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Introducing Wyatt Crow, Sheryl Crow's Son

Introducing Wyatt Crow, Sheryl Crow's Son

Here are the very first pictures of Sheryl Crow‘s newly adopted 3-week-old son Wyatt Crow! The 45-year-old singer-songwriter will be raising her son at her Nashville home and expects “a whole troop” of siblings to join Wyatt soon enough.

“The day he came home (on April 30), I felt like the whole house had changed. The house felt fuller,” Crow told OK! magazine via USA Today. “You just feel like nesting and making sure he’s acclimated to the world. It is all so fascinating.”

Added Crow, “My mom would hand him to me and say, ‘Here’s your mommy.’ It was really poignant (and very startling) to hear my mom call me Mommy. It took me a while to get used to it.”

Crow also confessed to having a special “somebody” (who is not in the business) in her life but she doesn’t “feel any pressure to get married” because Wyatt will be the “deciding factor.”

(Crow was spotted on Tuesday having a hilarious bike through Runyon Canyon with her new guitarist near new Los Angeles mansion — see pictures below and inside.)

Sheryl and Wyatt‘s OK! cover story hits newsstands on Friday.

UPDATE: The full article and interview courtesy of OK! has been added inside…


Introducing Wyatt Cooper (Sheryl Crow’s Son)

Sheryl Crow has surrendered her heart to a new man. He may only weigh in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces, with the tape measure showing him at a mere 22 inches, but he has the beautiful, blonde rock chick firmly wrapped around his ever-so-tiny fingers. Sheryl’s ‘little man,’ as she likes to call him, is her newly adopted son, Wyatt Steven Crow, who was 3 weeks old when Sheryl proudly showed him off to OK! for his first-ever photo shoot.

The adoption is a wonderful piece of good news for Missouri-born Sheryl, 45, after a well-documented and difficult 2006. There was the split from fiancé Lance Armstrong and then the awful news that she had Stage I breast cancer. A lumpectomy and radiation treatments were prescribed and a delighted Sheryl confirmed to OK!, ‘I am cancer-free.’ Remarkably, Sheryl seems to have gained strength from that dreadful year.

OK! met with Sheryl and her son in her beautiful L.A. home where photos of family and friends are displayed much more prominently than her nine Grammy Awards. The house has a warm, lived-in feel, with mutts Oscar and Lucy following Mom and her new bundle of joy wherever they go. Sheryl shared the most joyous event in her life exclusively with OK! readers and described what it felt like the first time she was called Mommy.

When did you start thinking about adopting? I’ve always wanted to adopt. Even if I’d had my own kids, I would have adopted. I love the idea of adopting. I always thought I had an immense amount of love to give.

When did you start the process? I got started at the end of my radiation treatment. I knew it would take a long time. They don’t put you at the front of the line just because you’re a rock star. I went through the proper channels and did it just like everybody else does it.

Describe what you went through. I went through an agency. I filled out a lot of paperwork. You answer all kinds of questions and they come and visit you. This was a closed adoption, but I have a physical description and the medical history of the parents, which is really great because you know what your child is in for regarding medical issues.

Did you want a boy? I did not care. I did not care what nationality. I do believe, and it may sound wacky, that souls pick their surroundings. I feel like Wyatt was on his way, one way or the other.

Do you have any concerns, as a public person, that even with a closed adoption, down the line someone is going to say, ‘That’s my baby’? I have great faith that things will work out the way they’re meant to. I am going to raise him in a healthy environment. He will know he’s adopted. He will know as much as he wants to know about his family. And if the time comes that he wants to meet his birth family, I will help him with that.

Have you thought about what you’ll tell Wyatt and when? I think it will come about when it comes about. When he’s old enough to understand it, we’ll talk about it. By then he’ll already know and love me as his mom.


When did you know you might be getting your son? I knew he was coming and I knew there was an opportunity for the birth mother to change her mind. I flew to where he was, which was in another state, and I took him home a day later. He was 1 day old. His birthday is April 29.

What did you say to him the first time you saw him? I think I said, ‘Welcome to the world,’ but mostly I just stared at him.

You named him after some very special men in your life. My dad’s middle name is Wyatt. My brother is Steven. They are the two men I love and respect the most.


Who was the first person to call you Mom? My parents were out here when he was born. My mom would hand him to me and say, ‘Here’s your mommy.’ It was really poignant — and very startling — to hear my mom call me Mommy. It took me a while to get used to it.

When did you begin to reprioritize your life? Instantly! The day that he came home, I felt like the whole house had changed. The house felt fuller. For the first couple of weeks, of course, you just feel like nesting and making sure that he’s acclimated to the world. It is all so fascinating. You don’t want to miss a thing. I’ve barely
left the house.

What’s been your favorite moment with him? My favorite moment is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing him next to me and realizing, ‘Oh, he’s still here! How fantastic! It’s not a dream.’

What were your fears going into this? I didn’t have any trepidation about how I’d do as a mom. But there are certain things that you can’t know with a new baby that you have to learn as you go. Luckily, my parents were here, and I’ve gotten great advice from my mother and I have a wonderful baby nurse.

Who else has given you great advice? My dear friend Laura Dern has been with me all the way through this experience and had a baby shower for me last week. And Gabby Reece has been with me all the way. These very ‘Earth Mother’ types are really dialed into how to raise a baby organically and holistically.

Do you worry about getting married in the future to provide a father for Wyatt? I’m very happy where I am and don’t feel any pressure to get married. Wyatt
is going to be the gatekeeper! There won’t be anybody coming between Wyatt and Mom.

How are you going to keep Wyatt from becoming a Hollywood brat? I believe in saying no. I’m going to try and be a really good parent and not his best friend. I’m not going to raise him and have him go to school here [in L.A.]. I have a farm in Nashville and he’ll grow up down there. I have family there and also in Missouri just a few hours away.

Will there be any little brothers or sisters for Wyatt? Definitely, a whole troop! I love kids. I can definitely see myself adopting more kids. As soon as I brought Wyatt home, I told my mom I wanted another. She told me to slow down and learn what I was doing with Wyatt first.


How did you get through last year? It was tough, but it was a good year. I let go of a lot of stuff. I had the best tour [with John Mayer] of my entire life. It was so joyful, especially after having gone through radiation.

If you’d been writing a country song, you had all the material you needed. It was movie-of-the-week stuff. But that’s real life.


Are you dating? I’m having a great time dating but I’m shy about sharing my private life. There is somebody, but I’m not walking down the aisle.

Give us a hint! No, he’d kill me. He likes his anonymity. He’s not in this business. I’m happy with my main man, Wyatt. Life’s really good.

You now come as a package deal. That’s right. You buy one and get one free. I used to gauge men on how they were around my dogs. Wyatt now becomes the deciding factor. This little boy is so special. It will be very informative about anyone I might get involved with. What are they really made of? How much love do they have?

How did you get involved with the World Food Program? I was watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN while feeding Wyatt. Drew Barrymore was talking about the World Food Program. It is absolutely amazing, the number of kids that they feed. They have an unbelievable spokesperson in Drew. I sent her an e-mail saying, ‘You are the coolest chick I know.’ I want to help in any way I can.

Did becoming a mom spur you on to help the WFP? I don’t think there is any coincidence that I was feeding my baby watching these starving children living in abject poverty. Then the opportunity came up to make a real difference.

How’s the new album? I’m three-quarters of the way through it. I’m going to try and finish it by the end of July. Hopefully one song — a very political song — will be out by Christmas. I’ll probably go on tour in February or March of next year. Baby and nanny and the two dogs will all go on the tour bus with me. If I could take my horses, I would.

So, Wyatt’s going to be a world traveler? I’m getting him his passport already!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Chriss/Shinn
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  • ash

    He’s soooooo cute!! I’m happy for her!

  • stef

    he’s adorable

  • Serena love

    oh, i didn’t know she was pregnant… congrats to her. The baby is so cute :)

  • anon

    he was adopted.

  • Leoling

    OMG, she wasn’t pregnant the whole story is about how she adopted this baby!

    Good for her. She’s wanted to be a mother for a long time. Now, I’m sure she won’t be slammed for selling pictures immediately to a magazine will she?

  • Rii

    Congrats to Sheryl, I’m happy for her. Wyatt is a cute little boy.

  • brass

    Congratulations to her!! What a wonderful new family!!

  • Maria

    Already pimping the child. Those adoptions are games for them to get attention.

  • Maria

    Pimping the child already. what is wrong with those celebrities.

  • Bravura

    leoling you sucks!!!!!

  • twokids2

    I’m happy for her. She looks happy. And the baby is beautiful!
    Welcome to Motherhood!

  • Mmmmm

    Good for her, pimping your child is what they all do and I guess live with it. He is a cutie!!!


    Why whatever will her holier than thou ‘friend’ Maniston say about Sheryl showing pics of her new baby?? It’s funny how she’s echoing almost word for word what Angie used to say about maddox, that he was the deciding factor for anyone to be in her life. I think it’s great that she beat her pal man, on the baby front and that she’s showing pics in a magazine…now the sit-com hack can shut her mouth dissing Brad and Ange.

  • Kimberly

    OMG, did she adopt an American baby? That is not the “in” Hollywood thing! He is adorable, good for her!

  • Oh My!

    Oh my she looks so ugly without make -up and her hair??? Just too much airbrushing/photoshopping on her in the mag.

    Sorry to say, but their circle of friends, Sheryl, Laura Dern, Courtney and of course Ms Jen, they are the types who doesnt look good au naturel! They do take care of their body but their faces and hair are all so ugly without make-up. They are all high maintenance women who has resorted to plastic/cosmetic surgeries.

    I hope they didnt do anything to the baby. He looks adorable!

  • Leni

    The adoption thing for Cheryl is just so much echoing Angelina. I think she just wants attention after her split from Lance.

  • Kimberly

    Heard of subject-verb agreement much? It should be “they are the types who DON’T look good…” . How good do you look when you are out getting exercise? If someone followed you around with a camera at all hours of the day don’t kid yourself into believing that you wouldn’t need a little airbrushing.

  • gosh

    Why compare everybody to Angelina Jolie? I love Angelina, but it’s realistic that women grow older and still have a desire to become moms. If they are not married and don’t have a special man in their life, the desire is still there. Good for her for choosing to adopt. At least she’s rich enough to financially provide for her brood.

  • Emma

    Leni, do you really think that someone woudl adopt a baby to ‘get attention’?? Get a grip!! Surely we should be congratulating her on her lovely new family and on choosing to dedicate her life to a child, not making such cruel statements. And by the way, I am adopted- does that mean Angelina was copying my mum and dad??

  • Serena love

    I promise ya, guys, very soon we’ll hear that Jen is trying so hard to get preggers or maybe looking to adopt a child. It’s going to happen soon! She doesn’t want to be left out.
    Brad got children, Courtney got a beautiful girl, Lisa, and now Sherryl. Ah! You’ll see , she’s gonna be so desperate for a baby. I bet she’ll be on Oprah to cry how much she longs for a child too. Maybe once she gets preggers, her fans will finally shut up for once and stop the hate. No way… actually, they’ll start saying chin chin’s baby is even prettier than Shiloh. It’ll never end nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • twokids2

    CLINIQUA Says:

    I don’t get it. You don’t like me because I don’t like Angelina. Now you come here and critize Sheryl because she is Jen’s friend. Has Sheryl done something bad to you?
    I thought you were pro-adoption.

  • si

    I really do not understand you guys, why the need to criticise anyone whom is remotely a friend to Jen is beyond me, let me tell you this Sheryl is a 45 years old woman, whom has worked hard to get were she is and as a lot of accolades to proove how hard she has tried to get here, this is not about Jen it is about Sheryl and the new life that is apart of her forever, she strikes me has an independent woman, and something tells me she would be a wonderful mum to this precious baby and he would be a force to reckon with in his generation, and if and whenever Jen decides to have a child God knows i would be happy for her, because trust me i have seen moms kill their kids and looks to me does not matter as long as that kid grows up in a loving environment and lets be realistic there a whole lot worse , i mean evil people whom are prepared to do anything to destroy anyone including their children.

  • Serena love

    si Says:

    I didn’t criticize Sheryl. I’m estatic for her. I’ve always admired the woman. I love her songs and her courage. I’m glad for her and the little Wyatt. I like Courtney too. But I don’t like JA. So some of us may dislike chiniston but we have nothing against Sherryl.

  • Serena love

    there’s something I’ve noticed. don’t you think she looks a bit like Mariah Carey? Hadn’t I read Sheryl’s name, I would have thought Mariah had a baby, ehee.

  • kate

    Come on all!She’s not like a person who want to have attention!!it’s ridiculous!she already has a lot of attention with her career, so stop your gossips and let her be happy with her baby!!And STOP COMPARE everybody,including Sheryl, who adopt to A.Jolie!!A lot of people adopt before Jolie she’s not THE woman who has to be compared to!
    Congratulations Sheryl!!I wish you a lot of joy with Wyatt!!

  • La

    Sheryl welcome to motherhood. He’s your job so work at it and love and enjoy the little guy!

  • La

    Not saying a child is a job in a bad way, it is the BEST job in the world.

  • si

    ok whatever pleases you

  • kate

    I totally agree with you si.

  • Amy

    I’m happy for her. She’s getting older and wanted to be a mother so she took matters into her own hands. There are worse things she could have done besides adopting aa baby that probably would have had a tough time ending up with the kind of life she can provide. I can only imagine that when I finally become a mother, I’ll wish I had the opportunity to share pictures with the entire world. Not everyone has that chance. Best of luck to them both.

  • any

    cute baby!!

  • Mmmmm

    twokids2 Says:

    Chiniqua is secretly in love with Jennifer Aniston she is obessed with her. BTW no one cant do anything that Angie has done … well according the fruit cakes that worship her. Which Chiniqua is not one of them, she worships Jennifer (a lil lezzie crush)

  • Charlie

    I someone who’s been trying to adopt an American baby for 2 years. Unless you are willing to adopt babies with medical/other problems and adopt babies of different race, it’s not an easy thing. Nonetheless, I’m glad people with money and fame are stepping up to give love and good home for thsese babies, regardless of where they are from and who they are. Go Sheryl, love him and take care of him.

  • Rox

    Oh I see. Any woman who has a baby, whether natural or adopted, AFTER Angelina is copying her. Get a grip, people! The majority (not all) of women go through baby pangs from 28-38. If a woman is stable enough to provide a loving home for a child, whether natural or adopted, I say go for it! Motherhood is not a concept invented by Angie.

  • Tiffany

    The baby looks a little pissed on the cover….but he’s very handsome!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I love how this adoption is not criticized as a photo op yet when our Angelina adopts, she catches fire!

    A child without a home is a child without a home. Anyone who adopts is doing a great service to humanity (whatever personal reason they choose to adopt). So easy to spend thousands on fertility treatment yet to open your world to a child that is not of your womb is a great act that God can only praise.

    The hypocrisy of people. What are you all doing for orphans?

    Bravo to Sheryl and any woman who adopts. One day I hope to do the same. And I will be sure my adopted children will be of different races. Race is a scam. Color does not matter. Love does.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    And why can’t people get this simple concept: if you are a celeb, put out the pics of your kid on your own otherwise some psycho pap will be hiding in your bushes to profit off pics of your kid. So instead, control the situation and YOU put out the pics.

    Makes total sense to anyone with a bit of a brain. Geez!

  • realitycheck

    This baby was not a baby that was going to have a hard time being adopted. There are many coupls waiting years to adopt a caucasian baby. So, rather than the baby lost the opportunity to live a normal life being raised by a mother and fathr. The kids that have a tough time being adopted are special needs babies or non-caucasian baby.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    realitycheck Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 1:38 pm – flag comment

    This baby was not a baby that was going to have a hard time being adopted. There are many coupls waiting years to adopt a caucasian baby. So, rather than the baby lost the opportunity to live a normal life being raised by a mother and fathr. The kids that have a tough time being adopted are special needs babies or non-caucasian baby.

    True. A girlfriend of mine researched the whole adoption things for she and her husband were planning it.

    The wish list for caucasian babies is astonishing. Children of color wait years to be adopted! Years. It is alarming. ANyone who has gone through that system knows this as fact.

    That is why once I decide one day to adopt, I will adopt the “undesired” babies. Yet I still believe, it does not matter where or who you adopt, in the end, just adopt!.

  • inhirnamy137

    I feel really happy for her, she picked the right time in her life to adopted a needy child.

  • realitycheck

    inhirnamy137 Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 2:13 pm – flag comment
    I feel really happy for her, she picked the right time in her life to adopted a needy child.


    She didn’t adopt a needy child. That child would have been adopted one second after he was born by any one of a thousand couple waiting in line, who could have also given the child a very loving home. She paid big money to jump to the front of the line. Well, big money to me, probably not to her. It’s the same thing that Sharon Stone did. She paid a woman to carry a baby. It’s nothing bad about her because my understanding is that it’s common for infertile couples with money to do that. The baby needs a loving, nurturing environment, but it certainly was not a “needy” child.

  • twokids2

    realitycheck Says:

    How do you know that she paid big money to jump to the front of the line?
    Do you know this for a fact, or is this how you supposed it happened?
    Gosh, couldn’t you be happy for her?
    What was wrong with this adoption, the fact that it wasn’t a baby from Asia?

    I hope for Sheryl the very best.

  • carolina

    Some of you guys are unbelievable. I’m thrilled to see the adorable pics of these two together. And to the haters-adoption has been around a long, long time.Yes Mia Farrow and others have made it newsworthy…It’s a beautiful experience. And if Jennifer A. , Mariah, Jennifer L., Queen Latifah… any of these women decide to adopt- more power to them.Their children will be loved …

  • Rii

    Carolina well said, I agree with you totally.

  • Raichill

    I feel so bad for people who have been on waiting lists to adopt for years and it always seems so easy for celebrities with money. Putting that aside, I still don’t understand how someone of her age, with her recent breast cancer is able to adopt. I guess rich people are able to buy babies.

  • You/Me

    Congrats to Sheryl!
    Her son is beautiful and I’m so happy that she is finally a mom. There is no other love like the love between a mother and her child :-)

  • realitycheck

    twokids2 Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 3:13 pm – flag comment
    realitycheck Says:

    How do you know that she paid big money to jump to the front of the line?
    Do you know this for a fact, or is this how you supposed it happened?
    Gosh, couldn’t you be happy for her?
    What was wrong with this adoption, the fact that it wasn’t a baby from Asia?

    I hope for Sheryl the very best.

    I wish the best for Sheryl and Wyatt. I think that she will be a loving parent to Wyatt. I’m just saying that this is not a needy baby.

    The typical wait for a couple who wants to adopt a caucasian infant is 3-5 years with fees well over $20K (and that is low ball park estimate). Sheryl had cancer in 2006,which is when she started the process. When you go through an close adoption, the adoptive parents shell out money to find a pregnant woman, paid for their medical, and living expenses too. The pregnant woman can spell out what she wants the prospective parents to pay for. The amount of money that you are willing to spend determines how quickly you are matched with a prospective birthing mother (baby). If the mother changes her mind, you don’t neccessarily get your money back. So, yes adopting is not for the poor. Also, adopting from other countries is not always cheaper either. In some cases, it can be more expensive.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    realitycheck Says:
    May 23rd, 2007 at 3:51 pm – flag comment


    If the wait time for a couple to adopt a caucasian baby is about 3-5 years then it is longer for black kids. 60% or more of black kids up for adoption are not adopted.

    White babies are always the first to be adopted.

    Overseas, China and Russia are the number one targeted countries.

    There is a real racial disparity in what kids get adopted.

    I knew someone whose banking firm paid for and gave incentives adn parental leave for people adopting so people with really good insurance who may not be wealthy can adopt.

    It is more feasible then people would believe.

    The woman I knew barely made $35,000 a year but got her entire costs for adoption paid for by her company.

  • seriously

    Very funny. That’s her GUITARIST, definitely not her new guy.
    He’s a good friend and he’s been playing with her for years.
    Not like you, Jared. And not nice for his wife and kids.
    They must be visiting the baby.

  • leni

    I’m happy for her. Cute baby. I have nothing negative to say.

    Btw.. I am not the leni who posted earlier. I AM the Leni who posts on Brad and Angie sites.. Either there is another Leni, or someone is using my name.

    I would NEVER accuse someone of adopting for attention. Adoption is a wonderful gift for a child.