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Celebrity Guess Who? -- Bikini Body Edition

Celebrity Guess Who? -- Bikini Body Edition

Guess the bikini-bodied celebrity with the toned tummy!

To find out who’s body-slamming into the ocean, CLICK HERE!

It’s Kelly Preston!

Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta was spotted enjoying a vacation in her native Hawaii with family on Wednesday. They enjoyed a walk on a peninsula and had photographs taken of each other. Kelly and her 7-year-old daughter Ella Bleu then splashed, laughed and enjoyed the warm waters of Hawaii. After cooling in the ocean Kelly then watched her children’s minder do a cartwheel on the beach before sitting with her 15-year-old son Jett.

Click on the thumbnails below to see Kelly and the kids in Hawaii!

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kelly preston bikini 01
kelly preston bikini 02
kelly preston bikini 03
kelly preston bikini 04
kelly preston bikini 05
kelly preston bikini 06
kelly preston bikini 07
kelly preston bikini 08
kelly preston bikini 09
kelly preston bikini 10
kelly preston bikini 11
kelly preston bikini 12
kelly preston bikini 13
kelly preston bikini 14
kelly preston bikini 15
kelly preston bikini 16
kelly preston bikini 17
kelly preston bikini 18

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  • Bibi

    demi moore

  • twokids2

    Cameron Diaz

  • MMM

    I always wondered what Jett looked like since we only ever hear about Ella and how cute she is. Interesting.

  • omg

    They have been getting a lot of heat lately about how they treat him so they decided to bring him out of hiding.
    Those crazy Scientologists need to get him the help he needs.
    Poor Jett

  • MMM

    omg, what kind of heat are you referring to? i haven’t heard about this.

  • Mediterranean

    Kelly has a great body. Jett needs to lose weight. It must be very hard to handle the aliens, homo-dad for a 15-year-old kid. His face resembles his father.

  • cb

    There is speculation that Jett may have Asberger’s syndrome and the Travolta’s have said it’s environmental. In either case he’s, I think, developmentally delayed. If it is a form of autism, then Scientologists believe the “fault” lies with the person who has it, and thus don’t get the therapies necessary to help the person. At least those are the rumours that I have heard. I know very little about what Scientologists believe, except that they have, in my opinion, an irrational distrust/paranoia regarding psychiatry.

  • Hey Now!

    MMM, Here are some links about Jett’s supposed Autism and how Scientology does not acknowledge it , so therefore John and Kelly are not giving him the help that he needs for his autism. They claim that he has Kawasaki Syndrome. Kelly says that it was due to household cleaners and environmental issues yet Kawasaki Syndrome is not linked to the symptoms Kelly has said Jett suffers from or caused Kawasaki. So you are led to believe they have been lying about his condition. Read and make up your own mind.

  • Mmmmm

    She does have a good body, she is suppose to be getting pregnant again …

  • angelinammm

    any pics of John?

  • Diana

    I remember reading that they wanted another child … who knows. She looks amazing! John´s toupee came unstuck here in the UK, it got stuck to his bike helmet. If it is true about their kid, that is a shame.

  • [Fug Face You]

    That’s not a flattering photo.

  • MissMiss
  • Finn

    I’m not letting my daughter wear a bikini until she can fill it out.

  • Mediterranean

    Jett is sick? Sorry I didn’t know about it. Hopefully, they find out what is wrong with him and cure it.

  • pr person

    It is thought that Jett has autism. His parents more than likely are aware of what is wrong with him, however their “religion” prevents them from seeking help for him.

  • lilflowa

    posh? lmao!!

  • J.M

    The son needs professional help!!! Are the parents idiots and fanatics or what??? I didn’t know John Travolta is such an idiot. I mean religion is one thing, but when your son is sick and needs help, you should not be blinded by your own religion.

  • pr

    Jett is overweight,but looks very happy and normal to me.That autistic rumor was started by Mark Ebner and has no bassis of fact.What will Mark Ebner write about now.He’s a A**hole and will be exposed for the lies.

  • Jeanne

    Boy, people have such a mistaken idea about Scientology it’s incredible! No. Scientologists do NOT think you can’t tread disease. Yes Scientologists DO use doctors and standard medical treatment. No Scientologists do NOT put their kids on dangerous mind-altering suicide-and-violence-inducing drugs that even the FDA have finally admitted are completely dangerous to youngsters (how long before they admit they are dangerous to everyone…) If a child is autistic, and the only “cure” for that is aversion therapy or drugs, which do not help at all, what could be wrong with giving him or her a loving household where he is respected and loved. That’s IF there’s anything wrong with him at all.

  • Rodney

    People really have swallowed alot of lies about Scientology; bad news seems to go further than good news. My mother visited a doctor every two weeks and was on a medical therapy for years as a Scientologist. Due to Scientology she lived way past her medical life expectancy. I myself had a mysterious heart problem and went to hospital for observation for two days back in 2002, I also had a hernia operation, both while in Scinetology, and still am. It is a rule that if a Scientologist gets sick they first seek medical assistance as Scientolgy is not in the medical business! There is a Medical Liaison Officer in every Scientology organisation to ensure that medical treatment or attention is sort for any medically treatable condition and a checklist to show that has been done. A rule we must all follow.

  • marissa

    what a skinney looking crackhead looking coochie

  • Paul Sherrod

    Thumbs up for energy invested in making all of this.