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Isaiah Washington's PSA -- Now on Video!

Isaiah Washington's PSA -- Now on Video!

Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington, aka Dr. Preston Burke, recorded a PSA for the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, which will premiere Thursday night on ABC.

This is in response to calling co-star T.R. Knight co-star a “faggot” last year and then repeating the word at the Golden Globes. “No, I did not call T.R. a faggot,” he told Access Hollywood at the Globes press room back in January. “Never happened, never happened.”

In the PSA, Isaiah says, “Words have power, the power to express love, happiness and joy. They also have the power to heal. When you use words to demean a person because of their sexual orientation, race or gender, you send a message of hate – a very powerful message. But we all have the power to demand better of one another, and ourselves. We have the power to heal and change the world with the words we use.”

Watch the video at People.

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  • ♥yes♥

    too little too late, dumbazz

  • [Fug Face You]

    Finally a black face – Sadly it had to be the face of an ass`hole.

  • get over it

    i think it’s a good gesture. are we ready to move on yet or do we still need to hold the grudge longer?

  • Ida

    He makes me sick. He can say all he want, but I just don’t believe him. You can’t go saying the things he said and then go like ‘oh I’m so sorry, but I didn’t mean it and I know what I did was wrong’. Obviously he doesn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have said it in the first place.
    He’s just an ass and I hope that he isn’t in GA’s next season.
    I’m sorry for this ranting, but I just can’t stand him.

  • Izzie

    Oh please shut up Isaiah! Really hope he is not on Grey’s next season.

  • Andy

    I’m gay and I think it’s totally lame.
    He’s a big nobody.
    And so are everyone on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • natalie

    Doing one short PSA ad doesn’t change what he did. It certainly doesn’t make it better, in my eyes. I love Greys Anatomy and all but I can’t stand Isaiah anymore.

  • tforce

    At least he apologizes for his mistakes. Unlike Jolie and Pitt with their brownface bronzer in A Might Heart.

    I hope Isiah goes on to bigger and better roles. He is the best actor on Greys, which is now a night time soap, due to the poor plot lines.

  • mich

    Although I think he was a total ass for saying what he did, I think if he wants to stay he should be able to. The cast needs to suck it up and realize it is a job. We don’t always get the pleasure of only working with people we like. Just because we have to be so PC now doesn’t mean everyone is or has to be open to homosexuality. He is obviously one who is not cool with it and although he should NEVER have made it public, he has a right to feel however he wants.

  • natalie

    I can see where you’re coming from #9, but I think that when Isaiah made the stupid decision to use those homophobic slurs at an award show that millions of people were watching, it reflected poorly not just on himself but the network he’s representing. Just as Isaiah has the right to have an opinion, ABC has the right to fire whoever they want to if it causes bad publicity for one of their shows, and makes the working environment negative for the cast. His actions and comments were out of line, repeatedly. I’m fairly sure he only made that PSA because of backlash from the network and angry fans.

  • Jess

    I think this whole thing with Isaiah was blown out of proportion. It would be a shame if he was not to return to Grey’s next season because of a ignorant statement that he made. Being a young, black female, it angers and pisses me off that he went through all this hell from gay and lesbian organizations because he used the word “faggot” when people everyday still use the word “nigger.” Who has ever heard of going to rehab for saying a slur of any kind for that matter??!! I think that before people continue to pass judgement on this man they need to remember that there are other communities, i.e. the black community, that are continuously hurt as well. You cannot continue to make a man go through the gauntlet like this, just because he made one bad mistake. Words can hurt everybody and anybody, and if we ever want to make this world better, then we should make EVERYONE go through the gauntlet, and not just Isaiah.

  • Belle

    #11.. so you’re saying the he shouldn’t apologize for REPEATEDLY calling someone a f—–? and all because he’s black? and because the black community always hears verbal slurs directed at them? well if that’s the mentality that everyone holds, then it’s a sad, cold, and bitter future that this society has in store. i applaud the LGBT community for sticking up for themselves and for not letting “little things” like this slide. it’s not a crime to make others aware of their ignorance and expect an apology from them if they said something that offended you.

  • euro-trash

    I don’t get why this is such a big deal…So he called a gay guy a faggot. So what? Are people so damn sensitive they have to get all worked up about a degrogatory word? He didn’t insult anyone besides TR Knight. So why do WE care? I called at least 5 people worse than that on the way to work today. And I’m not going to apologize for it. Certianly not if the “Idiot Driver Defense League” demands that I do! Its called “life” you wimps. Get over it.

  • Michael

    Good for him. It’s great he indicted other slurs as well based on race or gender (slurs attacking the latter are all too common). Words shape our perceptions–rightly or wrongly. Words matter tremendously as they shape our perceptions–righty or wrongly–about the world around us. To assume words don’t matter is, thus, to assume beliefs don’t matter.

  • Matt

    Why is he still around?

    If TK Knight really leaves the show because of him, I will never forgive him.

    He should have been fired.

  • fuck you

    k pedo pinches cholos no pos aki nomas de roll firmandole a este pinche pele jajajajaj
    y pos decir que todos los que firman esta madre o son jotos o se la comen o simplemente son pinches gringos sin nada que hacer que nomas estan viendo a ver que mamadas ponen pero bueno todos son hijos de la verga y bueno ya le caigo

  • itself

    Are you kidding me? Is this the first time he’s ever had to work with a homosexual in his whole acting career? I mean really! Heteros are minority in the acting world. Wake up people!


    For all the people with so much hate for Isaiah ,,,,,,,,,,what the f*** you all acting like him …what does that make you?????????F***** HYPOCRITES. So he f***** up big time well so have you and unfortunately you are not famous enough for us to chew your a** for it.

  • Fany

    I love him.

  • marymi

    ABC you should’ve said “NO” and pulled the plug on the PSA especially if it were to air during “grey’s anatomy”(if it had alredy) do us a favor producers of the PSA, take it off ABC, and keep it on like they did with lane garrison’s drunk driving PSA.