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Nicole & Hugh Giddy Up

Nicole & Hugh Giddy Up

Here’s your morning Baz buzz!

Nicole Kidman took her 12-year-old son Connor Cruise to the set of Australia again on Thursday, which is filming in Bowen, Australia. The mother-son pair, along with Hugh Jackman, were spotted riding on horseback and herding cattle.

A relaxed-looking Nic was spotted at Bowen’s Grand View pub on Wednesday night, accompanied by three bodyguards, a personal trainer, her stunt double and Connor. But like any good mom, the star kept Connor outside while grabbing a drink. After only staying 20 minutes, Nic called it a night, signed autographs for fans and headed home.

Connor was outside with a stuntman from the movie and the horse riders and they watched outside on a projected screen while she watched inside on a plasma,” a spywitness revealed.

35+ pictures inside of Nicole, Hugh and Connor

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01 nicole kidman hugh jackman australia
02 nicole kidman hugh jackman horseback
03 nicole kidman horseback
04 hugh jackman horseback
05 connor cruise horseback
connor cruise horseback 01
connor cruise horseback 02
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hugh jackman horseback 01
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hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 01
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 02
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 03
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 04
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 05
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 06
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 07
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 08
hugh jackman nicole kidman horseback 09
nicole kidman horseback 01
nicole kidman horseback 02
nicole kidman horseback 03
nicole kidman horseback 04
nicole kidman horseback 05
nicole kidman horseback 06
nicole kidman horseback 07
nicole kidman horseback 08
nicole kidman horseback 09
nicole kidman horseback 10
nicole kidman horseback 11
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nicole kidman horseback 14
nicole kidman horseback 15

Credit: Courier Mail; Photos: Simon Hammond/Richard Beetham/Splash News Online
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  • someone

    Its nice that shes spending time with her kids, her daughter was with her last week.

  • tigress

    oh i would want to go on a cattle drive with hugh

  • maxine

    She looks much better when she’s not so uptight and pale. This is a good look for her.

  • Dancer

    Thanks for the updated pictures! Love them all!

  • mandy

    thanks JJ for the pics and news, Nicole is gorgeous and Hugh is so sexy!!!!

  • Collin

    Love Nicole and her new look in these pics.I’m so excited about this movie, can’t wait!!!

  • Ginger

    I always though Nic was very beautiful, but seeing these pics i can say she is even better. I like her more now than with her pale skin, altough i like it too.

  • louise

    thanks for the news Jared!!!!
    Nicole and Jackman make such a sexy couple, i can suppose the love scenes will be hot!

  • Holly

    She really seems like an aristocrat, she rides the horse perfectly.Hugh is also good in those pics, i’m sure the film will be a huge blockbuster!

  • Kensi

    Hugh Jackman is a real MAN, God is so hot!!!!!
    I think Nic is simply beautiful riding a horse, they will make a perfect couple.

  • Luppa girl

    Kidman is so sweet, her smile is natural, she seems to be a very sweet and kind person.
    I can’t wait to see another bAz/Nicole project!

  • Lauren

    Woowww! Finally together!!!!
    the film is not already, but i’m already loving it!!!!

  • Dee

    I REALLY appreciate all the Hugh pictures. Yummy!!! Thanks so much.

  • Parje

    Gorgeous Nicole! you’re the best!
    if i could have you and Angelina right me side i would die!!!!lol

  • Heather

    she kept her son outside, while she grabbed a drink? Okay. 3 bodyguards? Okay.

    I’m sure their spouses don’t want the love scenes too hot. Has Hugh ever done a love/sex scene? We certainly know that Nicole has.

  • Rachel

    uh, listen first for the news, Heather, before you criticize Kidman.

    Her house was just illegaly watched – some paparazzi put some a hearing device on her home recently – the second time in her life. That said, she was forced to have bodguards surrounding her throughout the whole filming of ‘Australia’ in Australia.

    Jackman ever done a love scene? Definitely. Go watch ‘The Fountain’ and there were three movies of him I saw that he had a love scene in.

    So before you criticize, learn the important facts first, because you’ll get beat down to the punch.

  • Janeway

    Thanks Jared!!! Love the HUGH pics- what a gorgeous, hot, dirty, sexy cowboy. He definitely looks like he belongs in the saddle. He and Kidman look great together-can’t wait for the love scenes.

  • HF

    Yes, Hugh has done quite a few love scenes – he did one particularly “hot” one in an Australian TV show called “Halifax f.p.” a few years back (before he came to the US) which was released in the US a few years ago as “Profile of a Serial Killer.” Oh my!!!! And the one from The Fountain was very hot!

  • justine

    Wonderful pictures. This film will be incredible.

  • gloria

    I don’t think I could do a love scene with a guy that he and his wife were friends of mine, however, I think I could do a love scene with Keith even if Nicole was watching!! hehe!!

  • Bugged

    Jan 25, 2005
    Bug’ found outside Kidman’s home
    Kidman is back in Sydney to work on her new film
    Police in Australia are investigating after a bugging device was found outside the home of Nicole Kidman.

    CCTV footage showed a man apparently planting the bug in the street near Kidman’s Sydney home on Sunday.

    The Oscar-winning actress is currently back in Sydney to film her latest movie, Eucalyptus, with Russell Crowe.

    Police said they were keen to speak to paparazzi photographers who were seen staking out Kidman’s home in the hope of securing a picture.

    Work commitments

    Detective inspector Grant Taylor said they had spoken to Kidman about the discovery.

    He said: “Miss Kidman has been spoken to today at her house in relation to this matter, she is undoubtedly concerned in regards to why this device may have been placed there and if she is the potential target of this device.

    “At the time this device was found there were media paparazzi, if I may use that term, in the street.”

    Police added that the listening device was commonly available in electronics stores and was being examined.

    Meanwhile, Kidman has turned down an invitation to attend the presentation of the Australian of the Year award in Canberra on Tuesday.

    The actress’ publicist, Wendy Day, said Kidman’s work commitments on Eucalyptus prevented her from attending.

  • Bugged

    Connor was not exactly alone.

    Nic’s Origin pub night

    PORCELAIN-faced Nicole Kidman happily immersed herself smack-bang in Maroons territory at Bowen’s Grand View pub on Wednesday night to barrack for the Blues in the first State of Origin clash.

    A relaxed-looking Nic, accompanied by three bodyguards, a personal trainer, her stunt double and 12-year-old son Connor, had finished the day’s filming on the Baz Luhrmann epic Australia with Hugh Jackman – and was apparently up for the footy and a few drinks.

    But like any good mum, the star made sure Connor, on holiday from Nic’s couch-jumping ex Tom Cruise, stayed away from the licensed area.

    “Connor was outside with a stuntman from the movie and the horse riders and they watched outside on a projected screen while she watched inside on a plasma,” a witness told Qconfidential.

    Fortunately for Nic, who only stayed for the first 20 minutes, signed a few autographs and then left, she missed the Queensland comeback.

    It’s a safe bet, however, Mr Kidman to the power of two Keith Urban, whom she met at the local airport later that night after he travelled to be with her from Perth, would have gloatingly conveyed the details to her.

    He’s promised to put on a free gig for the cast and crew – all 550 of them – tonight at Nic’s request.

  • anon

    Thanks Jared, they both look great!

  • aktorgirl

    I want to be his horse!!

  • Andreia

    Nic is absolutely wonderful!!!!! love her until the end!!!!! Connor is such a cutie too!!!!! awww i love them so much :)

  • Davilyn

    It’s true that Hugh hasn’t done alot of onscreen sex, but the two scenes that he has done, packed a wallop. Early in his career he guest starred on an Australian TV series called, “Halifax; Portrait Of A Serial Killer” (no, he wasn’t the killer). It was his first sex scene and his co-star just happened to be a very good friend of his wife’s (he said he felt a little awkward, but you’d never know it). The scene was certainly hot, but it was the morning after shot that really got to me. He’s lying face down on the bed asleep, completely nekkid. Oh my! That man’s body is a work of art. The second one was last fall in “The Fountain”. He had a very erotic bathtub scene with onscreen wife, Rachel Weisz. But what they shot was actually hotter than what we saw. The story is actually kind of funny. He pulls his shirt off (and there is a school of thought that says he must be contractually bound to remove his shirt in every film he makes, because he always does. LOL), and the director Darren Aronofsky yells at Rachel to remove his pants too. Hugh said it felt just a bit too weird because Aronofsy and Weisz were/are lovers (and brand new parents). But I guess he got over his weird, because she did indeed yank his pants off. Then Aronofsky goes and edits it out (Darren my boy, what were you thinking? LOL). Actually, the scene didn’t have to go that far. It was perfect just the way they did it. Great, great film (and for the record, Hugh was robbed of an Oscar nomination).

    And then, you might want to check out “The Tourist” this fall. It’s the story of an underground sex club in NY and Hugh plays the baddie. I don’t know if they’re going to go the explicit route of say, “Fatal Attraction”/”Basic Instint”, or a more cerebral approach as they did in “Closer” (a film entirely about sex in which nobody did anything, they just talked about it). Although co-star, Ewan MacGregor did say there is nudity (of the bare bum variety). So I’m assuming that if Ewan has dropped his drawers, then Hugh won’t let himself be left in in the dust and he’ll dropped his too (if there’s a God in heaven. LOL).

    As for sex in “Australia?” I don’t know. You have to remember that this story takes place in the late 30′s/early 40′s and Baz has said that he wants this story to be told in the style of GWTW (1939), Casablanca (1943), The African Queen (1951) and Giant (1956). And back then, onscreen couples did not have sex unless they were married first.

    I’m a purist when it comes to storytelling and it always makes me roll my eyes when movies are portraying characters from another era but then they have to throw the sex in to appease modern audiences. I loved Titanic, but the scene that felt fake to me was when Jack and Rose had sex in the back seat of that car. This was 1912 and I don’t care how free spirited she was, how much she was rebelling against her mother or how much she loved Jack. No “decent” girl of that era would give herself to a boy she’d just met and in such a manner. It wouldn’t have happened. It’s even implied that she’s already engaged in a sexual relationship with her fiance, Cal when he says to her…”you are my wife in practice, if not by law.” NO WAY. Back then a woman brought no status to marriage. Her calling card was her virtue. Any woman who gave it up before then, was considered “tainted.” It simply wasn’t done. Even in GWTW Scarlett was no angel and she had three husbands, but she gave herself to none of them until she had that wedding ring on her finger. But then in the sequel that was made in the 90′s, Scarlett goes to Ireland and promptly has an affair. NO WAY. Again, it felt false. But just another example of catering to modern audiences. Anyone remember Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? Jane Seymour had to fight to keep her character a virgin until she was married. The producers argued that no one would buy a woman of her age having never had sex. But Seymour countered, that back then no “decent” woman would engage in a sexual relationship until she was married and she was right. So Michaela Quinn went to her marriage bed, a 37 year old virgin and it rang true.

    So, what will they do here? I don’t know. If they tell the story accurately for the era, then there will be no sex between Hugh and Nicole, unless their characters marry. But you can bet the studios will be pressuring for it. And who can blame them? You cast two of the most beautiful movie stars in the world in an epic, sweeping love story and people are going to want to see some “action” because modern audiences aren’t interested in the integrity of a story, they just want to see hot movie stars have sex on screen. Don’t get me wrong, I do too. We all do. It’s a fantasy.

    There is however one element to this story that would make pre-marital sex acceptable for that era. War time. That changes everything. In times of war there is the element of desperation because you don’t know if you’re living your last day and if you can’t get to the preacher to marry you, you don’t wait. You grab the moment at hand. If you’ll recall, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman were indeed loves without benefit of marriage in “Casablanca”, which was? A war time love story.

    I believe this story takes place between the years, 1938 to 1942 (just six weeks or so after the bombing of Pearl Harbor). That is certainly enough time for the characters to meet, fight, fall in love and marry. But, I guess were just going to have to wait and see.

    One last thing. I mentioned that Hugh’s first onscreen sex scene with with an actress who was a very good friend of Deb’s. Well, he’s got the same situation here with Nicole. Deb has known Nicole longer than she’s known Hugh. I believe their friendship goes back nearly 20 years and she’s Hugh’s friend too (he sang at her wedding to Keith last summer). So, will there be awkwardness here too if they have an explicit scene to perform? I would imagine so, but I also know that they are both professionals and they are both comfortable with their bodies and I’m sure they’ll do whatever Baz requires of them (after they stop giggling. LOL). As for Deb, she handles it all like a pro too. In fact, she’s a very smart woman. She doesn’t give him crap for doing that for which he is contractually bound to do. Smart, smart woman.

    And I didn’t even thank Jared for the shots before I began my novel. Thank you Jared. They are beautiful.

  • LILY

    Ok was Nic in a real pub or was she filming?? And her son was outside the pub?? She looks good with a tan and short hair.

  • millie

    Nic had a sex scene in cold Mountin and that was unthinkable for the time and a women back in that time would have a baby and not be married that would not have been a good thing, Nic has love/nude scenes in every movie she is in.

  • Julia

    A dirty Hugh Jackman, they sure know how to get a woman’s blood pumping! :D

    “Save a horse, ride Hugh Jackman!”

  • Didi

    hugh should be contractually obliged to do sex scenes in all movies

  • Shirley

    Nicole and Connor were in the pub for less than 20 minutes. She had a diet coke. After working on the set for 12 hours straight, she’s entitled to at least have a drink, in this case, diet coke. She and Connor then got driven to the local airstrip for private planes to pick up Keith.

    How do I know all this? I know a couple of folks who worked at the pub and were there that night.

  • Sal

    Nicole does NOT have sex/nude scenes in every movie she’s in!
    Moulin Rouge, Bewitched, The Stepford Wives, Practical Magic, The Peacemaker, Batman Forever- none of these have sex/nude snenes to name a few