face isn’t much better.

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