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Brad Pitt Does Cannes with Ocean's 13

Brad Pitt Does Cannes with Ocean's 13

Brad Pitt attends a photocall for blockbuster-to-be Ocean’s Thirteen at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday in France.

On Dateline Wendesday night, Brad shared about Daniel Pearl being the first prominent Western journalist to die covering the war on terror. He watched the story unfold on television and was deeply moved: “I myself remember vividly sitting at the kitchen table and being riveted by this journalist who had been taken. I don’t know if it’s because of his spirit of what was there behind it at that time. But the interview of his wife, of course, Mariane. Because she came out with such strength.”

He also believed the international search team for Pearl was itself a kind of victory over the terrorists: “These guys tried to take out and destroy this man. It actually backfired in in a very interesting way. It actually brought people together. And the people in the house who were in search of Danny were Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jewish. And it actually became this—a catalyst to bring people together.”

Brad also opened up about there being more that unites us as people, than divides us: “We want the best for our families. We want to live a dignified life. We want our children to be happy and have opportunities, and oppression and tyranny does not belong in that for any of us. And you know, if you look at all our emotions, they’re all the same right across the board. And you know, I’m stating the obvious. But a reminder doesn’t hurt, does it?”

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt with the rest of the Ocean’s 13 cast at Cannes…

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01 brad pitt cannes press conference
02 brad pitt cannes press conference
02 brad pitt oceans thirteen
04 brad pitt cannes press conference
brad pitt oceans thirteen 01
brad pitt oceans thirteen 02
brad pitt oceans thirteen 03
brad pitt oceans thirteen 04
brad pitt oceans thirteen 05
brad pitt oceans thirteen 06
brad pitt oceans thirteen 07
brad pitt oceans thirteen 08
brad pitt oceans thirteen 09
brad pitt oceans thirteen 10
brad pitt oceans thirteen 11
brad pitt oceans thirteen 12
brad pitt oceans thirteen 13
brad pitt oceans thirteen 14
brad pitt oceans thirteen 15
brad pitt oceans thirteen 16

Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty/AFP/Francois Guillot, AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth
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  • African Girl

    Goodness, he looks really good.

    Thanks for the thread, Jared.

  • susie

    can’t wait to see more :)

  • susie

    AG- hiya, your GC is looking pretty damn good!

  • jenna

    I watched the Interview last night. Thought it was great. I wish them all the best.A devoted and loving family.AJ,and BP are decent human beings!! Thanks jared

  • Brangie fan

    He is super hot! Love him.

  • African Girl

    Yesss! I was first. Now I can live forever and ever and ever on the pages of Just Jared.

  • boohoo

    he looks really good.

  • http://htt// WINNER

    This new format reacts to my eyes.Brad looks handsome.

  • Bravora

    Where’s angie? for sure shes with their children!!

  • CC

    Brad is the hotness.

  • Bravora

    very handsome!!!!mwahhhh!!!

  • NEiCY

    He look soooo hot lol..
    he looks like a bad ass lol..
    I also saw the interview lastnite` i like every moment of it.

  • African Girl

    That he does, that he does. BP and GC are now the “Ocean’s Twins”. I think the dressing alike thing is probably one of their little jokes….it’s better be. Look at them with the same hairstyle, suit….lol.


  • Roni

    he is just beautiful…… in the best way possible.. really scrubs up well!

  • Bravora

    how i wish i am Angie!!!!!

  • Bravora

    how i wish i am Angie

  • Alexanderina

    WOW Mr. Pitt is mighty fine. Thank Jared for the new thread

  • Meli

    Ladies behold.His legendary hotness is here.Yummy!

  • lisa

    What a cutie!

  • lurker

    He’s looking pretty good. Jared can you add the pics of the other guys?

  • Meli

    # 13 | African Girl @ 05.24.2007 9:25 am
    That he does, that he does. BP and GC are now the “Ocean’s Twins”. I think the dressing alike thing is probably one of their little jokes….it’s better be. Look at them with the same hairstyle, suit….lol.

    That is exactly what I thought when I saw these photos.They are like twins,but very hot twins.

  • black

    He does look rather good doesn´t he?

    And he looks relaxed her. The first time for a long while that he´s not looking tired.

    But come on now, do you have something else to say as well?

    I´m getting tired of these “LET´S GET TOGETHER” speeches…

  • briseis

    Good morning, all!

    Boy, just a vision of Bradley in all his hotness is enough to make one completely forget being tired, being cranky, being hungry after a hard night’s work. Brad is just yummy!!!! Can’t wait for O13!

  • sad

    George looks old.

  • lylian

    This is an attractive man. Not just because he is good looking – actually the least of it is his physical looks. Its the package of intelligence, personality, capability. He heads a production company that produced the Ocsar winning best picture in 2007, the Departed. And it looks like he MAY also become the producer of a second best picture nominee – in A mighty heart. If AMH wins the oscar for best picture, that would be 2 years in a row. Wow.

  • Mmmmm

    More silly glasses .. Ken (barbie’s bf) looks much better in his cop glasses

  • susie

    Meli, AG- I thought right away that they were playing an inside joke and doing their hair the same! who cares, they look good! and why does lainey keep saying GC is skinny skinny? He looks normal to me. :)

  • Beeloved

    WoW! The O13 gang!
    Brad is sauve!
    i am glad for Angie n kids for not just such gorgeous dad but a loving one……….

  • lylian

    BTW Jared, thank you for the new threads. You’re working over time.

    Thank you also for working to keep the threads clean, though sometimes, you spoil my perverse fun!!

  • sandra

    This new format sucks

  • susie

    AG- what were you saying last night about being able to refresh in the same spot? I hate this format.

  • lol

    those sunglasses are so girly, other than that he looks ok.

  • kate

    Thanks for the photo, jared!

  • Meli

    From inside the press conference.I love that smile.

  • att jared

    can you get the new pics of Brad without his glasses

  • Peaches

    Brad looks really good. He looks so young.

  • Lady G

    Thank Jared.

    Brad looks good and is really happy and that is all one could want in life.

  • Meli

    I hope Angie will be with him tonight,though I doubt it.What time is the premiere?

  • African Girl

    Just for you Black…. A “LET’S GET TOGETHER SONG”

    Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah.
    Why don’t you and I combine?
    Let’s get together, what do you say?
    We can have a swinging time.
    We’d be a crazy team.
    Why don’t we make a scene? Together.
    oh, oh, oh, oh

    Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah.
    Think of all that we could share.
    Let’s get together, everyday
    Every way and everywhere.
    And though we haven’t got a lot,
    We could be sharing all we’ve got. Together.

    Oh! I really think you’re swell (I really don’t but that’s the song)
    Uh huh! We really ring the bell.
    Oo wee! And if you stick with me
    Nothing could be greater, say hey, alligator.

    Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah.
    Two is twice as nice as one.
    Let’s get together, right away.
    We’ll be having twice the fun.
    And you can always count on me.
    A gruesome twosome we will be.
    Together, yeah yeah yeah.>/i>

    See, never let it be said that the JP fans don’t oblige.

  • susie

    He’s wearing Tom Ford sunglasses, I had thought they were the old school ray-bans.

  • Alexanderina

    # 39 | African Girl @ 05.24.2007 9:52 am

    :lol: :lol: way to go AG

  • cannes live feed

    don’t forget you can wath the boys here.
    1:30 eastern time.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks for the additional pictures Jared. I can’t wait for the premiere. I am sure Angie will be there

  • ok

    I hope Angie will be with him tonight,though I doubt it.What time is the premiere?
    I don’t think angelina is going. Premiere is at 1:30 pm est time.

  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    Yay,,,what a gorgeous man….be still my heart….calm down..breath in…breath out.

  • The real lou

    African Girl,I see some chick paid $350,000 to kiss George last night.For that kind of money it have better been on hell of a kiss!Brad is looking good!

  • African Girl

    Susie, if you click on the date of the last post before you refresh, it bookmarks it.

  • Francophile

    He is yummy !

  • Hot Brad
  • susie

    # 42 | cannes live feed-
    thank you, I didn’t know this site was there.

    AG- thank you too :)